Zane: *Sits up from the bed as Axew jumps on the edge nearby. Looks at Axew and pats its head* "You ready to go see the Professor, buddy?

Axew: *Nods*

<Zane jumps out of bed and quickly dresses himself. He runs to the door and heads down the street with Axew resting on his shoulder>

Zane: Today I'm gonna get my first official Pokémon as a trainer. I can't wait!

<Arrives at the laboratory just outside of town and steps in. A man in a white lab coat with slender glasses turns and faces him while taking the glasses off>

Professor Brooks: "Zane, good to see you."

Axew: *Jumps from Zane's shoulder and lands by his right foot* "Axew! Axew-ew!" (Hello! Hi, Professor!)

Professor Brooks: "Looks like Axew's been doing good."

Zane: "He sure has. After I saved him a year ago, he decided to stay with me. We're gonna be partners on my journey to capture every Pokémon."

Professor Brooks: "Every Pokémon, huh? Well, that's quite a goal to accomplish, Zane."

Zane: "We can do it." *Looks down at Axew* "Right, Axew?"

Axew: "Axew!" (Yeah!)

Professor Brooks: "Well then, why don't we get started on sending you on your way? First, you'll need to select one of three starter Pokémon who will accompany you."

<Brooks steps out of the way of the table behind him. Zane walks up to three Pokéballs lying side-by-side. Axew jumps up onto the table and also looks at them>

Professor Brooks: "The one on the far left is the grass-type Pokémon: Snivy. The one in the middle is Tepig, the fire-type. And the one on the far right is Oshawott, the water-type. So, which one would you like, Zane?"

<Zane darts his eyes back and forth until stopping at the far right one. He picks it up and holds it in his hand firmly>

Professor Brooks: "You chose Oshawott, huh? Are you sure?"

Zane: "Yes, Professor. I know that Oshawott is the perfect Pokémon for me." *Turns and throws the Pokéball into the air* "Come on out, Oshawott!"

Oshawott: *Materializes from its Pokéball and jumps up and down with excitement* "Osha! Oshawott!" (Hello! Hi master!)

Professor Zane: "Oh, before you go Zane, you'll need these..." *Hands him ten empty Pokéballs and a Pokédex* "The Pokédex will allow you to easily identify new Pokémon and their types. Who knows? You may find all new Pokémon that scientists still haven't discovered yet."

Zane: "Thank you, Professor. Let's get going, Axew, Oshawott."

<Zane returns Oshawott to its Pokéball and runs out with Axew tailing behind him. He runs out of the town and down the long dirt path leading into the forest>

Zane: *Looking around* "Alright, Axew, let's look for some Pokémon in this forest before we head to the next town."

<Zane looks into the tall trees above and spots a new Pokémon sluggishly moving across a tree branch>

Zane: *Pulling out his Pokédex* "What's that Pokémon?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Sewaddle, the Sewing Pokémon. Sewaddle hides from its enemies by covering its head with a hood made from a leaf, and is known to eat its leafy clothing when food is scarce."

Zane: *Putting away his Pokédex and activating a Pokéball* "Axew, our first Pokémon. Let's win this."

Axew: "Axew!" (Right!) *Jumps down from his shoulder and goes into a fighting stance*

<Sewaddle looks down at them and gets angry. A series of sticky strings shoots from its mouth. It ensnares Axew>

Zane: "That must be String Shot." *Looks at Sewaddle as it jumps down and charges Axew* "It's using Tackle! Axew, use Slash and get out of that stuff!"

<Axew uses its claws and cuts through the string. It jumps into the air and lands behind Sewaddle>

Zane: "Great job, Axew! Now use Scratch!"

Axew: "Axew! Ax! Axew-ew!" (Right! Here I go!)

<Axew runs at Sewaddle. Sewaddle turns around and begins to multiply itself. Its copies form a circle around Axew who stops its attack. Axew looks around, confused>

Zane: "That's gotta be Sewaddle's Double Team. Axew, use Scratch on as many of them as you can!"

Axew: *Nods and uses Scratch on the one in front of it*

<The first one disappears. Axew jumps around and scratches at three more before hitting the real Sewaddle. Axew knocks it against a tree, causing leaves to fall down>

Zane: "Let's finish it with a Headbutt, Axew!"

<Axew runs at the injured Sewaddle. It smashes its tough head against Sewaddle, knocking it out. Zane throws his Pokéball at it and it brings Sewaddle inside. The Pokéball rocks around on the ground>

Zane: "Come on, Sewaddle. Let me capture you."

<The Pokéball rocks around for a few seconds for stopping. He smiles and runs to pick it up. He holds it in his hand>

Zane: "Alright! I caught Sewaddle!"

Axew: *Jumping up in excitement* "Axew!" (Yay!)

<Zane continues walking through the forest until stopping between two big trees. He looks around>

Zane: "Axew, did you feel that?" *Axew looks around* "I feel like we're being watched."

<They continue until his next step activates a rope trap and hangs him upside down from a tree branch>

Zane: *Flailing* "Hey, what's the big idea here?! Get me down from here!"

<A girl jumps down from the canopy and lands in front of him. She had a smile on her face, but it quickly fades away>

Girl: "Aw, man. You aren't Cacnea."

