Zane: *Sitting up from his sleeping bag as Axew jumps off his chest* "That was the most rest that I've ever gotten before."

<Zane stretches and yawns a couple times before finally packing away his sleeping bag. He looks in front of him and spots Amy shuffling through her travel bag. He walks over to her>

Zane: "Amy?"

Amy: *Shrieking and falling on the ground. Stands up again* "Don't scare me like that, Zane!"

Zane: "Sorry. I just wanted to know what you were looking for in your bag."

Amy: "I'm looking for Cacnea. I can't find his Pokéball anywhere. I sleep with it in my hands, but when I woke up, it was gone."

Zane: "Maybe you loosened your grip and it fell out and rolled away."

Amy: "But it wouldn't have rolled that far. I have to find it. I can't compete in the Emerald City Pokémon pageant without it."

<Zane helps Amy look for Cacnea's Pokéball, but it's nowhere to be seen>

Amy: "Cacnea, where are you?!"

Zane: "Someone must have found their way into our camp and taken Cacnea."

Amy: "But who would do something like that?"

<Zane spots a stone tower off in the distance and squints his eyes to focus on him>

Amy: *Looking at Zane over her shoulder* "Zane, what's wrong?"

Zane: "Amy, what's that stone tower off in the distance for?"

Amy: "What tower?"

Zane: *Pointing at the tower through the dense trees* "That one."

Amy: "I'm not sure. I never knew that there was a castle here."

Zane: "Are you sure that it's a castle?"

Amy: "Could it be anything else?"

Zane: "Fair point."

<They pack up and walk through the trees. After a few minutes, they arrive at the drawbridge leading to the front gate of the abandoned castle. Zane looks around as Amy walks to the edge of the drawbridge>

Amy: "Should we go inside?"

Zane: "You want your Cacnea back, right?"

Amy: "Of course I do."

Zane: *Walking on the drawbridge* "Then let's go inside."

Amy: *Catching up to him from behind* "How can you be sure that my Cacnea's in there?"

Zane: "I can't be sure. But if anyone wanted to take something from a couple of campers and hide out for the night, then they'd have to come here. This is the only building around for miles."

<Zane enters the main lobby of the castle and looks around the dark, poorly-lit room. Amy enters close behind and shakes in fear>

Amy: "I don't like it in here. It's spooky."

Zane: "Then it would've been the perfect place to hide out. Come on."

<Through the eerie silence, a scream is heard by them. Amy runs behind Zane who starts to shake with fear too. He throws out Cranidos and points in the direction of the scream>

Zane: "Cranidos, use your Headbutt!"

<Cranidos runs into the darkness and disappears completely from their sight. An explosion is heard in the distance. Dust flows back to them. It quickly clears>

Zane: "Cranidos, everything okay over there?!"

<A period of silence lasts for a couple minutes before Cranidos walks back out of the darkness with a Pokéball in its mouth>

Amy: "My Cacnea!"

<Amy runs to Cranidos and takes back the Pokéball from its mouth. She hugs it and holds it close to her face>

Amy: "Oh I missed you so much! Never leave me like that again!"

Zane: "I wonder who brought your Cacnea here and why."

???: "Wouldn't you like to know, kid."

Zane: *Looking around* "Who said that?!"

<A man with green eyes and white hair jumps down from above. A Pokémon lands by him and shakes off the dust that it collected on its body>

Zane: "I've never seen that Pokémon before."

Zane's Pokédex: "Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon. Weavile is the evolved form of Sneasel. It is said to be extremely intelligent and its sharp eyes see everything."

Amy: "Are you the one that stole my Cacnea?"

???: "Yeah. Name's Archer and I'm a member of the fearless Team Amber."

Zane: "Team Amber?"

Amy: "Never heard of it."

Archer: *Falling to the ground, then standing up again in anger* "How can you not have heard of Team Amber?!"

Zane: "I don't know. But look, stealing Pokemon isn't cool."

Archer: "It isn't stolen if I take it and bring it back later."

Zane: "In other words, you weren't going to bring it back, were you?"

Archer: "Forget about the small talk. Hand over your Pokémon and we won't have a problem."

