Virgil Eevee

Zane's Eevee

Zane's Eevee is the fourth Pokémon that Zane has officially caught. However, unlike his other Pokémon, Eevee was not caught by normal means.

Background Edit

Eevee was originally being trained by Jasmine, an expert and a specialist on Eevee and Eevee evolution. However, Jasmine's method to train was brutal and abusive. Zane came to the rescue of Eevee after seeing Jasmine whipping it. Through a petty squabble and some arguing, both Jasmine and Zane formed a deal. Zane would train with Eevee for three days and then battle one of its evolutions (trained by Jasmine) to determine who would be considered the better Pokémon Trainer.

Zane worked with Eevee, but, after being defeated by Amy's Cacnea, Eevee felt sorry about wasting his time. Eevee then ran away, causing Zane to worry about Eevee's safety. While wandering through the forest, then stopping at a nearby stream, Eevee was unexpectedly kidnapped. Zane and his friends came across a group of Team Amber members and assumed that they were the ones that likely kidnapped Eevee. But, they were mistaken. And after defeating Team Amber, they returned to their spot. Zane felt as if he had failed Eevee; not inspiring Eevee to want to become stronger. Jasmine, appearing a short distance away, was discovered to have kidnapped Eevee to prevent Zane from training with it. Jasmine felt bad about what she did because of Zane's compassion and love for Pokémon. She decided to return Eevee to Zane and they eventually won the battle against Jasmine and her Glaceon.

They now share a special bond, and Eevee knows that Zane will always be there to help improve and make it stronger for future battles. As an Espeon, she was later confirmed female in Episode Twenty-nine: The Evolving Swablu'es! when Paula's Flareon used Attract which failed to work on her since Paula's Flareon was also female.

First Appearance Edit

Eevee's first appearance was in:

Episode Four: The Runaway Eevee!

Attacks Edit

  • Tackle
  • Take Down
  • Growl
  • Shadow Ball

Evolution (Espeon) Edit

Lilian Espeon

Zane's Espeon

Eevee evolved into Espeon after receiving a Dusk Stone from a battle-anxious Lunatone.

Attacks Edit

  • Quick Attack
  • Psybeam
  • Shadow Ball
  • Double Team
  • Psychic

First Appearance Edit

Espeon made its appearance in Episode Fourteen: The Stone of Lunatone!

Personality Edit