Cast of HeroesEdit


Liam-LIG(has a Grimarep, Ralts, Exploud, Minun, Apela & Azelf)(In Rotation: Swalot, Drigon, Zomblood, Voenix, Brechamp)(Released: Emplover)

Laura- RR44 (has a Rocksta, Puettoo, Charizard, Squeakid, Plusle(revealed to evolve in episode 38) & Sunfalow)

Lewis-Russelrules44 (has a Shiny Seedpup)

Ty-Russelrules44 (has a Tearbrawl, Incredamp, Seedpup & Volcat)

Mike-TrentFan(has a Driclaw, Scyther, Eevee, Plusle, Mesprit, & Drashock)

Cast of Gym LeadersEdit


City: Straiton City

Pokemon: Tyrachomp & Triceraby

Badge: Fossil Badge


City: Soakville Town

Pokemon: Wailfin, Wailmer & Stigray

Badge: Damp Badge


City: Dusk Town City

Pokemon: Grimarep, Zomgoo & Jackolant

Badge: Moon Badge


City: Elastic City

Pokemon: Plusclaw, Miniron, Zapoodle & Wirball

Badge: Spark Badge


City: Skyarrow Town

Pokemon: Voenix, Emplover, Breezeon & Lediair

Badge: Wing Badge


City: Toxicvile Ciry

Pokemon: Goluton, Zomghoul, Cootoxic & Toxeon

Badge: Venom Badge


City: ???

Pokemon: ???

Badge: Punch Badge


City: ???

Pokemon: ???

Badge: Flame Badge

Cast of VillainsEdit

Cassidy- First123


Felicia Furrypaws- RR44

Episode 1 - Married to the ZomblobEdit

Prof.Galon: You can choose 1 one of the three starters! Seedpup, Candkit or Dripo!

Liam: I pick Dripo, I think it's cute!

Dripo: Dri..po (Aw..shucks!)

(LIG: Today is my birthday, 31/07/2011)

Liam: Come on, Dripo. Our journey awaits!

Dripo: Po! (coming!)

Liam: *travels with dripo, spots iris with candkit* Huh, Who's that?

Dripo: Po Po (Its Iris!) Dripo Po (Hi Iris)

Iris: Hi! Who are you?

Liam: The name's Liam, and this is my partner, Dripo!

Dripo: Po Po Dripo! (Happy to meet you!)

Liam: *scans the dex* So thats a Candkit!

Pokedex: Candkit, the Kitten Pokemon. It has adorable eyes & they really care for Pokemon & humans.

Iris: I'm Iris, This is my Candkit, Candy! *scans her dex for Dripo*

Pokedex: Dripo, the Raindrop Pokemon. It is said that a Dripo use their Raindrop-like body to protect its Trainer. They are sometimes mistaken for a raindrop.

Candy: Candkit Can! (Hi Dripo!)

Iris: I know! We should travel together! Whats the next town?

Liam: Let's see...Striaton City is that next gym!

???: Blob Zom Zom!

Liam: Huh?

Iris: What... is that noise?

Candy: CAND!!! (IM SCARED!)

???: Zom....Zom...blob? *pops out*

Liam: Its a Zomblob! *scans th dex*

Pokedex: Zomblob, the Zombie Pokemon. This Pokemon lives primarily in graveyards & they care for humans due they are loyal.

Zomblob: Blob Blob *taps one of Liams empty Pokeballs, goes inside, is caught*

Liam: OOOookay! That was wierd!

Iris: Wow! You have a new pokemon!

Liam: That was a wierd catch! But, anyway! I got myself a Zomblob! *poses for the capture*

Dripo: DRI...PO! (Yes!)

Iris: *Sees a pokemon* What is that?

???: Blumm..Blummy?

Liam: Its a Blummy! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Blummy, the Bowling Pin Pokemon. Commonly found in bowling alleys, they love being knocked over by soft bowling balls.

Iris: Use Screech, Candy!

Candy: *Makes loud noise that Accumula town can hear aswell, Making Blummy fall to the ground*

Pokedex: Candkit can know these moves: Hyper Voice, Fire Fang, Flamethrower & Slash

Dripo: *covers his ears*

Liam: *Covered his ears* Its Candkit's Screech attack!

Iris: *throws Pokeball at Blummy*

Pokeball: *Blummy is caught*

Liam: Good work, Iris!

Iris: Yay!!!! *Makes pose* I caught.... a Blummy! Ill call Blummy...... Bling!

Liam: *spots Grirep in a net by team rocket* It's Cassidy & Beach!


Cassidy: Prepare for Trouble...

Liam: Blah blah "surrender to us mow or prepare to fight fight fight" Yeah I know!

Cassidy: *presses button and a big sucker machine sucks up Iris, Candkit and Blummy* Hahahaha!

Iris: *in machine* Ahh! help!

Liam: *throws a pokeball* Zomblob, help us out! *pokeball opens*

Zomblob: ZOMBLOB!

Liam: Zomblob, Use Tackle on that machine!

Zomblob: Zoooomm..bloob! (Hii...yah!) *hits them machine, but fails*

Liam: *cringes* It didn't work!

Dripo: DRIPO! DRIPOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!*starts to glow*

Liam: Iris. that light!

Zomblob: Zom! (It is!)

Driclaw: *evolves* DRICLAW!

Liam: Wow. Dripo evolved into Driclaw! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Driclaw, the Raindrop Pokemon and the evolved form of Dripo. With powerful claws to slice through rocks & walnuts, it can be very loyal to its Trainer. It is also able to learn a move called Aqua Claw.

Liam: Alright, Driclaw, use Aqua Claw!

Driclaw: Drii...CLAW! (here it GOES!) *slices the machine, freeing iris, candkit & blummy*

Liam: Now wrap it up with Hydro Pump! Iris, get Candkit to use Flamethrower! It'll make a fusion of fire & water!

Driclaw: Dri...CLAW!! *launches hydro pump towards cassidy & butch, as candkit uses flamethrower which sends team rocket blasting off again*


  • Liam starts off with Dripo
  • Liam catches a Zomblob
  • Iris joins Liam's journey
  • Liam's Dripo evolves into Driclaw and learns Aqua Claw
  • Iris is revealed to have started with Candkit, and catches a Blummy

Episode 2 - A First-Aid ScorkitEdit

Liam: Alright, Driclaw. Let's hustle!

Tauros: *runs through* TAUROS!

Liam: Yipes!

(LIG: you can join if you like)

(S321: K, I will)

Tauros: *charges fast at Liam and rams his horns into his butt*

Iris: Watch out!

Candy: Candkit CAN!!

Tauros: *kicks Iris and steam comes out of his nose* TAUROS!


Candy: Cannnnnn KIT!

Liam: Driclaw, HYDRO PUMP!

Driclaw: Drii. CLAWWWWW. *suddenly hydro pump & flamethrower combines into one, hitting tauros humongous damage, KO'ing Tauros*

Liam: Impressive attack, Candkit...Huh? *notices a small glow into candkit* Um...Iris! Look! *points to candkit, who is starting to glow*

Driclaw: *gasp* Dri...Claw! (I don't belive my eyes)

Liam: Candkit's starting to evolve!

Candy/Scorkit: *evolves into scorkit*

Liam: Iris, your Candkit has evolved into Scorkit! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Scorkit, the Kitten Pokemon and the evolved form of Candkit. With adorable eyes like a Candkit, the flame burning nicely on its head indicates how it bonds with its Trainer, it uses the flame on its tail to light up campfires.

(Rex: can i play as the Gym Leaders? :3)

(LIG: Uh...okay, also you can play a main hero too)

(Rex: sure :3 you'll meet him just before you tackle the next gym though >:3)

(LIG: that's straiton city)

(Rex: where you'll see Max and you'll face... uh... Rocky >:) xD)

(LIG: Rocky will have Tyrachomp & Triceraby, i'll play the referee!)


  • Iris's Candkit evolves into Scorkit

Episode 3 - Max-Imun Power At The Straiton GymEdit

Liam: Hey, isn't that Max with a Seedpup? *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Seedpup, the Puppy Pokemon. It uses its buds on its head to attack foes that have hate, it likes loved pokemon and humans.

Liam: and that's a Dalmber! *scans the dex*

Pokemon: Dalmber, The Dalmation Pokemon. Its loves any kind of berries, its really wise & likes other pokemon and their owners.

(Rex: you know me too well >~>)

Max: hi guys! I just got my fossil badge :P or is it rock? I forget xD anyway i'm gonna go heal my pokemon *walks to the pokemon centre* good luck with Rocky :)

Liam: Wait max!

Max: *comes out of the pokemon centre with seedpup on his head* well i guess i'- wait do you want some advice about Rocky? (what type are his pokemon? I hope rock... xD)

(LIG: tyrachop is rock/dark & triceraby is rock/fire)

Liam: Do you want to join our journey, it'll be fun!

Max: nah xD You'll find that attacking with grass or water types are really helpful. But watch out for his Triceraby, he's only weakened by water attacks :P (Max will be like the rival :P)

Driclaw: Driclaw Dri Driclaw! Driclaw Dri Dri Dricalw? (Hi Seedpup, How did you met Max in the first place?)

Seedpup: Seed, seed seed pup se pup seed (He came to get me a few days before you got chosen)

Iris: Im gonna challange Rocky!

Zomblob: Zom blob zom zom blob? (Was it because he thought you were cute, seedpup?)

Bling: Blumm Blumm! (Hey there!)

Seedpup: *blushes* Seed pup pup se seed (No, he loves dog pokemon)

Driclaw: Dri dri dri, claw dri dri claw (Hi blummy, hi scorkit)

Max: I'll stay and watch if you want :P

Zomblob: Zomblob blob blob zom blob (Seedpup, this is blummy & scorkit)

Candy: Scor Scor! (Hi nicve to meet you!)

Bling: Blummy Blumm! (Yeah, hi!)

Seedpup: Se pup (hey there)

Liam: My Driclaw evolved from Dripo for rescuing Iris & her Pokemon, right iris?

Max: well i'm off now :P *walks down the road*

Liam: Iris, let's hustle!

Iris: Okay! Bye Max!

Grirep: Grirep! (Wait!)

Liam: Hey, it's the same grirep we rescued before!

Grirep: *jumps on liam's arms*

Liam: Whoa...Huh?

Driclaw: Claw? (What now?)

Rocky: *walks out of the gym and heads to the pokemon centre* you did good my pokemon :3

Liam: What's up with this Grirep, Max? It's hugging me or somethin'!

Max: *scans his pokedex* (I'm gonna make the pokedex entry list in the talkpage... so we don't have to look up and down over and over xD)

Pokedex: Grirep, the Grim Reaper Pokemon. Grirep can use its reap-like axe to slice a very strong rope, they like to play with other Pokemon & humans.

Iris: Its time. *walks into the gym*

Liam: Whats up with this grirep, iris *grirep is still hugging liam*

(LIG: do i have to go to Pokedex entries of the fake pokemon journey series?)

(Rex: I'll update it, but you'll need to put their numbers...)

Rocky: hey Nurse Joy ;) *gets smacked*

Liam: ROCKY!!

(LIG: What's it called?)


  • Liam catches a Grirep

Episode 4 - Grin it To Win ItEdit

Rocky: *rubs check as walking back yo gym* she didn't have to slap me >~<

Liam: I'm Liam, I'm here for a battle!

Rocky: sure *unlocks the gym and leads Iris and Liam to the battleroom*

Referee: The battle between Liam & Rocky will now get under way. Each Trainer will use 2 pokemon, and the match will be over if either side are unable to battle! Only the challenger can substitute pokemon! GO!

Rocky: Get ready :P *throws pokeball and Tyrachomp comes out*

Liam: A tyrachomp *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Tyrachomp, the Tyrannosaurus Pokemon, it uses the teeth to chomp through walnuts and metal into pieces!

Liam: Zomblob, let's go! *out comes zomblob*

Zomblob: ZOMBLOB!

Liam: Now Zomblob, use Dig!

Zomblob: *nods & then burrows underground*

Rocky: Tyrachomp, use dig too!

Tyrachomp: *dives underground*

Liam: Get out from there & use Drain Punch!

Zomblob: *hand glows orange, hits tyrachomp really hard, and highly effective*

Rocky: >~< use Bite!

Tyrachomp: *grins, showing his sharp teeth, then uses Bite*

Liam: Dodge that, then use Drain Punch again!

Zomblob: *hand glows orange, hits tyrachomp really hard, and once again, highly effective*

Rocky: >~< come back Tyrachomp *give Tyrachomp an oran berry* uses glare then Bite

Tyrachomp: *glares at Zomblob, cuasing it to flinch on it's next attack then uses Bite*

Liam: Lets wrap this up, Groan Voice!

Zomblob: *groaning voice sound hits tyrachomp so hard, it slams into the wall, KO'ing him*

Referee: Tyrachomp is unable to battle, Zomblob wins!

Liam: Good work, Zomblob!

Zomblob: *smiles happily* Zom blob (Thanks, Liam)

Rocky: you did good Tyrachomp

Tyrachomp: tyra tyra (but i lost v.v)

Rocky: *returns him and then throws anouther pokeball out, whihc hits Zomblob in the head* oops *blush*

Zomblob: *rubs his head, but smiles anyway* Blob! (Careful!)

Triceraby: TRICA! (I WILL WIN!)

Zomblob: *pants in exhaustion* huff...puff....Zomblob (I'!)

Liam: Zomblob looks tired after that fierce battle with tyrachomp! But i won't give up, use Drain Punch!

Zomblob: *launches drain punch*


Triceraby: *dodges and charges right at Zomblob and breathes fire at the same time, so it looks like it's a comet*

Zomblob: *struggles to get up, but suddenly collapses, with spirals in his eyes, is Ko'ed* *moans* BloooooB? (ooooogh?)

Referee: Zomblob is unable to battle, Triceraby wins!

