Zane: "Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

Amy: "Aggron, block it and use Flamethrower!"

<Axew fires a ball of energy at Aggron as it puts up its armored arms. The ball explodes, leaving only minor scratches on Aggron. Aggron launches a stream of fire from its mouth as Axew and hits it directly. Axew hits the ground, then struggles to its feet>

Zane: "Hang in there, Axew! Dragon Claw!"

<Axew shakes off the hit and charges at Aggron, slashing it in the face with a purple-colored claw. Aggron tumbles back>

Amy: "Outrage!"

Zane: "Dragon Rush!"

<Aggron charges at Axew with unrelenting speed and anger. Axew rushes toward Aggron as powerful energy surrounds its small body. Axew launches from the ground and becomes a stream of rushing energy heading toward Aggron>

Zane: "Go, Axew!"

<Both attacks collide and cause an enormous explosion that blows both Pokémon back across the field. Aggron huffs and takes in large intakes of air; same as Axew too>

Zane: "Aggron is really strong, Amy!"

Amy: "So's Axew! You've done great on training it!"

Zane: "Thanks! Alright, Axew, let's wrap this up with Headbutt!"

Axew: "Axew!" (Right!)

<Axew charges at Aggron who stands ready for its next attack command from Amy>

Amy: "Aggron,"

<Axew jumps from the ground and launches into the air, coming down and heading straight for Aggron>

Amy: "Aggron, what do I do?!" *Getting nervous* "Aggron, do something!"

Aggron: "Aggron!" (Okay!)

<Aggron's tail suddenly becomes coated in a metallic substance as it spins, smacking its tail into Axew from the side and sending it hurtling back toward Zane>

Zane: "Woah!"

<Axew's momentum crashes into Zane and they both crash to the ground with a large impact. They both faint>

Arthur: "I guess Zane and Axew are unable to battle, so, Amy wins!"

Holly: *Clapping* "Way to go, Amy!"

Amy: *Sighing* "Thanks, Aggron. Return for now."

<Aggron's returned to its Pokéball. Zane and Axew return to normal and the group start up on their journey again>

Zane: "Amy, did something happen during our battle? You seemed really nervous."

Amy: "I'm sorry. I just wasn't ready for that kind of battle. I haven't done any training for my next pageant yet."

Arthur: "Come to think of it, I haven't heard about any recent pageants during our travels."

Amy: "I have to know when the next one is. My entire life depends on winning the next one."

Zane: "I'm sure you'll do just fine."

???: "I wouldn't be so sure of that, Zane."

<Zane turns his head and spots a familiar face, making him shiver and click his teeth together>

Holly: "Zane, you okay?"

Arthur: "What's wrong, Zane?"

Zane: "Sierra?!"

All: "Sierra?"

Sierra: "Hello, Zane. Aren't you gonna come out and introduce your friends to me?"

Holly: "Zane, who's that girl that you're shaking over?"

Zane: "That's Sierra. She's the reason why I started hanging out with Blake instead of her."

Arthur: "But I thought you and Blake were always friends."

Zane: "No. Not always. I used to be friends with Sierra because our parents lived close to each other. I had my first Pokémon battle with her, but it didn't go so well."

Amy: "What happened?"

Zane: "She beat my dad's Mudkip pretty bad. She has a problem with knowing when to stop. She always trains her Pokémon to be brutal and relentless."

Holly: "Wow. She doesn't sound very nice."

Zane: "She isn't. Every time I battled her, I'd lose and return home with my Pokémon badly hurt. I stopped playing with her about a year before leaving on my journey."

Sierra: "What's the matter, Zane? Come on out. Unless you're still scared of me."

<He steps out from his shaking and walks closer to her, stopping a few feet between>

Zane: "It's...nice to see you again, Sierra. How have you been?"

Sierra: "I've been great. Got myself five Gym Badges and am on my way to get my sixth."

Zane: "You have five?"

Sierra: "Sure do. The Gym Leaders had to surrender because I wouldn't stop attacking their Pokémon. They're weak to be called "Gym Leaders"."

