Preview: A stunning pace of peace has changed to disaster as Pokemon are disappearing from the world in Bernville Village! Our heroes have unwittingly found themselves in a heated battle!

Lisa: "What's happening to the Pokémon?!"

Jace: "I'm not sure. But, whatever's happening to them, we have to stop it!"

<The group continue advancing through the town until spotting Jace and Lisa standing in the middle of the road. The vehicles stop behind the group as they stand in silence before the young children>.

Jace: "Who are you guys?"

Lisa: "What did you do to those Pokemon?!"

<They say nothing and activate the large cannon from behind them. The massive cannon aims down the street at them. The cannon powers up with a large red glow appearing brightly inside the long tube section. They back away and watch as it charges>.

Lisa: "Um...Jace..."

Jace: "Run!"

<The cannon fires just as they turned and ran down a small alleyway and managed to escape it. They leave Bernville Village and run through the pathway leading back into the vast forest ahead. They continue running until they feel they are a safe distance away from them. Jace stops first, followed by Lisa stopping close behind>.