Preview: Earning himself the prestigious Spark Badge at the Vereen City Gym, our hero Jace, accompanied by his new friend Lisa, are now on their way to explore the vastness that is the Great Canyon.

<Jace lets his Pokémon out of their Pokeballs and watches them roam free and play with each other. Meanwhile, Mudkip stays by his side and he glances toward the bright, blue sky. Lisa watches the Pokémon play and drenches herself in shameful feelings>.

Lisa: *Deepening sigh of disappointment*

Jace: "Lisa, something wrong?"

Lisa: "No. I'm fine."

Jace: "It doesn't sound like you're fine. What's wrong?"

Lisa: "Well, I just hate looking at your Pokémon and thinking that I want my very own Pokémon partner. Someone who'll protect me and help me become stronger."

Jace: "Well, why don't you get your very own Pokémon then?"

Lisa: "Is it really that easy?"

Jace: "Sure is. I've caught Pokémon without even coming up with a plan, really. You can do it if you set your mind to it. Promise."

Lisa: "Will you teach me how?"

Jace: "Sure."

Lisa: "Yay!"

<Jace and Lisa travel to a small location with a pond and a couple trees nearby. The field of beautiful green grass sways in the calming breeze>.

Lisa: "Why are we here?"

Jace: "There's Pokémon all around us. You've just got to pick the right one and go for it."

<Lisa looks around and spots a Pokémon grazing in the grass field, a few sleeping in the trees, and some swimming peacefully in the small pond nearby. She points to the one grazing in the field>.

Lisa: "Let's try that one!"

Simon: "Furret, the Long Body Pokémon, and the evolved form of Sentret. It lives in narrow burrows that fit its slim body. The deeper the nests go, the more maze-like they become."

Lisa: "Perfect."

Jace: "I'll let you use one of my Pokémon to battle Furret with."

Lisa: "Great. I'll use Mudkip, then."

Mudkip: "Kip?" ("Me?")

Jace: "You okay with that, buddy?"

Mudkip: *Nods* "Mudkip!" ("Yeah!")

Lisa: "So, what do I do first?"

Jace: "First, you'll need to get its attention; give it a spirit to battle you."

Lisa: "Okay. How should I get its attention, though?"

Jace: "Maybe attack it first."

Lisa: "Okay. Mudkip, you ready?"

Mudkip: *Smiles* "Kip!" ("Ready!")

Lisa: "Great. Alright, Mudkip, use Tackle!"

Mudkip: *Looks confused at her*

Lisa: "Why did nothing happen?"

Jace: "Mudkip doesn't know Tackle anymore."

Lisa: "Then what does Mudkip know?"

Jace: "Aqua Tail, Water Pulse..."

Lisa: "Okay then. Mudkip, try Water Pulse on Furret!"

Mudkip: *Fires a ball of water at Furret*

Furret: *Flicks its ears up and looks at the water ball. It weaves out of the way of its path and sends sparkling stars at Mudkip*

Mudkip: *Gets hit directly by the attack from Furret*

Lisa: "What was that move?!"

Jace: "A move called Swift I think. It's supposed to follow the target."

Lisa: "Why didn't Mudkip move?"

Jace: "You have to tell Mudkip to move."

Lisa: "This is really hard."

Jace: "You'll get used to it. I'll beat Furret so you can catch it."

Lisa: "Thanks, Jace."

Jace: "Sure. Alright, Mudkip, let's kick it up!"

Mudkip: "Kip!" ("Okay!")

Jace: "Use Aqua Tail!"

Mudkip: *Charges toward Furret with water spinning around its tail. Jumps and swings its tail at Furret*

Furret: *Dodges and smacks its head into Mudkip*

Jace: "That was Headbutt! Counter with Water Pulse from high up!"

<Mudkip lands back on its feet and recovers from Furret's Headbutt attack. It pushes off the ground and fires a water ball from high above the ground. Furret dodges again and uses Swift on Mudkip while it is suspended in the air still>.

Jace: "Perfect. Mudkip, catch those stars using Aqua Tail!"

Mudkip: *Uses the swirling water currents from around its tail to suck the stars into the whirlpool*

Jace: "Now send them back!"

Mudkip: *Flips and flicks its tail, throwing the stars back at Furret. Furret has no time to dodge and takes the attack directly. An explosion renders Furret weakened*

Jace: "Now's your chance. Throw the Pokeball at Furret."

Lisa: "Right." *Throws the Pokeball* "Furret, you're mine now!"

Furret: *Stands up and whips the Pokeball back at Lisa with its long tail*

Lisa: *Gets hit in the face by the Pokeball and falls to the ground* "Ow! Why did it do that?!"

Jace: "Guess Furret wasn't weakened enough to get caught. No worries. Just a little more should do it. Mudkip, Aqua Tail!"

Mudkip: *Jumps at Furret and whips its whirlpool tail at it*

Furret: *Takes the impact and crashes against a tree. The tree snaps in half and falls to the ground. Furret faints completely*

Jace: "Now try it."