Zane: "That's...good...for you..."

Sierra: "So, how many badges do you have so far?"

Zane: "Um...three. My fourth is gonna be in Sunset City."

Sierra: "Only three?!" *Laughing* "Unbelievable! I would've expected better from you! Man you're such a loser!"

Amy: *Grinding her teeth and running ahead* "Hey, stop making fun of Zane like that!"

<She stops beside Zane and glares at her>

Amy: "Zane's been taking his time in getting his badges! There's nothing wrong with that!"

<Arthur soon joins up on the other side of Zane, Holly then follows moments later next to Arthur>

Arthur: "You don't have the right to make fun of our friend like that, Sierra. You rely on brute strength when that's only good for so much."

Holly: "You're just putting Zane down because you're afraid of how good Zane really is."

Sierra: "Afraid of Zane? Ha! Not a chance."

Zane: "Listen, Sierra, I'm not afraid of you. Let's settle this like we used to. How about it?!"

Sierra: *Playfully tossing a Pokéball up into the air and catching it* "A Pokémon battle, huh? Fine by me. You'll be seeing how strong I really am. I won't be holding back."

Zane: "Fine by me. Let's battle!"

<Zane and Sierra stand on opposite sides of a grassy field as they each bring their Pokémon out for battle>

Zane: "Axew, I'm using you buddy!"

<Axew jumps down from his shoulder and stands on the field in front of him>

Sierra: "I remember hearing about that Axew. You rescued it. How noble of you." *Tossing a Pokéball* "Blaziken, front and center!"

Zane's Pokédex: "Blaziken, the Blaze Pokémon. When it meets a powerful enemy, fire burns around its arms and legs. Its powerful legs are strong enough to leap over buildings."

Arthur: "I'll be the referee! Let the match begin!"

Sierra: "Flare Blitz, go!"

<Blaziken's body becomes engulfed in fire as it charges toward Axew>

Arthur: "Axew, dodge it!"

<Axew jumps and passes over Blaziken. Blaziken smiles and gets out of its Flare Blitz attack, spinning and kicking Axew in its stomach>

Zane: "Axew!"

<Axew's launched across the field and smashes to the ground>

Amy: "That was so fast. How did Blaziken get out of one attack and perform another attack like that?"

Arthur: "Blaziken has a special ability called Speed Boost. At the end of each attack that it performs, its speed increases dramatically."

Holly: "That's gonna be hard for Axew to match."

Sierra: "What's the matter, Zane?! Already feeling down?!"

Zane: "You can do it, Axew! Get up and use Dragon Claw!"

<Axew quickly rises to its feet and charges at Blaziken; its claws glowing purple and pulsating in energy>

Sierra: "Weak. Blaziken, block it and counter with Fire Punch!"

<Blaziken blocks Axew's Dragon Claw attack with one hand, and smashes the fire-covered fist of its other hand into Axew from the front. Axew's thrown back and crashes to the ground with a large impact explosion>

Zane: "Axew!" *Running toward the impact* "Axew!"

<Axew slowly climbs up from the crater, Zane picking Axew up shortly after it climbs out>

Zane: "Axew, Axew are you alright?"

Axew: "Ax...ew." (Yes...Master.)

Zane: "You don't have to battle anymore, okay? You did a great job."

<Axew pushes away from Zane and hops back to its own feet on the ground, striking a fighting pose>

Zane: "Axew?"

Sierra: "That little runt's tougher than I thought. Not bad..."

Zane: "If you're sure about fighting on, then use Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew jumps into the air and fires a ball of energy at Blaziken. Blaziken performs a spin-kick and causes it to explode on impact, resulting Blaziken taking no damage>

Sierra: "Flare Blitz!"

<Spinning fire currents engulf Blaziken as it races toward Axew>

Zane: "Dragon Rush!"

