Holly: "Carnivine, dodge it!"

<Carnivine dodges Pignite's Fire Punch. The fist impacts the ground and explodes into a dense dust cloud. Carnivine lands on Franklin's side of the field>

Holly: "Use Vine Whip!"

<Two vines emerge from Carnivine's neck and lash out at Pignite. Pignite's lashed repeatably with the Vine Whip>

Lisa: "Looks like Pignite's taking that Vine Whip with pure will power! Amazing!"

Franklin: "Pignite, Flamethrower!"

<Pignite launches a stream of fire from its nostrils and knocks back the Vine Whip>

Franklin: "Tackle, let's go!"

<Pignite runs at Carnivine and smashes its body against its chest, pushing it back>

Holly: "Carnivine, grab Pignite and jump into the air! Quick!"\

<Carnivine grabs Pignite and jumps into the air. Pignite tries to break free, but to no use>

Holly: "Come back down and and throw Pignite into the ground!"

Franklin: "Pignite, get out of there!"

Pignite: "Pig...nite!" (I...can't!)

<Carnivine throws Pignite into the ground and lands back in front of Holly>

Holly: "Bullet Seed!"

<Carnivine fires speeding seed projectiles at Pignite, exploding and causing Pignite to faint>

Referee: "Pignite is unable to battle! Carnivine is the winner!"

Crowds: *Applause and cheering*

Richard: "Wonderful! Another spectacular match!"

Tournament Matchmaking Results (Qualifiers)

  1. Alena and David (Winner: Alena)
  2. Arthur and Brianna (Winner: Arthur)
  3. Zane and Jordan (Winner: Zane)
  4. Franklin and Holly (Winner: Holly)
  5. Hawk and Alan (Winner: Alan)
  6. Desmond and Catlin (Winner: Catlin)
  7. George and Linn (Winner: George)
  8. Amanda and Vixen (Winner: Vixen)
  9. Newton and Sarah (Winner: Sarah)
  10. Kat and Tristan (Winner: Tristan)
  11. Mark and Brandy (Winner: Mark)
  12. Jacob and Howard (Winner: Howard)

<The rest of the day's battles go on and produce the final winners of the qualifying rounds. The beginning of the quarterfinal rounds begin. The first battle is between two Trainers named Alena and George>

Alena: *Tossing a Pokeball* "Go, Tauros!"

George: *Tossing a Pokeball* "Go, Xatu!"

<Both Pokemon materialize onto the field>

Referee: "Battle, begin!"

<The battle ends with Tauros stomping Xatu into the ground, claiming victory for Alena>

Alena: "Yeah!"

George: "No! We came so close!"

Richard: "Delightful! Onto the second match!"

<The next match puts Zane against Sarah. They both stand on their sides of the battlefield>

Zane: "Okay. Axew, let's do this!"

<Axew jumps out and lands excitingly onto Zane's side of the field. Meanwhile, Sarah grabs a Pokeball from her belt and tosses it out. It opens and a Pokemon materializes>

Zane: "Woah. That's a new Pokemon."

Zane's Pokedex: "Skarmory, the Armor Bird Pokémon. Because Skarmory nests in briers and is constantly scratched by thorns, its wings become razor sharp."

Referee: "Match...begin!"

Amy: "Go, Zane!"

Holly: "You can win this!"

Arthur: "Keep battling and don't lose confidence! We're all here for you, Zane!"

Sarah: "Skarmory, use Peck!"

<Skarmory flies into the air and descends quickly, heading for Axew as its large, armored beak glows a bright, white-like color>

Zane: "Dodge it, Axew!"

<Axew jumps up and dodges the Peck, landing on Skarmory's back and flying off into the air>

Sarah: "Skarmory, get Axew off of you!"

Zane: "Axew, hang on and keep using Scratch!"

<Axew's claws glow a white color as it repeatably slashes them across Skarmory's back. Skarmory's aches in pain as it begins to descend. Axew jumps off and Skarmory smashes to the ground, fainting after the dust clears>

Referee: "Skarmory is unable to battle! Axew and Zane win!"

Lisa: "Such an amazing battle! Definitely first of its kind to use a Trainer and its Pokemon with such a strong bond between them!"

<Axew jumps into Zane's arms. Zane hugs Axew tightly>

Zane: "You were great out there, Axew. I'm so proud of you."

Axew: "Axew! Ew, Axew!" (Thanks! Yay, thanks!)

Richard: "Next we have Holly and Catlin!"

Holly: "Go, Carnivine!"

Catlin: "Hariyama, let's go!"

Holly's Pokedex: "Hariyama, the Arm Thrust Pokémon. Hariyama is the evolved form of Makuhita. When tensing its body, its muscles become hard as stone."

Referee: "Begin!"

Holly: "Carnivine, Bullet Seed!"

Catlin: "Dodge and use Close Combat!"

<Hariyama dodges and charges Carnivine with several perfectly executed punches and kicks. Carnivine's thrown back>

Holly: "Recover and use Fake Out!"