Rocky: yes! good job Triceraby >:D

Liam: Zomblob, return! *recalls zomblob, smiles a little* Thanks buddy, you deserve a good long rest! Alright Driclaw you're up next! *out comes driclaw*

Driclaw: DriCLAW! (I'm ready)

Liam: since driclaw is a water type, it has a humongus advantage over triceraby! *to driclaw* Use Dragon Claw!

Driclaw: *his claws glow white, it hits triceraby a little*

Rocky: aren't you going to scan Triceraby with ya Pokedex? (LIG the pokedex entries are on the talk page, i just need you to fill in what numbers they are :P then i can put them onto the pokedex table >:D)

Liam: Use Aqua Jet!

Driclaw; *uses aqua jet like buizel's, hitting triceraby a lot of damage*

Liam: *Scans the dex*

Pokedex: Triceraby, Triceratops Pokemon, it is said that this pokemon was revived from a Horn Fossil!

(LIG: where is it? i cant find it!)(also, i'm gonna go inactive now cuz i'm logging off)

Rocky: *uses a super potion on Triceraby* Now use dig!

Triceraby: *digs underground* (click 'talk' at the top of the page)

Liam: Hydro Pump!

Driclaw: *hits triceraby with a strong hydro pump*

Liam: TIme to wrap it up, use Dragon Claw!

Rocky: Triceraby, use Flame Charge!

Triceraby: *uses Flame Charge, and they crash, and when the smoke clears Triceraby is knocked out*

Referee: Triceraby is unable to battle, Driclaw wins, and so the victory goes to Liam!

Liam: Great work, Driclaw!

Driclaw: *smiles happily* Claw Dri Dri Claw!

Rocky: you did good Triceraby *returns him* well good job Liam :P For beating me you earned the Fossil Badge :) *hands Liam the fossil badge, which is shaped like a fossil* now i'm gonna go to the pokemon center again... *puses everyone out of the gym and locks it then heads to the pokemon center*

Max: *sitting on a brick fence* I saw your battle Liam :P you did good... *hears slapping* o.o I hope Rocky is ok.


  • Liam defeats Rocky and earns the Fossil Badge

Episode 5 - Taz-Manian DevilEdit

Taz: *spins through a tree and stands on the road* Roooowoowowow!!!!!!!!

Laura: *Sees Taz* Hi. I'm Laura, And I just moved here. I have a Tutu and a Wasso, Wanna meet them?

Taz: *clenches teeth at Tutu and Wasso* Taz hungry! *takes Tutu and Wasso and runs off* Taz want dinner!

Tutu: TUTU! *Uses Vapor Wind on Taz to break them through*


Taz: Taz want dinner! *takes out a burlap sack and traps Tuto and Wasso in it, and runs off* Taz hungry!

Wasso: WASSO! *Tears out Burlap Sack and they break out*

Laura: Good Tutu, Good Wasso, Now TUTU, Use Flower Power!

Tutu: TUUUUUUUUUUTUUUUUUUUU! *Uses her flowers of doom to attack Taz*

Taz: *spins away* *ties up Ttu and Wasso* Taz hungry! *puts salt and pepper on them and prepares a hot pot* You tasty!


Taz: *decides to just swallow Wasso whole* *grabs Wasso and swallows him whole* Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasso: *Chocks Taz*

Taz: *coughs up Wasso*


Tutu: TUTU. (See ya (bleep)hole)

Wasso: WASSO! (F**king b**ch!)

Taz: Taz was just hungry!

Liam: Driclaw, Dragon CLaw!

Driclaw: Drii.CLAW! *hits taz hard which sends him blasting off into the sky*


  • Laura joins Liam's journey, and is revealed to have Wasso & Tutu

Episode 6 - Vechik SquaredEdit

Liam: Thanks Driclaw!

Driclaw: *gives Liam a thumbs up* Driclaw!(thanks!)*glows*

Liam: Huh? something up with driclaw, laura!

(LIG: try this site: )

Drigon: *evolves into drigon, spreads his wings* DRI GON!

Liam: It evolved! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Drigon, the Dragon Pokemon and the evolved form of Driclaw. It spreads its strong wings to blow its opponents away with one flap, it is said that it has part Water and Dragon type.

Wild Vechik: Ve Chik Chik! (hello there)

Liam: Wow! a Vechik! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Vechik, the Chick Pokemon. It is able to peck its prey by spinning its beak during battle, It is also said to be a wise Pokemon.

Wild Vechik: Ve Chik Chik Chik Ve (I wanna come with you)

Liam: Sure. GO! POKEBALL! *throws it, hits vechik*

Vechik: *is caught*

Liam: I caught a Vechik!

Laura: *Enters* What's going on?

Liam: Just caught a Vechik!

Laura: Wow! Congrats!

Liam: *throws all of his pokeballs* Come on out, gang!

(Out comes drigon, vechik, zomblob & grirep)

(Out comes Wasso and Tutu)

Tutu and Wasso: TUTU! WASSO! (Hi, Wazzup?)

(a rustle in the bushes)

Vechik: Ve? Ve Ve Vechik! (Huh? somethings coming!)

(out pops a wild shiny vechik)

Liam: Laura, look *points to shiny vechik*

Charmeleon: *appears on the road* RAWR!

Tutu: TUTU! (Enemy approching!)

Charmeleon: Charmeleon! (I'm offering you a challenge! I win, I take you hostage. You win, your owner keeps me as part of his party!)

Laura: YOUR ON!

Charmeleon: *uses flamethrower on Tutu* Charmeleon! (Take that!)

Vechik: *looking scared* Ve Chik Chik (Be careful)

Tutu: TUTU! *uses Flower Power on Charmeleon*

Zomblob: Zom Blob Blob? (Need a hand, Laura?)

Charmeleon: *uses ember on Tutu* Charmeleon (I bet your getting tired now!)

Laura: Sure!

Wasso: WASSO! *Lassoes up Charmeleon*

Charmeleon: Charmeleon! (Ok! You can keep me as part of your party now! I surrender!)

Wasso: Wasso. (Excellent) *Glows*

Tutu: TUTU? (What's going on?)

Charmeleon: Charmeleon? (Do I have to go inside a pokeball now?)

Laura: After we find out what's with Wasso? And Pokedex, Could you scan my pokemon?

Liam: *looks shocked* Wasso's starting to evolve!

Pokedex: Gengsto, the Gengsta Pokemon and the evolved form of Wasso. Known to be a gengsta, it is said to be a loyal Pokemon for other humans.


  • Liam's Driclaw evolves into Drigon
  • Liam catches a Vechik
  • Laura catches a Charmeleon
  • Laura's Wasso evolves into Gengsto

Episode 7 - The Loyal Yet Evolved TootooEdit

Laura: Woooooooooooooooow! Look, Wasso's a Gensta.

Gensta: Gen- Gen- Gensta? (When did that happen?)

Tutu: Tutu. (Back in the last episode)

Laura: Oh, Ok. Excuse me, Pokedex, Could you scan Tutu for me please?

Pokedex: Tootoo, the Tutu-Wearing Pokemon. This Pokemon is said to wear a tutu. Before evolving, Tootoo's tutu starts to grow larger.

Zomblob: *shrugs with his arms, sighs* Zom blob blob! (You're such a kid, Tootoo!)

Liam: Tootoo can evolve into Balleritoo and after that it evolves into Puettoo, Laura!

Laura: Woooow! That. Is. Coool!

Zomblob: Zom blob blob zom blob zom zom (Tootoo's body is starting to glow a little, laura!)


Charmeleon: Charmeleon!? (What's happening?!)

Laura: Charmeleon! (Tutu's evolving into Balleritoo!)

Charmeleon: Charmeleon! (Awesome!)

???: Bud bud bud. (Like totally sike dude)

Zomblob: *glows* blob? (huh?)

Sunbud: Bud sun sun, Sun bud. (Like totally sike 'er' dude.)

Laura: Who are you?

Sunbud: Sun bud bud. (I am Sunbud)

Charmeleon: Charmeleon. (I'm Charmeleon)

Sunbud: Bud. (Nice)

Charmeleon: Charmeleon!? (Wait. How can a flower talk?!)

Sunbud: IDK.

Laura: ..........Pokedex? A'little Scanning process please?

Liam: Look at Zomblob! *points to zomblob who is glowing white*

Pokemon: Sunbud, the Flower Pokemon. with the bud on its head, it can absorb a tree with one Leech Seed.

Charmeleon: Charmeleon. (So your name is Sunbud!)

Drigon: Dri gon gon dri gon dri (Laura, look at zomblob!)

Zomblob: *still glowing white, starts to change*

Zomgoo: Zom GOOO! (Yay, i evolved!)

Balleritoo: Balleritoo!!! (Yay, I evolved!)

Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Balleritoo, the Ballerina Pokemon and the evolved form of Tootoo. It loves ballae & dancing just like Angelina Ballerina.

Pokedex: Zomgoo, the Zombie Pokemon and the evolved form of Zomblob. It is said that a Zomgoo is known as "The friendliest zombie of all time*.


  • Liam's Zomblob evolves into Zomgoo
  • Laura's Tootoo evolves into Balleritoo

Episode 8 - House of the Rising SunbudEdit

Liam: We made it to Soakville Town, Laura!

Laura: Wooooooow!!!!!!

Ballerintoo and Gensto: Ballernsto. (Wooooooow!!)

Liam: Hey, isn't that the same Sunbud over there? *spots sunbud runnig towards laura*

Drigon: Gon? (Huh?)

Sunbud: Sunbud! *Hello!*

Laura: Another Sunbud? *Lots of Sunbuds appear next to Laura*

Liam: I think that exact same Sunbud wants to go with you, but its friends are unsure about it yet.

Sunbud: Bud, Sun, Sun, Sun, Bud, Sunbud. *See, Someone has to defeat me in a battle for me to go with Laura*

Liam: plus the rest of the sunbud friends are sick from poison, they need pecha berries.

Sunbud: Sun, Bud, Bud, Bud, Sunbud..........SUNBUD! *And it was get ready for a echo........BUTCH!*

Balleritoo: TOO, TOO, BALLERITOO! *Butch! Butch! Butch! Butch*

Laura: Butch? Whose Butch?

Liam: *sarcastically* nice for you to drop by, Biff!

Butch: IT'S BUTCH!

Laura: Your Butch

Gensto: GENSTO!!!!!! *You monster!*

Liam: Drigon, Go for it!

Drigon: *nods, then lets out a powerful orange-red & white like beam* Dri? (Huh?)

Zomgoo: Goo Zom Goo! (Whoa, Incredible!)

Liam: What attack did Drigon just used, Laura?

Charmeleon: Charmeleon! (Awesome)

Liam: What was that?

Butch: *Flies into the sky* I'm blasting off again! *ping*

Grirep: REP REP GRIR! (I think that was...!)

Zomgoo: Zom goo goo goo zom? (Tell me, Laura. What attack did Drigon use?)

Lauren: It's called the Mega Combo. A very very rare move.

Liam: No, i tihnk it was a Hyper Beam! Is that correct, Drigon?

Drigon: *nods* Dri (Yep)

Sunbud: Bud! (Sun-a-riffic!)

Woh: Woh man! (Totally sike)

Teary: Teary! (It's so sad! Boo hoo!)

Laura: Huh? Who are those pokemon, Liam?

Liam: Thats A Tearbawl a Water-type, and Whoamazing a Psychic type! But what are they doing here?

(LIG: Theres still time to join these links here: )

Ty: Oh, Those are my pokemon. Their new.

Laura: This calls for Pokedex! Liam, You did bring it with you right?

Liam: Of course i did, i always carry it! *scans the dex* (ps. you can think of an info for Whoamazing, i'll do Tearbawl)

Pokedex: Tearbawl, the Crying Pokemon. It is said that Tearbawl cries if someone is abandoned or if it is timid. Due to shyness, it is very loyal, however!

Pokedex: Whoamazing, the Hippie Pokemon. A Pokemon that cares about the earth and was first born in the 60s, it is not so loyal.

Liam: Me & Laura are traveling along together!


  • Liam's Drigon learns Hyper Beam
  • Laura catches Sunbud

Episode 9 - Cutting the Ty's That BindEdit

Zomgoo: Zom goo goo Zom zom goo (Hi Tearbawl, hi whoamazing)

Drigon: Dri gon gon (I'm Drigon)

Grirep: Gri rep rep (I'm Grirep)

Vechik: Chk Chik Ve (I'm Vechik)

Tearbawl: Tearbawl! *Hi!*

Whoamazing: Whoa! *Sup?*

Sunbud: *Blushes* Sunbud, Sunbud. (Wow, Whoamazing's kinda sweet.)

Ty: So, What do you do for fun?

Liam: We like to play with our Pokemon and we're loyal to them, right laura?

Hermes: *peeps out by the bushes* Sweet Robot of Hobart, There are Pokemon! *rushes off back to futurama*

Laura: Right.

Vechik: Ve chik *gets caught by butch's net*


Ty: Who's your emeny? Beth?


Vechik: *tries to break free* Ve Chik ve ve *gets mad* VeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*glows*

Liam: *looks shocked* What's up with Vechik?

Vechik: *starts growing wings, its V-Shaped gets bigger*


Liam: What's happening to Vechik, it's glowing of some sort?

(Heroes Of Hoenn plays, )

Veagle: *the net snaps while vechik evolves into veagle* Vea..GLE! (oh...yeah!)

Liam: Vechik evolved into Veagle! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Veagle, the Phoenix Pokemon and the evolved form of Vechik. It is said that Veagle lived inside volcanoes 1,500 years ago. Nearly a extinct Pokemon, they are said to be very brave.

Ty: Their almost extinct?!?!


Liam: Now Veagle, use Overheat! *to ty* get your pokemon to use an attack!

Ty: Whoamazing, use Hippie Slack!

