???: Ugh... Where am I... A forest? I don't recall getting here... And my head hurts... Someone's coming!

Someone: Hi, who are you?

???: Gah, a green reptile! Please don't eat me!

Someone: Eat you? If anything I'd eat bug-type Pokémon, not ground-types...

???: What are you talking about? Bug-type... Pokémon? This has gotta be a dream.

Someone: Hm, you might have lost your memory... Oh well, my names Lacerta! I'm a Treecko, who are you?

???: My name? My name's Parens, I'm human.

Lacerta: Human? You look like an ordinary Cubone to me.

Parens: Cubone? What's that, some kind of Indian dish?

Lacerta: I don't know what you mean by "Indian", but try looking into that pond there. You might see your own reflection.

Parens: I guess...

Parens takes a step back, turns around, and walks towards the pond. On his way there...

Parens' thoughts: This is so weird... Why would I have a dream like those? It just doesn't make any sense...

As Parens nears the pond, he crouches down and looks into the pond.

Parens: WHAT IN THE WORLD, WHAT IS THIS! I'm not human anymore!!

Lacerta goes towards Parens, and talks with a strange look on his face.

Lacerta: Um... Yeah, well, you are a Cubone. I don't see what the big problem is. I mean, there aren't any humans in our world, they're just make-believe for the kids. Then again, weird stuff has been going on...

Parens looks up from the pond and at Lacerta with a curious expression.

Parens: Weird stuff? What weird stu--

Parens is immediately interrupted by a Butterfree flying towards a little chasm in the woods, but stops after seeing Parens and Lacerta.

Butterfree: Thank god, can you help me?

Parens: What is it? And who are you?

Butterfree looks back and forth between the chasm and Parens as she explains.

Butterfree: My baby is stuck in that chasm, and I can hear him cry for help! I'm not strong enough, though, so please help me!

Parens: Wait, wait, hold on, your baby? And what do you mean by "not strong enough"?

Lacerta: This is what I wanted to talk to you about. Lately, earthquakes and natural disasters have gone rampant these past couple days. Some Pokemon have become very aggressive, to the point of attacking other Pokemon blindly!

Parens: Seriously? And what exactly can WE do about that?

Lacerta: Help the Pokemon, of course!

Parens: Nooo, no no no no no. I need to figure out why I'm here, and why I'm a Cubone. No thank you.

Lacerta: Well, wouldn't going on an adventure do that? You're gonna do that either way if you want to find out why you're here, so why not begin now?

Parens: ... *reluctantly* Ugh, fine...

Lacerta: Thanks! So Butterfree, where is your baby?

Butterfree: Over there, in that chasm.

Lacerta: OK, then. Let's go, Parens!

Parens: ... Fine.