<Carnivine gets up and charges Hariyama>

Catlin: "Brick Break, go!"

<Carnivine reaches Hariyama just as its right hand glows a red color. It brings it down, but Carnivine dodges and slaps Hariyama with its right vine arm. Hariyama stumbles back, then recovers>

Catlin: "Brick Break, again!"

<Hariyama tires to use Brick Break, but it flinches and does nothing>

Catlin: "No, it flinched!"

Holly: "Solar Beam, Carnivine!"

<Carnivine charges a ball of light inside its large mouth. It fires a massive beam from the ball that hits Hariyama directly. The impact explodes and Hariyama faints after the dust clears>

Referee: "Hariyama is unable to battle! Carnivine wins!"

Richard: "Excellent coordination! Onto our next battle between Arthur and Vixen!"

Arthur: "Corphish, I choose you!"

Vixen: "Growlithe, let's go!"

<Both Pokemon materialize onto the field>

Referee: "Begin!"

Vixen: "Growlithe, Flamethrower!"

<Growlithe launches a stream of fire from its mouth>

Arthur: "Corphish, dodge and use Metal Claw!"

<Corphish slides out of the way and jumps at Growlithe with a metallic right claw. It thrusts the claw at Growlithe>

Vixen: "Counter with Bite!"

<Growlithe's mouth bites over Corphish's Metal Claw and crushes down hard on it. Corphish thrashes around and tries to pry its claw out>

Vixen: "Throw Corphish and use Flamethrower!"

<Growlithe throws Corphish into the air and launches a massive stream of fire at it. It burns Corphish and it crashes to the ground, fainting afterward>

Referee: "Corphish is unable to battle! Growlithe wins!"

<Arthur returns Corphish and walks off of the battlefield>

Arthur: "Guess I've got a lot more training to do."

???: "Arthur!"

<Zane, Amy, and Holly run up to him in the hallway>

Amy: "Sorry about your match there, Arthur."

Zane: "I really thought you had it."

Arthur: "Don't worry about me. I'll be just fine. At least I'll be able to root for all of you now."

Richard: "Onto the next battle!"

<The afternoon arrives and the winning results of the quarterfinals is up on the large screen behind the judges>

Tournament Matchmaking Results (Quarterfinals)

  1. Alena and George (Winner: Alena)
  2. Zane and Sarah (Winner: Zane)
  3. Holly and Catlin (Winner: Holly)
  4. Arthur and Vixen (Winner: Vixen)
  5. Alan and Tristan (Winner: Tristan)
  6. Mark and Howard (Winner: Mark)

<The next day comes around and the crowds are eager for some more skillful battling>

Richard: "We're back at Lucio Stadium to welcome our Trainers to the Semifinals! I'm joined by my co-host and personal friend: Lisa."

Lisa: "It's great to be back, everyone! I look forward to seeing all the exciting battles sure to happen today!"

Richard: "Our first battle is between a boy with a lot of spirit and heart, as well as a love for all Pokemon big and small; please welcome Zane!"

Crowds: *Cheering and applause*

<Zane runs out onto his side of the battlefield>

Richard: "And his opponent is a tough guy with a winning smile; let's welcome Mark!"

<Mark walks out onto the other side of the field>

Zane: *Tossing a Pokeball* "Go, Shinx!"

Mark: "Go, Scraggy!"

Referee: "Begin the match!"

Zane: "Shinx, Thunder Fang!"

<Shinx's teeth begin to spark electricity as it runs straight for Scraggy>

Mark: "Scraggy, use Feint Attack!

<Shinx lunges at Scraggy and goes to bite down on its arm. Scraggy dodges and kicks Shinx in its head. Shinx recovers and lands a couple feet away from Scraggy>

Zane: "Thunder!"

<Shinx emits electric streams from its body and aims them toward Scraggy. They hit and cause major damage to Scraggy>

Mark: "Use Headbutt!"

<Scraggy charges Shinx and smashes its head into Shinx's. Shinx stumbles back and shakes off the impact>

Zane: "Thunder Fang again!"

Mark: "Block and counter with Headbutt!"

<Scraggy blocks Shinx's mouth with its hands and smashes its head from above. Shinx grinds its teeth together and opens its mouth wider, biting down on Scraggy's right arm and shocking it>

Mark: "Scraggy, break away!"

Zane: "Thunderbolt! Go for it!"

<Shinx emits a powerful amount of electricity and shocks Scraggy until it faints. Shinx lets go of its arm and walks back to Zane's side of the field>

Referee: "Scraggy is unable to battle! Shinx is the winner!"

Crowds: *Cheering and applause*

Richard: An amazing work of partnership between Trainer and Pokemon! Onto the second battle between Holly and Tristan!"

Holly: *Tossing a Pokeball* "Go, Tyranitar!"

Tristan: "Time to win! Dragonite, front and center!"

Referee: "Match begin!"

