Long ago in the Forever Town of Monsytn Town, there was a daycare run by an elderly couple and their Riolu. Years past, and Monsytn Town was forgotten and the elderly couple moved to a more lively place, but the Riolu decided to stay behind. Now mostly just an abandoned, nature town, with forests full of Pokemon and no people, Monsytn Town was a peaceful calm place. No evil organizations or anything. While looking for berries, Riolu came across eight eggs. He spent a month caring for them and they finally hatched. Riolu evolved for finding his true talent of leadership. That's the twist of Monsytn Town. You only evolve when you find your talent. How will the 8 friends deal with life in Monsytn Town?

8 Pokemon, 4 Per UserEdit

Master: Lucario - Talent: Leadership - Male - TrentFan

1. Oshawott - Talent: Music - Male - TrentFan

2. Riolu - Talent: Fighting - Male - TrentFan

3. Sandshrew - Talent: Courage - Male - TrentFan

4. Skitty - Talent: Medic - Female - TrentFan

5. Tepig - Talent: Protector - Female - LIG

6. Sandile - Talent: Crocodile Hunter XD - Male - LIG

7. Larvitar - Talent: Prodigy - Male - LIG

8. Tympole - Talent: Swimmer - Male - LIG

Episode 1: BondsEdit

Lucario: *done evolving* Ah! What was that- oh the eggs hatched!

Oshawott: Huh?

Lucario: Hmm, *bows* hello there. My name is Lucario. I have been tending to your eggs for a month in hope of them hatching

Tepig: Eh?

Riolu: I think he means, he hatched us.

Larvitar: Riolu's right!

Lucario: Yes. Yes he is. Anyways, it's about time for lunch. What would you all like to have?

Riolu: I'd take a Cheese Sandwich?

Oshawott: Fondue?


Sandshrew: *cowering behind corner* A-A-A-A salad?

Tepig: i'll have hot chips!

Sandile: chicken salad please

Larvitar: cheese sandiwich

Tympole: noodles please

Lucario: They say the food you eat could make an impression of who you are. I'd bet Larvitar and Riolu would get along fine, as well as Sandile and Sandshrew. *places food on table, where there are 9 chairs* Come sit down, so we could eat.

Tympole: Thanks!

Lucario: No problem. After all, this is now your house.

Sandile: *smiles*

Larvitar: *smiles*

Tepig: *smiles*

Tympole: *smiles* I wish we can evolve like you did, Lucario!

Lucario: You can. All you have to do is find your talent.

Tepig: Our talents?

Lucario: Like what you're good at. I found out mine was leadership and raising all of you.

Riolu: Wow! I'd love to be a Lucario!

Sandile: Crikey, I'd love to evolve into a powerful Krookodile

Larvitar: hope i evolve into a Tyranitar one day!

Tepig: it be awesome if i evolved into an Emboar!

Tympole: I wish i'd evolve into a Seismitoad!