Scene 1: (Zane and Samurott running to the battlefield, as Holly, Amy, Arthur and Liam follow behind them with their Pokemon, Liam's Unfezant follows as well)

Scene 2: (Axew rapidly evolving into Fraxure, then Haxorus, and using Dragon Claw on Sierra's Darkrai while they battle)

Scene 3: (Leavanny uses Leaf Blade towards the screen, then Vanillish uses Blizzard, then Uxie uses Dazzling Gleam towards the screen)

Scene 4: (Liam commanding his Delphox to use Mystical Fire, which Delphox does so, and Arthur's Swalot uses Sludge Bomb)

Scene 5: (All the rest of Zane, Liam, Holly, Amy, and Arthur's Pokemon at the lab are relaxing, and chilling by the grasslands and lakes)

Scene 6: (Roselia tries to run towards Zane, but trips over, but Liam's Mandibuzz, Liam's Exploud, and Zane's Leavanny helps her up, the camera swoops to the left as Liam's Minun affectionately rubs Zane's Typhlosion's head, only for her to sweatdrop nervously as Ursaring sighs in facefault)

Scene 7: (Everyone and their Pokemon gaze at the blue sky and clouds, then the title shows "POKEMON")