Zane: "No way is that happening. Cranidos, let's beat this guy."

<Cranidos stands in front of him and growls at Archer. Archer smiles and sends out his Weavile to battle>

Zane: "Cranidos, Headbutt!"

Archer: "Fury Swipes, Weavile!"

<Cranidos charges Weavile. Weavile runs at Cranidos as its sharp claws glow. Cranidos dodges underneath Weavile's Fury Swipes and hits it from behind. Weavile turns and slashes Cranidos, knocking it back against a wall. Cranidos slides out of Weavile's way as it tried another attack. Its claws pierce through the wooden wall and become stuck. It tries to pry its claws out of the wall as Cranidos returns to Zane's side>

Zane: "Now's our chance. Cranidos, Zen Headbutt!"

<Cranidos runs full sprint at Weavile as its head glows a bright blue color. Weavile tries harder to pry itself free, but Cranidos smashes its head against Weavile's back. Weavile flies through the wall that it was stuck in and crashes against a glass display case>

Archer: "This isn't over yet, kid! Weavile, return!" *Brings Weavile back into its Pokéball. Brings out another Pokéball* "Go, Magby! Use your Flamethrower!"

<Magby materializes and shoots fire from its funnel-like mouth. Cranidos dodges the fire and runs at Magby>

Archer: "Magby, Flame Charge!"

Zane: "Cranidos, Take Down!"

<Magby envelopes itself in fire as Cranidos runs at it. Magby and Cranidos collide. Cranidos gets pushed back, but quickly recovers, knocks Magby into the air, jumps up and smashes its head down from above. Magby crashes into the floor and faints>

Archer: "Ugh! Magby, return!"

<Magby returns to its Pokéball and he puts it away>

Zane: "Cranidos, return."

<Cranidos returns to its Pokéball and he clips it to his belt>

Archer: "This isn't over. Not by a mile!"

Zane: *Watches Archer run out of the castle* "Guess he's had enough." *Turning to Amy* "Is Cacnea okay?"

Amy: "Yep. He's perfectly fine."

Zane: "Great. Let's get out of this creepy castle. I'm starting to get chills."

<As they are about to head for the exit, a new Pokémon jumps down from above and blocks their path back to the drawbridge>

Zane: "Hey, what's going on?"

Amy's Pokédex: "Escavalier, the Cavalry Pokémon and the evolved form of Karrablast. Escavalier's body is protected by steel armor."

Zane: *Looking at Axew on his shoulder* "You're up, buddy."

???: "Escavalier, stop!"

<A boy with blue eyes and black hair jumps down from the darkness above and puts a hand on Escavalier's lance arm. Escavalier relaxes and he pats its arm>

Amy: "Who are you?"

Zane: "Are you one of those Team Amber guys that we just fought?"

???: "Huh? Oh, no. I'm not one of those guys. We were just about to ask if you were with them. By the way, I'm Arthur, and this is my partner Escavalier."

Zane: "Nice to meet you. I'm Zane and this is Amy."

Amy: *Waving* "Hi there, Arthur."

Zane: "That's an impressive Escavalier that you've got there."

Arthur: "Thanks. I evolved Escavalier from a Karrablast a few weeks ago."

Zane: "How did you end up in this castle, though?"

Arthur: "Oh. I was following a suspicious-looking guy through the woods last night. I saw him sneak up on these two campers and take something from this travel bag. Then I followed him into the castle and made sure that he didn't leave."

Amy: "So you saw him steal my precious Cacnea and didn't do anything to stop him?!"

Arthur: "I wasn't sure what would've happened. I didn't know if he had extra help, either."

Zane: "He does have a point. Thank you for keeping him from leaving, Arthur."

Arthur: "No problem. Hey, you guys are heading to Emerald City, right?"

Zane: "Yeah. Why? You wanna come too?"

Arthur: "I heard Emerald City's got some of the best crystal museums around. I wanna check them out."

Zane: *Walking out the front entrance* "Then let's get going. We've still got some walking to do."

<Arthur returns Escavalier to its Pokéball, packs it away, and runs after them. They exit the castle, walk across the drawbridge, and continue down the long, winding path through the forest>