Whoamazing: Whoooooooamaazzing!!!! *Does Hippie Slack* *Wooooooooorrrrd up!*

Veagle: *uses overheat* Vea, GLLEEE

Butch: *is send flying* I'm blasting off again! *ping*


  • Liam's Vechik evolves into Veagle, and is revealed to have learned Overheat

Episode 10 - Under The SeonEdit

Liam: There's the gym!

Seon: Hello! Your here for a battle, right?

Liam: Yes

Ty: Woooow, Can I do battle? I got pokemon!

Taz: *spins through a rock and comes out* Roowowowowowow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura: So, Back for round 2 eh Taz?

Charmeleon: Charmeleon! (I'll show this jerk who's boss! Let me at him! Let me at him!)


Ty: Whoamazing, Hippie Slack!

Whoamazing: WHOOOOOOAMAZZING!!! *Hippie Slacks Taz* *Taaaaaaakkkke this!!!!*

Sunbud: *Blushes*

Taz: *gets back up*

Charmeleon: CHARMELEOOOONNN! (*uses flamethrower*)

Taz: YOUCH!!!!!! *runs around with his tail on fire*

Veagle: *uses drill peck and hits taz*

Liam: Charmeleon's tail is glowing like metal!

Taz: Owwwwwaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

Charmeleon: CHARMELEON!!!! (I'm glowing! I'm glowing!!!)

Liam: Hit taz with your tail

Charmeleon: *uses flamethrower on Taz*

Taz: OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charmeleon: Charmeleon! (I'm STILL glowing all over the place!)

Liam: Your Charmeleon just learnt how to use Iron Tail, and it's evolving!

(a flash of lighting comes and Charmeleon has just evolved into Charizard)

Charizard: Charizard!!! (I'm evolved! Yahoooo!!!)

Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Charizard, the Flame Pokemon and the evolved form of Charmeleon, its flamethrower attack is hot enough able to melt boulders.

Charizard: Charizard! (Shouldn't it say "The Dragon Pokemon?" I mean HELLO, I'M A DRAGON!!)

Drigon: Dri gon gon dri gon dri dri gon! (You can be able to use Dargon Claw & Overheat now!)

Charizard: *sarcastically* Charizard charizard! (That's great to know kiddo!)

Gensta: *Glows* GENSTA! (I'm envoliving!)

Liam: Laura, look!

(LIG: Rocksta evolves from Gensta!)


  • Laura's Charmeleon evolves into Charizard, and learns Dragon Claw, Overheat & Iron Tail
  • Laura's Gensta evolves into Rocksta

Episode 11 - Doin' A PuettooEdit

Drigon: Dri gon dri? (Hey Balleritoo?)

Balleritoo: Too? (Yes)

Drigon: Gon gon Dri Gon dri! (Two of our Pokemon has evolved)

Zomgoo: Zom goo? (They did?!?)

Grirep: Gri Rep Rep! (Since Balleritoo hasn't evolved yet, we should help her!)

Balleritoo: Too, Too? (You'll help me?)

All of Liam's Pokemon: *happily* Drirepgoogle (Yes we are)

Charizard: Charizard! (I'm so happppyyy!!!!!!)

Zomgoo: Zom goo? (Why's that?)

Balleritoo: Balleritoo. (Maybe it's because your all gonna help me!)

Charizard: Char! (Yeah!)

Grirep: Gri Rerp Rep Gri Rep (I see what you mean now!)

Liam: What's up with Grirep?

Zomgoo: Goo Goo Zomgoo! (Lets help out!)

Balleritoo: BALLERITOO!!! (Oh boy! Where do I begin?)

Zomgoo: Goo Goo Goo (Training, Of course)

Liam: Let's help Balleritoo, Laura!

Laura: Ok! Let's start with someone easy like......Zomgoo. Wanna battle with Balleritoo?

Zomgoo: Goo! (sure!)

Liam: Let's do it, use Pound!

Zomgoo: *starts using pound, but balleritoo swiftly dodges it*

Liam: Great dodge, Balleri..Huh? *notices balleritoo glowing*

Balleritoo: BALLERITOO! (It's working!)

Liam: Balleritoo's starting to evolve!

Zomgoo: zom goo goo zomgoo (Incredible, its evolving!)

Charizard: CHAR! (Woah!)

Rocksta: Rocksta! (Neeto!)

Sunbud: *Tears up* Sunbud. (This is the most happiest moment i've ever seen!)

Tearbrawl and Whoamazing: Tearmazing! (Agreed!)

Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Puettoo, the Ballerina Pokemon and the evolved form of Balleritoo. She can dance better than Angelina Ballerina, Why one even was in a ballet contest, And won 1st prize.

Zomgoo: Goo goo! (that's great!)


  • Laura's Balleritoo evolves into Puettoo, and learns Petal Dance & Entertainment
  • It is revealed that Liam has defeated Seon and earns the Damp Badge.

Episode 12 - From Dawn 'til Dusk StoneEdit

Liam: Hey look what i found here. A dusk stone!

Grirep: Gri rep (That's right!)

Zomgoo: Goo! (bleh)

Tearbrawl: Tear? (What's a dusk stone?)

Liam: A Dusk Stone is an item for a Pokemon is used, ready to evolve! It can evolve Murkrow into Honchkrow!

Batwing: Batwing! (Greetings)

Liam: excuse me ty, what other pokemon can evolve using a dusk stone besides murkrow?

Ty: Zomgoo, Rocksta, Batwing, Sunbud, Whoamazing and Tearbrawl.

Liam: Misdreavus & Zomgoo actually! Anyway, Shroomish come on out! *pokeball opens and out comes shroomish*

Shroomish: Shroomish Shroom! (you called?)

Ty: Who are you?

Shroomish: Shroom Shroomish! (I'm a Shroomish!)

Batwing: Bat, Batwing! (And I am a Batwing)

Liam: So thats a Batwing! *scans the dex* Ty, scan the pokedex for shroomish!

Pokedex: Batwing, the Bat Pokemon, According to the calculations, It has been revealed to be the brother of Batman

Pokedex: Shroomish, the Mushroom Pokémon. Shroomish is mild tempered and inhabits piles of rotting leaves inside of forests. (i fixed it)

Shroomish: shroo shroo mish shroo (I know where we are!)

Liam: you do?

Shroomish: Mish! (Yes!) *walks*

Butch: Nice to see you!

Liam: *sarcastically* oh look what the delcatty dragged in? Hello Buck!


Laura: Yeah, Yeah, Bland we know.

Max: Need some help Liam? (Sorray about my... 'short' break...)

Wilson: *trips over and his glasses fall off*

Max: *picks up Wilson's glasses and helps wilson up* ... Liam, Iris have you meet my brother Wilson?

Liam: Hi Max, Hi seedpup & dalmber and who's your newest member?

Drigon: Dri gon gon? (Remember me, Seedpup?)

Max: You guys must be seeing things. There is no Weedog here. I gave seedpup an everstone so he doesn't evolve *shrugs*

Liam: Did you evolve any pokemon and a new member?

(LIG: Kokori9, try joining this site and register: )

Max: I wish... I've been helping Wilson here get some bug pokemon (I iz a member :3)

(LIG: Come again?)

Wormagot: *smiles happily* Worm magot! (hello, Wilson!)

Max: Can you take him with you? (I'm a member on Pokefarm)

Liam: A Wormagot, a Bug type! *Scans the dex*

Pokedex: Wormagot, the Maggot Pokemon, it is said to endure attacks when it evolves, the teeth that does not bite indicates it's happy.

Max: Anyway, i'm gonna go to the next town *starts to walk away*

Wilson: Isn't my brother so cool ^_^ he helped me catch three bug pokemon ^_^ Wormagot is one of them ^_^

Liam: What else have you got?

Wilson: Well I also have one that looks abit like a snail... but i'm not sure what it's called...

Liam: Shelmet?

Shelmet: Shel shel (Yep that's me)

Wilson: and this one looks like a spider O.o

Liam: Joltik or Spinarak!

Joltik: Jol ti tik (I'm Joltik)

Wilson: Bug pokemon are so cool ^_^... so do you have any Desert Glasses? you need them to cross the desert... I know Max has some (Don't have any... cuase now your gonna have to battle Max to get to Voltia ^_^)


  • Wilson joins Liam and Iris's journey, an has Shelmret, Wormagot & Joltik
  • Liam reveals to have a Shroomish!

Episode 13 - A Breloom-in' HeroEdit

Wilson: Dusk City is so cool. Max took me there once ^_^ The only problem is, it's so Dusty and Dark >~<

Liam: Shroomish, use Flash attack!

Shroomish: *uses flash to light the city*

Many People: *yell out 'Turn off that light!' and a few swear words*

Shroomish: Shroom (sorry) *turns down the light a bit* Shroomish? (how's that?)

Many People: *go back to their lives like nothing happened*

Wilson: well... that was abit scary...

Shroomish: *gets spooked by the swear words, and starts to glow*

Liam: Shroomish, something the matter?

Max: *walks out of a very unstable looking building holding something* Hey guys ^_^ O.O is Shroomish evolving? What a coincidence Dalmber just evolved ^_^

Liam: Shroomish IS evolving!

Breloom: *evolves into breloom* Breloom! (oh yeah!)

Max: Well if your looking for the gym, it's that building I just walked out of. Are you doing ok Wilson?

Wilson: yeah

Max: Well good *smiles* I'm gonna head out now for the desert. You have to cross it if you want to get to Spark City

Liam: we'll look after wilson for you!

Max: good. Well I have a tip for ya. Darcus uses Dark type pokemon, like Zomgoo, so you might wanna borrow some of Wilson's pokemon, becuase they're effective against Dark types :P

Liam: Fighting-types like Breloom are super effective on Dark Pokemon too!

Max: Just don't use any Physic type pokemon :P... well i'm gonna head on... Mabye i'll wait outside the desert and we can have a battle *smirk*

Breloom: Loom? (why?)

Wilson: It's simple, Physic types don't affect Dark types at all ^_^

Breloom: *starts absorbing sunlight*

Liam: What is Breloom doing now, max?

Max: O.O Try and stop him or you might get alot of angry shouts and possibly a black eye... *runs away* see ya at the desert

Liam: Do you know what attack Breloom is using, wilson?

Wilson: looks like Solar Beam *hides behind a barrel*

Breloom: *launches SolarBeam, which Breaks a walnut, hands wilson & Liam a walnut that she broke!*

Many People: *yelling things like 'Tha'ts it!' and some more swear words and chases Liam out of town and gives him a black eye*

Liam: No you dont, use Drain Punch!

Breloom: *uses Drain Punch, ko'ing many people who tried to threat Liam*

Liam: Later guys! *rushes off with breloom & wilson*

???" *mysterious eyes glare out from the sidewalk at Liam* *raspy voice* What about the gym?

Liam: Who is it? Show yourself, please?

???: *bit less raspy voice* Go to the gym


  • Liam's Shroomish evolves into Breloom and learns SolarBeam
  • Max's Dalmber is revealed to have evolved into Dalcano

Episode 14 - At The Victory Lane Of The GymEdit

Liam: *realizes* Wait a minute...You're Darcus!

Darcus: *steps out of the shadows* Finally figured it out?

Liam: Yup!

Darcus: Well let's see if you can even find the gym *smirks and retreats back into shadows*

Liam: Excuse me mr big shot but i'm standing in front of it!

Wilson: That's not the Gym... Max came out of a building on the other side of town and said that was the gym though... Remeber we got chased away from the gym...

Breloom: Bre..Loom! (That's right!)

Gulpin: Gul pin pin gul pin pin (Breloom's got a point, Liam)

Wormagot: Mag Mag Magot worm wor (was it that way or this way?)

Gulpin: Gulpin Pin? (Is something the matter, Wormagot?)

Wormagot: Wrom worm mag ago got (I'm trying to remeber where the gym was)

Breloom: *uses flash attack for a torch* Breloom Eloom? (Need a Hand?)

Wilson: *picks up Wormagot* I think I can remeber where it was... *starts walking down a street*

Breloom: *walks, with flash in play*

Wilson: *sees K.O.ed people* yep we got chased past here

Liam: Those guys tried to attack me!

Veagle: Veagle gle! (Really, Liam?)

Wilson: I think it was on this street...

Veagle: Veagle gle (It was? Wow!)


  • Liam has appeared to have caught a Gulpin

Episode 15 - The Order Of The VoenixEdit

Liam: Whoof! We made it!

Breloom: Bre loom (you said it!)

Wilson: well this is the street but we still don't know where the gy- oh hi max ^_^

Max: hey ^_^ It's impossible to find your way through this city v.v And if your still looking for the gym your standing in front of it... >.> *walks off*

Wilson: *turns around* oh here it is x.x

Liam: Max, this my new team member, gulpin!

Gulpin: *waves* Pin Pin (hello, max)

Max: Just hurry up and beat the gym leader *prepare for a fourth wall break* I can't wait till you go to the desert so we can do our battle which is the only way you'll get to the next gym after this one >.> *walks off*

Liam: *shocked look* uh! Oookay then!


Darcus: *waiting for them inside the gym*

Liam: *comes in*

Referee: This will be a 3 on 3 Pokemon Battle! remember the challenger will only can substitute pokemon if neccessary, GO!

Liam: Go! Gulpin! *pokeball opens*

Gulpin: Gulpin!!!

Liam: *to gulpin* Gulpin, ready to go?

Gulpin: *agrees* PIN! (READY!)

Darcus: *throws Zomgoo out* Let me tell you of the special rule of our gym... no Solarbeam or Flash allowed >.>

Liam: Breloom forgot to use flash! Anyway, Gulpin, Use Gunk Shot!

Gulpin: *lets out gunk shot*

Zomgoo: *uses the darkness to dodge*

Darcus: Zomgoo, use Smog! Let's she if you can fight in pitch black *smirks*

Liam: *smirks also* I don't think so!

Gulpin: *goes through the smoke, then comes in close range of zomgoo*

Liam: DO IT!