<Axew becomes engulfed in powerful energy as it charges at Blaziken. Both attacks smash into each other and cause a massive explosion, scattering strong winds carrying dust and rocks across the field. The clouds of dust fade away and show both Axew and Blaziken have fainted>

Arthur: "Both Blaziken and Axew are unable to battle! It's a draw!"

Sierra: *Returning Blaziken to a Pokéball* "Neither of us won or lost, so it's not all bad. Guess you have gotten stronger since our very first battle." *Turning and waving goodbye* "Well, see you later Zane. Maybe we'll meet up again."

Zane: "I know we will..."

<Their walk continues through the bright and sunny day. The path they travel along reaches a split-off point of three separate pathways leading to several different locations>

Zane: "Which way do we go?"

Arthur: "The middle path."

Holly: "I can't wait to stop by the nearest town and get something to eat. I'm starving."

Zane: "Me too."

<Down the middle path, they spot a large town and race toward it>

Amy: "What is that place?"

Arthur: "According to the Pokédex map, it's now as Lucio Town."

Zane: "Awesome. We can get some food there. Let's go!"

<They enter the town and stop close to the front entrance>

Zane: "It's amazing here!"

Amy: *Looking around and stopping at a poster of interest* "Hey guys, look over there at that poster on the wall."

<The group walk to the poster and read it as: "Welcome all to the Fifth Annual Lucio Town Pokéspectacular Tournament!". Zane nods and shows a face of determination in it>

Zane: "Awesome. I'm gonna enter and win it."

Holly: "I'll enter too."

Amy: "Me too. I need to practice my moves for the next contest."

Arthur: "I'll join up, too."

<Crowds in the hundreds cheer in the large stadium building in the center of the town. Trainers in the couple dozens appear on the field and stand facing the large announcing stage. Two judges walk to their spots and also appear on the large screen behind them>

Judge: "Greetings all to the Fifth Annual Pokéspectacular Tournament held here in Lucio Town!"

Crowds: *Cheering and applause*

Judge: "I'll be your host, the name's Richard. And this is my additional commentary adviser: Lisa."

Lisa: "I'm jumping for joy at seeing all of the intense battling sure to take place here, Richard."

Richard: "That's right, Lisa. Alright! Let's see who our match-ups are gonna be!"

<The matching occurs behind them. All twenty-four competitors appear with the opponents that they're facing>

Richard: "Looks like our first two opponents will be Alena and David!"

<Both Trainers step up to the battlefield and each toss out their selected Pokémon. The battle goes on before Alena and her Pokémon finish off with the winning move>

Lisa: "Looks like Alena and her Tauros have beaten David and his Crobat. Astounding."

Crowds: *Loud cheering*

Richard: "Amazing! Our next battle is between Trainers Arthur and Brianna!"

<Arthur stands on the side of the battlefield closest to his friends. They cheer him on as he looks at his reflection through the shined Pokéball firmly held in his hand>

Arthur: "It's time I switched things up a little." *Tossing it out* "Go, Corphish!"

<A Pokémon with sharp claws appears and looks around the stadium, marveling at all the people in the stands>

Amy: "Arthur's not using Escavalier? I thought that was his favorite, though."

Zane: "He's gonna try using another of his Pokémon. That way he can train all of them."

Holly: "What Pokémon did you choose, Zane?"

Zane: "My best friend and faithful partner Axew, of course."

Axew: "Axew, ew, ew, Axew!" (Yay, we, together, will win!)

Brianna: *Tossing a Pokéball* "Garchomp, let's win this!"

Zane: "A Garchomp?"

Amy: "I remember that Garchomp from when we saved Rayquaza. Are they always so brutal?"

Holly: "They are Dragon-type Pokémon; known well for their rage and short tempers."

Referee: "Begin!"

Brianna: "Garchomp, Dragon Rush!"

<Garchomp jumps into the air with incredible speed as energy engulfs its body. It flies off toward Corphish>

Arthur: "A perfect shot for a counterattack, I'd say. Corphish, use Metal Claw!"

