<Zane relaxes at the front of the ship as the sunshine beams down brightly on his face. Axew jumps up to the railing and rests on it while looking at the island with him>

Zane: "So, Axew, you ready to battle Kaleb and get that new badge?"

Axew: "Axew!" (Yeah!)

<Arthur, Amy, and Holly suddenly appear behind him and scare him and Axew into almost falling over the edge. Arthur and Amy grab hold of Zane's legs and Zane grabbed Axew by its waist. They pull him back up onto the top deck of the ship>

Zane: *Heavily breathing* "I scare easily, guys!"

Arthur: "Um, sorry about that, Zane."

Amy: "You alright?"

Zane: "Yeah. Thanks for the save."

Arthur: "So, are you excited for the battle with Kaleb?"

Zane: "Sure am. I could beat him with Rayquaza alone."

Holly: "Um, Zane...?"

Zane: "Yeah, Holly?"

Holly: "While Rayquaza could easily beat Kaleb's Pokémon, I don't think you can use Legendary Pokémon in Gyms."

Arthur: "She's right. Rules prevent anyone with those kinds of Pokémon from using them. It's a majorly unfair advantage to the challenger."

Zane: "So, I can't use Rayquaza?!"

Holly: "Afraid not, Zane."

Zane: "Aw man! What's the point of having Rayquaza if I can't use him to help win battles?!"

Amy: "Speaking of Rayquaza, you might wanna keep your voice down about having him."

Arthur: "That's true. There might be some thieves tempted to take Rayquaza."

<Zane sighs and drops to the floor of the upper deck>

Amy: "Zane, what's wrong?"

Zane: "I never realized the lengths that I'd have to go through just to keep Rayquaza safe with me."

Holly: "Well, you could always exchange Rayquaza out for another of your Pokémon. You've got plenty back at Professor Brooks's lab, and you're always catching more Pokémon out here."

Amy: "Don't worry, Zane. You'll get your chance to use Rayquaza."

<From the back of the ship they hear shouting and explosions occurring>

Zane: "What was that?"

Arthur: "Looked like explosions..."

Amy: "Let's go check it out."

<The group run down the ship and stop at a Pokémon battlefield as two separate Trainers battle with their own Pokémon>

Trainer: "Seviper, Poison Fang!"

Trainer #2: "Mudkip, dodge it!"

<Seviper's large fangs glow a bright purple color as it sinks them into Mudkip. Mudkip yelps as Seviper tosses Mudkip aside, causing it to faint>

Trainer #2: "Ah, Mudkip!"

Trainer: "Ha! That was pathetic! I was expecting a challenge!"

Amy: "Who is that guy?"

Holly: "Not sure. But, I don't like him at all."

<Zane sprints ahead and stands on the opposite side of the field>

All: "Zane!"

Zane: "Hey, who do you think you are?! That Trainer and his Mudkip fought as hard as they could!"

Trainer: "It wasn't much of a fight if he never even attacked me. Who are you supposed to be?"

Zane: "My name's Zane, and I challenge you to a battle!"

Trainer: "Seriously? Well, alright then..."

Arthur: "This isn't good..."

Amy: "What do you mean, Arthur?"

Arthur: "I know exactly what Zane's going to do. He'll likely use Rayquaza so he can teach that guy a lesson."

Holly: "But, can he really use a Legendary Pokémon on an informal battle like this?"

Arthur: "There's no rules against it."

Zane: *Taking out the Master Ball* "I've got a Pokémon that's gonna beat you."

Arthur: "Zane, no!"

Holly: "Hold on, Zane!"

Zane: *Tossing the Pokéball* "Go, Rayquaza!"

<The Pokéball opens and Rayquaza's great size enters the ring. It roars at Seviper and its Trainer. They both tremble in fear>

Trainer: "No way. have Rayquaza?!"

Zane: "That's right! Rayquaza, use Dragon Pulse on Seviper!"

<A large ball of energy grows in Rayquaza's mouth. It launches it and it impacts Seviper, exploding and instantly causing Seviper to faint>

Trainer: "I don't believe it. You took my unbeatable Seviper down in just one attack..."

Zane: "Nice work, Rayquaza. Take a break for now."