Gulpin: *hits zomgoo very hard with a close ranged gunk shot, ko'ing zomgoo*

Referee: Zomgoo is unable to battle, Gulpin wins!

Liam: Good work, Gulpin!

Gulpin: *Does the muscle act* Pin! (thanks)

Liam: *thoughts to himself* Man, that was quick! *to gulpin* Gulpin, i'll use you later, so return! *recalls gulpin* Now Breloom, you're up! *out comes breloom*

Breloom: Brelooom!!

Darcus: You did your job perfectly Zoomgoo *recalls him* now let's see you beat Grimarep!

Liam: *Scans the dex*

Pokedex: Grimarep, the Grim Reaper Pokemon and the evolved form of Grirep. Grimarep is the only known pokemon who can use Dark Slash.

Liam: Breloom, use Sky Uppercut!

Breloom: *starts using sky uppercut*

Grimerap: *dodges*

Darcus: We fight in the dark all the time! You'll never be able to hit us! Grimerap, use DARK SLASH!

Grimerap: *holds out it's arm and slashs through the pitch black, hitting Brelloom and almost cuasing it to faint*

Wilson: I heard of Dark Slash... It's a move that works best in the dark... the darker it is the more accurate and harder it hits!

Tearbrawl: *glows bright blue*

Darcus: If he fights i'm kicking all of you out >.> (refering to Russels character :P)

(Lol, And I made a new camp if any of you would like to join)

Breloom: *uses sky uppercut it hits grimarep Ko'ing him, but gets Ko'ed also*

Referee: Both Pokemon are unable to battle!

Tearbrawl: BRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries tears of recoverment on Breloom and Grimerap*

Liam: Return, Breloom! *recalls breloom* Thanks pal, take a nice long rest! Gulpin, you're up! *sends out gulpin*

Gulpin: Gul..Pin!!

Liam: *Scans the dex*

Pokedex: Tearbrawl, the Brawling Pokemon and the evolved form of Tearbawl. Tearbrawl has tear shaped marks all over it's body. This might be a way of telling one Tearbrawl from anouther.

Darcus: >.> *sends out last pokemon*

Liam: A Jackolant! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Jackolant, the Jack-O-Lantern Pokemon and the evolved form of Pumpkid. It lights up the town by glowing its face, then uses it to see the dark at night.

Darcus: FLARE!

Jackolant: *lights up and breathes fire out at Gulpin, also setting all the smog on fire, cuasing burns to gulpin*

Darcus: *smirks*

Gulpin: *has spirals in his eyes, who is KO'ed*

Referee: Gulpin is unable to battle, Jackolant wins!

Liam: *shocked* Gulpin, What happened? Thanks anyway, now return *recalls gulpin* take a good rest! Veagle, your next *sends out veagle*

Veagle: VeAGLE!!!


Liam: Use feint!

Veagle: *uses feint and breaks through the light stray, hits jackolant a little*

Liam: now use Aerial Ace!

Veagle: *uses aerial ace*

Jackolant: *jumps out of the way*


Jackolant: *glows really bright and starts breathing out fire everywhere* (Go Fire and Dark types ^_^)

Veagle: *is hit hard, and collapses to the ground*

(a few seconds later)

Referee: Veagle is unable to...Huh?

Veagle: *slowly gets up*

Liam: Don't give up, Veagle and give it more power & fighting spirit!

Veagle: *spreads its wings wide, then starts to glow*

Liam: Huh? That glow!

Darcus: *on ground with hands over eyes* THE LIGHT IT BURNS MY EYES!

Liam: Veagle's starting to evolve!!!

Voenix: *evolves* VOEENIIIIXX

(Heroes of Hoenn plays)

Liam: Alright! Veagle evolved into Voenix!! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Voenix, the Phoenix Pokemon and the evolved form of Veagle. It is said that these pokemon only appear during a legend, it is also said to breath fire from its beak at about 100 miles per hour.

Liam: Okay!, Voenix, use Steel Wing!

Voenix: *uses steel wing which hits jackolant with massive power*

Liam: Time to wrap it up, use Close Combat!

Voenix: Voeeeeee.......NIX! *uses a virages of close combat, hit jackolant very hard, with smoke around it, when the smoke clears, Jackolant is KO'ed*

Referee: Jackolant is unable to battle, Voenix wins and the victory goes to Liam!

Liam: *goes it voenix, hugs voenix* You did it, voenix! You evolved cuz of my words about not giving up!

Voenix: *happily* VOE...NIX (thanks liam)


  • Liam's Veagle evolves into Voenix, and defeats Darcus, earning him the Moon Badge!
  • Ty's Tearbawl evolves into Tearbrawl

Episode 16 - Mother Of All EvolutionsEdit

Liam: Hey, Max?

Max: *sitting on a rock* Yeah? (Lose the battle then Wilson can have a go >.>)

Liam: I beat Darcus, not only that, Veagle evolved into Voenix!

Max: Well you won't even be able to get through the desert *smirks* You don't have any desert glasses. And I've caught some pokemon >.>

Liam: so what, i have go-go goggles! Gulpin, go! *sends out gulpin*

Gulpin: Gulpin!! *glares at max* Pin Pin Gulpin!

Random Pokemon: *steals Liam's go-go goggles* (This is storyline plot >.> The rivals have to battle in all the games >.>)

Liam: Let's DO THIS!

Seedpup: *is on Max's shoulder*

Max: *sends out Wolfine* (let me do teh pokedex entry for this cute guy ^_^)

Liam: Gulpin, use Ice Beam!

Gulpin: *uses ice beam towards wolfine*

Max: Jump then use Howl!

Wolfine: *jumps out of the way, then howls, freaking Gulpin out abit* (remeber lose the battle so Wilson can have a go ^_^ and use the pokedex >.>)

Liam: This is a 6 on 6 right?

Rex: 4 on 4 >.>

Gulpin: *starts getting tired*

Liam: Gulpin's getting tired! I better check on this Wolfine *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Wolfine, the wolf cub pokemon. Wolfine's tend to group together to hunt, and they excel in combat.

Max: *smirks* Claw it!

Wolfine: *rushes forward and claws at Gulpin*

Gulpin: *is weakened* Gu-u-u-uuughh! *collapses onto the ground, with spirals in his eyes*

Referee: Gulpin is unable to battle, Wolfine wins!

Max: good job Wolfine *scratches Wolfine under the chin* Now take a break :P *throws anouther Pokeball out* Go Dalcano!

Dalcano: Dal Dal (Hello Liam)

Liam: Gulpin, return! *recalls gulpin back to its pokeball* Thanks pal, you deserve a good long rest. Alright then, Go, Plovby! *sends out plovby*

Plovby: Plov by by!!

Liam: I have new Pokemon too!

Max: well, well *smiles* Dalcano, bite!

Dalcano: *leaps forward and bites* (BTW, you have an entry on Dalmber, but not Dalcano...)

Liam: Dodge it! (Max can check plovby)

Plovby: *quickly dodges* Byy!

Max: hmmm... *checks Plovby with his Pokedex* (And now you check Dalcano :P)

Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Plovby, the Plover Pokemon. Plovby can fly around protecting its territory, pecking its prey if disturbed.

Pokedex: Dalcano, The Dalmation Pokemon and the evolved form of Dalmber. Unlike Dalmber, Dalcano has an explosive temper and can use some fire attacks.

(Rex: cuase Dalcano sounds like Volcano :P)

Liam: Use Peck!

Plovby: Ploooov..byyy! *hits dalcano with peck, taking some damage*


Dalcano: *breathes out a tiny bit of flame, then breathes out alot more*

Plovby: *flies back, then starts to glow*

Liam: Huh?

Plovby: *appearance starts to change*

Max: Quick Dalcano, hit Plovby before he evolves!

Dalcano: *tries to hit Plovby*

Plovby: *still glowing, evades it*

Liam: Wilson, what's going on now?

Wilson: Don't you listen? He's evolving, that's what that light always means...

Plovswoop: PloOOVSWOOOP!

Liam: *shocked and confused* Who's that Pokemon? *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Plovswoop, the Plover Pokemon and the evolved form of Plovby, this Pokemon is very protective and will swoop at enemies if its partner is in trouble.

Plovswoop: *smirks* Swoop Swooop! (How do you like them apples?)


Dalcano: *jumps into the air and grabs Plovswoop with it's tackle then uses Flamethrower*

Liam: Use double team and then use Drill Peck!

Plovswoop: *multiple plovswoops appear evading those attacks, uses drill peck, hits dalcano, Ko'ing him, but he gets Ko'ed also*

Referee: Both Pokemon are unable to battle!

Liam: I have 2 Pokemon left, while you still have 3! Plovswoop, return! *recalls plovswoop*

Max: You did good Dalcano *returns him and throws out a third pokeball* Go Weedog! That's right, I cuaght a second seedpup *smirks*

Liam: Weedog, huh? *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Weedog, the Puppy Pokemon and the evolved form of Seedpup. Weedog is three times the size of Seedpup and normally protects other pokemon while it can. But don't be fooled it still is quite strong.

(Rex: The Weedog is the new seedpup. The one from the start will never evolve :P) feel free to join

Liam: Okay then, Zomgoo, you're next! *sends out zomgoo*

Zomgoo: Zom goo!

Max: Weedog, vine whip!

Weedog: *uses Vine Whip on Zoomgoo and picks him up*

Zomgoo: *struggling*

Liam: Zomgoo, use Crunch!

Zomgoo: *uses crunch but can't reach its vines*

Max: Throw Zoomgoo to ground

Weedog: *throws Zoomgoo to the ground hard*

Zomgoo: *blacks out, with spirals in his eyes*

Referee: Zomgoo is unable to battle, Weedog wins!

Liam: *shocked* Zomgoo lost.....with just one attack? *recalls zomgoo* Drigon, I choose you! *sends out drigon*

Max: Weedog come back, Wolfine it's your turn (again xD)

Liam: Let's do it quick, Drigon! Use Dragon Claw!

Drigon: Gon gon *hits wolfine with a full power dragon claw, Ko'ing him*

Referee: Wolfine is unable to battle, Drigon wins!

Liam: You see? Drigon has gotten stronger and much faster since it evolved from Driclaw! (P.S Drigon will lose to the newly evolved Buldotree in the final battle)

Max: well let's see if you can stand up to Weedog's Petal Dance

Weedog: *sighs, and uses Petal Dance* (Remeber you have to lose the battle I want Wilson to fight ^_^

Drigon: *is hit, falls to the ground*

Liam: Drigon, can you get up?

Drigon: *slowly gets up*G-g-g-g-g-Gooon!

Liam: Use Metal Claw!

Max: Quick use Photosythesis!

Weedog: *heals some health*

Max: now Headbutt!

Weedog: *rams into Drigon*

Drigon: *slowly gets up, then is weakened* G-g-g-Gon! *falls to the ground, smoke covers, when it clears, Drigon has fainted*

Referee: Drigon is unable to battle, Weedog wins and the victory goes to Max!

Liam: *goes to drigon* Never mind, Drigon. You did your very best, you deserve a good long rest. *recalls drigon, to max* that was great battle, max! congrats to you!


  • Liam has stored Breloom & Voenix, and is revealed to have a Plovby!
  • Liam's Plovby evolves into Plovswoop
  • Max defeats Liam in a 4-on-4 battle!

Episode 17 - When There's A Wilson, There's A WayEdit

Puetoo: .........Puueeetoooooooooooooo???? (Oookkkaaaaayy???)

Max: *uses some revives and potions on his pokemon* ^_^

Liam: I'll be the referree, and this will be a 4 on 4 battle, both sides can substitute Pokemon if they wish, now Begin!

Wilson: ahhh.... Go Wormagot!

Max: Go Wolfine!

Liam: This is going to be epic, i can tell!

Minun: Minu min (I agree, Liam!)

Wilson: ...uh... acid?

Wormagot: Worm Wormy (got it) *breathes out some acid*

Wolfine: *jumps out of the way*

Max: Bite!

Wolfine: *goes up to bite Wormagot, but the second he gets the smell of it, is paralysed*

Max: O.o

Wormagot: Worm Wormy Worm (I don't smell that bad...)

Wilson: O.O

Liam: Wilson, look at wormagot *notices wormagot staring to glow*

(Rex: Sorry that was meant to be Wilson...)

Liam: O.O Wormagot's starting to evolve!! (He evolves into Magcoon, but has loads of attacks like whirlipede)

Wilson: Mabye that's what the pokedex meant about impervious... When Wormagot's evovle that stink really bad ^_^

Wormagot: Mag! (Hey!)

Liam: It's a Magcoon now! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Magcoon, Cacoon Pokemon and the evolved form of Wormagot. It is said that it lets out a powerful stink really bad it can easily knock out the weakest of opponents, it can also endure attacks by hardening its shell.

(LIG: You have messages at PokeFarm:

Liam & Minun: *sigh*

Liam: They're acting like a little kid!

Max: Wolfine are you okay? <.> *returns him and sends out Dalcano* use Blaze!

Dalcano: *breathes out fire*

Liam: Did wolfine get taken out?

Max: from Wormagot's smell...

Liam: It's Magcoon!..whatevs! Wolfine is unable to battle, Magcoon wins the round!

(meanwhile, in the grassfields, comes xavier!)

Liam: Iris, you in there?

Dalcano: *smells Magcoon and faints*

Max: >.< *throws out Weedog*

Weedog: *instantly smells Magcoon and faints*


Seedpup: *falls of Max's shoulder from the smell*

Max: O.O

Liam: All of Max's Pokemon are unable to battle, the victory goes to Wilson!


  • Wilson's Wormagot evolves into Magcoon
  • Wilson defeats Max in a 4-on-4 battle!

Episode 18 - Laura's First Tag Battle With LiamEdit

Laura: Can I fight in the next match?

Liam: I have a better idea, A tag battle against Rachel & Ricky!

Laura: Nice!(LIG: You play rachel, i'll play ricky)(this should be a full battle)

Liam: Gulpin, I choose you!