<Corphish jumps out of Garchomp's path and slams a metallic claw on its head, causing Garchomp to impact the ground with great force. Corphish lands in front of Arthur completely safe>

Zane: "Wow. That Corphish is really strong."

Holly: "Yeah."

Amy: "Wow. It took Garchomp down in one hit."

Brianna: "Garchomp, get back up and use Bite!"

<From the dust cloud, Garchomp emerges and attacks Corphish with a powerful chomp of its glowing teeth>

Brianna: "Gotcha!"

Arthur: "I'm afraid not."

Brianna: "Huh?"

<Garchomp bites down on Corphish's left claw, while its right claw opens up wide>

Arthur: "I've been looking for the perfect chance to try out this new move. Corphish, use Hyper Beam."

Brianna: "Hyper Beam that close up will hurt both of our Pokémon!"

Arthur: "Exactly."

<A powerful ball of energy charges it inside Corphish's right claw before exploding out in a huge beam of pulsating light. A large explosion scatters dark clouds of dust and debris across the stadium. When it clears, Garchomp's been bruised and beaten down badly>

Richard: "Amazing! Garchomp's taken a large amount of damage while Corphish has none inflicted on itself! But that hit from the Hyper Beam should've affected both Pokémon!"

Arthur: "Corphish's hard shell was able to withstand the entire blast long enough for Garchomp to receive its fair share of it."

Zane: "Man, that Corphish is really strong. No doubt."

Brianna: "I don't understand how a pint-sized Pokémon can cause so much damage."

Arthur: "You've heard of the saying that big things come in small packages, right?"

Brianna: "Yeah. But, what about it?"

Arthur: "This is a prime example of how that saying's true. Corphish, finish this up with Vice Grip!"

<Corphish's glowing right claw clamps down on Garchomp's face, tightening more as it holds on. Garchomp thrashes around to try to shake Corphish off>

Arthur: "Throw Garchomp in the air and stand back."

<Corphish throws Garchomp into the air and lands on its feet away from where Garchomp crashes into the ground. The dust clears and Garchomp faints>

Referee: "Garchomp is unable to battle! Corphish wins!"

Richard: "Amazing! Simply unbelievable!"

Arthur: *Kneeling beside Corphish* "You did great, Corphish. I'm proud of your training."

Corphish: "Corphish, cor!" (Thank you, Master!)

Richard: "Our next battle is between Zane and Jordan! Give them a rousing applause, folks!"

Crowds: *Applause and cheering*

Zane: "Alright, Axew, you ready to win?"

Axew: "Ew." (Yeah.)

<Zane and a female challenger step up to the battlefield. Axew hops down from his shoulder and stands on his side. Jordan takes out a Pokéball and tosses it into the air. It opens up>

Jordan: "Abomasnow, let's win this!"

Amy's Pokédex: "Abomasnow, the Frost Tree Pokémon and the evolved form of Snover. Abomasnow appear when snow flowers bloom and return to places unknown when the petals fall."

Referee: "Begin the match!"

Jordan: "Abomasnow, use Blizzard!"

<Abomasnow opens its mouth and lets out strong winds of freezing snow particles. Axew hugs itself and shivers feverishly>

Zane: "Stay strong, Axew. Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew fires an energy ball through the snow and hits Abomasnow directly, knocking it back and stopping its Blizzard attack from continuing>

Jordan: "Ice Punch!"

Zane: "Dodge it!"

<Axew dodges the Ice Punch attack and lands across from Abomasnow as it hits the ground. The ground where the fist impacted freezes over in a thick slate of shiny ice>

Zane: "Use Headbutt!"

<Axew jumps at Abomasnow and smashes its head against its chest. Abomasnow recovers without damage and punches Axew back>

Jordan: "A little Pokemon like Axew can't possibly beat my hulking Abomasnow. Ice Beam!"

Zane: "Dragon Rush!"

<Axew charges Abomasnow inside and stream of energy as Abomasnow fires trails of blue-colored lightning. It hits Axew and freezes the attack completely>

Zane: "Axew's frozen solid!"

