Hello, I'm Professor Sandstone of the region known as: Forever. I founded this place when I got lost trying to protect my Pokemon. I came back and announced it to the world but enough about that. All Region Pokemon live in this region known as Forever. It's a marvelous site, I thought I was dead at first. You will face many obstacles through your journey, but it will just increase your bond with your Pokemon. Good luck!

Heroes CastEdit

Sign-Ups are like this:

Professor Sandstone(has a Magikarp) - TrentFan

Now you try!

Chilly (Has a Snorunt, nicknamed Icy) - TrentFan

Brandon (Has a Machop) - NZ Man123

Bob - Eros123

Liam (Has a Buizel, (nicknamed Surfer) Modest nature, Male, Swift Swim ability) - LIG

Hank (Has a Meowth) - LIG


Daylight Town (Professor's Place)

(The Other Half of Forever)

Darkridge Town

Newborne City


Gym LeadersEdit


Newborne City

Dark Type Gym

Pokemon: Poochyena, Mightyena


Justice Town

Dog Pokemon Gym

Pokemon: Lillipup, Growlithe, Herdier, Stoutland


Aquamill Town

Water Type Gym

Pokemon: Palpitoad, Jellicent(Blue), Azumarill, Marshtomp, Wailord


Lavasplosion City

Fire Type Gym

Pokemon: Houndoom, Arcanine, Ninetales, Monferno, Slugma

Episode 1 - The Journey Begins!Edit

Chilly: *at Professor's Lab with the rest of the gang* Hurry up and pick your Pokemon so we can catch the boat to Darkridge Town.

Liam: I choose you! *throws a pokeball, and it sends out buizel*

Buizel: Bui Bui!

Chilly: Well, um, I'll take *grabs Pokeball* Hmm....what is it? *Sends out a Snorunt* Cool!

Snorunt: *spins elegantly as it comes out of the ball, then dances* Snorunt runt runt runt runt!

Professor: We had a Buizel, Shinx, Vulpix, Machop, Meowth, and Snorunt. (Don't go past picking your first Pokemon, today)

Brandon. I pick Machop.

Professor: Which leaves Shinx, Vulpix, and Meowth.

Hank: *picks Meowth*

Professor: Very well, Hank, Brandon, Chilly, and Liam, I wish you luck on your journey. The boat should be arriving in two minutes, but before you go I packed each of you a lunch. *Passes to Hank* A tuna sandwich, I know you like those, your mom told me. *passes to Brandon* Here's a PB&J sandwich, I think you like those. *Passes to Liam* Here I got you some shreds of beef in this bag, I think you'll like them and Chilly *passes a cheese and ham sandwich* A cheese and ham sandwich I hope you'll like. I know you should each have a bottle of water in your bag, as that's what's proper for your journey. Anyways, good luck on your journey, and don't worry the sandwiches are wrapped!

Chilly: Thanks Professor.

(10 minuters later, the group are in the boat)

Liam: This is awesome, being Trainers on a journey. Right Buizel?

Buizel: *smiles happily* Bui! (Yeah!)

Chilly: Hey Liam, are you going to nickname your Pokemon? I'm nicknaming mine Icy.

Liam: Come to think of it, I did come up with one, I'm naming buizel surfer!

Surfer: *smiles* Bui bui (Nice name!)

Chilly: That's a good nickname. Anyways, I think we'll be great trainers.

Liam: Hey, Why not bring out Icy & see the view.

Chilly: Oh yeah *sends out Icy* Come out Icy.

Icy: *dances*

Liam: *checks the pokedex* The Pokedex says that Snorunt's attacks are Blizzard, Zen Headbutt, Crunch & Ice Beam!

Chilly: At this level? Well, that's good. What about Surfer?

Liam: *checks the pokedex* The Pokedex says that Buizel's attacks are Aqua Jet, Ice Beam, Water Gun & Swift!

Chilly: Well, that's also a good moveset.

Liam: Thanks

Chilly: I think we should have our lunch now, you?

Liam: Yup

Chilly: Hey Hank! Brandon! We're having our lunch now, care to join?

Hank: Sure! Hey Purrs, come on out *sends out Meowth*

Chilly: *unwraps his sandwich* Well it looks decent...

(2 hours later)

Liam: We made it to Darkridge Town

Chilly: Yeah, it was about time.....

Liam: Lets go to the forest!

Hank: Great idea, and catch some Pokemon!

Episode 2 - The Trainers First Capture!Edit

Liam: *reading a map* What forest is this Chilly?

Surfer: Bui?