Laura: Rocksta, I choose you!

Ricky: Let's go, Tympole!

Rachel: Veagle, I choose you!

Referee: Begin!

Liam: Gulpin, use Gunt Shot on Veagle!

Gulpin: Guull..PIN! *uses gunk shot*

Rachel: Veagle! Eagle Attack!

Veagle: VVVEEEEEEAGGGGGGLEEE! *Uses Eagle Attack on Gulpin and he's knocked out*

Gulpin: *struggles to get up* G-g-g-g-uuuullpin GuuuUUUUUU!!!*starts to glow*

Liam: Wha....Huh?

Laura: Rocksta! Part-e Poss-e! Go!

Rocksta: ROOOOOCKKKKSTA! *Uses Part-e Poss-e on Veagle*

Liam: What's wrong with Gulpin?

Ricky: Gulpin starting to evolve!!!

Swalot: *evolves into swalot* Swa.....LLOOOOOTT!! (Oh.....YEEEEAAHH!!)

Liam: *excited* My Gulpin has evolved into Swalot! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Swalot, the Poison Bag Pokemon and the evolved form of Gulpin. It is said Swalot doesn't have any teeth, however. Swalot can digest anything its on size by swollowing it whole. *liam checks again* The moves Swalot can use are: Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Gunk Shot & SolarBeam!

Rachel: Woooooow.

Laura: *excited* YAY!

Liam: Alright..Now Swalot, use Hyper Beam on Tympole!

Swalot: SwaaaaLOOOOOT! *uses hyper beam, hits tympole with full blast, is Ko'ed*

Tympole: *groans with spirals in his eyes!*

Ricky: No, TYMPOLE!

Referee: Tympole is unable to battle!

Ricky: Thanks Tympole, now return! *recalls tympole, and sends out Plusle* Go Plusle!

Plusle: Plus plus!

Laura: Rocksta, MEGA ROCK, GO!


Rachel: NO! VEAGLE!

Referee: Veagle & Plusle are both unable to battle, so the winners are Liam & Laura!


  • Liam's Gulpin evolves into Swalot
  • Laura & Liam wins over a Tag Battle

Episode 19 - Minun In Elastic CityEdit

Minun: Min un min nu? (Where are we?)

Liam: Wow..this place, what is it?

Minun: Min min un min un (Hey look, its iris & volcat & Skitummy)

Liam: Hey its voltia, i lost to her once before!

Minun: Min Mun? (You did?)

Zomgoo: Zom goo goo zom goo (Hey, a Dusk Stone) *picks it up and the dusk stone starts to glow*

Liam: Huh, Zomgoo?

Zomgoo: Zom goo goo *starts to glow white*

Liam: Zomgoo is evolving!

Zomblood: *evolves into zomblood* Zooomm...BLOOOOD! (oh.....YEEAAHH!)

Liam: Wow, Zomgoo has evolved into Zomblood!! *scans the pokedex*

Pokedex: Zomblood, the Zombie Pokemon and the evolved form of Zomgoo. Zomblood's body is filled with blood when it gets angry, it protects its body by striking its opponents with its zombie-like stare, then hits them with its fists and rams them with its head, it is said that Zomblood evolves from Zomgoo when a Dusk Stone is used.

(Rex: this isn't even a camp it's a roleplay)

(LIG: I know that, just thought it might be an idea)

Liam: Oh hi wilson, hey look, my zomgoo evolved into zomblood.

Minun: Min un un min (hello wilson, good to see you again)

Zomblood: Blood blood (hi there, wilson)

Liam: I've made Zomblood a lot stronger now!

Zomblood: blood blod (That's right!)

Liam: *calls out* HEY, IRIS! *waves his arms around*


  • Liam's Zomgoo evolves into Zomblood

Episode 20 - What a Little SqueakidEdit

Liam: I once lost to Voltia before in a flashback! *goes in flashback* you see, i got swept away by her team, but her biggest threat was electrode! *Flashback Stops*

Whismur: Whis mur mur (so that's what happened)

Liam: But this time, i'll win it for sure!

Whismur: Whis mur mur (Yeah, that's the spirit)

Babymouse: Hello?

Laura: Who is that?

Liam: That's a Squeakid!

Babymouse: I'm in the wrong rp am I?

Laura: Cool. *To Babymouse* Yes you are.

Liam: *to laura* I think Babymouse likes you, right Babymouse?

Babymouse: I'm a Babymouse. And for only 5 seconds and yeah.

Felicia: *kidnaps Laura*

Liam: LAURA!, NO!!

Plovswoop: Plovv.....PlooooOOOOOOO!!! *starts to glow*

Liam: *shocked look at plovswoop* Huh?

Emplover: *evolves into emplover* Emp plover!!! *uses air slash to slice the net, freeing laura*

Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Emplover the Plover Pokemon and the evolved form of Plovswoop. When it senses danger, it can rescue friends from the villains and has powerful talons to capture prey.

Babymouse: Uh, Didn't you know that was my arch rival Felicia Furrypaws who kidnapped Laura?

Liam: *riding on emplover* Laura, you okay?

Laura: I'm ok, But Felicia gave me Lou Gerhig's Disease. *to Felicia* IT ISN'T FUNNY! *to Liam* I only have a few minutes to live.

Liam: Apela, use Aromatherapy on Laura!

Apela: *uses aromatherapy, and the Lou Gerhig's Disease evaporates*

Liam: Why did it evaporate so quickly *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Apela the Apple Pokemon. Apela has the ability to remove diseases & cancer such as Lou Gerhig's Disease by using Aromatherapy from the top of its head.


  • Liam's Plovswoop evolves into Emplover and learns Air Slash.
  • Laura catches Babymouse.
  • Liam gives Laura a Sun Stone.
  • Liam catches a Whismur.
  • Laura's Babymouse is revealed to have an arch-rival, Felicia Furrypaws.
  • Liam is revealed to have caught a Apela.

Episode 21 - A Real Live WirballEdit

(Liam's Whismur evolves, and earns the Volt Badge)

Referee: This will be a 4 on 4 battle, the challenger can only switch Pokemon at any time, Go!

Voltia: My first Pokemon will be Zapoodle *sends out zapoodle*

Zapoodle: *barks*

Liam: So that's a Zapoodle! *Scans the dex*

Pokedex: Zapoodle the Poodle Pokemon and the evolved form of Shokoodle, it is able to let out powerful sparks by barking and can slam opponents down by using its paws.

Liam: Then i'll use Grirep! *sends out grirep*

Grirep: Grirep!!!

Laura: Whoa

Babymouse: Man, I wish can be scanned. *eats a cupcake* *sigh* Typical.

Liam: *turns to babymouse, scans the dex again*

Pokedex: Babymouse the Mouse Pokemon. It is able to talk human language and loves eating cupcakes, cheese & berries. If a Trainer catches a Babymouse, they can be used a cheerleaders!

Liam: *turns back to grirep* Grirep, use Night Slash!

Grirep: *uses Night Slash*

Zapoodle: *takes the hit, is ko'ed*

Voltia: No matter, I'll just use my recovery card! *Zapoodle recovers* Zapoodle, Use Felicia Furrypaws Sneak Attack!

Felicia: Ha. I even have a move named after me.

Babymouse: *slaps Felicia*

Liam: I don't think so, grirep use dark pulse

Grirep: *uses dark pulse, knocking out zapoodle an it can't recover*

Referee: Zapoodle is unable to battle, Grirep wins the round.

Laura: Congrats Liam, Hey I wonder how my Charlizard would do against Babymouse?

Babymouse: Uh oh.

Liam: it's not over yet, she still has three Pokemon left.

Babymouse: Who?

Felicia: I'm one of her Pokemon.

Votila: That's true.

Liam: I already know you have plusclaw, minegative and wirball. But felicia is a human with special powers

Felicia: And i'm friends with Butch too.

Votila: Wirball go! *gets Wirball*

Liam: so you evolved your electrode, grirep night slash.

Grirep: *uses night slash, but wirball narrowly dodges it*

Babymouse: Go Liam Go! You can win this!

(2 hours later, both Voltia & Liam are down with one Pokemon each, Liam with his Whismur & Voltia with Plusclaw)

Liam: Whismur, Flamethrower!!

Whismur: *uses flamethrower*

Liam: *thinks to himself* Whismur's getting tired, its coming down to the wire, we can do this! *stops thinking* Whismur, Hyper Voice!

Whismur: *about to use hyper voice, but is hit by plusclaw's thunderbolt, collapses*


Minun: Min min (this is not looking good, is it babymouse?)

Liam: *thinks* Whismur's nearly close of fainting, i gotta do something! *stops thinking* Please whismur, i'm begging, Hang in there *still no avail of whismur* PLEASE, STAY STRONG!!

Whismur: *wakes up, slowly struggles to get up* Whi-i-i-i-s-s! MURRRRRRR *starts to glow*

Liam: *in shock* Huh? That light!

(whismur starts changing)

Voltia: *in shock* Is that?

Referee: *in shock* Could it be?

Babymouse: *in shock* Oh my god.

Liam: It's evolving!!!

Loudred: *evolves into loudred* LOudred!!!

( plays)

Liam: *inspired* Whismur!!!!

Voltia: *inspired* It evolved to Loudred!!

Liam: Alright!! Loudred, use Flamethrower!!!

Loudred: *uses Flamethrower, which hits Plusclaw, taking Plusclaw a lot of damage*

Liam: Now, brick break!!

Loudred: *hits plusclaw hard with brick break, plusclaw falls to the ground, and smoke surrounds it*

(when the smoke clears, Plusclaw has spirals in his eyes, is knocked out, KO'ed)

Referee: Plusclaw is unable to battle, Loudred wins. Which means the victory goes to Liam

Liam: You did it, Loudred! *hugs loudred* You were awesome!! You evolved cuz you wanted to win it like i did!

Loudred: Dred! (thanks!)


  • Liam's Whismur evolves into Loudred and learns Brick Break.
  • Voltia's Electrode is revealed to have evolved into Wirball
  • Liam defeats Voltia and earns the Volt Badge

Episode 22 - Grirep RetaliationEdit

Liam: *looking at his volt badge* My Volt Badge! We need a lunch break!

Grirep: Rep (i agree)

Apela: pel pela (good point, I'm hungry)

Babymouse: I'm gonna have some cupcakes. *eats some cupcakes*

Laura: Hey guys, I caught a new pokemon! I think it's a Quacky.

Quacky: *scared* Q-Q-Q-Q-Q-Quacky! (Uh......H-h-h-h-h-h-h-Hi???)

Apela: Apel pel pel? (Do you have a timid nature?)

Loudred: Lou dred? (Or a bashful nature, or somethin like that?)

Laura: He's a little nervous.

Babymouse: Awww, So cute!

Apela: A Pel (I see!)

???: *snatches grirep out from nowhere*

Liam: Ack!! GRIREP!!


Apela: Apel pel la (Let's go, gang!)

Loudred: Loud dred dred (And rescue Grirep)

Liam: You said it!!

???: Kit tro-hohohoho-ol!

Liam: That's a Kitrol!! She's taken grirep hostage!

Babymouse: That's typical, Felicia always takes me on hostage.

Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Kitrol, the Scout Pokemon. Kitrol normally live in grassy moss fields and are said to stop conflict and danger. Sometimes they occasionly take Pokemon hostage.

Liam: *turns to quacky*

Pokedex: Quacky, the Duckling Pokemon. Quacky are usually timid and shy, but gets scared easily. When with a Trainer, it eventually gains confidence with its partner.

Liam: Let's go!

???: *mumbles*

Babymouse: What was that?

Apela: Apel (I don't know)

(revealing to be ty)

Liam: Ty, what are you doing here?

Ty: Not much.

Liam: How's Whoamazing and Tearbrawl? And did you get any new pokemon?

Ty: Whoamazing's fine but......Tearbrawl died in a battle between Charlizard.

Felicia; (kidnaps Laura and Ty)

Liam: Empolver, use Air Slash!

Emplover: *uses air slash freeing laura & ty*

Liam: I think you mean fainted!

Grirep: Grir reep (I'll battle)

Liam: *to felicia* No, I'm not surrendering to you just yet, coming Grirep?

Grirep: Gri rep rep (I'm right behind ya!)

Liam: Grirep, Dark Pulse on that Felicia!

Grirep: *uses dark pulse*

Liam: Little help Laura & Ty, since rescued you both?

Felicia: Not this time, I've made the cage, POKEMON PROOF, NOW WHENEVER YOUR POKEMON HELP THEY'LL DIE!

Grirep: *gets very angry at felicia* GrireeEEEEEEEEE (YOU MONSTER) *starts to glow*

Liam: What the...?

Babymouse: Oh my god!

Loudred: *in shock* Loudred!! (what's happening)

Felicia: :O

Liam: Grirep's evolving!!!

Grimarep: *evolves into grimarep* GrimAREP (Grooooooohhh!)

Liam: Grimarep is the evolved form of Grirep and able to slice cages without killing trainers! Do it, Grimarep!

Grimarep: *uses retaliate, which sends felicia flying towards the clouds, blastig her off* GrimaAAA.....REEEEEP (HiyaAAAAAAAAH!)

Felicia: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CURSE YOU LIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Cage dissapears and Laura and Ty are freed*

Laura and Ty: WE'RE FREE!

Felicia: I'LL GET MY REVENGE!!!!!!!!!! *blasting off again, ping*

Liam: So you're able to learn Retaliate, Grimarep!

Grimarep: REP (Yup)

Liam: Say, Ty. Why not travel with me with Laura! Like a trio?

Ty: Sure!

Whoamazing: Yeah!


  • Liam's Grirep evolves into Grimarep and learns Retaliate.
  • Ty joins the group
  • Laura is revealed to have caught a Quacky

Episode 23 - Sunfalow Blooms in SpringEdit

Liam: I've something that may revive Tearbrawl, Ty!

Ty: What?

