Liam: Oh no, this is bad.....

Fennekin: "Fenn..." (Terrible...)

<Her purple hair shines in the sunlight as she looks around the arena at the crowds of people>

Vixen: "Who are you?!"

Trainer: "My name's Sierra, and I want to play a little game with you, Vixen."

<She tosses the Ultra Ball into the air and it opens, materializing a new Pokemon not seen for hundreds of years>

Arthur: "No..."

Holly: "Is that..."

Vixen: "Darkrai!"

Zane's Pokedex: "Darkrai, the Pitch-Black Pokémon. Legend has it that on a moonless night, Darkrai will lure people to sleep and unleash nightmares upon them."

Referee: "Trainer, using Legendary Pokemon is not allowed! Return Darkrai to its Pokeball at once!"

Sierra: "And ruin my fun? Hmm, no. Darkrai, use Nightmare and make him be quiet for a little while, please. He's giving me a headache."

<Darkrai's eyes glow bright red and cause the Referee's eyes to glow the same color. He faints and hits the ground. The people in the stands scream and begin to run for the exits leading outside. A dark field of energy stops them from escaping completely>

Sierra: "Now, now, there's no rushing my little game. Darkrai, let's show out little opponent what strong Pokemon are really about."

Darkrai: *Nods to agree*

Vixen: "Weak?! Did you call my Pokemon weak?!"

Sierra: "Well I'm not calling them strong. That's for sure."

Vixen: "I won't let my Pokemon be talked down to like that! I'll show you who rules as the strongest Trainer! Go, Abomasnow!"

<Abomasnow appears and roars at Darkrai. Darkrai, meanwhile, crosses its arms over its chest and looks at Abomasnow with an evil glare>

Vixen: "Let's show'em! Ice Punch"

<Abomasnow's right fist freezes over as it charges toward Darkrai. Darkrai does nothing but float above the ground. Abomasnow throws the punch into Darkrai, but a field of energy blocks it completely>

Vixen: "What?!"

Sierra: "I think it's time that I ended this little joke fest."

<She snaps her fingers and Darkrai throws its hand out, tossing Abomasnow back with ease and causing it to smash into the far opposite wall. An impact explosion results and scatters dust and rocks across the field. The dust clears and Abomasnow barely stands back up from the attack>

Vixen: "Abomasnow, are you alright?!"

Sierra: "Dark Pulse, then Shadow Ball until it stops breathing."

<Dark, swirling energy shoots from Darkrai's hands and impacts Abomasnow in the chest, exploding into a large dust cloud. Dark balls soon begin to batter Abomasnow until it faints and hits the ground>

Arthur: "So that's Darkrai's power..."

Amy: "It's unbelievable..."

Zane: "Not her. Why...?"

Vixen: "No!"

Sierra: "I'm still not entertained. Darkrai, use Dark Pulse on Abomasnow again."

Vixen: "Please stop! Abomasnow's already fainted! You can't attack again!"

Sierra: "Watch me."

<Darkrai uses Dark Pulse and sends swirling dark energy at Abomasnow. Vixen runs and jumps in front of Abomasnow to protect it>

Vixen: "Help us!"

???: "Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

<A ball of energy flies from nowhere and hits the Dark Pulse a couple feet from Vixen. tI explodes both attacks and Zane appears in front of Vixen now>

Amy: "Zane?!"

Holly: "Zane, what are you doing?! You could get hurt down there!"

Arthur: "Zane, wait!"

Zane: "Go and get Abomasnow away from here. I promise to keep you and your Pokemon safe."

Vixen: "Thank you."

<Vixen returns Abomasnow to its Pokeball and heads away from the battlefield>

Zane: "Sierra, that's enough!"

Sierra: "Zane? Zane is that you?"

Zane: "Yeah, it's me."

Sierra: "It's been awhile. I heard that you went on a Journey of your own. Now I see that that's the truth. That Axew yours?"

Zane: "Don't talk about Axew like you want to try to be friends, Sierra. I stopped being friends with you years ago."

Sierra: "But why, Zane? We always had so much fun doing Pokemon battles in the backyard."

Zane: "We? No, you always had fun. You took the battles to strictly, always attacking when the Pokemon just couldn't battle anymore. My Dad's Pokemon were always getting hurt and sent to the Pokemon Center because of you. You don't know when to stop the battle."

Sierra: "I was only trying to help make them stronger, Zane. Honest."

Zane: "Don't lie..."

Amy: "I've never seen Zane look so angry at someone before."

Holly: "Me neither. He's really frightening."

Zane: "I won't let you hurt anymore Pokemon. I'll defeat you, right here, right now!"

Sierra: "Great! I can't wait to finally have another battle with you! Let's go!"

