Zane's Uxie

Uxie is Zane's second Legendary Pokemon he has owned as of this point.

It is also known to have the ability to read Zane's mind and knowledge according to Episode Twenty-eight: Zane's Hidden Knowledge!

It appears to know Liam's Azelf quite well and even stated to Liam that Azelf knew about Liam's determination.

Personality Edit

Uxie likes battling, and it will often protect Zane at will. It is friends with Liam's Azelf since they were born from the same egg, It is quite cheeky which was shown in Episode Twenty-nine: The Evolving Swablu'es! where it popped out to say hello to Professor Brooks when Zane was calling him.

Story Edit

It made its debut in Episode Twenty-eight: Zane's Hidden Knowledge!, where it was attacked by six Houndoom and got badly injured in the process, after everyone treated its wounds, Uxie explains why it was looking for Zane in the first place. Until a Mega Houndoom appeared in its mega evolved version under the ownership of Devina, Uxie assisted Zane to get it into a battle against Mega Houndoom, but Zane wasn't sure, but accepted anyway. Liam also assisted to help, making it a tag battle and brings out his Flareon, after a long fight, they won and beat Mega Houndoom. After that, Uxie made a request and asked if it can come along with Zane, as Zane agreed, and even asked what type of Pokemon matches Uxie's colors.

Attacks Edit

  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Yawn
  • Water Pulse
  • Psychic

First Appearance Edit

Episode Twenty-eight: Zane's Hidden Knowledge! (debut)

Trivia Edit