Liam: *feeds tearbrawl a max revive, tearbrawl eats it, and gets revived* Ah, good. It looks like Tearbrawl is just fine now, it just fainted in a battle with charizard that's all.

Apela: *is relieved* Pel pel pela (am i glad to hear that!)

Babymouse: Me too!

Sunbud: Sunbud! *glows* (I feel funny)

Loudred: Lou? (Huh?)

Apela: Pel? (Huh?)

Liam: I think Sunbud's starting to evolve!!


Liam: *tries to comfort quacky* Don't be scared Quacky. Evolution is a good thing!

Quacky: Quack? (It is?)

Babymouse: Ya!

Sunbud: Sun........AFLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (HOO...............RAH!)

Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Sunfalow, the Sunflower Pokemon and the evolved form of Sunbud. In the springtime, every Sunbud evolves into Sunfalow, it dances elegantly when its happy, they are said to bloom in spring.

Liam: No wonder the flowers were blooming in the trees, its Spring time! *throw all his pokeballs* Come out gang and see this! *sends out Loudred, Drigon, Swalot, Apela, Grimarep & Minun*

Flower: *somehow comes outta nowhere*

Liam: Laura, Ty, why not send out your pokemon and see this amazing view of spring!

Minun: *sniffing at all the beautiful flowers* Min nun (They're lovely)

Apela: Apel Pel pela (i agree, just divine)

Rocksta: Rocksta! (Wooow!!!!)

Puettoo: Puet! (Cool!)

Flower: *to Liam* You have to help me! I was turned into a Flower by that darn Felicia!

Felicia: *evil laugh*

(to be continued)


  • Laura's Sunbud evolves into Sunfalow

Episode 24 - Something Shines in BabymouseEdit

Liam: YOU AGAIN!?! Don't you ever (crikey dingo) change? (ps. if you watched craig fersuon)

Felicia: I still have unfinished buisness with Babymouse.

Babymouse: WHAT DO YOU WANT?!!?

Liam: Felicia is going to battle you, Babymouse. Get your revenge on Felicia!

Babymouse: *slaps Felicia*

Liam: Laura, Babymouse's usable moves are: Hyper Fang, Iron Tail, Crunch & Hyper Voice.


Babymouse: *does Iron Tail*

Liam: *notices iron tail didn't do a thing to felicia, cringes* Didn't work! Laura, tell Babymouse to have faith and courage and belive in him, then it may trigger something!

Felicia: GRRRRR!!!!!




Liam: *notices babymouse glowing even brighter* Babymouse appears to be glowing light blue, *shocked* Wait a minute, that glow, that must mean....!

Babymouse: I'M BLOWING UP!!!!!!!!!!

Liam: Babymouse is evolving!!!

Loudred: Loudred? (are your sure?)

Minun: Min nun nun minun (It means he'll be a lot stronger)

Babymouse: *glows*

Liam: *in awe* Wow, incredible

Babymouse: *turns into Squeakid* WOOHOO!

Liam: What is it now? *scans the dex*

Pokemon: Squeakid, the Mouse Pokemon and the evolved form of Babymouse. Like Babymouse, Squeakid talks human languaage, and loves to support its trainer when in battle, it is said to eat the same food as a Babymouse.

Loudred: *impressed* You evolved into Squeakid, Congrats!

S.Larvitar: Lar lar vitar (Way to go)


  • Laura's Babymouse learns Mega Voice
  • Laura's Babymouse evolves into Squeakid
  • Liam appears to have caught a Shiny Larvitar

Episode 25 - Plusle Cheers With LauraEdit

Liam: *has a gift box for laura* Hey Laura, i have an Egg! *gives her a Pokemon Egg, which as a red cicle with a yellow plus on it* Here! When it hatches, it'll be a surprise!

Minun: Min nun (I agree)

Egg: *shakes*

Minun: Nun? (Huh)

Laura: Cool!

Egg: *glows, it hatches into plusle*


Plusle: Plus Plus plusle (Hi Laura) (P.s. you may play as plusle now russelrules)

Liam: It's a Plusle! *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Plusle, the Cheering Pokemon and the pre-evolved form of Plusclaw. Plusle creates electrical pom-poms from its forepaws and sparks from its body to cheer on its partners, Plusle is a cheerful and supportive Pokémon, always encouraging comrades in battle by using the spark pouches in its cheeks. It is very compassionate towards its friends, and is known to cry upon witnessing a friend lose a battle. They are commonly referred to as cheerleaders for these actions. A Plusle may climb telephone poles to absorb electricity. It seems to enjoy battling with a Minun. Its cheeks will also spark if a friend is winning a battle.

Liam: Man, that's a very long entry!

Pokedex: Plusle can use Attract, Helping Hand, Thunderbolt & Positive Jolt

Laura: O_O

Liam: Positive Jolt is an Electic-type move specifically for Plusle & Plusclaw, it takes damage to its foes and may leave a paralysis. Whilst Negative Jolt does the same, but that's Specifically for Minun & Minegative. Those move are both special attacks. Plus my Minun is a male, and by the looks of Plusle's pink ribbon bow on its head you put in, it's confirmed to be a girl.

Squeakid: That is a extremely long entry.

Minun: *playing with laura's plusle* Minun nun (over here, plusle. A Thunderstone, Loudred, can you pick it up?)

Loudred: Lou dred (sure thing!) *picks up the thunderstone and gives it to liam*

Liam: Thanks Loudred.

Minun: Minun nun minun? (Do you see somthing, Plusle?)

Plusle: Plusle! (Yeah! It's a cat!)

Felicia: *kidnaps Plusle*


(to be continued)


  • Laura obtains a Pokemon Egg from Liam.
  • Laura's Egg hatches into Plusle.
  • Laura's Plusle is confirmed to be female.
  • Liam's Minun is confirmed to be male.
  • Felicia returns & kidnaps Laura's Plusle

Episode 26 - A Minegative ResultEdit

Minun: MIN!!! (YOU!!!!)

Liam: Minun, use Negative Jolt!

Minun: *uses Negative Jolt, which hits felicia*

Felicia: *doesn't effect her* HA! TAKE THAT YA NIMCOMPOOP!

Liam: Dodge it!

Minun: *dodges it*

Liam: *smirks at felicia*

Felicia: >:( *uses hyper scream*

Liam: Now, Minun!

Minun: *avoids the hyper scream, and winks then hearts which surrounds felicia, the hearts hit felcia, infatuating her.

Liam: What was that move, Laura!

Laura: IDK.

Liam: Wait a minute, Did Minun just use Attract?

Laura: Wooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!

Felicia: *flying* Uh, HELP! I'M FLOATING LIKE A BALLOON!

Liam: Laura, i want you to tell plusle to use helping hand on minun, then attack felicia with thunderbolt. Minun, use Helping Hand on Plusle.

Minun: *uses helping hand to help plusle, charging her electric moves* Min nun (I need more power) *picks up the thunderstone and it glows, then minun glows also*

Liam: *spots minun glowing a light blue light* Hey, check it out!

Loudred: Lou Lou dred (what's happening)

Minun: *starts changing its shape*

Liam: Minun's starting to evolve!!


Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Minegative, the Cheering Pokemon and the evolved form of Minun. It bravely protects its friends by absorbing attacks with its body, they are said to support Plusle, Plusclaw & Minun as cheerleaders. They also support good trainers and Pokemon.

Minegative: *uses his claws to slice the net, freeing plusle, grabs & rescues her* Min min neg (Are you okay?)

Laura: I think she is.

Plusle: Plusle, Plusle. (Yeah, I'm ok)

Liam: Ready, Laura?

Laura: Yep!

(ps. here comes a double thunderbolt)

Liam: Minegative!

Laura: Plusle, too!

Minegative: Min!

Plusle: Plus!!

Liam&Laura: Use Thunderbolt!!

Minegative&Plusle: *both use thunderbolt, which combines the two attacks, doubling the power, hits felicia really hard, then explosion contacts it*

Felicia: Ugh, Why me, I'm blasting off again!! *ping*

Liam: We did it!


  • Laura Plusle is revealed to have learnt Positive Jolt, Attract, Helping Hand & Thunderbolt
  • Liam's Minun learns Attract
  • Liam's Minun is revealed to have learnt Negative Jolt, Helping Hand & Thunderbolt
  • Felicia is revealed to be female
  • Liam's Minun evolves into Minegative
  • Liam's Minegative rescues Laura's Plusle from Felicia's devious clutches.

Episode 27 - There's No "I" in Team RocketEdit

Liam: *to ty & Laura* This should be a good spot to let our Pokemon have a bit of fresh air! *sends out Drigon, Shiny Larvitar, Loudred, Minegative, Zomblood & Apela*

S.Larvitar: Larv lar (Great fresh air)

Loudred: Lou dred (I Love it!)

Zomblood: Zom zom blood (the great outdoors!)

Minegative: Min min neg (It's lovely weather)

???: *a kid appears with a shiny seedpup*

Liam: Who are you?

Apela: Apel Apel Pel? (yeah, can you tell us?)

Ty: Whoa guys, It's just me......Ty. And I got a Seedpup!

Squeakid: Yay!

Liam: so both you & lewis have a seedpup each, is that right lewis?

Lewis: Yup.

Liam: so ty has a regular one, whilst you have a shiny!

(Total Drama Pokemon is still open, feel free to join, its 8 per user russelrules24)

(What a conicendince, I made a camp too. It's called Total Drama Vengance: Revenge of the Vengance. Feel free to join, As for auditions, You can take as much as you want. The Sky's the limit for TDV: ROTV)

Loudred: Loudred dred (Look gang, its felicia)

Felicia: I kinda knew you idiots would say it. *kidnaps Squeakid and Puetoo*


Liam: Larvitar, use ancientpower, loudred, brick break.

S.Larvitar: *uses ancientpower, which hits felicia*

Loudred: *uses brick break, which slices the net, freeing puetoo & squeakid*

Liam: laura, bring out quacky, there's a move that quacky should learn!

Quacky: Quack? (Yes?)

Liam: its called air slash, swing one of your wings like a lasso, then a new move will trigger. remember, my emplover used air slash earlier.

Quacky: *does Air Slash* Like that?

Felicia: AUGH! *is sent blasting off again, ping*

Liam: *laughs* yeah, but you sent felicia blasting off!


  • Laura's Quacky learns Air Slash

Episode 28 - Whoamazing EvolutionEdit

Liam: hey, ty.

Ty: Hey.

Liam: take a look at whoamazing *points to it, who is starting to glow*

Grimarep: Grima! (It's evolving!)


Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Incredamp, the Incredible Pokemon and the evolved form of Whoamazing. He is even more hip than Whoamazing. It's also known that Sunbud's have a crush on them. (russel, can you finish it?)

Liam: That's wesome, Ty. Your Whoamazing has evolved into Incredamp!

Ty: *happy* Incredamp!

Felicia: *Walks by, Not in a good mood*

Squeakid: What's up with Felicia?

Breloom: breloom loom loom (i've got a bad feeling that she's deceiving you, squeakid)

Squeakid: Oh great.

Breloom: *sarcastically* breloom loom breloom (i'm not falling for your trick, felicia)

Felicia: *kidnaps Breloom definitly not entusiatic* Augh, I got a splitting headache.

Breloom: *breaks free using sky uppercut* bre loom! (i knew it!) *then uses dynamicpunch which sends felicia blasting off*

Ralts: ralts ralts (there she goes)

Felicia: *flying* Thank you, Sorry for not being as evil as usual, I promise i'll do better next time. *ping* Augh! Headache!

Ralts: *turns to liam*

Liam: You saved my Breloom, ralts! Wanna join my team?

Ralts: *nods happily* Ralts! (sure) *she taps on the pokeball, and is caught*

Liam: I got a Ralts!


  • Ty's Whoamazing evolves into Incredamp and is revealed to have learned Brick Break, Sky Uppercut & Psychic
  • Liam catches a Ralts
  • Liam's Breloom is revealed to know DynamicPunch, Sky Uppercut & Seed Bomb

Episode 29 - A Former BrechampEdit

Liam: Breloom, you've become very strong indeed.

Breloom: *who is wearing an Expert Belt* Bre loom (I have, haven't I?) *glows light blue*

Liam: *looks shocked* What the....?

Loudred: lou dred? (can it be?)

Ralts: Ralts ralts ralts ralts! (I think Breloom's evolving!)

Apela: Apel! (wow!)

Brechamp: *evolves into brechamp and expert belt appears to have disappered* Bre champ champ (Yay! I evolved!)

Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Brechamp, the Mushroom Pokemon and the evolved form of Breloom. It is able to hone its skills by training in gyms and are said to have mastered many Fighting-type moves for many years, resulting to be fast and powerful.

Liam: That's awesome!

Felicia: Finally, No more head ache!

Liam: Breloom evolves into Brechamp when its exposed wearing an Expert Belt.

Felicia: *Sees Expert Belt and gets a evil idea brewing*

Liam: I hate to burst your bubble, felicia, but he's not wearing it, since breloom evolved, the expert belt is gone sorta like elemental stones such as a fire stone.

Felicia: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Man!

Brechamp: *laughs* champ (sorry)

Ralts: *in telepathy* too bad, so sad!

Squeakid: HA HA! *Glowing a little* Huh?

Ralts: *in telepathy* Check it out!


  • Laura's Squeakid evolves into Adulsqueak
  • Liam's Breloom evolves into Brechamp

Episode 30 - The Voice Is Too ExploudEdit

(Edited in this preview, Liam's Loudred will evolve into Exploud)

Liam: Isn't this great?

Loudred: Lou dred!

???: *Walking along* Nice time for an evening stroll, I know Scyther loves them *sends out Scyther*

Scyther: SCY! (It's the stroll!)

???: Feels good to breathe some fresh air.

Liam: Hello, there!

Loudred: Loudred (Hello)

???: Huh? Oh hi!

Scyther: Scyther! (What's up?)

???: So what's your name? I'm Mike!

