Setting: Trainers and best friends Jessica and Aiden are battling out for the championship title! So far their battles have ruptured and completely destroyed most of the arena. However, it will soon change and bring a challenge to both Trainers and their Pokemon.

<Flygon and Yveltal crash their attacks into each other and create a massive explosion in the middle of the battlefield. They fly back and repeat crashing into each other several more times>.

Aiden: Flygon's not gonna be able to withstand too many more of those hits. If I want any chance against Yveltal, I need to outsmart it. Flygon's smaller in size, so it can maneuver around more quickly. I wonder if that'll make a difference? "Flygon, stop and fly straight up!"

<Flygon suddenly stops and watches Yveltal head straight for her. She flaps her wings down and jets herself straight into the air mere moments before Yveltal reaches it. Yveltal looks up and flies after Flygon. They both soar high into the air>.

Aiden: There's gotta be some kind of weak-point that I can exploit here. There's always one, right? The only thing I can do is keep Yveltal busy. "Flygon, fly out into the city!"

Jessica: "What?! Is that even allowed?!"

Referee: "Yes. The entire city is the arena. This area only serves as part of the initial tournament."

Jessica: "In that case, follow Flygon!"

<Flygon soars away from the arena and flies into the surrounding city. Yveltal follows close behind>.

Aiden: "Keep flying, Flygon!"

Jessica: What is he planning? Flygon can't beat Yveltal in terms of power. I'll just have to end this quick. "Yveltal, knock Flygon out of the air with Dark Pulse!"

<Yveltal fires dark energy from its mouth at Flygon. Flygon flies around and skyscraper and barely dodges it. Yveltal catches back up tries Dark Pulse again and again. Flygon weaves left and right and dodges every attempt>.

Aiden: Yveltal is too strong to attack directly, so I'll have to attack indirectly. Use the environment to my advantage. *Stares at the monitor following both Pokemon* "Flygon, fly into that construction site!"

<Flygon flies through the series of tall cranes that tower high above the sites below. Yveltal tries to fly through it, but gets hit by the machinery>.

Jessica: "No! Yveltal's too big to fly through that much equipment!"

Aiden: "Perfect. Flygon, Flamethrower!"

<Fire explodes from Flygon's mouth and hits Yveltal directly in the chest. Yveltal becomes enraged and soars out of the construction equipment>.

Aiden: "Flygon, chase Yveltal and use Dragon Tail!"

<Flygon chases Yveltal as it flies back to the arena. Flygon flies above Yveltal and swings its glowing tail down from above. It hits Yveltal on the head and sends it crashing to the arena floor. The impact scatters dust all around the field. Yveltal slowly rises from the impact crater. It roars as Flygon flies back to Aiden>.

Aiden: "Guess we need a little more. Flygon, one last Dragon Tail!"

<Flygon soars at Yveltal and spins its tail upward from below, hitting Yveltal in the chin. Yveltal wobbles around before falling to the ground and fainting>.

Referee: "This round goes to Flygon!"

Jessica: *Returns Yveltal to its Pokeball and takes out another. Throws it and Diancie comes out*

Aiden: "Another legendary? Getting desperate?"

Jessica: "Not even close."

Aiden: "Flygon, return for now." *Returns Flygon to its Pokeball and throws another in its place. Charizard appears and roars onto the field* "You know why I brought Charizard out when you brought Diancie, don't you?"

Jessica: "I do. Diancie's in love with Charizard after all."

------------------------------------------------------------------POKEMON POV--------------------------------------------------------------

Diancie: *Blushes* "Charizard, is it really you?"

Charizard: "Yeah."

Diancie: "You've changed so much since I first saw you as a little Charmander."

Charizard: "I had a great Trainer help me evolve. Aiden's been very good to me since he first picked me up from Professor Maple's Research Center. I'll always protect him."

Diancie: "I'm so happy that you've grown up. I've been waiting for a chance to see you again. I missed you while I was traveling with Jessica."

Charizard: "Yes. I can sense that you've grown stronger. Seven years, right?"

Diancie: "Yeah. You know that Jessica talks about Aiden all the time whenever she's battling. She always thinks back to how strong Aiden was. How he never gave up in anything that he put his mind to."

Charizard: "He's stubborn and refuses to accept defeat without putting up a good fight first. He and I are much alike in that aspect. I'm sorry that I'll have to fight you. But I don't plan on holding back."

Diancie: *Smiles* "Fine by me. I won't hold back either. And when I win, you promise to be mine. Okay?"

Charizard: *Blushes* "Stop it. I'm trying to focus."

--------------------------------------------------------------POKEMON POV END-----------------------------------------------------------

Referee: "BEGIN!!!"

Aiden: "Sorry to do this, Jessica! Charizard, Mega Punch!"

<Charizard roars and flies at Diancie. Its right fist glows with strong energy>.

Jessica: "I'm sorry too! Diancie, use Reflect!"

<A field appears in front of Diancie and stops Charizard's Mega Punch cold. The field launches Charizard back with extreme force. Charizard shakes it off and roars again>.

Jessica: "Diamond Storm!"

<A giant stream of shiny pink-colored diamonds swirl around Diancie before they attack Charizard>.

