Preview: It's time for Zane to take on the Gym Leader, so he relies on Dewott, Espeon and Swablu, but things get really girm when Zane is down to his last Pokemon being Swablu. In a fierce hit from an Ice Punch, Swablu gets severely injured, however. But Swablu is enveloped by a dazzling blue glow, what is happening to Swablu?

Narratorr: Our heroes have finally arrived in Sunset City, where Zane hopes to win his next gym badge, Liam and Zane are doing some training outside the city.

Liam: "It's time for you to take on the gym, right Zane?"

Zane: "Yeah. I'm going to battle Paula of the Sunset City Gym now."

Liam: "I've already earned three badges and won this one here."

Zane: "Guess I'll have to catch up to you then. I can't wait to get started."

Arthur: "Before you go and challenge the Gym Leader, maybe you should look at your Pokémon and make sure that they're the ones that you want for the battle. We don't know what type of Pokémon Paula uses yet."

Holly: "I agree. We don't know what Paula could have for Pokémon yet."

Zane: "Alright. I'll call Professor Brooks and see what he thinks of my Pokémon team. He's really good at knowing Pokémon and their capabilities."

<Zane walks into the nearest Pokemon Center and turns on a holographic display deivce which calls back to Professor Brooks. He picks up and his full image appears on the large screen>

Professor Brooks: "Zane?"

Zane: "Hi, Professor. It's good to-"

<Uxie pops out and looks at the screen and sees Professor Brooks>

Uxie: "Uxie!" (Hello!)

Professor Brooks: "My word, is that Uxie?!"

Zane: "Heh, yeah. I just got Uxie after-"

<Liam pops out in front as well, making Zane sweatdrop>

Liam: "How are my other Pokemon doing, professor?"

Professor Brooks: "Oh, hello again, Liam. They are doing quite well since you left them here with me some time ago."

Zane: "Liam, you know Professor Brooks?"

Liam: "Yes! I asked Brooks to look after my other Pokemon I caught."

Zane: "That's so cool. So, Professor, I'm in Sunset City right now and I wanted to ask if you could see if my Pokemon are good for my Gym Battle here."

Professor Brooks: "Of course. I'd be delighted to check them for you."

<Zane places his six Pokemon onto a special tray inside the machine and they disappear. They reappear shortly after and he takes them back>.

Professor Brooks: "I must say that you have quite the unique selection of Pokemon, Zane. I can greatly assure you that you will do well in your Gym Battle."

<Then Liam remembered something>

Liam:: "Oh yeah! Professor, check this out, okay?"

<Liam summons his Flareon, golden sparkles surround it as Flareon exits from the ball>

Flareon: "Flareon!" (Hello there!)

<Professor Brooks, who was in shock, was surprised>

Professor Brooks: "Amazing! A shiny Flareon!"

Zane: "Woah..."

Liam: "I wished I'd told you sooner, Zane! But my Flareon is indeed a Shiny Pokemon"

Zane: "What's a shiny Pokémon, though?"

<Everyone but Zane collapse in anime-fall with a THUD!>

Professor Brooks: "Oh, Zane, I never told you. Shiny Pokémon are rare versions of the Pokémon that are unique in their coloration and slightly changed personalities.

Arthur: "They aren't found easily."

Zane: "I guess I didn't know. Sorry."

Liam: "Check the Pokedex on Flareon."

Zane: "Uh...sure..."

<He pulls his Pokedex out and it opens, scanning Flareon>

Zane's Pokedex: "Flareon, the Flame Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. It stores some of the air it breathes in its internal flame sac, which heats its body to over three thousand degrees."

Liam: "See the difference compared to one in the Pokedex?"

<Camera zooms to Zane's Pokedex, and in a split screen Liam's Flareon, Zane finally notices the differences>

Zane: "It's not the same as the normal entry. That's awesome!"

Liam: "Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare to find, you'd be lucky enough to find one in the wild."

Zane: "Someday I'll find one. I just know it."