Liam: "Pokedex, any more information about Darkrai?"

<Liam checks his Pokedex about more about Darkrai>

Liam's Pokedex: "Darkrai, the Pitch-Black Pokémon. Darkrai can cause people and Pokémon to have nightmares."

Liam: "It can cause Pokemon to have nightmares too!? I gotta help Zane."

<Suddenly, Liam arrived with Pidove on his shoulders, and raised his arm>

Liam: "Would it be alright if I be referee?"

Pidove: "Pidove dove?" (What are you doing?)

Fennekin: "Fennekin?" (Are you crazy?)

Zane: "Sure. Sounds great."

Sierra: "I can't wait to see how much stronger you've gotten since we played all those years ago. As a show of good times, I'll let you have the first go."

Zane: "Thanks. Alright, Axew, let's go!"

<Axew jumps down from his shoulder and lands on the field. Darkrai simply glares at Axew in distaste>

Zane: "Let's battle! Axew, start off with Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew launches an energy ball at Darkrai. A field appears in front of Darkrai and stops the attack cold. It disappears and the smoke clears as well>

Zane: "Not even a scratch."

Sierra: "My turn! Darkrai, use Shadow Ball!"

<Dozens of dark balls appear around Darkrai. They all launch at Axew together>

Zane: "Run, Axew! Dodge them quick!"

<Liam watched the battle progressed, Pidove and Fennekin looked concerned>

Zane: "Axew, dodge it!"

<Axew jumps into the air and the Shadow Balls hit the ground where Axew was standing. It explodes and scatters dust and debris across the field. Axew lands in front of Zane completely unharmed>

Sierra: "Not bad. Darkrai, Shadow Claw!"

<Darkrai flies toward Axew as a purple essence forms a large claw over its right hand>

Zane: "We can match that! Dragon Rush!"

<Axew bolts toward Darkrai as strong energy surges around its body. Their attacks collide and result in a struggle for who's more powerful>

Zane: "I believe in you, Axew! Don't give up!"

<Axew gains the advantage and cuts off its attack, resulting in a burst of energy knocking Darkrai back. Axew lands and bolts again, activating Dragon Rush and slamming into Darkrai's chest. Darkrai launches back and stops in front of Sierra on her side of the field>

Zane: "Yeah! Alright!"

Sierra: "You managed to actually hit Darkrai?!"

Zane: "And we're just getting started! Dragon Pulse!"

Sierra: "Shadow Ball!"

<Both Axew and Darkrai launch their attacks and each one collides with the other in the center of the field, resulting in a continuous series of explosions. Suddenly, Axew emerges from the collected smoke and smashes its head into Darkrai, flying back into the air and using Dragon Rush to slam into Darkrai again. Darkrai quickly recovers and uses Dark Pulse, hitting Axew after stopping Dragon Rush and knocks it into the wall on Zane's side of the field>

Zane: "Axew!"

Sierra: "I won't be made of fool of, Zane! Darkrai, use Shadow Claw on Zane!"

<Darkrai launches across the battlefield at an incredible speed as it summons a large claw made of dark energy. Axew suddenly awakens from its impact and jumps out of the wall. Axew jumps in front of Zane and is instead slashed by the Shadow Claw. Axew's thrown back against Zane and he's thrown against the back wall>

Arthur: "Zane!"

Amy: "Zane, no!"

<Axew looks up as tears from Zane's face drop down on its head>

Axew: "Ew?" (Zane?)

Zane: "I'm so sorry, Axew. I should've never let you fight against someone like Sierra. She's just too strong. Please sit the rest of the battle out. Please."

<Axew jumps out of Zane's lap and lands back on the field, readying itself to continue to fight>

Zane: "Axew?"

Amy: "Why didn't Axew listen to Zane?"

Arthur: "It's because Axew wants to show Zane just how powerful it is. Axew's not going to stop fighting, no matter what."

Holly: "That's one stubborn Axew."

Zane: "Axew, are you sure you want to go on?"

Axew: *Nods*

Sierra: "Ugh, enough of this lovey-dopey Trainer talk. Darkrai, finish Axew off with Shadow Claw!"

<Just as Darkrai summons the attack, Axew suddenly glows a bright blue color. The light shines bright and spreads across the entire arena>

Amy: "That light..."

Zane: "'re..."

Arthur: "Guess Axew's ready to evolve."

Holly: "About time, huh?"

<Axew's appearance completely changes and the light fades away, showing Axew's transformation into a new Pokemon>

Zane's Pokedex: "Fraxure, the Axe Jaw Pokemon, and the evolved form of Axew. Since a broken tusk will not grow back, they diligently sharpen their tusks on river rocks after they've been fighting."