<Zane returns Rayquaza to its Master Ball and clips it to his belt. His friends walk over to him and look at the devastated Trainer>

Arthur: "Zane, don't you think you went a little "too much" on that Trainer?"

Zane: "Maybe. But, I know that I put him back in his place, too. It wasn't fun for me, but he deserved it. Besides, I'm never letting Rayquaza out of my sight."

<The afternoon arrives on the ship and Zane and his friends are enjoying a wondrous feast. Foods of all kinds are set out, and seconds and thirds are more than encouraged to take part in>

Amy: "This food is really good."

Arthur: "I have to admit that those cooks have great tastes."

Holly: "They still can't compare to your cooking, Arthur."

Zane: "She's right. I bet you could out-cook them all if you really tried."

Arthur: "Thanks for the compliments, but I just cook for the enjoyment of being with my friends."

Holly: "Zane, when we get to the island tomorrow, what are you planning to do?"

Zane: "I think I'll work on some training before I face Kaleb. If he's as tough as people say he is, then I'll need my Pokémon at their very best."

Amy: "If you ever need a training partner, I'm sure my Pokémon can lend a hand."

Holly: "Mine too."

Arthur: "I can help out anytime and anyplace, Zane."

Zane: "Thanks, guys. You're the best."

<The boat docks on the island, and Zane takes his first step off of the vessel. Axew jumps down from his shoulder and runs from the docks toward the beach shore surrounding the entire island>

Amy: "Wow. It's amazing!"

Arthur: "Sure looks like a major resort spot."

Zane: "I can't wait to get my next badge here! Let's go!"

<Zane suddenly takes off, his friends quickly tailing after him. A sight on the beach stops him from continuing. His friends stop behind him as he looks out on the flowing waves coming from the ocean. A large wave sweeps across the waters as a buff surfer maneuvers a surfboard along it. People on the beach (mostly girls) cheer him on and scream his name>

Girl: "Kaleb! I love you, Kaleb!"

Girl #2: "You're the best!"

Zane: "That's Kaleb out there?"

Holly: "That's the Phoria City Gym Leader, huh? Well, his reputation for being an excellent surfer doesn't lie."

Arthur: "Not bad..."

<Zane vaults over the railing and lands on the sand of the beach. He runs out toward where Kaleb's supposed to come ashore. Kaleb glides smoothly onto the beach shore. Zane rushes up to him with passion filling his heart>

Zane: "Are you Kaleb?!"

Kaleb: *Brushing aside some slivers of orange hair* "That is my name. So, what can I do for you, young one?"

Zane: "Kaleb, my name is Zane, and I challenge you to a-"

<A fan of Kaleb pushes Zane completely aside and comes close to him. Soon enough, more and more fans collect around him. They cheer, applaud, and scream his name>

Kaleb: "Girls, girls, please. One at a time. I was just about to have a talk with that young boy over there."

<Kaleb's fans look over as Zane yanks himself out of the sand. He becomes steamed up and stomps his way back over to Kaleb>

Kaleb: "Sorry about that. My fans can get a little "wild" sometimes. Now...what was it that you wanted to ask me, Zane, right?"

Zane: "Yeah. As I was saying before, I wanna challenge you to a Pokémon battle for my next Gym Badge!"

Kaleb: "A challenge, huh?" *Smiles and chuckles* "I haven't had a Trainer challenge me in weeks. Of course I'll accept your challenge. Meet me at the Phoria City Gym on the top of the mountains there. We'll duel there."

<Some time passes as Zane and his friends make their way up the mountain path toward the Gym belonging to Kaleb>

Arthur: "So, he said that Trainers haven't challenged him in weeks?"

Zane: "Yeah. I don't know why."

Holly: "Might be because most Trainers aren't determined enough to actually climb a mountain just to get to a Gym."

Amy: "I'm exhausted."

Holly: "Zane, how come you're not tired?"

Zane: "When I put my mind to something that means a lot to me, nothing but determination drives me. I don't feel tired, sleepy, or hungry in the slightest."

Arthur: "Wish we had that kind of energy, but we don't."

Amy: "Can't we take a break?"

Zane: *Sighs* "I've got an easier way of getting to the top." *Taking out a Pokéball and tossing it* "Come on out!"

<Rayquaza materializes and roars a loud roar. Zane gently pets its forehead>

Arthur: "I guess Rayquaza could give us a lift."