<Several minutes later, the gang arrive at the Gym>

Liam: "This is it, Zane. All set for your Gym Battle?"

Zane: "Yep. I can't wait to get started."

<Zane sprints into the Gym through the front entrance and stops with a skid at the sight of the massive battlefield. A girl with bright blue hair steps out and is welcomed by several female cheerleaders>

???: "Oh dear, I've made quite the ruckus. My apologies for that."

Zane: "No worries. My name's Zane, and I want to challenge the Sunset City Gym Leader."

???: "Is that so? Well, you're looking at her. I'm Paula, and it's a pleasure to meet such an enthusiastic Trainer. Tell me, are you sure you want to face me?"

Zane: "Sure am. I'm ready for anything."

Paula: "Excellent. Then let's begin."

<Zane and Paula stand opposite to each other on the large battlefield as the female referee approaches from the side and raises a hand to gesture for an announcement>

Referee: "This battle will be between the challenger known as Zane, and the Sunset City Gym Leader, Paula. Each Trainer is allowed three Pokémon and only the challenger may substitute his or her Pokémon at any given point! Are there any questions before the match begins?!"

Zane: "Good to go."

Paula: "None for me. I'm ready."

Referee: "Then the first battle can commence! Please bring out your first Pokémon now!"

Paula: "Let's go with my first choice! Go, Slugma!"

<Slugma appears onto the field and sloshes around in a strange manner. Small bursts of fire appear on its slimy and distorted body from time to time>

Zane: "Slugma, huh?"

Zane's Pokedex: "Slugma, the Lava Pokémon. Slugma have intensely hot magma which circulates throughout their bodies carrying nutrients and oxygen to their organs."

Zane: "Alright. Then I'll use my first choice! Dewott, come on out!"

Referee: "If both Trainers and their Pokémon are ready, then let the match begin!"

Zane: "Dewott, use Water Pulse!"

<Dewott pushes off the ground and launches into the air with incredible force. Dewott launches an orb of blue energy at Slugma. It hits, but Slugma jumps from the blue cloud of dust and floats momentarily in the air with Dewott>

Paula: "Flamethrower!"

<Slugma opens its mouth wide and blasts fire at Dewott. Dewott manages to block the attack with its scallop. Both Pokémon return to the ground unharmed>

Liam: "Dewott needs to be careful..."

Amy: "Why's that, Liam?"

Liam: "Beacuse Slugma has an ability called Flame Body."

Amy: "Flame Body?"

Liam: "Yes, Flame Body is an ability that when an opponent makes physical contact with Slugma, it leaves an additional effect of burn damage."

Arthur: "I doubt Zane knows about that. But, we can't interfere to tell him. It would be against the rules to aid the challenger in the middle of a battle."

Holly: "I hope Zane's going to be okay."

Paula: "Slugma, use Swift!"

<Sharp, star-shaped projectiles fly from Slugma and swarm after Dewott from all sides>

Zane: "Dewott, use Razor Shell and knock them away!"

<Dewott uses both its scallops and brings blades made from water out of them. Dewott slashes at the stars and knocks them away from it with ease. The stars fly in all directions and explode all around the field>.

Zane: "Now charge headstrong and hit Slugma directly!"

<Dewott crosses its blades and charges at Slugma with great speed behind its footing. Dewott jumps into the air and slashes down on Slugma from above. Slugma's smashed into the ground and faints from the impact. Dewott lands back in front of Zane on his side of the battlefield>.

Referee: "Slugma's unable to battle! Dewott wins the first match!"

Zane: "Yeah! We won the match! Nice work, Dewott!"

<Dewott smiles only to burst into flames and fall to its knees in pain. The fires fade and small burn marks appear now on Dewott's body>.

Zane: "What was..."

Paula: "You seem to have overlooked my Slugma's special ability. Flame Body."

Zane: "Flame Body?"

Paula: "An ability that causes Burn damage to a Pokemon that attacks Slugma with physical attacks. Now it's time for my second Pokemon!" *Tossing a Pokeball* "Come on out, Flareon!"