Holly: "Tyranitar, Brick Break!"

Tristan: "Dodge it and use Thunder Punch!"

<Dragonite dodges it and comes back with a punch charged with electricity>

Holly: "Block it and counter with Focus Punch!"

<Tyranitar blocks with one hand and becomes shocked as its other hand forms a glowing fist and hits Dragonite in the face. Both are knocked back and recover from their attacks on each other>

Zane: "Wow. Both Pokemon look really strong out there."

Arthur: 'Holly's raised her Tyranitar well. They've both shared a strong bond since she was a little kid."

Amy: "That's right. I remember hearing Holly and how she and Larvitar became friends."

Zane: "You can do it, Holly, Tyranitar!"

Amy: "Yeah! Don't give up!"

Holly: "You heard them! Let's give it everything that we've got! Mega Punch!"

Tristan: "Flamethrower!"

<Tyranitar charges at Dragonite as it launches a stream of fire from its mouth. It hits Tyranitar and stops it cold from charging>

Holly: "Don't give up, Tyranitar! Mega Punch! I believe in you!"

<Tyranitar's eyes become sparked by a raging fire and it forces its way through the fire stream, throwing a devastating punch that knocks Dragonite back several feet>

Tristan: "Use Superpower and grab Tyranitar, Dragonite!"

<A red-colored aura surrounds Dragonite as it charges Tyranitar and grabs hold of it>

Tristan: "Fly into the air and come back down with Slam!"

<A boy arrived to watch the battle, seemly interesting in the battle between Tyranitar and Dragonite>

???: "Look Fennekin, they're having a battle!"

Fennekin: "Fen Fen Fennekin!" (I knew that, Liam!)

Pidove: "Pi dove dove Pidove!" (This battle's getting intense!)

<Dragonite soars into the air with Tyranitar gripped firmly in his arms. Tyranitar tries to escape, but it doesn't work. Dragonite flies back around and throws Tyranitar into the ground>

Holly: "Tyranitar!"

<Tyranitar crashes into the ground with a large explosion. The dust sends strong winds scattering across the field. It dies down and Tyranitar struggles to get back up from the hard impact>

Holly: "Tyranitar, are you alright?!"

Tyranitar: "Tyran...itar." (Yes...I am.)

<Liam noticed Tyranitar and Dragonite, and got out his Pokedex and pointed at Tyranitar>

Liam's Pokedex: "Tyranitar, the Armor Pokémon and the evolved form of Pupitar. Tyranitar has a heavily armored body that can withstand powerful attacks and is able to crush a mountain with one hand."

<Liam moved the Pokedex and pointed at Dragonite>

Liam's Pokedex: "Dragonite, the Dragon Pokémon and the evolved form of Dragonair. Dragonite is said to live in the sea. With its small wings and large body, it can fly faster than the speed of sound."

<Tyranitar shakes off its impact and looks Dragonite dead in the eyes. Dragonite smiles and snorts at Tyranitar to taunt it>

Holly: "We won't let them beat us! Tyranitar, use Mega Punch one last time!"

<Tyranitar launches off from its spot and charges Dragonite. Tyranitar's right fist glows bright white as it punches Dragonite. Dragonite blocks it and counters with Thunder Punch to Tyranitar's face. Tyranitar faints and hits the ground>

Referee: "The winner is Dragonite and Tristan!"

Crowds: *Cheering and applauding*

<Holly walks to Tyranitar as it looks to the ground in shame. She smiles and pets its faceplate>

Holly: "Hey, what's with that long face, huh? So we lost. No big deal. You gave it your all and I couldn't be prouder of you. You're so much stronger now."

<Tyranitar smiles as Holly returns it to its Pokeball. She walks off the battlefield and returns to the stands to watch with Arthur and Amy>

Richard: "Such an amazing show of sportsmanship between people and Pokemon alike! Absolutely wonderful!"

Lisa: "Truly nothing but friendship to be formed by these wonderful bonds that'll last forever!"

Richard: "Now we move on to our final battle between Trainers Vixen and Alena for the semifinals spot!"

Crowds: *Cheering in anticipated excitement*

<Vixen walks out onto the battlefield and waits for her opponent to make her appearance. After a couple minutes of waiting, Alena still has not arrived>

Richard: "Strange. Where's Alena?"

<Another person walks through the opposite entrance and stops on the battlefield. An Ultra Ball appears in their hand as its tossed up, then caught again>

Vixen: "Hey, who are you supposed to be?! You're not Alena!"

Trainer: "No, I'm not. I'm somebody far worse that Alena. Allow me to show you who I am."

<She throws the cloak off of her and reveals her long, purple hair>

Liam: Whoah! Pidove, look at that?

Pidove: "Pi Dove dove?" (Is that legal?)

Liam: Pidove, be quiet, Vixen will hear you.

Pidove: "Dove......" (Sorry....)

<Liam shivered in fear, knowing her appearance and her name>

Liam: It's Sierra!?

To Be Continued...