Jordan: "Solar Beam!"

<Abomasnow charges a beam of pure light from its hands. It fires from a ball to a beam and hits Axew, exploding and throwing Axew back to Zane's side of the field>

Zane: "Axew, Axew are you alright?!"

Axew: *Whimpering*

Arthur: "Axew's taken a lot of damage from that Solar Beam. I don't think it can get back up without hurting itself even more."

Amy: "Axew's stronger than that. Come on, Axew! You can do it!"

<Axew struggles around and stands up again, breathing heavily and working to maintain its own balance>

Jordan: "Ice Punch again!"

<Abomasnow runs at Axew as its right fist begins to glow a blueish color>

Zane: "Axew, look out!"

<Axew strengthens its stance and pushes against Abomasnow's Ice Punch attack upon impact. The hit scatters strong winds that kick up dirt from the stadium>

Jordan: "That's not possible! How could a little Axew block my Abomasnow's Ice Punch?!"

Zane: "It's because Axew's a lot stronger than you think it is. Axew, nice work. Use Dragon Pulse and push it back!"

<A ball of energy hits Abomasnow in the face and throws it back. Abomasnow recovers and snorts frost from its nose in anger>

Zane: "Dragon Rush, one more time!"

<Axew launches at Abomasnow inside a stream of rushing energy>

Jordan: "Block it!"

<Abomasnow puts its hands up in an "X" fashion as Axew smashes against it. The rushing energy pushes against Abomasnow as its feet begin to slide back across the battlefield>

Zane: "You can do it, Axew! Keep pushing and don't give in!"

<Axew breaks off its attack and causes Abomasnow to throw its arms aside. Axew lands on the ground and pushes off with its feet, emerging itself again in energy and smashing into Abomasnow's chest. They soar into the air before coming back straight down and hitting the ground in a massive impact. The dust clears and Abomasnow's fainted>

Referee: "Abomasnow's unable to battle! The winner is Axew and its Trainer: Zane!"

Zane: "Yeah! You did it, Axew!"

<Zane runs to Axew and picks it up, hugging it tightly in his arms>

Zane: "You're the best, Axew. I'm so proud of you."

Richard: "An amazing battle for all to enjoy as the first day of the Fifth Annual Lucio Town Pokéspectacular Tournament comes to a close. Hope to see you tomorrow!"

Lisa: "Bye, everyone!"

<Zane and his friends relax in a park nearby and enjoy a cooked meal and a picnic. Axew jumps down from his shoulder and plays with the other Pokémon>

Amy: "You were amazing out there, Arthur, Zane."

Arthur: "I'm especially excited to see what yours and Holly's opponents are gonna bring to the field."

Holly: "What Pokémon are you planning on using, Amy?"

Amy: "Aggron's really strong, so maybe him."

Holly: "I'll be using my Carnivine..."

Zane: "Me and Axew are more than excited to battle anyone." *Looking to Axew* "Right, buddy?"

Axew: *Smiling* "Axew!" (Right!)

<The following day comes around and the battle for Holly arrives as well. The crowds of people cheer as Holly makes her way to the center field>

Zane: "You can do it, Holly!"

Amy: "We'll cheer you on all the way!"

Arthur: "Do your best, Holly! Don't give up!"

Richard: "Welcome all to another beautiful day here at Lucio Stadium in Lucio Town. The second day of the Pokéspectacular Tournament is about to begin. Our first match up today is between Trainer Holly and Trainer Franklin."

Holly: *Throwing a Pokéball* "Go, Carnivine!"

Franklin: *Throwing a Pokéball* "Pignite, burn them up good!"

Referee: "Let the match begin!"

Holly: "Carnivine, Bullet Seed!"

Franklin: "Block it, Pignite!"

<Carnivine fires speeding seeds from its mouth, Pignite blocks it with fire from its nose and runs at Carnivine with immense speed>

Franklin: "Fire Punch!"

<Pignite jumps into the air before coming back down with its right fist engulfed in fire>

To Be Continued...