<Flareon appears on the field and licks its orange and yellow fur before yawning and starring at Dewott with a blank expression on its face>

<Liam was very concerned about Dewott, Amy noticed Liam's feelings>

Amy: "Liam, something wrong?"

Liam: "I'm afraid Dewott has used up a lot of energy against his battle with Slugma. On top of being burned by Slugma's Flame Body, Dewott's getting pretty tired."

Fennekin: "Fenn Nekin" (What will he do?)

Liam: "I don't know, Fennekin"

Amy: "I'm sure Zane has it under control."

Zane: Everything that I do depends on how fast Dewott can react. Still, Dewott's already taken a lot of damage from Slugma, and from its ability. I have to be careful; especially pushing Dewott too hard.

​<Dewott recovers and breathes in exhaustion. Flareon purrs and licks its front left paw>

Paula: "You ready?"

Zane: "Hm, sure am. You can go first."

Paula: "Thank you. You're so kind. Flareon, use Quick Attack!"

<Flareon sprints off in a rush and smashes into Dewott with incredible force. Dewott gets thrown back and slides on its back against the ground>

Zane: "Dewott, you okay?!"

Dewott: "Dew!" (Yes!)

Zane: "Then let's hit back even harder! Use Ice Beam!"

<Dewott stands back up and jumps into the air; blasting Flareon with a beam of blue-colored lightning>

Paula: "Dodge and use Ember."

<Flareon dodges Ice Beam and blasts Dewott to the ground with scorching sparks of fire from its mouth. Dewott smashes to the ground and struggles back to its feet>

Paula: "Impressive that Dewott has stood up to so much damage. But it's time to end this. Hyper Beam!"

<Flareon charges a ball of energy in its mouth that explodes outward into a massive beam that smashes into Dewott and explodes the entire battlefield into rubble. Dewott falls to the ground and faints>

Zane: "Dewott!"

Referee: "Dewott is unable to battle, therefore, the winner of the match is Flareon!"

Amy: "That was..."

Liam: "I had no idea Flareon can use Hyper Beam!?"

Arthur: "Pokémon can learn any move with the right amount of training. And with Flareon being quick on its feet, Zane's going to have think smarter and fight harder as a result."

<Dewott returns to its ball and deactivates. Zane brings out his second Pokeball and throws it onto the battlefield. It opens and his second Pokémon appears ready to battle>

Espeon: *Purrs and smiles at Zane*

Paula: "Espeon, huh? It's very well-groomed. You've taken great care of it."

Zane: "Thanks. I care greatly for my Pokémon."

<Liam looks very closely at Espeon's eyes, and notices it has feminine eyelashes>

Liam: "Espeon appears to be a female..."

Amy: "How do you know that?"

Liam: "Well, the reason I can tell its a female is because Espeon is known to purr affectionately is because of her sounds she's making."

Paula: "Let's start with Flamethrower!"

Zane: "Get ready, Espeon!"

<Flareon blasts Espeon with a stream of scorching fire from its mouth. Espeon stands its ground and waits in the same place>

Zane: "Use Psybeam!"

<Espeon jumps into the air and dodges Flaemthrower with seconds to spare before impact. The gem at the center of its forehead glows a rainbow of colors and blasts Flareon with a beam of vibrant colors. Flareon jumps out of the way and recovers from the nearby explosion of Psybeam. Espeon lands and returns to its rest position with its tail wrapped by its feet>

Paula: "Use Attract!"

<Heart float from Flareon and hit Espeon. Espeon's unaffected and licks its purple fur while purring in calm peacefulness>

Paula: "So your Espeon's a female too. My Flareon is female as well."

Zane: "I didn't even know that. I guess it's my luck. Espeon, Quick Attack!"

<Espeon sprints off toward Flareon and draws energy from around it that increase its speed even further. Flareon's caught off-guard and gets hit directly by Quick Attack. Flareon's thrown into the air and lands back on the ground; struggling back to its feet>

Paula: "Flame Wheel!"

