Zane's Axew

Zane's Axew is his loyal companion throughout his Pokémon journey. Axew can be seen resting on his shoulders most of the time.

Personality Edit

Zane's Axew is devoted to Zane and follows all of his orders during battles. Axew's personality is calm, but, in battle, Axew changes to a stubborn, hard-headed partner that gets back up no matter how many hits its taken.

Story Edit

Axew's former trainer abandoned Axew in the forest because it was took weak. Axew waited for its trainer to come back, but, three months later, he never came back. During Axew's isolation, a swarm of angry Beedrill showed up and attacked Axew. The Beedrill were about to finish Axew off when Zane, only thirteen, rushed in and scared them off. Zane took Axew and cared for it back at his home for an entire year. After that year, Axew decided to stay with Zane and become his Pokémon. After spending a long time as an Axew, it evolved into Fraxure and again into Haxorus during a battle against Sierra's Darkrai.

Attacks Edit

  • Dragon Pulse
  • Headbutt
  • Slash
  • Scratch
  • Dragon Claw
  • Dragon Rush

First Appearance Edit

Zane's Axew stays as the partner to Zane, so Axew is in every episode. But Axew made it's first appearance in:

It's a PokéWonderful World! (The first episode; prologue)

Trivia Edit

  • Axew does not like being inside a Pokéball. It prefers to stay with Zane during long travels.

Evolution (Fraxure) Edit


Zane's Fraxure

During the battle with the Legendary Pokemon known as Darkrai, Axew took heavy damage from the seemingly unbeatable opponent. After Darkrai made an attempt to attack its master, Axew ran to Zane and took the hit and nearly fainted as a result. Axew suddenly evolved seconds later into its second evolutionary form: Fraxure.


  • Scratch
  • Headbutt
  • Dragon Claw
  • Dragon Pulse

First Appearance Edit

Zane's Axew evolved into Fraxure in:
Episode Twenty-four: Vixen's Worst Nightmare! (also Fraxure's debut)


  • Axew evolved into Fraxure after suddenly becoming inspired by its feelings to protect Zane.
  • Axew stayed its evolved form (Fraxure) for only a few moments before evolving again into Haxorus.

Evolution (Haxorus)Edit

EP763 Haxorus de Lirio

Zane's Haxorus

After suddenly evolving, Fraxure, again, evolved into its final evolution form: Haxorus. The battle with Darkrai became more intense as Axew's power grew with evolving twice in a matter of moments; a "Double Evolution" as it has been mentioned by Arthur during the event. Haxorus grew in power and was successful in defeating the Pokemon known as Darkrai.

Attacks Edit

  • Dragon Claw
  • Hyper Beam
  • Giga Impact
  • Dragon Tail