Amy: "Zane, look out!"

<Zane watches as Floatzel soars into the air with water rushing up from around its body. Floatzel smashes into Axew and sends it hurtling into another island. The island explodes into dust and rubble, leaving Axew injured>

Zane: *Thinking* I let myself get too proud of winning. Axew's hurt and I can't just keep substituting to keep Kaleb from battling Axew. He'll eventually fight Axew, too.

Holly: "Zane's losing his confidence. Zane, don't give up!"

Arthur: "You can do it, Zane! Keep trying!"

Kaleb: "If you're not up for attacking, then I'll go again. Floatzel, Seismic Toss!"

<Floatzel appears in front of Axew and grabs its sides. They both soar into the air; Floatzel flipping and throwing Axew into the last island on the field. Axew smashes to the ground with several bruises and cuts on its body>

Amy: "Zane, tell Axew to attack! Hurry!"

Zane: *Thinking* I wasn't prepared for this change, though. I can't tell Axew to do anything. Floatzel's too fast to predict its movements. I can't do it.

Kaleb: "Water Pulse!"

<Floatzel charges up a giant ball of water between its hands and launches it at Axew>

Axew: "Axew!" (Zane!)

Zane: "Axew?"

<A flashback to their first meeting appears in his thoughts. Many years ago, Zane, as a young boy, walked through a forest near his home. A noise catches his attention and stops him from walking on the path. He turns to the noise as it occurs again>

<<<Zane: "That was a scream!"

<Zane runs through the forest until stopping on another path through the forest and finding an Axew being surrounded by a swarm of angry Beedrill. A Beedrill uses its sharp stinger to stab Axew, injecting poison into it>

Zane: "That's an Axew. Oh no."

<Zane charges toward the Beedrill and throws small rocks that he finds on the ground at them. The Beedrill are hit by the rocks and fly away in surprise. Zane kneels to Axew and picks it up, cradling it in his arms>

Zane: "Don't worry, Axew. I'll get you some help. From now on, I'll protect you; no matter what it takes.">>>

<The flashback from years ago ends and Zane tears up. He stomps his foot on the ground, raising a fist in the air>

Zane: "Axew, dodge it and use Dragon Rush! Go!"

<Axew smiles and nods, dodging the Water Pulse attack with a leap into the air. Its body becomes encased within powerful energy that launches Axew straight for Floatzel>

Kaleb: "Floatzel, dodge Axew and chase it down with Aqua Jet!"

<Floatzel twists its body downward, dodging Axew with mere inches separating them. Axew soars ahead and goes into the air. Floatzel chases after Axew with rushing water surrounding its body>

Zane: "You can do it, Axew! Show Floatzel who's better!"

Kaleb: "Don't loose sight of Axew for a second, Floatzel!"

<Axew races around the battlefield with Floatzel trailing a couple feet behind. Floatzel goes off course and heads upward before coming back down right over Axew>

Zane: "Axew, head down into the water!"

<Axew goes down and crashes through the water. Floatzel follows Axew and hits the water with a large splash. The battlefield falls completely silent for several long moments>

Zane: *Thinking* Come on, Axew. I know you can do it.

<Axew and Floatzel emerge from the water. Floatzel appears injured from the battle underwater>

Zane: "Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew launches a ball of energy at Floatzel from a close range. It explodes, sending Floatzel back. Axew lands back on the last island>

Kaleb: "Floatzel, come back with Water Pulse!"

<Floatzel remains unresponsive to the attack order>

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Rush!"

<Energy rushes around Axew's body as it soars into the air. Axew's attack smashes down on Floatzel's chest, crashing down into the water with a large splash. Axew emerges back on the island as Floatzel faints while surfacing again>

Referee: "Floatzel is unable to battle! Axew wins and takes Round Five!"

Zane: "Alright! Way to go, Axew!"

Kaleb: *Taking out a Pokéball* "Well done, Floatzel. You performed magnificently."

<Kaleb returns Floatzel to its Pokéball and clips it to his belt. Another Pokéball appears in his hand>

Kaleb: "Well, it appears you've adapted to my full strength tactic, Zane. I didn't expect you to come back so soon from the experience."

Zane: "I have friends that help me out. They know that I'd never give up. Axew knows that too."

Kaleb: "With four of my Pokémon unable to battle, and you only losing one so far, I appear to be at the disadvantage. How will I ever recover from such a gap in this match?" *Tossing the Pokéball* "Let me show you how! Swampert, come on out!"