Amy: "Thanks, Zane."

Zane: "Sure thing. Rayquaza, could you give us a lift to the top of the mountain?"

Rayquaza: *Nods and lowers its head down*

Zane: "Thanks, buddy."

<Everyone climbs aboard Rayquaza. Rayquaza soars off up the mountain and arrives at the very top in a minute. Everyone hope off and Zane pets Rayquaza again>

Zane: "Thanks, Rayquaza. You're the best."

<Zane returns Rayquaza to its Master Ball and clips it to his sash. They stand on the outside of a massive Gym building with large plumes of warming steam coming up from the roof>

Amy: "Is that...steam?"

Arthur: "I think so..."

<The doors to the building open and cheering can be heard from within. Zane and his friends walk through the giant doors. They swing closed behind them as lights flicker on. A massive battlefield with stands of cheering girls on the sidelines appear from the darkness. Zane steps up to his side of the field and looks around>

Zane: "Woah. This isn't any normal Gym."

<He glances down at the rocks poking up from the water surrounding them. Kaleb walks up to the field and stands on the opposite side. He claps and bows to his fans, causing an uproar of more cheering and screaming>

Kaleb: "It looks like a greater turnout than all of my other battles combined. Thank you for that, Zane."

Zane: "Sure thing. I guess."

Kaleb: "Zane, I have something to ask you, if that's alright."

Zane: "Sure."

Kaleb: "I heard from one of the workers on the ship that you arrived in that you seem to have an interesting Pokémon with you. Is that true?"

Zane: "You mean Rayquaza?"

Kaleb: "Ah ha, so you do have Rayquaza! Bravo! What's say you bring him out and let us all marvel at his strength and beauty, Zane?!"

Zane: "Uh, sure, I guess it wouldn't hurt." *Taking out the Master Ball and tossing it* "Rayquaza, come on out and say hello!"

<Rayquaza materializes and roars a loud roar again. The crowds of people cheer and applaud Rayquaza's appearance to them>

Kaleb: "Amazing! Absolutely stunning!"

Holly: "Crowd's going wild over seeing Rayquaza."

Arthur: "Well, you can't really blame them. After all, seeing Rayquaza up-close and personal in its calmest state is quite rare. Especially having a Trainer catching it."

Kaleb: "I must say, Zane, Rayquaza's just as gorgeous and powerful as I remember from the stories told of it. Would you mind keeping Rayquaza out during our match?"

Zane: "Not a problem. Rayquaza, you okay with that?"

Rayquaza: *Nods*

Zane: "Great! Let's battle, Kaleb!"

Referee: "Each side is allowed a total of six Pokémon! Any and all substitutions will be given to the challenger! Are both sides ready to begin?!"

Both: "Yeah!"

Referee: "Then let the match...begin!"

Kaleb: *Taking out and tossing a Pokéball* "Alright! Let's get this show on the road!"

<A Pokémon that Zane's never seen before materializes in the water surrounding the small rock islands. It comes out and roars at Zane furiously>

Zane's Pokédex: "Gyarados. This Pokémon has a vicious temperament, so use extreme caution. Its fangs can crush stones and its scales are harder than steel."

Zane: "We can take it!" *Looking at Axew* "Axew, you ready to go?"

Axew: "Axew!" (Yeah!)

Referee: "Begin!"

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Claw!"

<Axew charges at Gyarados while hopping from island to island. Axew jumps up and slashes at Gyarados's face>

Kaleb: "Gyarados, block with Aqua Tail, please."

<The end of Gyarados's tail forms swirling currents of water around it. Their attacks clash, Axew then being thrown back>

Kaleb: "Water Gun!"

<Gyarados blasts water at Axew, knocking it into an island with a big splash>

Zane: "Axew!"

<Axew jumps back up and shakes off the water on its body>

Zane: "Great work, Axew! Dragon Pulse!"

<A ball of energy flies at Gyarados>

Kaleb: "Go underwater to dodge it!"

<Gyarados dives underwater as the Dragon Pulse attack flew over it. It explodes one of the rocky islands, scattering debris across the battlefield>

Amy: "Wow. Zane and Axew are fighting hard out there."

Holly: "The size of their Pokémon is changing how this battle will turn out."