Liam: I'm Liam, and this my partner, Loudred!

Loudred: *smiles* Loudred (hi there)

Liam: I have other Pokemon *throws 5 more pokeballs* Come on out, gang! *sends out Apela, Zomblood, Ralts, Drigon & Grimarep*

Liam's Pokemon: *all cheer happily*

Mike: Cool, you've met Scyther? Well I have more, spotlight's on you guys! *Sends out Glaceon, Dripo, and Sand-o-Lite*

Glaceon, Dripo, and Sand-O-Lite: *Also cheer*

???: Been a while!

Liam&Mike: Huh?

(cassidy & butch appear)

Liam: Cassidy....!

Mike: I know that guy, I saw him on TV, he's Barney, right?


Liam: No matter, you're not getting my pokemon, Cassidy & Titch


Liam: Ralts, use Thunderbolt!

Ralts: *uses thunderbolt*

Liam: You too, Mike!

Butch: Mightyena, get in there! *sends out Mightyena*

Mightyena: *barks*

Cassidy: Raticate, help Mightyena!

Mike: Glaceon! Use Ice Beam!

Glaceon: *Uses Ice Beam on Raticate*

Raticate: *Frozen*

Loudred: *is mad* Loudred!

Liam: Loudred?

Loudred: LOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU DDRREEEEEEEEEEEEE *starts to glow light blue*

Liam: Huh?

Butch: What the?

Cassidy: What?

Mike: Hmm.

Glaceon: *looks at Loudred*

Loudred: *starts changing its form*

Liam: *shocked in awe* Is that what I think it is, Mike?

Mike: I think it's an evolution.

Butch: *cringes* Loudred's evolving!!

Exploud: *evolves into exploud, lets out a yell* ExPLOOOOOOOUUUD!!!!

Liam: Awesome! My Loudred has evolved into Exploud!

Mike: Awesome! Well let's end this. Glaceon use Blizzard!

Liam: Give it all you got, exploud. Focus your energy!

Exploud: *uses Focus Blast*

Liam: *awe-struck* what move was that?

Mike: I think it was Focus Blast.

Cassidy: NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Butch: Aaaaaaaugh!!!!!!!

(explosion makes contact, they team rocket were are sent flying!)

Butch: *sarcastically* So much for your enthusiastic reaction, cassidy!!

Cassidy: We really need better Pokemon. WE'LL BE BACK!

Team Rocket: And we're blasting off again!! *ping*

Liam: That's awesome, Exploud! You learned Focus Blast, and that's a brand new move!

Exploud: *smiles happily* Ploud Exploud (thanks Liam, you're too kind)

Mike: Yeah, good job, you too Glaceon.

Scyther: *nods*

Sand-O-Lite: Sand! (Yeah!)

Mike: Well nice meeting you Liam, but I got to continue my journey.

Liam: I'm having a jouney too! Do you have people for company?

Mike: No, nobody has been with me besides my Pokemon. Everyone else says my dream of catching a legendary Pokemon is too dangerous. But I Know I can!

Liam: i can fix that, how would you like travelling along with me, we could use some extra help & reinforcements?

Mike: Sure! So have you ever seen a Sand-O-Lite(changed it's name)?


  • Liam's Loudred evolves into Exploud, and learns Focus Blast
  • Mike joins the group, and has Scyther, Glaceon, Dripo & Sandolite

Episode 31 - Gaining The ConfiduckEdit

(Edited in this preview, Laura's Quacky will evolve into Confiduck)

Liam: Fresh air, blue sky! *scans sandolite's entry with his pokedex*

Pokedex: Sandolite, The Sand Torch Pokemon. It is said that Sandolite can evolve into a new Pokemon with any certain evolutionary stones.

Liam: wow, you have a pokedex too, mike! earlier, laura had a quacky which evolved into confiduck.

Mike: Cool! Anyways, Sand-O-Lite is a Ground and Fire type Pokemon, I think.

Sand-O-Lite: *nods*

Mike: Yeah, so where you from? I'm from Hoenn. That's why I got my Hoenn Beanie(Brendan's beanie in Emerald).

Liam: I went to Hoenn once, and I caught Minun, Shroomish, Gulpin & Whismur, but they've all evolved. Into Minegative, Swalot, Exploud, and Brechamp. Minegative evolved from Minun when its exposed to a Thunderstone, same to Plusle which evolves into Plusclaw.

Mike: Cool! I left some Pokemon back in Hoenn to take care of my mother. Wait are we near a Pokemon Center?

Liam: we're in one *giggles with his tounge sticking out* have you got a cheering pokemon in the storage?

Mike: Oh sorry I forgot. Yeah, I got a Chansey in storage. I also have a Slaking, Babymouse, and Fangbull. I'm thinking of changing my team a bit since I haven't since I arrived. Recommendations?

Liam: plusle for a double attack, wailfin maybe, a hoenn starter, or an azurill, a fire type too.

Mike: Yeah, but for now I mean which to bring out and which to change for? Out of the Pokemon I have.

Liam: whos in your team, i use my team through rotation, anywho, which 6 pokemon do you have?

Mike: I have Chansey, Slaking, Babymouse, Fangbull, and Plusle in my PC. I have Scyther, Sand-O-Lite, Dripo, and Glaceon out right now.

Liam: you can put 2 more in!

Mike: I know but I don't know which ones, and if to switch one in, wait I think I decided *walks to the PC and begins to change Pokemon*

(LIG, we should maybe focus on one first, since it's kind of confusing looking at TPA3 and TFPJS to see where you posted xD - First123)

Liam: *gets worried* quick, team rocket may strike any minute now!

Mike: I thought we already got rid of them. Well, *takes out all Pokemon* I have Scyther, Slaking, Plusle, Dripo, Chansey, and Fangbull. Glaceon, Sand-O-Lite and Babymouse are in my PC for now. My Slaking's nicknamed Teddy.

(Did you read what I said above? - First123)

(i know, dont forget to say one of team rocket's name - liam is great)

Liam: *spots team rocket, glares at them* You again!

Cassidy: That's right and this time we have another Pokemon, go Hypno and Raticate!

Mike: Liam I'll take Cassidy, you take Burt! GO CHANSEY AND PLUSLE!

Liam: Minegative and Azelf, get in the too!

Minegative: *appears from the ball* Mineg!!

Azelf: *appears from the ball* azelf!!

Mike: Plusle use Spark!

Plusle: Plus! *uses Spark and hits Raticate*

Raticate: *Is hit and shocked*

Mike: Chansey use Egg Bomb!

Chansey: *uses Egg Bomb*

Raticate: *Is hit and flies into a rock knocked out*

Cassidy: As worthless as ever, return! *returns Raticate*

Liam: Minegative, use Helping Hand on Plusle, and Azelf use Flamethrower on Mightyena*

Minegative: *uses helping hand to increase plusle's power*

Azelf: *uses flamethrower and quickly ko'ed mightyena*

Butch: Grrrr...return! *recalls mightyena*

Liam: ready for the big finish?


Liam: Minegative, Use Thunder! Azelf, Nasty Plot then Extrasensory!

(all attacks hit team rocket, explodes, are sent flying to the sky)

Butch: Argh..What went wrong, Cassidy?

Cassidy: Team Rocket's apparent weakness to Electric types, TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!

Mike: Nice job, Plusle!

Liam: You were great too, Azelf!

Azelf: Azelf! (thanks!)

Liam: Was it a big surprise that i had Azelf, mike?

Quacky: Quack! Quack! (Good job!) *glowing*

Liam: Can it be?

Ralts: *in telepathy* I think Quacky's evolving!!!!

Azelf: Azelf!?! (really!?!)

Plusle: Plus!(Cool!)

Mike: You see this proves you can catch a legendary Pokemon and I will one day!

Liam: Quacky has evolved into Confiduck!!

Mike: Awesome! So Liam, where did you catch your Azelf?

Liam: I caught it with a Great Ball in Lake Valor! Laura got Uxie! but Mesprit hasn't been caught yet!

Mike: Lake Valor? So Mespirit still runs free, it's my goal to catch a legendary Pokemon and I hope I get lucky!

Mesprit: *peeps out of the bush, and looks concerned at mike* Mes? Mesprit mesprit! (I got a little worried, i can't flee all day, maybe i should go with mike, and be his pokemonn)

Mike: Huh? It's a Mesprit! It's perfect! However, I'll have to deposit a Pokemon back in my PC, but it's my dream to catch a legendary! *Walks calmly to the bush* It's okay, I'm not here to hurt you.

Mesprit: *weakly* Mesprit Mesprit mes (Urk...i got roughed up by two crooks, you gotta help me!)

Mike: Huh? Wait, two crooks, were they from Team Rocket?

Mesprit: *in telepathy* Yes! they were Cassidy & Biff!

Mike: It's okay, we already sent them flying off. Cassidy and Biff, won't be around for a while.


  • Liam is revealed to have caught Azelf
  • Laura is revealed to have caught Uxie
  • Laura's Quacky evolves into Confiduck

Episode 32 - The Porygon UpgradeEdit

(Edited in this preview, Liam originally had Porygon since Kanto, and Liam's Porygon will evolve into Porygon2)

Mesprit: *in telepathy* Thats a relief, thanks for saving me, and nursed me back to full health!

Mike: No problem, well since I know you have to flee, it was nice knowing you *sighs*

Mesprit: Wait! *taps Mike's heal ball, goes inside, shakes several times, then it clicks*

Liam: um...that was weird!

Mike: No matter! I finally completed my dream, hold on I need to go to my PC! *Returns* I put Teddy back in there and took out Mesprit. I also replaced Fangbull back with Sand-O-Lite. I'm so happy! *sends out Mesprit* I finally completed my dream!

Laura: Yup

Mike: But why did Mesprit want to come with me?

Liam: I think Mesprit was so grateful and you showed emotions to her, and you healed to full health. Maybe that's why! *checks his dex*

Pokedex: Mesprit, the Emotion Pokemon. It is said that when Mesprit flew, and known as "The Being of Emotion", This Pokémon is said to have endowed the human heart with emotions, such as sorrow and joy. *checks again* Mesprit's usable moves are: Helping Hand, Psychic, Thunderbolt & Healing Wish!

Liam: Alright my friend, come on out *sends out Porygon*

Porygon: *still wearing an upgrade* Pory!

Azelf: *in telepathy* Liam has a Porygon? I didn't know that!

Mike: Yes I have a Mesprit! *Hugs Mesprit* Thank you! Oh, Liam, you have a Porygon? Maybe this will help *hands Berry Smoothie* I made it with Teddy, Fangbull, and Scyther. Which is why I took out Teddy and Fangbull for a small while. It should help if a Pokemon is ever injured with the status Poisoned.

Porygon: *upgrade starts to glow, then he glows too*

Azelf: *in telepathy* look at that, mesprit!

Mesprit: *in telepathy* I think it's evolving!

Mike: Awesome! Nice work, Liam! Oh don't forget your smoothie *hands berry smoothie to Liam*

Porygon2: Pory! (yes!)

Liam: *holding his berry smoothie* awesome, porygon evolved into porygon2!

Mike: Cool! That's awesome.

Mesprit: *nods cheerfully*

(earthquake strikes and team rocket appears)

Azelf: *in telepathy, is angry at TR* It's Team Rocket. Cassidy......!

Mesprit: *In telepathy, also angry* And Biff!


Azelf: *in telepathy* whatever you are, you don't scare us, right mesprit?

Mesprit: *in telepathy* Right!

Mike: I thought his name was Grinch.


Liam: Azelf, use Helping Hand to boost up Mesprit's power!

Azelf: *nods, in telepathy* Gotcha! *to mesprit, in telepathy* Here's some power for you *uses helping hand*

Mesprit: *in telepathy* Thanks Azelf!

Mike: Mesprit use Thunderbolt!

Mesprit: *Uses thunderbolt on Butch and Cassidy*

Cassidy: *being shocked* AH! Why I'll show you, HYPNO GO!

Butch: Get in there too, Venipede! use Venoshock.

Liam: Dodge it, and use Flamethrower.

Azelf: *in telepathy* here goes *uses flamethrower, which scorches team rocket*

Cassidy: Hypnosis Hypno!

Hypno: *uses hypnosis on Azelf*

Mesprit: *in telepathy* NO!

Liam: Azelf, Look out!

Azelf: *detemined, suddenly its tail glows white like metal and sends the hypnosis back to hyno*

Liam: Huh?


  • Butch is revealed to have caught Venipede
  • Mike catches Mesprit
  • Liam's Azelf learns Iron Tail
  • Liam is revealed to have obtained Porygon since he went to Kanto
  • Liam's Porygon evolves into Porygon2
  • Cassidy's Drowzee is revealed to have evolved into Hypno

Episode 33 - Matching PearsEdit

(Edited in this preview, Liam's Apela will evolve into Pearala)

Liam: *in awe* Could that be....Iron Tail?

Apela: Apel!! (Wow!)

Liam: Awesome, Azelf. You managed to learn Iron Tail!

Azelf: *in telepathy* Thanks Liam, you're too kind!

Mesprit: *in telepathy* Amazing! Azelf!

Apela: Apel apel (let us join the battle)

Cassidy: Not so fast! Hypno drink this Awakening!

Hypno: *drinks and wakes up* Hypno! *Uses confusion on Apela*

Apela: *is hit by confusion and falls to the ground, but slowly gets up* PEEEEEELLLL*glows*

Liam: *in shock* Huh?

Butch: *in shock* Now what?

Cassidy: Oh no, why does this always happen?

Sandolite: SAND-O! (Go Apela!)

Apela: *starts to change shape*

Liam: *in shock* Can it be?

Dripo: Drip! (I think it is!) Po po!(Now I want to fight!)

Butch: It's evolving!!

Cassidy: Butch, send out Mightyena, and I'll send out Raticate so we can back up our Pokemon!


Liam: *is excited* Apela evolved into Pearala!!

