As the twosome run towards the chasm, Parens is wondering about what's happening.

Parens' thoughts: Why am I here? Why am I a Cubone? What's going on? WHERE AM I?!

They continue to run until they reach the chasm.

Lacerta: Ha... Ha... Whew... So... This is it... I'm beat...

Lacerta slowly goes towards a fruit tree, and picks two blue "berries".

Lacerta: Ha... Here you go, Parens... It's an Oran Berry... They're pretty good...

Lacerta hands him the berry.

Parens: WHOA! This berry is huge! It's the size of an apple!

Lacerta: I guess... Well, let's eat up! *Munch* *Munch*

Parens: Huh. *Nibble* WOW! This is great! *Munch munch munch munch*

Lacerta: Yep! They're pretty good! Not only do they taste good, they heal your wounds AND replenishes stamina!

Parens: This is so cool! Let's go down there, Lacerta!

Lacerta: Yeah!

Lacerta and Larens jump into the little chasm, only to be cornered by Pidgeys.

???: Oh no you don't. *fires an ember at most of the pidgeys*

TO BE CONTINUED ON THIS PAGE... sooner or later, idk. This series is currently and temporarily discontinued, so it might be a while before the next update is released :/