<A strange Pokémon with blue skin appears in the water>

Zane: "Woah. What's that Pokémon?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Swampert, the Mud Fish Pokémon. Swampert is the evolved form of Marshtomp. It is able to easily drag large stone weighing over 1 ton. It is also able to see through cloudy waters and detect approaching storms with its fin."

Referee: "Round Six begins now!"

Zane: "Axew, start off with Headbutt this time!"

Kaleb: "Mud Slap, Swampert!

<Swampert jumps from the water and runs at Axew as Axew does the same toward it. Swampert brings a hand down to slap Axew, but Axew ducks and headbutts it in the chest. Swampert skids back, recovering quickly>

Kaleb: "Mud Bomb!"

<Swampert fires a disgusting gunk of mud from its mouth. it hits Axew and sticks to it, showing no sign of breakage>

Zane: "Axew, use Slash to break out!"

Kaleb: "Hydro Cannon!"

<Swampert charges a ball of water in its mouth as Axew tires to use Slash to break out of the sticky mud. The water shoots out and completely engulfs Axew. Axew's thrown back and crashes against a wall behind Zane>

Zane: "Axew!"

Referee: "Axew is unable to battle! Swampert takes Round Six!"

<Zane picks Axew up and rests it on Rayquaza's back>

Zane: "Rayquaza, please look after Axew for me, please."

Rayquaza: *Nodding*

Zane: *Tossing a Pokéball out on the field* "Let's go!"

<Rattata materializes on the island in front of Swampert>

Referee: "Round Seven starts now!"

Zane: "Tackle!"

Kaleb: "Dodge it and use Take Down!"

<Rattata runs at Swampert and tries to smash into its chest. Swampert steps out of the way and grabs Rattata by its tail. It brings Rattata down and smashes it into the ground of the island. Rattata faints>

Referee: "Rattata is unable to battle! Swampert takes Round Seven!"

<Zane returns Rattata and tosses out Totodile's Pokéball. Totodile materializes onto the island>

Referee: "Begin Round Eight!"

Kaleb: "Take Down, Swampert!"

Zane: "Totodile, dodge it and jump into the water!"

<Swampert charges Totodile and tries to grab it by its tail. Totodile dodges and hops into the water, disappearing from sight>

Kaleb: "Swampert, chase Totodile down there!"

<Swampert jumps into the water and disappears>

Zane: "I was hoping you'd chase Totodile down there."

Kaleb: "Huh?"

Zane: "Totodile, come back up!"

<Totodile jumps back onto the island from behind a rock and lands on the middle of it>

Kaleb: "How did Totodile appear back on the island so quickly?!"

Zane: "After Totodile went underwater, I had Totodile swim to the back of the island and wait until I called him back up. Now, Totodile, use Ice Beam on the water!"

<Totodile fires blue lightning streams from its mouth and begins to freeze the entire field in ice. Swampert becomes encased in thick ice and stops moving>

Zane: "We got Swampert!"

Kaleb: *Smiling* "Impressive. Using the field to trap my Pokémon. I'm very interested in how this battle will turn out. But you should know that Swampert hates losing; especially to smaller Pokémon like Totodile."

<The ice cracks and Swampert explodes out of it. Fire erupts from its eyes to show intense rage and anger. Swampert lands back on the island and throws a powerful punch into Totodile, sending it back and destroying a large boulder>

Zane: "Totodile! No!"

<A long moment of silence occurs as the dust cloud from the impact begins to fade away. A bright light shines through the cloud and blinds the entire viewing crowd. Zane and Kaleb (along with Zane's friends) shield their eyes as the light soon fades away. Totodile appears with an entirely new appearance>

Zane: "Totodile evolved!"

Zane's Pokédex: "Croconaw, the Big Jaw Pokémon, and the evolved form of Totodile. It opens its mouth wide and attacks, and if it loses its teeth, they regrow quickly."

Kaleb: "Fascinating! I can't remember the last time I had a challenger's Pokémon evolve in the middle of a battle! I am greatly interested in how this match will turn out now!"

Zane: "Awesome! Croconaw, use Bite!"

<Croconaw's teeth glow a bright white color as it charges toward Swampert>

Kaleb: "Mud Slap!"

<Croconaw reaches Swampert as it raises a hand to slap it. Croconaw manages to bite down on the swung arm and hangs on firmly with a strong grip. Swampert tries to shake Croconaw off, but it's no use>

Kaleb: "Swampert, shake Croconaw off!"

