Team Genesis

Team Genesis is an evil organization bent on the destruction of all Pokémon in the world. Their goals are not like that of other organizations to use Pokémon, but merely wish to get rid of their complete existence in the world. Their motives are simple: destroy all connections between human and Pokémon alike. A simple goal to them as it is one that they've long since developed since its creation some thirty years before the events of Jace's very own journey. Their leader is a man by the name Mr. Gray.


Team Genesis has but one mission in mind. Their goal is to completely eradicate all Pokémon from the world and return humanity to its rightful place as the leaders of the world. Unlike other organizations, the members do not use Pokémon to battle others. Instead, they have advanced themselves in combatting Pokémon and their strength. Because of this, they have no need to rely on Pokémon to fight their battles for them. Advancement in technology has allowed them to combat Pokémon with special means to decimate their chances of defeating them. Their technology is kept secret, but their motives will become clear as they conduct more operations around the world.

Their operations span around the world and cover every part of the globe that can be reached. From the deepest caves in the mountains, to the darkest depths of the world's oceans; they conduct themselves in hopes of freeing the world of "parasites" (referring to Pokémon).

Their fearless leader, Mr. Gray, commands all operations and oversees everything that Team Genesis has. Resources, finances, technology advancement programs, and anything else. Much of his past is secret or plainly doesn't exist. His personal motives for wanting Pokémon eradicated is unknown, but he will stop at nothing to see to it that his goal is met.

Mr. Gray

Mr. Gray


Team Genesis has put forth their entire existence into using technology to overpower Pokémon and destroy them. Much of their technology remains classified, but their intentions are to make a way to delete Pokémon from the world forever. A project that they have been keeping secret will soon become their greatest creation. However, this project will not be mentioned or discussed in detail until much, much later in the series.

Mr. GrayEdit

Mr. Gray is actually his alias name; covering his true identity. Records of his history or real name are either locked away or have been destroyed permanently. His wisdom and superior brilliance have allowed Team Genesis to make significant headway in their ultimate goal of complete Pokémon eradication. He's seen as a perfect idol to command Team Genesis because of his strong stature, and overall relaxed appearance when facing adversity.