Zane's Swablu

Zane's Swablu was caught by Trainer Zane during the Pokémon Catching Competition (PCC). It was officially his first Flying-type Pokémon.

Background Edit

(No notable history available)

Attacks Edit

  • Peck
  • Steel Wing
  • Air Cutter
  • Fly
  • Gust

First Appearance Edit

Swablu appeared first in:

Episode Twelve: A Pathway to Darkness

Evolution (Altaria) Edit

Altaria anime

Zane's Altaria

Zane used Swablu in its Gym Battle against Paula and took a hard hit from Magmortar's Ice Punch, and thanks to Zane's words of encouragement she evolved into Altaria in Episode Twenty-nine: The Evolving Swablu'es!, she learned Moonblast and Dragon Pulse which gave Zane the victory she needed to defeat Magmortar.

Background Edit

Attacks Edit

  • Fly
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Moonblast
  • Cotton Guard

First AppearanceEdit

Altaria appeared first in:

Episode Twenty-nine: The Evolving Swablu'es!

Mega Evolution (Mega Altaria) Edit

Mega Altaria ORAS Trailer

Zane's Altaria, as Mega Altaria

In "Episode Thirty-seven: Unleashing The Mega Evolution", Altaria will mega evolve into Mega Altaria during its battle against Team Genesis. Its strengths is unknown since its Mega Evolution.