Zane: "Of course I'm not! Get me down from here!"

Girl: Alright, alright. Stop squirming."

<Zane crashes on the ground with his back hitting first. Axew runs up to him and pats his cheek>

Axew: "Ew, Axew-ew?" (Are you okay, master?)

Zane: *Sitting up from the ground and petting Axew* "Don't worry about me, Axew. I'm alright." *Stands up and dusts off his clothes* "So, what are you doing out here in the forest?"

Girl: "Oh, right. I guess we haven't been properly introduced yet. I'm Amy and I'm trying to trap a Cacnea."

Zane: "I'm Zane. Cacnea, huh?"

<He pulls out his Pokédex and looks up Cacnea's data entry>

Zane's Pokédex: "Cacnea, the Cactus Pokémon. Cacnea lives primarily in dry desert areas, and attacks by swinging its pin covered arms like hammers."

Amy: "That's it. My beautiful Cacnea. The best Pokémon ever!"

Zane: *Putting away his Pokédex* "May I ask why you want Cacnea so much?"

Amy: "How could anyone not want Cacnea? It's the best Pokémon ever! I've always wanted one because I have the perfect costume that matches it. With Cacnea, I know I could win the Pokémon pageant in Emerald City."

Zane: "Emerald City?"

Amy: "It's not that far away from here. It'll take a couple days to reach it by foot."

Zane: "Hey, if I help you catch Cacnea, will you show me how to get there?"

Amy: "Really?! You'd help me catch a Cacnea?!"

Zane: "Sure. I think I have the perfect Pokémon to capture it."

<Zane and Amy wander around the dense forest until stopping near a treeline that extends out into a small clearing. A spiky Pokémon walks out into the clearing>

Amy: "It's Cacnea."

Zane: "Sure is. I'll weaken it and you catch it."

Amy: "Okay."

<Zane throws out Sewaddle>

Zane: "Sewaddle, climb up that tree and wait for my signal. Use your String Shot on Cacnea when I say so."

Sewaddle: "Sew." (Okay.)

<Sewaddle inches its way up the tree that Zane told it to climb and it waits on the branch. Axew jumps down from his shoulder and smiles>

Zane: "You ready, Axew?"

Axew: "Axew-ew-ew!" (I sure am!)

<They slowly approach the clearing. Cacnea spots them easily and readies a fighting stance>

Zane: "Now! Sewaddle, use String Shot!"

Sewaddle: "Waddle!" (Okay!)

<Sewaddle jumps off the tree branch and fires sticky string from its mouth at Cacnea. It dodges it and jumps into the air. The spikes on its body glow a bright green color. Projectiles come out and fly toward Sewaddle and Axew. They hit Sewaddle and it crashes to the ground. Axew dodges them and rolls out of its path>

Zane: "What was that?!"

Amy: "That was probably Cacnea's Pin Missile attack. It's effective at targeting multiple things at once."

Zane: "Sewaddle, you okay?!"

Sewaddle: *Struggling to get up* "Se...waddle. Sew." (I' okay. Master.)

Cacnea: *Using Pin Missile again* "Cacnea!" (Take that!)

Zane: "Axew, use Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew fires a ball of energy from its mouth it explodes all of the Pin Missile projectiles. Cacnea lands across from it>

Zane: "Use your Headbutt!"

<Axew hardens its head and runs at Cacnea. Cacnea runs it Axew and spins its right arm around like windmill. Their attacks collide and knock each other back. They continue to clash their attacks several times until Axew ducks under Cacnea's arm and Headbutts it from underneath. Cacnea soars into the air>

Zane: "Nice work, Axew! Go, Oshawott!"

<He tosses Oshawott's Pokéball into the air. It opens and Oshawott materializes above Cacnea>

Zane: "Oshawott, Water Pulse!"

<Oshawott front flips in the air while forming a ball of glowing water in its mouth. It fires the ball down at Cacnea. It explodes, sending Cacnea crashing into the ground. It sluggishly stands up again>

Zane: "Still not enough to knock it out. Oshawott, Aqua Jet!"

Oshawott: *Forming itself inside water and flying down toward Cacnea from above* "Oshaaaaa...wott!" (I this!)

<Oshawott's Water Jet smashes into Cacnea from above, causing a huge explosion and scattering dust and rubble around the clearing. After the dust clears, Cacnea is completely knocked out>

Zane: "Go for it, Amy."

Amy: *Holding a Pokéball lovingly* "Okay. Cacnea, you're gonna be mine!"

<She tosses the Pokéball at Cacnea. It bounces off its head and opens, bringing it inside. It lands on the ground and rocks around. They wait a few seconds before it stops rocking>

Amy: *Running and picking up the Pokéball* "I caught Cacnea! Yay!"

Zane: "Congratulations on catching it, Amy."

Amy: "Thank you for helping me catch it, Zane. I really appreciate it." *Puts away the Pokéball and grabs her travel bag* "Well, let's get to Emerald City. You wanted me to take you there, right?"

Zane: "Right."

<Zane returns Oshawott and Sewaddle to their Pokéballs and clips them to his belt. Axew runs up his leg and rests on his left shoulder. Amy and Zane walk through the forest together>