Lisa: *Throws the Pokeball again* "Furret, please be my first Pokémon!"

Pokeball: *Hits Furret on top of its head and opens in the air. Furret turns to red energy and goes inside it. It closes and hits the ground; rocking around on the ground before stopping and locking Furret inside its shell*

Lisa: "Did I catch it?"

Jace: "Yep. You caught it."

Lisa: *Smiles* "Alright! My first Pokémon!"

<Lisa picks up the Pokeball and holds it lovingly in her hands. Jace pets Mudkip before putting it back on his right shoulder>.

Jace: "You ready to go, Lisa?"

Lisa: "Yeah!"

<In a distant location, several armored vehicles roll up to an abandoned digging site and stop on the outside. The backs of the vehicles open and men with a unique symbol on their chests and backs walk out. They surround the giant pit in the ground and await for something to happen>.

Man #1: "Sir, we've established a secure perimeter around the site."

<A tall man in a black suit and red tie appears from a helicopter that landed soon after. He walks calmly toward the giant pit and stands on the edge of the downslope into it>.

Leader: "Good. Now we can begin the first stage of the end of everything."

<Back with Jace and Lisa, they continue their walk through the fields until stopping at a small village>.

Lisa: "It's a village."

Jace: "Looks like a great place to stop and get some supplies."

Lisa: "Great!"

<Jace and Lisa head into the village through the front entrance and enter a store that sells food, water, and other items for outdoor travel>.

Cashier: "Welcome to Bernville Pokemart Center! How can I help you today?"

Jace: "Hi. We're looking for some supplies for our journey."

Cashier: "I see. Well, what you need is definitely right here."

Jace: "Great. Thank you so much."

<Outside the front gate, two armored troop vehicles drive up and stop a few feet from the closed gate to the village. The gate guards exit the small station building and head outside to address the situation>.

Gate Guard #1: "What's going on?"

Gate Guard #2: "Not sure. I've never seen anything like this before."

<Several men exit the vehicles from the back and begin walking toward the front gate>.

Gate Guard #1: "Excuse me, gentlemen, but, is there something that we can help you with?"

<None respond as they simply ignore their remarks and continue walking toward the front gate>.

Gate Guard #3: "I don't like the looks of these guys."

Gate Guard #4: "Yeah. They're not showing any kind of communication with us."

Gate Guard #1: "Halt! Don't move any further!"

<They continue their walking pace toward them>.

Gate Guard #3: "Not good. We have to stop them."

Gate Guard #1: "I couldn't agree more." *Tosses a Pokeball out onto the ground*

Pokeball: *Opens and brings out a Pokémon*

Gate Guard: #2: *Tosses a Pokeball*

Gate Guard #3: *Tosses a Pokeball*

Gate Guard #4: *Tosses a Pokeball*

Gate Guard #1: "This is your last warning! Stop or we will use force!"

<They again disregard the commands given by the guards>.

Gate Guard #1: "Then you leave us no choice! Stop them by any means necessary!"

Man #1: "Activate frequency disrupter."

<One of the armored vehicles opens up and activates a giant radar device. It emits loud, pulsating waves that irritate and stop the guards' Pokémon cold in their tracks>.

Gate Guard #2: "What?!"

<Inside the village, every Pokémon around suddenly becomes irritated and drops to the ground. Jace's Mudkip falls of his shoulder and hits the floor of the store>.

Jace: "Mudkip! What's wrong?!"

<The guards become baffled at the sudden act of their Pokémon falling to the ground and panic>.

Man #1: "Initiate deletion of these Pokémon at once."

<The other armored vehicle opens into a large cannon that aims at the front gate. It powers up and launches a giant red beam, hitting the Pokémon and completely eradicating them from sight. The guards are unaffected by become crippled in complete fear at their Pokémon suddenly disappearing>.

Gate Guard #1: "Run for it!"

<They run as fast as possible away from the gate. The vehicle with the radar turns back to its transport form and rushes through the gate, smashing it open. People inside look and run in fear as the men enter from around the vehicle>.

Man #1: "Begin deletion of all Pokémon."

<Inside the Pokemart, Mudkip suddenly feels better and stands back on its feet again>.

Jace: "Mudkip, are you alright?"

Mudkip: "Mudkip. Kip?" ("Yeah. Why?")

Jace: "What was that about?"

Cashier: "Oh dear! Look outside!"

Jace & Lisa: *Look outside as people run in fear. A giant red beam cuts across the glass door and destroys every Pokémon into red fragments*

Lisa: "What was that?!"

Jace: "Not sure. We should go see, though."

<They exit the store and watch as Pokémon suddenly turn to red, abstracted figures of themselves before falling to mere red fragments. The fragments disappear completely after a few seconds>.

Lisa: "The Pokémon!"

Jace: "They're disappearing!"

Narrator: "A fiendish new threat arises as Pokémon are suddenly disappearing right before our eyes! What evil motives does this group of villains have in mind?! And will our heroes be able to stop them?! Keep watching as the journey continues...

To Be Continued...