<Fire engulfs Flareon and spins into a giant wheel of fire. The wheel speeds off toward Espeon. Espeon jumps and lands behind the wheel. It turns and again heads straight for Espeon>

Zane: "Espeon, look out!"

<Espeon's eyes glow a bright blue color and stops the wheel inches before reaching it. The wheel continues to spin in place. Espeon's eyes glow brighter and launches the wheel into the air. Espeon jumps into the air above the wheel and charges a ball of moonlight energy that fires at the wheel and explodes, knocking Flareon back to the ground. Flareon tries to stand again, but faints and falls on its side>

Referee: "Flareon's unable to battle! Espeon wins the match!"

Zane: "Alright!"

Holly: "That's showing true strength."

Liam: "Espeon used Psychic to stop Flame Wheel, and then followed with Shadow Ball was a very smart tactic strategy"

Amy: "Zane's gonna win no problem. I just know he'll win."

Arthur: "Don't forget that Paula still has one Pokemon left. She likely saved her strongest for last."

Liam: "That's true, Arthur"

???: "Goo!" ("Yeah")

<Zane turns to the gang and thumbs up them, then notices Liam has Fennekin, Whismur and a new Pokemon Zane has never seen before>

Zane: "That's a new Pokemon. I haven't seen that one yet."

<Zane brings out his Pokedex and focus on the new Pokemon>

Zane's Pokedex: "Goomy, the Soft Tissue Pokémon, and the weakest of all Dragon-types. In order to keep its body moist, Goomy lives in places where it's dark and damp."

Liam: "Good luck out there, Zane!"

Whismur: "Whis mur!" ("Fight on!")

Fennekin: "Fenn fen nekin!" ("Do your best, Zane!")

Goomy: "Goo my my my my?" ("Win it for us, okay?")

Zane: "Hm, right."

<Paula activates her last small Pokeball, enlarging it>

Paula: "Now this is a battle worth getting excited over. Let's get this over with!"

<She tosses the Pokeball and it opens, brining out a giant Pokemon with cannon arms and fires raging on its body>

Magmortar: "Mag, Magmortar!" (Alright, fresh meat!)

Amy: "Woah. That's a big Pokemon."

Liam: "Paula has a Magmortar!? I guess her Magmar must've evolved!"

<Liam brings out his Pokedex and scans Magmortar>

Liam's Pokedex: "Magmortar, the Blast Pokémon and the evolved form of Magmar. It launches fireballs that can reach temperatures over three-thousand six-hundred degrees from the ends of its arms and lives in volcanic craters."

Amy: "Wow. Espeon's sure in for a good battle now."

Liam: "You're right about that, Amy. Magmortar might have the advantage since its fully evolved. My Mudkip had a bit of a struggle against it when Magmortar was a Magmar."

Amy: "Mudkip?"

<She looks up Mudkip on her Pokedex>

​Amy's Pokedex: "Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokémon. Mudkip uses the sensitive radar receptors on its headfin to determine what's going on around it. In a pinch, it can brandish enough power to crush rocks."

​Paula: "Alright. Let's finish this. Magmortar, use Flamethrower!" 

<Liam looked at the Pokedex, and noticed Espeon had two new moves>

Liam: "Look at this, guys." 

<Amy glances over at Liam's Pokedex>

Liam: "According to the Pokedex, Espeon knows Psychic, Double Team, Psybeam and Quick Attack." 

Amy: "How did Espeon learn Psychic and Double Team?" 

Liam: "I think she learned Double Team and Psychic when Zane was training with his Pokémon."

Arthur: "Even with that fact, facing against a skilled Trainer like Paula won't be easy. Espeon's already dealing with some weakness from facing Flareon in the previous battle." 

Zane: "Espeon, Psybeam!"

<The Flamethrower and Psybeam attacks collide and explode. Magmortar jumps from the cloud and grabs Espeon, lifting her into the air and slamming her into the ground several times>

Zane: "Espeon! Use Double Team quick!"

