Elaine is the Gym Leader of the Emerald City Gym in Emerald City. She was the first Gym that Trainer Zane challenged and, after beating him the first time, was defeated in a rematch by him.

Grass Pokemon Gym Master
Vital statistics
Title Gym Leader
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Leader
Health Excellent
Level Skilled
Status Pokemon Gym
Location Emerald City Gym, Emerald City

Appearance Edit

Elaine is a tall and friendly person who specializes in Grass-type Pokemon. She always enjoys battling challengers to her Gym in front of large crowds to become the center of attention for the entire city. Her basis for fighting relies mostly on evolved Pokemon with strong, close and long ranged attacks.

Background Edit

Elaine was born and raised in Emerald City. She would wander the streets with her parents, marveling at everything that the city had to offer her. As time went on, she became interested in wanting to become famous for something. Hobbies never seemed to stick with her, and, as a result, she would only dream of it during her early adults years. By her twentieth birthday, Elaine had finally achieved evolving her two favorite Pokemon into Sceptile and Sunflora.

After that, Elaine worked tirelessly to purchase a run down museum building; soon converting it into the now present and ever popular Emerald City Gym.

Known Pokemon Edit

  • Sunflora
  • Sceptile