Aiden: "Charizard, fly away!"

<Charizard flies into the air and narrowly avoids the speeding diamond projectiles. The diamonds swiftly change directions and branch off in several smaller snake-like projectiles. Charizard stops in the air and is hit by three of the snake-like streams of diamonds at various intervals>.

Aiden: "Charizard!"

<Charizard tries to slash at the diamond streams, but they slither out of the way and attack from another angle. Charizard becomes angry>.

Aiden: Those diamond snakes are coming in from too many angles. We need to get past Diancie's defenses. "Charizard, Flamethrower on those diamond snakes!"

<Charizard ignites fire from its mouth and manages to hit one of the three diamond snakes. The diamonds explode in glittery fragments. Its right claw smacks into a second snake and explodes that one into fragments too. The final diamond snake projectile returns to Diancie and surrounds her like a rapidly spinning shield>.

Aiden: "Fire Blast!"

<Charizard launches a ball of fire that turns into a symbol for fire. It flies at Diancie and hits with explosive force. She emerges unhurt and smiles at Charizard>.

Aiden: "Again! Fire Blast!"

<Charizard, again launches another Fire Blast attack at Diancie. A field appears and blocks the attack>.

Jessica: "My turn. Moonblast!"

<Diancie charges a large ball of moonlight in her hands. She fires it at Charizard who flies into the air and dodges it by a fraction of a second. Aiden exchanges the stones on his wrist again and touches the stone, igniting a fire within Charizard and changing its appearance completely. Charizard emerges from the fragmented remains of its transformation with black and blue skin, and fire seeping from both sides of its mouth>.

Jessica: "So that's Charizard's Mega Evolved form, huh?"

Aiden: "Scared yet?"

Jessica: "Just excited is all." *Touches a new stone on her wrist as well* "Hope Charizard likes Diancie's new form as well."

<Diancie transforms into her new form and sparkling diamond fragments explode all across the arena>.

Audience: *Cheers for Diancie*

Aiden: "Well that's just showing off."

Jessica: "Diamond Storm!"

Aiden: "Bring Diancie down with a double Mega Punch!"

<Charizard flies at Diancie as sharp diamond projectiles spin around her like a tornado. Charizard smashes his right fist into the diamond tornado and makes a small hole in it. The hole's quickly filled again as he continues punching away at the swirling diamonds around Diancie>.

Aiden: "Keep punching!"

Jessica: "You've always been so reckless. Hyper Beam!"

<The swirling diamonds open as a massive beam of energy leaves Diancie's hands and hits Charizard in the chest. Charizard's tossed back and into the ground with a huge explosion of force>.

Aiden: "Charizard!"

<Charizard emerges from the rubble and pushes massive rocks off of its back using its strong wings. Charizard roars and flies out of the ground. Its eyes glow bright red with anger>.

Aiden: "Flamethrower!"

<Charizard ignites blue fire in its mouth and explodes it from its mouth with amazing force that cracks the ground around him. The fire hits Diancie and explodes. She emerges and flies into the air>.

Jessica: "Bring it! Diancie, Seismic Toss!"

Aiden: "You'll have to catch Charizard first! Fly away, buddy!"

<Diancie flies at Charizard and goes to grab him, but Charizard flies straight up and flies out of the arena completely. She follows him from behind>.

Aiden: "Fire Blast!"

<Charizard launches a giant symbol made of fire at Diancie who dodges and continues to try and grab him. Charizard flies up and soars above a tall skyscraper>.

Aiden: "I won't let Diancie grab Charizard! No matter what!"

Jessica: *Smiles* "Looks like your too late, Aiden."

Aiden: "What?!"

<Charizard looks around for Diancie when she appears from above and grabs him from behind. She hugs him tightly and flies back down toward the ground>.

Aiden: "Charizard, break free!"

Jessica: "Diancie, don't let go!"

<Diancie tightens her grip around Charizard as they both descend rapidly toward the ground below. Charizard tries to break free, but, Diancie doesn't let go>.

Aiden: "Charizard, come on!"

<Diancie finally throws Charizard into the ground with a large explosion and force that rocks the ground and nearby cars. Diancie flies back to the arena as Charizard soon emerges again; more angry than ever before. He flies back to Aiden>.

Aiden: "Sorry, buddy, but I'm gonna need you for the final battle. Go ahead and take a nice rest for now." *Returns Charizard to its Pokeball and throws out another one* "Time to bring out a legendary of my own!"

<The legendary firebird known as Ho-Oh appears on the battlefield and screeches loudly, announcing itself to everyone around it. It flaps its enormous wings, kicking up dirt every time they come down toward the ground>.

Jessica: "Finally I get to see a legendary from you. Impressive on catching a legendary like Ho-Oh. I think I'll let Diancie take a rest too." *Returns Diancie to its Pokeball and throws out another* "Go, Zapdos!"

<Zapdos emerges onto the field and screeches loudly as it softly flaps its yellow, jagged wings to stay just above the ground. As it screeched, lightning from its body scattered about and striped the ground of several large chucks of it. Ho-Oh and Zapdos stare each other down, fitting to defeat the other in battle>.