<Fraxure suddenly glows the same bright blue color again, this time growing taller and developing larger tusks>

Arthur: "Fraxure's evolving as well."

Holly: "You mean it's a double evolution?!"

Arthur: "Exactly."

Amy: "But, how is that even possible?"

Arthur: "Axew's battled for so long and gained so much fighting experience that it was only a matter of time before it finally evolved. As for the evolving a second time after just evolving into Fraxure is still beyond me."

Sierra: "I've never seen a double evolution before."

<The light disappears and Fraxure's appearance has changed to another form that's not like the second form at all>

Amy's Pokedex: "Haxorus, the Axe Jaw Pokémon and Axew's final evolved form. Haxorus is normally considered friendly. Its body is covered with a tough armor, and its tusks cannot be broken."

Zane: "Axew, you evolved twice in one match? I guess you're stronger than I thought. Alright then, Haxorus, let's work together to beat Darkrai."

Haxorus: *Smiles and nods*

Zane: "According to the Pokedex, you've learned some new moves too. Let's try them out. Haxorus, use Rock Tomb!"

<Haxorus summons massive rocks from the air and causes them to smash into the ground on the field. Darkrai turns itself transparent and avoids the rocks. It turns itself solid again>

Sierra: "Shadow Claw!"

Zane: "Dragon Claw!"

<Both Pokémon's hands become surrounded by energy that forms large claws. They meet in the center of the field and unleash a barrage of slashes upon each other. Haxorus blocks a slash and uppercuts Darkrai from the chest to its face. Darkrai flinches backward and covers its face>

Sierra: "I can't possibly lose to you! Darkrai, pull yourself together and use Dark Pulse!"

<Darkrai becomes unresponsive and continues to groan in pain>

Zane: "Sorry, Sierra, but this battle's over with."

Sierra: "And how are you so sure of that fact?"

Zane: "Because you've always looked at Pokemon as fighters, and never as true companions. Pokemon are so much more than just battle partners. Axew...or...Haxorus, taught me that through the many battles that we've been through together; as friends. Sorry to do this, but, I'm taking you down. Haxorus, let's finish this up with Hyper Beam!"

<A ball of powerful, swirling energy grows inside Haxorus's mouth. The ball explodes out into a massive beam of energy that hits Darkrai as it recovered. The massive explosion swirls dust across the entire field and shatters the field around the arena that was created by Darkrai. After the clearing of the dust, Darkrai lies on the ground and has fainted>

Zane: "We did it!"

<Liam raised his arm>

Liam: "Darkrai is unable to battle! Haxorus wins, which means the victory goes to Zane."

Pidove: "Pidove dove dove, pidove dove pi dove" (You did it, Zane, you won! You beat Darkrai)

<Liam's Pidove flew over to Zane, smiling at him>

<Zane jumped at the sudden sight of the strange bird Pokemon flying in front of him>

Zane: "Whoa, I've never seen a Pokemon like this around here."

Zane's Pokedex: "Pidove, the Tiny Pigeon Pokemon. A Pidove flock's cooing can get extremely noisy. Pidove is not attracted to shiny objects."

Zane: "Pidove, huh?" *Puts the Pokedex away; pets Pidove on the head* "Are you wild or lost? Where's your Trainer?"

Pidove: "Dove Dove" (Over there)

Liam: "Pidove, why did you run off like that?"

<Liam and his Fennekin run over to Pidove who was with Zane>

Fennekin: "Fenn fenn fennekin kin" (Don't scare us again, Pidove)

Liam: "Sorry about that, my Pidove likes meeting new people. She has a habit of doing that. Anyway, I'm Liam and this is my partner Fennekin, which I got from Professor Sycamore."

<Liam moves his hand over to Fennekin, so Zane can see it>

Fennekin: "Fenn Nekin" (Pleased to meet you, Zane)

Zane's Pokedex: "Fennekin, the Fox Pokemon. Fennekin expels hot air that can reach nearly 400 degrees. It likes to snack on twigs."

Zane: "Nice to meet you, Liam. I'm Zane. My dream is to become a Pokemon Master someday. Those are my three friends up on the stands. Arthur, Amy, and Holly."

<Haxorus walks over and gently rubs its face against Zane's>

Zane: "Stop it, that tickles! And this is Haxorus. My Axew was my partner for about a year. Axew's my best friend, so he really means a lot to me. Liam, if you wanted, you could come with us on our Journey. I think you would be a great addition to our group."

Haxorus: "Haxorus." (I agree.)

<Liam thought about for a moment, then smiled with a nod>

Liam: "Sure, why not. How can I say no to that? I'd love to join you guys."

To Be Continued...