<Espeon copies itself and surrounds Magmortar. Magmortar becomes confused and lets Espeon go. She lands on her feet and jumps away from Magmortar>

Zane: "Quick Attack!"

Paula: "Block and counter with Brick Break!"

<Espeon charges Magmortar and sprints with extreme speed. Magmortar turns and faces Espeon, raising an arm and smashing it down on top of Espeon before she can hit. Espeon tries to stand, but passes out and falls to the ground>

Referee: "Espeon is unable to battle! Magmortar wins!"

Zane: "Espeon, return!"

<Espeon returns to its Pokeball and he clips it to his belt. He grabs his final Pokeball and throws it out>

Zane: "Go, Swablu!"

<Swablu appears and flies into the air while giving small chirps of joy>

Referee: "Match begin!"

Paula: "Flamethrower!"

Zane: "Use Gust to stop it!"

<Magmortar blasts Swablu with streams of fire from its cannon-like arms. Swablu flaps its wings and blows the attack away from it with strong wind currents>

Zane: "Now use Hidden Power!"

<Swablu fires a ball of energy from its beak at Magmortar. Magmortar covers itself with its arms and prevents the attack from causing too much damage>

Paula: "Ice Punch!"

Zane: "Ice Punch?!"

<Magmortar jumps into the air and slams an ice-covered fist into Swablu. Swablu gets thrown down into the ground with a hard impact that cracks the ground around the crater>

Zane: "Swablu, no!"

Amy: "But Ice Punch is an Ice-type move. How could a Fire-type like Magmortar learn that move?"

Arthur: "It's like I said. A Pokémon can learn any move so long as they receive the right kind of training. Learning a move like Ice Punch is unusual for a Fire-type like Magmortar to have, but, that doesn't make the attack any less effective."

Paula: "Ready to give up yet?"

Zane: "Not even close! Swablu, can you get up?!"

<Swablu slowly rises from the crater and flies out of the smoke. Swablu lands and falls to the ground, still feeling injured. Suddenly, a bright blue light emits from Swablu's body, blinding everyone in the field>

Zane: "I can't believe it. Swablu's..."

Arthur: "A perfect time for a boost I'd say."

Liam: "That's for sure, Swablu is evolving!"

Goomy: "Goooo my" ("Whoa, Amazing!")

Fennekin: "Fennekin?" ("It's evolving?")

Whismur: "Whis" ("Awesome!")

<Swabu grows in size and spreads her massive cloud wings. The light shatters into tiny fragments and she flies down to the ground>

Altaria: *Excitingly yelps with joy*

Zane: " evolved!"

<Zane takes his Pokedex out and scans Swablu's new form>

Zane's Pokedex: "Altaria, the Humming Pokémon and the evolved form of Swablu. As Altaria flies across the sky, it resembles a soft cloud. It hums using its high voice."

Zane: "Awesome. Altaria, you ready to win this?!"

Altaria: *Nods*

Paula: "I haven't seen a Pokemon evolve mid-battle in some time. I enjoy seeing Pokemon become stronger. Magmortar, be ready for anything."

Magmortar: "Tar..." (Right...)

<Altaria flaps its cloud wings and soars into the air, high above Magmortar. Magmortar follows Altaria with its eyes trained on how it moves>

Zane: "Let's see blow Magmortar away!"

<A giant ball of moon energy expands from Altaria's beak and launches at Magmortar. Magmortar crosses its arms in front of its face to block it. The ball impacts and explodes, sending Magmortar hurtling into the air>

Zane: "What was that move?"

Liam: "That's Moonblast, a powerful Fairy-type attack, Altaria must've learned that move instantly after evolving."

Zane: "Great. Altaria, use Moonblast again!"

<Another giant ball launches from her beak and hits Magmortar from above. Magmortar smashes into the ground, then recovers to its feet again>

​Paula: "It's wrong for you to assume that you've won yet, Zane. Magmortar, Flamethrower!"

