Zane's Mismagius became an addition to his Pokemon team after meeting it through an engagement with several angry Pokemon inside an old house. Mismagius saved Zane and friends from the other Pokemon's attacks.


Zane's Mismagius

Background Edit

Mismagius was previously owned by a girl name Hannah. Hannah used to live in the abandoned house many years ago. After growing up, she married and moved away to raise a daughter. Her father, a loving man of both people and Pokemon, passed away shortly after her move away. Every year, Mismagius returns to the house to look after the remains and also keep the ghost of Hannah's father company.

Zane and his friends stumbled on the house and were looking through it when several Ghost Pokemon attacked them. Before they could be attacked again, Mismagius appeared and stopped the Pokemon. Mismagius guided everyone to a graveyard where Hannah's father was buried. A voice came around and scared Mismagius into turning everyone invisible. The woman that appeared to the graveyard site was Hannah. Hannah and Mismagius reunited and she explained everything to Zane and his friends. After, she asked that Zane take Mismagius with him, earning him his next Pokemon on his journey.

Attacks Edit

  • Shadow Ball
  • Psychic
  • Dark Pulse

First Appearance Edit

Mismagius first appeared in:

Episode Eleven: The Jungle of Souls