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Trainer Zane

The world of mysterious creatures known as Pokemon has always interested the burning passion within Zane's heart. He seeks adventure, action, and most importantly, new and unforeseen Pokemon. His chill, blue eyes (while being blue in coloration) are actually burning red hot with their aching to see the world around him. While true that he had waited a long time to get his first Pokemon from his father (lead researcher for Pokemon in Ardan City), he never gave up his dream to catch every species of Pokemon out there and become the best Pokemon Master. Nothing could possibly derail him from the destiny that was sure to await him as his new journey began at the age of ten.

Zane grew up all his life, surrounded by Pokemon. Pokemon helped him learn to walk, play, and go to Pokemon day care school. His time learning about Pokemon helped him to appreciate everything that they had to offer him. He'd never give up or pass down the opportunity to see Pokemon in their natural environment. His most famous quote that he would say in desperate times of crisis (or whenever a merciless opponent attempts to severely injury his Pokemon in battle) is "I won't give up! I believe in my Pokemon's strength!"

Through shear will power alone, Zane could pull himself out of the deepest canyon and emerge ready to take on any opponent. His confidence in his Pokemon's abilities has led him to entirely trust them with his very life (if the situation ever arose for something that would be called "life threatening"). He believes that all Pokemon are our friends and he refuses to let someone abandon or leave their Pokemon behind; stopping them and making them see just how hard Pokemon fight for us.

He waited patiently for his chance to finally earn his own Pokemon, and, at last, the day has come for his shot to become the world's greatest. Would he succeed? Would he give up and return home after some time? No one could tell. But, with doubtfulness comes reassurance. His compassion toward all Pokemon only proves that with just the right amount of care, any Pokemon can become the best and rise above the rest.

Pokemon Team (Subject to vary) Edit

  • Axew (Evolved: Haxorus)
  • Totodile (Evolved: Feraligatr)
  • Rattata (Evolved: Raticate)(shown in a preview of Episode forty-one)
  • Oshawott (Evolved: Dewott)
  • Eevee (Evolved: Espeon)
  • Cyndaquil (Evolved: Quilava)

Travelling Companions Edit

  • Holly -
  • Amy -
  • Arthur -

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