Kaleb: *Thinking* Rayquaza has itself wrapped around Zane like a personal pet. How lovely. I thought I'd never see the day that such a vicious and dangerous Pokémon would open up to one boy. Impressive...

<Axew looks around the water. Gyarados rises up from beneath Axew's rocky island, throwing Axew onto another island>

Zane: "Axew, get up and use Dragon Pulse again!"

<Axew fires another energy ball, impacting Gyarados in the face. Jerking its head back, Gyarados lashes its tail about, smashing another island in the panic>

Zane: "Dragon Claw!"

<Axew's claws become enveloped into two large purple claws as it runs toward Gyarados. Axew jumps up and slashes Gyarados into the face. The impact throws them apart from each other>

Zane: "Finish it up with Dragon Rush!"

<Energy surrounds Axew as it flies into Gyarados's chest. Gyarados flies back and crashes against a couple more islands, shattering them and fainting in the impact as well>

Referee: "Gyarados is unable to battle! Axew is the winner, which means the first round goes to the challenger!"

Kaleb: *Smiling and pulling out a Pokéball* "Well done, Gyarados. Please take care and enjoy your rest."

<Gyarados returns to its Pokéball. He activates another Pokéball and tosses it onto the battlefield>

Kaleb: "Go, Lombre!"

Zane's Pokédex: "Lombre, the Jolly Pokémon. Lombre is the evolved form of Lotad. Primarily a nocturnal creature, it is sometimes mistaken for a human child."

Amy: "Lombre? But I thought Lombre was a Grass and Water-type Pokémon."

Arthur: "It is. Why Kaleb's using Lombre is up for anyone's guess."

Kaleb: *Thinking* Because Zane has the ability to tame Rayquaza, and he's also my first challenger in weeks, I'm pulling all the stops out for this grand show. Letting him win the first couple battles before I really get started should help him adapt to when his opponent suddenly changes plans. Let's see how well he is at that.

Referee: "Begin!"

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Claw!"

Kaleb: "Dodge it and use Uproar!"

<Lombre jumps above Axew and lets out a series of loud screeches. Axew stumbles around as Lombre lands on the island again>

Kaleb: "Energy Ball!"

<A ball of green energy impacts Axew, knocking it back and exploding in the air. Axew hits a nearby island and struggles to stand up>

Zane: *Thinking* I can't keep Axew out here for much longer. I have to substitute...

Kaleb: "Scald!"

<Axew watches as Lombre jumps high above it and lets out a stream of steaming water toward it>

Zane: "Axew, come back!"

<Axew looks at Zane before jumping out of the path of the attack. Axew returns to Zane's side as he takes out another Pokéball>

Zane: "Take a rest, Axew. You were great."

Axew: "Axew!" (Okay!)

Kaleb: "Very impressive, Zane. You're turning out to be a very unique and different challenger."

Zane: "Thanks." *Tossing the Pokéball* "Go, Rattata!"

<A purple mouse Pokémon appears on one of the remaining islands>

Kaleb: "A Rattata? Hm. I've never seen one before. It's very cute."

Zane: "We'll show you just how cute Rattata really is! Rattata, use Bite!"

<Rattata jumps from island to island as it speeds off toward Lombre. Kaleb crosses his arms and says nothing>

Arthur: "Why isn't Kaleb doing anything?"

<Rattata bites down on Lombre's lilypad head. Lombre thrashes around, but Rattata hangs on firmly>

Zane: "Throw Lombre around!"

<Rattata shakes Lombre around before letting go and causing it to fly into the water with a harsh impact. Lombre surfaces again and has fainted>

Referee: "Lombre is unable to battle! The second round goes to Rattata!"

Zane: "Alright! You did it, Rattata!"

Kaleb: "Lombre, return for now! Well done, my friend!"

<Lombre returns as Zane returns his Rattata to its Pokéball. Kaleb smiles and chuckles>

Kaleb: "Zane, I hope you're not letting your guard down because you've won a couple battles."

Zane: "No way. I'm not letting a single thing pass me by."

Kaleb: *Smiling* "Good. Then you'll have no trouble seeing my next Pokémon battle with style!" *Tossing a Pokéball* "Go, Octillery!"

