Join Liam and TF take part of the randomizer wedlocke

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Chapter 1 - The Start of A New JourneyEdit

Liam: Today's the day we get our first pokemon

Hilbert: Yessir.

Liam & Hilbert rush over to a lookout where bianca is

Liam: Which one are you gonna choose?

HIlbert: I reckon I'll take............Snivy, if that's fine with you.

Liam: I'm going with Tepig!

Pumbaa the Tepig

Brave nature


Level 5 (Male)

Proud of its power.

Hilbert: Nice Tepig, Liam

they head off to route 19, and with Pokeballs in hand, Liam gasps at something, they see a blue ralts who is female and a different coloured patrat who is male

Liam: I'll battle the Ralts

Hilbert: And I...........battle the Patrat..............alright, go Mayor! You know........the Snivy?

Tepig does two tackles, Liam catches the ralts successfully.

Liam: Yes! Our first teammate is Ralts!

Nodoka the Shiny Ralts

Bashful nature

Level 5 (Female)

Ability: Synchronize

Often lost in thought

Snivy uses Vine Whip and throws Patrat against the wall. Hilbert catches the Patrat successfully, Hilbert was confused.

Timon the Shiny Patrat

Jolly nature

Level 5 (Male)

Ability: Run Away

Loves to eat

Liam: There's route 20 up ahead, let's go!