​Zane: "Dodge it!"

<Altaria flaps its wings and dodges the stream of fire heading toward it. Magmortar continues to attack with Flamethrower from the ground; Altaria dodging it by mere inches>

Paula: "Jump up and grab Altaria!"

Zane: "Look out, Altaria!"

<Magmortar slams the ground and launches into the air, grabbing Altaria by its face and falling back down toward the ground like a massive boulder>

Zane: "Altaria! What are you doing?!"

Paula: "A Trainer must be ready to accept any amount of challenge. I have a challenge to give to you as part of this battle. See if you can protect Altaria."

<Both Altaria and Magmortar smash into the ground and create a deep impact crater. Magmortar continues to hold Altaria down as she tries to escape from Magmortar>

Paula: "Use Self Destruct."

<Liam was shocked in horror>

Liam: "What did she say!?"

Zane: "Self Destruct?"

<Magmortar begins to build up a massive amount of steam inside its body. Its body swells up and prevents Altaria from attempting to escape. Altaria suddenly glows bright blue and shakes her way from Magmortar>

Liam: "That's Cotton Guard, a move that drastically increases Altaria's defense."

Zane: "Altaria, get away quickly!"

<Altaria manages to fly away from Magmortar and launch a giant ball of blue energy at Magmortar. The ball impacts and explodes. Magmortar emerges and jumps up toward Altaria>

Liam: "And that's Dragon Pulse!"

Zane: "Altaria, below you!"

<Altaria looks down as Magmortar suddenly appeared and exploded its body right under her. Altaria's thrown high into the sky and smashes into the ground, cracking the ground several feet across and far below as well. The black smoke clears off the field>

Zane: "Altaria!"

<The field falls silent for several long seconds until Altaria manages to return to sight from the giant impact crater from the attack. Bruises, cuts, and other injuries cover her entire body. Magmortar is passed out on the ground>

Referee: "Magmortar is unable to battle! The winner is the challenger and his Pokemon: Altaria!"

Zane: "We won! Yeah!"

Altaria: *Cheers*

<Liam, Amy, Holly, Arthur all cheer including Liam's Pokemon who jump for you>

Liam: "I can't believe it, Zane pulled it off!"

Amy: "That was awesome, Zane!"

<Paula returns Magmortar to its Pokeball and smiles as she approaches Zane. The Referee stands with her and holds a decorated box. A giant fire symbol shines on the top cover of the box>

Paula: "Zane, I'd like to personally congratulate you on a most spectacular performace in this battle. I can tell by how you and your Pokemon cooperate that you will do great things in the future. I was glad to accept your challenge to battle. Never have I seen a Trainer as dedicated to his Pokemon like you."

<She opens the box resting in the Referee's hands and takes a shiny badge from it. The badge resembles a large fire and shines in the overlaying sunlight overhead>

Paula: "Zane, for beating the Sunset City Gym Leader, I'd like to officially present you with the Torch Badge. Please accept it as a token of your hard work and dedication to beating me."

Zane: *Takes the badge from her* "Thank you. I'm so happy right now. Altaria, we did it! We got our fourth Gym Badge!"

Altaria: *Cheers and chirps excitingly*

Narrator: "Defeating a Gym Leader is a task that great Trainers go through so they can learn new lessons and also deepen the bonds between them and their Pokemon. Now that Zane has received the Torch Badge, his next challenge is sure to bring even more excitement!"

Major events Edit

  • Zane's Swablu evolves into Altaria and learns Dragon Pulse and Moonblast.
  • Zane's Espeon is revealed to know Psychic and Double Team.
  • Zane challanges Paula and wins, earning the Torch Badge.
  • Liam is revealed to have obtained a Goomy.

Trivia Edit

  • Zane's Espeon is confirmed to be a female as of this episode (due to Flareon's Attract failing to work on her)
  • Amy is revealed to know about Liam's willpower according to Azelf.