Zane: "Hang on tight!"

<Croconaw bites down harder as Swampert still tries to shake it off>

Zane: "Croconaw, use Hydro Pump!"

<Croconaw lets go of Swampert's arm, momentarily suspending it in the air in front of Swampert. Croconaw takes a deep breath in before letting out a massive stream of water from its mouth. Swampert's hit directly and flies back, crashing into the water with a hard impact and a large splash of water>

Kaleb: "Swampert!"

<Swampert appears again and has fainted>

Zane: "Alright! We did it!"

<Kaleb returns Swampert back to its Pokéball and takes out his final Pokémon to battle with>

Kaleb: "Zane, before we start the next round, I wanted to say that you've sparked my desire to battle once again. See the truth is, I had stopped battling because I had lost the faith and spirit of it. But, after seeing you battle with courage, and overcoming doubt, I've been inspired to battle once again. You have my gratitude and my respect."

Zane: "I'm glad about that. Croconaw, you okay to keep going?"

Croconaw: "Croc!" (Yes!)

Kaleb: *Tossing his Pokéball* "Alright! Time to bring out my prized partner! Go, Barboach!"

<A fish with long whiskers at its mouth appears in the water. It hops out of the water and flips before diving back under>

Zane: "Barboach, huh?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Barboach, the Whiskers Pokémon. Barboach's sensitive whiskers serve as a superb radar system. This Pokémon hides in mud, leaving only its two whiskers exposed while it waits for prey to come along."

Zane: "With Croconaw's powerful jaws, it should be easy."

Kaleb: "Is that so? Well, I aim to prove your overbuilt confidence as a wrongdoing on your part, Zane."

Referee: "Round Nine...start!"

Kaleb: "Barboach, use Whirlpool for me please."

<Barboach nods and dives underwater, swimming around in a circle and creating strong currents of water on the field. The water grabs hold of the island Croconaw's on and brings it toward the center of the swirling waters. Croconaw looks around for a way out>

Zane: "Croconaw, jump high into the air and come back down with Bite! Aim for where Barboach's swimming!"

<Croconaw nods and jumps off of the island, soaring high into the air. Croconaw looks around and spots Barboach as it continues to swim in circles. Croconaw comes back down and opens its mouth wide. The impact as Croconaw hits the water stops the Whirlpool attack from continuing. Croconaw comes back up with Barboach squirming around in its large mouth>

Zane: "Alright!"

Kaleb: "Not exactly the right fish, Zane."

Zane: "What?"

<Barboach's body blows up in a puff of smoke. Croconaw looks around deeply confused by what happened>

Zane: "But, what happened to Barboach?"

Kaleb: "I had Barboach use Double Team while underwater and have a copy swim around with the Whirlpool attack. The real Barboach was hiding deep under the water the entire time. Now, Barboach, come up and use Magnitude!"

<The real Barboach comes back up and slams down on the island with Croconaw. It cracks and violently shakes the island to mere rubble and dust. Croconaw's thrown aside and crashes into the water>

Zane: "Croconaw!"

<Croconaw comes back up bruised and has also fainted. Zane returns Croconaw to its Pokéball>

Zane: "You did amazing. Take a long rest."

Kaleb: "Have you learned to never judge a Pokémon by its size or appearance, Zane?"

Zane: "Yeah. Your Barboach's powerful." *Taking out another Pokéball and tossing it* "Go, Cyndaquil!"

<Cyndaquil materializes onto the remnants of the last island that still is afloat. Cyndaquil scarcely looks around for more land to hop onto, but nothing remains>

Cyndaquil: "Cyndaquil! Quil!" (Master! Help!)

Zane: "Cyndaquil, you'll be okay! I believe in you! You can win!"

Referee: "Round Ten can begin!"

Kaleb: "Barboach, Double Team followed by Tackle!"

<Barboach dives underwater and appears to be multiplying. A total of twenty Barboach start swimming around Cyndaquil. One Barboach jumps out of the water and smashes its body against Cyndaquil, almost knocking it into the water. Cyndaquil recovers from the impact and shakes on the rock>

Cyndaquil: "Quil!" (Help!)

Zane: *Thinking* I've gotta do something and fast. If I just stand here, then Cyndaquil's gonna end up soaked for sure.

Amy: "Zane's in a really tight spot with using Cyndaquil."

Holly: "Yeah. Cyndaquil's a Fire-type Pokémon; it has no type advantage in this match whatsoever. Still, Zane has pulled through worse I suppose."