Butch: *cringes* Go mightyena *sends out mightyena*

Liam: *scans the dex*

Pokedex: Pearala, The Pear Pokemon and the evolved form of Apela. Resembled as a pear, this Pokemon is said to have the ability to heal humans to health no matter what illness it has, it can even cure cancer!

Mike: Well, if you ever get sick Pearala should help.


Raticate: *Uses hyper fang on Liam*

Dripo: PO! (NO!) *Takes the hyper fang of Liam and falls on the floor*

Pearala: Pear Peeeeaaar (Dripo, Nooooo)

Liam: Mike, look at dripo!!

Mike: Dripo!!!!!! *holds Dripo up* you'll be okay. Huh? *Dripo begins to glow*

Azelf: *in telepathy, shocked in awe* Can it be?

Liam: *shocked in awe* I think Dripo's evolving!

Driclaw: *Evolves* Dri! (I evolved!)

Liam: Alright, Pearala, Seed Bomb, go!

Mike: What moves does Driclaw know?

Liam: Dragon Claw, Water Pulse, Hydro Pump & Flamethrower!

Mike: Cool! Driclaw use Hydro Pump!

Driclaw: DRIIIIIIIIIIIICLAW! (You got it! Time to attaaaaaack!) *uses Hydro Pump on Team Rocket*

Liam: Azelf, Flamethrower!

Azelf: *in telepathy* Understood, Flamethrower *uses flamethrower*

(seed bomb hits TR, the two attacks flame thrower surrounds TR, then hydro pump)

Liam: What's that!

Azelf: *in telepathy* I've heard of this combo!

Mesprit: *in telepathy* Me too! Hold on! *Uses Thunderbolt which goes with the combo*

Cassidy: Oh no!!!! *The Combo hits TR*

(explosion, TR is sent flying to the sky)

Butch: *groans* Why me?


Liam: Finally, they're gone!

Ralts: *in telepathy* Yeah. Huh? I think its time! *glows*

Mike: I think Ralts is evolving. Also, hmmm *looks down*, I think Sandolite is ready for this *gives thunder stone to Sandolite*

Sandolite: Olite!(Oooh, a stone!) *begins to glow*

Liam: and Sandolite's evolving too!

Kirlia: *evolves, opens her eyes, in telepathy* So I evolved and became Kirlia.

Drashock: DRA! SHOCK! *Stomps on ground with joy* (I'm a Drashock! It's a part Electric and Dragon!)

Episode 34 - Ty-Kuan Dow PokemonEdit

(Edited in this preview, Ty will obtain another Pokemon, and he reveals his starter Pokemon, Candkit which is now Scorkit)

Kirlia: *dances elegantly*

Liam: Why is Kirlia dancing in elegance! *scans the dex*

Pokdex: Kirlia, the Emotion Pokemon and the evolved form of Ralts. The cheerful spirit of its trainer is what gives it energy for its psychic power. It spins and dances when happy.

Pokedex: Drashock, the Dragon Pokemon and the evolved form of Sandolite. It is said to have traits of Dragon and Electric, it evolves once more into a legendary Black dragon pokemon from pokemon black/white

Mike: Awesome! It's like Sandolite can evolve into two more evolutions like legendaries!

Liam: no wonder kirlia's dancing elegantly. And mike, the pokedex was referring to zekrom, i think?

Mike: Yeah, it's awesome!

Kirlia: *in telepathy* Why's that, Mike?

Mike: Your dance moves and that Drashock evolves into Zekrom.

Kirlia: *in telepathy* an Eevee, look!

Eevee: *appears to be crying*

Mike: *to Liam* Why do you think it's crying?

Eevee 1: *sobbing* Eevee eevee vee vee eevee (we're twins, and we lost our family during a car crash & died)

Liam: That's awfully sad!

Mike: Those poor people, so only you two survived? (you can play eevee 2)

Eevee 1: yes! *leaps into liam's arms, higging him*

Liam: *gasps*

Mike: I think it likes you.

Liam: and eevee no.2 is getting a liking to you! look!

Eevee 2: *leaps into Mike's arms, rubbing its head on his hands*

Mike: They're really cute, I feel bad for them.

Liam: hey, i know. Eevee, how'd you like to come along with us

Eevee: eevee? (really?)

Liam: sure, it would be an honour to have a cute pokemon like you.

Eevee: *blushes, then smiles & nods happily* Eevee eevee (sure, i'd love to)

Liam: you ready? *throws a pokeball*

Eevee 1: *leaps up, taps the ball with his paw, goes inside, it clicks*

Eevee 2: Eevee!(Me too!)

Mike: Throws a Pokeball*

Eevee 2: *jumps up and hits the Pokeball, goes inside, and it clicks*

Mike: I should probably put Eevee in my current team, right?

Liam: Right! *swaps zomblood from his team for eevee*

???: *appears* Its the twerps!

Azelf: *n telepathy* It's team rocket!

Mike: Hold on Team Rocket *walks calmly to the PC and swaps Chansey for Eevee and walks back* Oh where were we? Oh right, it's Cassidy and Clutch!

Butch: *angrily* The Name is Butch!!

Liam: we're gonna take you down *brings in a pokeball* Eevee, I choose you!

Eevee 1: *appears in a white flash of light* Eevee!

Mike: I guess, it would be good for some experience, go Eevee!

Eevee 2: *appears in white flash* Eevee(Let's go!)

Butch: Whirlipede, Teach them a thing or two! *sends out whirlipede*

Liam: So Butch's Venipede must've evolved!! *checks his dex on eevee* lets see, eevee can use covet, iron tail, bite & last resort. decent moves.

Cassidy: Show them what a new Pokemon should be like Grimer! (We should also be active on TPA3, let's try being active on both XD)

Liam: Eevee, Bite attack on that Whirlipede!

Eevee 1: *uses bite directly at whirlipede*

Mike: Eevee, use Iron Tail!

Eevee 2: *Iron Tails Grimer*

Grimer: Grime? (No fair!) *uses sludge bomb on Mike and Liam*

Eevee: *takes the hit, then starts to glow*

Butch: What the...!

Liam: Mike, can it be...?

Mike: It is, your Eevee is evolving....

(starts to change from one tail into two, when glow fades, a bigger pink version of eevee stood his place)

Liam: Awesome, my eevee has.....

Mike: Evolved into Espeon! Awesome! Wait I have one more stone, should I use it now on my Eevee?

Liam: no need to..Look! *its night just now, points to eevee, who is starting to glow* Your Eevee's evolving now!

Eevee: *starts glowing*

Mike: It's evolving!

(Evolves into a black and yellow Eevee with red eyes)

Mike: It's an Umbreon! (thanks for giving me Umbreon)

Umbreon and Espeon: *cheer*

Mike: Okay, Umbreon! Use bite on Grimer!

Umbreon: *bites Grimer, KO'ing it*

Liam: Espeon, psybeam!

Espeon: *uses psybeam*

Whirlipede: *endures it, starts to glow*

Liam: now what?

Espeon: Espe? (huh?)

Mike: It's evolving! That could be bad!

Scolipede: *evolves*

Mike: It is bad.

Cassidy: The fight isn't over yet, Raticate go!

Raticate: RATI! (Muahaha!)

Mike: This isn't turning out well, you think you can hold on Umbreon? (did you read what I told you in your talk page?)

Liam: Espeon, use Peychic!

Espeon: *uses psychic to stop twam rocket and their pokemon in their tracks*

Mike: Umbreon, finish it off with Hyper Beam (TM).

Umbreon: *uses Hyper Beam and sends TR Flying*


Episode 35 - Volcat Got Your Tongue?Edit

(edited in this preview, Ty's Scorkit will evolve into Volcat & Liam's Swalot will evolve into Goluton)

Espeon: *winks*

Liam: Espeon, are you saying that you're a girl?

Espeon: *nods*

Mike: Wait, that means Umbreon is a boy!

Umbreon: *nods sternly*

Liam: Espeon now knows, Morning Sun, Psybeam, Psychic & Attract

Mike: Umbreon knows Giga Impact, Moonlight, Faint Attack, & Shadow Ball. It leveled up and just forgot Bite. It's awesome how we have you two on our team, right Liam?

Liam: right! Everyone, return! *recalls all of his pokemon*

Mike: Same here! Return! *recalls everyone but Umbreon* I think Umbreon should get to walk with us to get over the remaining pain of the death of his trainers.

Liam: His parents actually. *send out espeon again* Espeon, maybe you should stay outside your ball, and keep umbreon company!

Espeon: *nods*

Mike: Well come on! (In Pocket Monsters: Forever Frontier, Mike will make an appearence)

Espeon: *in telepathy* Look there! it's Liam Jr's Vullaby! and she's with Luke & Liam Jr in a boat!

Mike: Luke? Oh, he finally started his journey. So should we go greet them?

Liam: *calls out to them* Good Luck you two!!

Espeon: Essspppeeeoooon!! (good luuck!)

Umbreon: Umb! (May your adventures be the best!)

Mike: Good luck Luke and Liam Jr.!

Liam Jr: We will!

Luke: Bye, good luck to you guys as well!

Laura: :)

Liam: I didn't know you had a scorkit, was that your main starter pokemon?

Laura: Yes, Yes it was.

Liam: Hello Scorkit!

Mike: Hey Scorkit!

Scorkit: SCORKIT! :) (Hi!)

(a grab arm tries to get scorkit, but....)

Azelf: *in telepathy, shouts* Scorkit, look out! *the arms grab azelf who pushed scorkit out of the way*

Liam: *calls to azelf* No, Azelf! *to laura* Laura, bring out Uxie to help us!

Mike: Probably best if we tried to get more Pokemon to help.

Liam: Not if I can help it, Charmander, I choose you!

Charmander: Char!

Butch: I wanted to take that Scorkit, but Azelf pushed her out of the way!

Luke: Umbreon help Charmander out!

Liam: Cassidy & Fetch!


Liam: Iron Tail!

Charmander: *uses iron tail which breaks the grab arm*

Liam: Good work, Charmander!

Charmander: Char! *glows*

Butch: Uh oh!

Liam: Can it be?

Mike: Well we ask it all the time, but yes Charmander is evolving.

Cassidy: *wakes up from napping under a tree* Oh you're doing great Mech.

Butch: The Name is Butch, and look!

Charmeleon: *the glow fades, evolves, low voice* Chaaaarr!

Cassidy: No! I had it all planned out, I would leave you to do the work, while I get some beauty sleep!

Adulsqueak: Why? It isn't bedtime.

Azelf: *sweatdrops*

Liam: Charmeleon, Dragon Claw go!

Charmeleon: *nods obediently, uses dragon claw*

Puettoo: PUETTOO! (You can doo it Charmeleon!)

Charmeleon: *slices the mech into bits, exploding it causes team rocket to be sent flying*

Episode 36 - We Go On KitrolEdit

(Preview: Ty is revealed to have caught the same Kitrol they met previously, Liam & Mike spot a Cresselia as a young girl seems to be trapped in a nightmare, Liam brings out Azelf to help to young girl out, Mike's Mesprit suddenly learns Healing Wish to keep the young girl alive. They turn out it was all Darkrai's doing, Can they defeat Darkrai?)

Liam: Kitrol?

Episode 37 - Young As A Baby PupoodleEdit

(Edited in this preview, Mike is revealed to have an Egg which hatches into Pupoodle)

Episode 38 - The Karate PumpkidEdit

(Edited in this preview, Laura's Plusle evolves into Plusative & learns Thunder during training with a wild Pumpkid, then catches it priorly)

Episode 39 - Jackolant & JillEdit

Edited in this preview, Laura's Pumpkid evolves into Jackolant & learns Cremate, a one-hit KO Fire-type move)

Episode 40 - Emplover's Last Wish!Edit

Edited in this preview, Laura & Liam store some of their Pokemon in rotation, she stores Rocksta, Puettoo & Charizard in storage for rotation, while Liam stores Zomblood, Exploud, Drigon & Golution, and Liam soon catches Shipup whilst Laura catches a Skitty, Liam will also come across a group of Plovby and Plovswoop, where he will leave Emplover there to protect their friends and family)

Episode 41 - Taking Candy From a TogepiEdit

(Edited in this preview, Liam will catch a Togepi)

Episode 42 - You're In For A Shokoodle!Edit

(Edited in this preview, Laura's Pupoodle will evolve into Shokoodle)

Episode 43 - Gym Is in The Air!Edit

(Edited in this preview, Liam challeges the 5th Gym Leader and wins)

Episode 44 - The Eggs-Perience Of The New EraEdit

(edited in this preview, both laura & Liam will obatain an egg each)

Episode 45 - The New Move ImproveEdit

(edited in the preview, Most of Ty's, Laura's & Liam's Pokemon will learn a new move)

Episode 46 - Blessed By Happiness!Edit

(Edited in this preview, Liam's Togepi will evolve into Togetic)

Episode 47 - Fantorrent Of WaterEdit

(edited in this preview, Ty's Incredamp will evolve into Fantorrent, and learns Hydro Pump and Scald)

Episode 48 - Lewis's Doggy DayEdit

(edited in this prevew, Lewis's Seedpup will evolve into Weedog)

Episode 49 - A Teacher Controls His PupitarEdit

(Edited in this preview, Liam's Shiny Larvitar will evolve into Shiny Pupitar and learns Stone Edge)

Episode 50 - The Dubious DummyEdit

(Edited in this preview, Liam's Porygon2 will evolve into Porygon-Z)

Episode 51 - Zap Cannon, Lock-On Target!Edit

(Edited in this preview, Liam's Porygon-Z will learn Lock-On & Zap Cannon)

Episode 52 - Toxin' Toxicoot!Edit

(Edited in this preview, Liam challeges the 6th Gym Leader and wins)

Episode 53 - Look What The Delcatty Dragged In?Edit

(Edited in this preview, both Laura's Skitty will evolve into Delcatty and Liam's Shipup will evolve into Shihwise simultaniously)