Aiden's Icpola

Pokedex Entries Edit

Moves (Attacks) Edit

  • Ice Beam (Ice-type)
  • Fairy Wind (Fairy-type)
  • Protect (Normal-type)
  • Attract (Normal-type)

Ice Body (Ability) Edit

This ability allows Icpola to heal some of its health when in Hail is in play, from the damage it took.

History/Background Edit

As a wild Pokemon, Icpola was quite a mischievous Pokemon and often cause chaos to the forest. After joining Aiden's team, as of Aiden's Journey, Episode Four: Thawing An Icpola Heart!, she is really friendly to Aiden an his Pokemon, and has great teamwork with Litorse when she protected him with Protect, she is really reliable and she endured a Razor Leaf, then countered with Fairy Wind. After an Ice Beam and Flamethrower combination, she was able to win her battle against Sydney, thus earning the Badge for Aiden.

First Appearance Edit

Aiden's Journey, Episode Three: A Frozen Chill (debut)