Redcary Evolution Line

Redcary is the very first Pokemon (other than Litorse) that Aiden has so far managed to capture in the Opole Region. Redcary is a majestic and beautiful bird that can also pose a great threat when it feels that it is in danger of being attacked by someone or something.

Pokedex Entries Edit

  • "Redcary, the Cardinal Pokemon. Redcary are fierce fighters and can be easily angered when they sense a threat to their safety."

Moves (Attacks) Edit

  • Wing Salvo (Flying-type)
  • Blitz Drive (Fire-type)

Rumble (Ability) Edit

This ability allows the user to reduce the amount of physical damage and increase the speed by the amount of damage taken.

History/Background Edit

Redcary was threatened by Aiden's presence within the forest where it lived, so, it attacked him to get him to leave. Aiden took it as an opportunity to gain a new friend and battled it with Litorse. Litorse managed to beat Redcary with a single hit from Impact, resulting in Redcary being captured. In Aiden's Journey, Episode Three: A Frozen Chill, She was later confirmed to be female due to Icpola's Attract failed to work on her, Litorse and Charizard both got hit thus making them male. She battled Icpola and won with its new move being Flying Press after seeing Litorse learning Flamethrower.

First Appearance Edit

Evolution(Carylott) Edit

As of the Opening, it is shown that Aiden's Redcary will evolve into Carylott in a future episode.