<An octopus Pokémon materializes in the water and pokes its head up, looking at Zane>

Zane: "Octillery?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Octillery, the Jet Pokémon. Will instinctively sneak into rocky holes. It locks onto opponents with its leg suckers, then rams them with its rock-hard head."

Zane: "Alright." *Tossing another Pokéball* "Dewott, I choose you!"

<Dewott materializes and grabs its duel shells from the sides of its legs>

Kaleb: "Dewott looks energized and ready. Excellent."

Referee: "Round Three...begin!"

Kaleb: "Octillery, Gunk Shot!"

<Octillery launches itself into the air and fires a shot of black mud from its tubular mouth>

Zane: "Dewott, Water Gun!"

<Dewott fires water from its mouth and destroys the attack. Dewott jumps from island to island as it heads toward Octillery>

Kaleb: "Use Bind!"

Zane: "Razor Shell!"

<Octillery wraps its long tentacles around Dewott, encasing it completely. From inside, Dewott slashes around its Razor Shell attacks, breaking away from Octillery and floating momentarily in the air>

Zane: "Aqua Jet!"

<Rushing water surrounds Dewott as it speeds off toward Octillery. Dewott smashes into Octillery, throwing it across the field and outside of the battlefield>

Referee: "Octillery is unable to battle! Dewott takes the third round!"

Amy: "I can't believe how good Zane's doing. He hasn't lost a single Pokémon, while Kaleb's lost three of his."

Arthur: "I wouldn't count Zane the victor just yet."

Holly: "What do you mean, Arthur?"

Arthur: "I'm not sure yet. But I think this battle's about to turn in Kaleb's favor."

Kaleb: *Takes out another Pokéball and tosses it* "Now it's time to get serious! Go, Floatzel!"

Zane's Pokédex: "Floatzel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon and the evolved form of Buizel. Its flotation sac developed as an aid in chasing aquatic prey. Floatzel can also carry people on its back."

Zane: "Dewott, you okay to keep battling?!"

Dewott: *Crossing its arms and smiling* "Dew!" (Yes!)

Referee: "Round Four...begin!"

Zane: "Dewott, go underwater!"

<Dewott dives underwater and disappears>

Kaleb: "Impressive first move. Floatzel, keep an eye out."

<Floatzel looks around the island that it stands on, in search for Dewott. Dewott springs out from Floatzel's right side>

Zane: "Aqua Jet!"

<Dewott rushes at Floatzel as a water stream of rushing water>

Kaleb: *Smiling* "Floatzel, dodge it."

<Floatzel smiles and jumps up just as Dewott struck the spot where it once stood before. The water from the attack scatters and Dewott manages to recover>

Kaleb: "Water Pulse!"

<Floatzel launches a water ball at Dewott from the air>

Zane: "Razor Shell, Dewott!"

<Dewott's twin shells become blades as they slash through the Water Pulse attack. Floatzel appears behind Dewott with a sinister smile on its face>

Zane: "Dewott, behind you!"

Kaleb: "Seismic Toss!"

<Floatzel grabs Dewott by its sides and jumps into the air. Floatzel spins upside-down and throws Dewott into the island below them. Dewott smashes into the island with a fierce impact>

Kaleb: "Aqua Jet, go!"

<Floatzel speeds straight down on top of Dewott with a explosion of rushing water trailing behind it. The impact and dust subsides, revealing Dewott knocked out completely>

Referee: "Dewott is unable to battle! Round Four goes to Gym Leader Kaleb!"

Holly: "I don't understand. How did Kaleb suddenly come back like that?"

Arthur: "He was leading Zane into a false sense of victory. Once he was sure that Zane could beat his Pokémon, he began revealing his real connection with his Pokémon. It was a bold move, but one that Zane hadn't expected yet."

Zane: *Thinking* That was so quick. How did Kaleb come back like that? Dewott was more than capable, but it was like Kaleb was one with Floatzel. I've gotta think of something fast...

<Zane returns Dewott to its Pokéball and sends Axew in as his next Pokémon>

Referee: "Round five may begin!"

Kaleb: "I'll go ahead and take the first crack at it. Floatzel, Aqua Jet into the air!"

<Floatzel rises into the air with rushing water surrounding its body>

Kaleb: "Aim for Axew!"

<Floatzel races toward Axew with incredible speed. Zane becomes completely unaware of the speed and simply does nothing>

To Be Continued...