Trainer Holly became the newest addition to Zane's Pokémon Journey after helping him win the Pokémon Catching Competition's team based event. Her favorite Pokémon is her Tyranitar, a powerful and loyal Pokémon to her.


Holly's Tyranitar

Background Edit

Holly grew up in a small town known as Black Mountain Village. During her time there, she was guided by her father's research on the mysteries of Dragon-type Pokémon. On a routine expedition to inspect a unknown source of energy, Holly found an injured Larvitar lying near a strange device. She rescued it and brought it home to be treated by her mother, a famous Pokémon nurse.

After being revived, Larvitar decided to stay with Holly for saving it. Together, they adapted a great partnership, and, over the next two years, Larvitar would grow on Holly as her most faithful and loyal companion.


Holly's Larvitar

Larvitar was soon introduced into Pokémon battles and found a surprising talent for being stubborn and refusing to back down from a battle. Larvitar became a famous fighter in Black Mountain Village.

Attacks (Larvitar) Edit

  • Bite
  • Leer
  • Dark Pulse
  • Body Slam
  • Headbutt
Trainer Holly
Pokémon Trainer
Vital statistics
Title Trainer
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Pokemon Trainer
Health Excellent
Level Beginner
Status Training
Location Traveling

Background (Pupitar) Edit

Holly's Larvitar evolved into Pupitar after an entire year. During the time, Holly neglected battling with Pupitar because it wasn't able to properly attack. She still trained Pupitar in defense and stamina training, allowing Pupitar to be both tough and fast for battles.

Attacks (Pupitar) Edit


Holly's Pupitar

  • Bite
  • Leer
  • Sandstorm
  • Iron Defense
  • Headbutt

Background (Tyranitar) Edit

Two years after evolving into Pupitar, it evolved again into its final form of Tyranitar. After evolving, Holly began her Pokemon Journey to capture more powerful Pokémon, specializing in her ability to easily interact with every new Pokémon face that she happens to meet.

They have developed a special relationship that spans those three years; both planning to spend many more years later.

Attacks (Tyranitar) Edit

  • Mega Punch
  • Flamethrower
  • Brick Break
  • Double Team
  • Focus Punch

First Appearance (Tyranitar) Edit

Tyranitar first appeared in:

Episode Ten: A Stunning Team Match-up!