Arthur: "Zane's clever enough to figure something out." *Thinking* I hope he has a plan...

Zane: "Cyndaquil, wait until they start jumping out, okay?!"

Cyndaquil: "Quil!" (Okay!)

<Another Barboach jumps out and heads toward Cyndaquil>

Zane: "Now! Use Flamethrower!"

<Cyndaquil turns on a spin and launches a stream of fire at Barboach. The Barboach disappears upon impact into a puff of smoke>

Zane: "It was a copy."

<Cyndaquil's hit again and has part of its body completely submerged underwater>

Zane: "Cyndaquil, hang on!"

Kaleb: "Barboach, take Cyndaquil down for a little dive!"

<The copies of Barboach disappear as the real Barboach swims under Cyndaquil's kicking legs. Its whiskers wrap around the ankles and begin to pull Cyndaquil down under the water>

Cyndaquil: *Shrieking*

Zane: "No! Cyndaquil!"

<Cyndaquil goes completely underwater and stops shrieking>

Zane: "No!"

Kaleb: "Now, Hydro Pump!"

<Underwater, Barboach sucks in water until its body expands into a large ball form. It exhales it out and sends Cyndaquil bursting from the water. Zane catches Cyndaquil on his side of the field and cradles it in his arms>

Zane: "Cyndaquil..."

Referee: "Cyndaquil is unable to battle! Barboach takes Round Ten! The final round will start when the challenger has brought out his final Pokémon!"

Zane: *Returning Cyndaquil* "Take a long rest. You did great." *Taking out another Pokéball and tossing it* "Go, Espeon!"

<Espeon appears on the rocks and looks around before facing Kaleb's side of the field>

Kaleb: "Wow. Such a beautiful Espeon. I'm going to hate having to get its perfectly managed fur all wet."

Zane: "We'll see who'll be getting soaked after this, Kaleb."

Referee: "Let the final match begin!"

Zane: "Let's go!"

Kaleb: "We're gonna win this!"

Zane: "Psybeam!"

Kaleb: "Go underwater!"

<Barboach goes underwater as Espeon's Psybeam attack impacted the water where it was from before. The explosion scatters water and creates waves in the field>

Kaleb: "Tackle!"

Zane: "Quick Attack!"

<Barboach launches from the water straight for Espeon. Espeon, in the meantime, charges toward the water as a bright white line twists about its body frame. Espeon suddenly begins to run across the water toward Barboach>

Zane: "Go, Espeon!"

<Espeon and Barboach smash their heads together and create a blast of wind that scatters water and pebbles across the battlefield. The impact blast fades away, leaving Barboach knocked out in the water>

Referee: "The final round goes to Zane, the challenger!"

Audience: *Applause and excited cheering*

Amy: "Zane did it! Yay!"

Holly: "Great job, Zane!"

Arthur: "That was amazing!"

<The afternoon arrives for the group as Zane stands before Kaleb on the sidelines of the battlefield. Rayquaza floats beside Zane and looks down at Kaleb>

Kaleb: "Zane, I must admit, that was an unexpected battle for sure. I expected you to surrender after seeing my actual skill put to the test. But, you stood your ground and won in the end. Congratulations."

Zane: "Thank you."

Kaleb: *Taking out a shiny object from a decorated box near him* "I am proud to present you with the Tsunami Badge, Zane. You've earned it fair and square."

Zane: *Taking the badge* "Alright! I won the Tsunami Badge!"

Axew: *Cheering* "Axew-ew-ew! Axew!" (Hurray and yay! Yeah!)

Arthur: "Nice work, Zane."

Holly: "Yeah. You were great out there."

Zane: "I had you guys there to support me. Thanks."

Kaleb: "Zane, if I may ask, where are you planning to head next?"

Zane: "I'm not really sure yet."

Kaleb: "If I may make a suggestion, my sister Paula owns and operates a Gym in Sunset City."

Zane: "Sunset City, huh?"

Kaleb: "Yep. Sunset city is on the other side of the Mega Bridge that connects Phoria Island to the West Coast. Walking on that bridge would take you about four days to reach the other end."

Zane: "Four days?!"

Kaleb: "Don't worry, though. The bridge has split points where smaller islands are. They connect by stairways and allow travelers chances to relax and shop for a little while. I believe a couple of the islands have Pokémon Centers, too."

Zane: "Great. Thanks, Kaleb." *Facing his friends* "We're heading to Sunset City for my fourth badge! Yeah!"