Preview: Preparing for the next gym battle, Zane and co. encounter an injured Uxie who was severely beaten by a pack of wild Houndoom. As Liam's Vanillite and Zane's Croconaw simultaneously evolve, Zane and Liam decide to help Uxie, and when Uxie teams up with Zane, a strong bond builds Zane's friendship with it. What could it mean?

Liam: "Nothin' like a relaxing day, dontcha think guys?"

Zane: "It is nice to relax and enjoy the scenery. We're always so focused on the next battle that we never really look at how beautiful everything is."

Amy: "It is relaxing."

Holly: "No doubt."

Arthur: "I just wish I could find something to cook. We're running out of food."

Zane: "I'm sure the next Gym is close. We can stop there and get some supplies."

Arthur: "That's almost too relaxed of a way to react to almost no food."

Zane: "You've gotta learn to just relax, Arthur. The food in the next city isn't going anywhere, right?"

Arthur: "Well..."

Zane: "Just relax. We'll worry about it later."

<A sudden screech is heard not too far from where they stopped to rest. Zane stands up and looks around>.

Zane: "What was that?!"

<Liam and Zane rush over. They spot six Houndoom growling at a Pokemon that looks like a pixie with two tails, its hair is yellow, its eyes are closed with some yellow on it and a blue face>

Liam: "That's a Uxie. Its been attacked by those Houndoom over there!"

<Liam and Zane both scan their Pokedex>

Liam's Pokedex: "Uxie, the Knowledge Pokemon. It is said that it can wipe out the memory of those who see its eyes. Because it is known as "The Being Of Knowledge", it is very intelligent."

Zane's Pokedex: "Houndoom, the Dark Pokémon and the evolved form of Houndour. Houndoom's eerie howl is said to cause those who hear it to shudder in fear."

Liam: "I know its doing a good job of shuddering Uxie in fear, I can't let them do that."

<Liam pulls out three Pokeballs>

Liam: Vullaby, Azelf, Fennekin, help me out!

<Liam summons Vullaby, Azelf, and Fennekin, then Zane noticed the Vullaby>

Zane: "That's a weird Pokemon."

<Zane scans the Pokedex again>

Zane's Pokedex: "Vullaby, the Diapered Pokémon. Vullaby's small wings keep it from flying. It tends to chase Pokémon weaker than itself."

Liam: "Vullaby, Dark Pulse. Fennekin use Attract, Azelf, use Water Pulse"

<Vullaby fires Dark Pulse from its beak, Fennekin uses Attract, Azelf uses its hands to fire Water Pulse, each one hits the Houndoom>

<Vanillite and Croconaw arrive to see Liam helping a Uxie from six Houndoom>

Liam's Vanillite: "Vanill vanill lite" (I want to help them too!)

Croconaw: "Croc!" (Yeah!)

<Both Vanillite and Croconaw glare at the Houndoom, after a long pause, both of them start to glow light blue with clear lines surrounding them>

Liam: "Zane, look!"

<All 6 Houndoom watch in horror to see both Vanillite and Croconaw glow and change their appearances>

Zane: "Croconaw's evolving!"

Liam: "Vanillite's evolving as well!"

<Vanillite grows taller, its cone gets sharp like a triangle, and its ice-cream changes, as the glow shatters in blue shards revealed a new Pokemon>


Liam: "Amazing, my Vanillite has evolved into a Vanillish."

<Croconaw reappears much bigger and with a giant tail from behind>

Feraligatr: *Growls*

Zane: "Croconaw, you finally evolved into your last form!"

<Everyone else arrive and gasp to see a Feraligatr and a Vanillish, instead of Croconaw and Vaniliite>

Amy: "Looks like everyone evolved!"

<Liam checks his Pokedex>

Liam's Pokedex: "Vanillish, the Icy Snow Pokémon and the evolved form of Vanillite. Vanillish forms ice particles in the air by cooling it down, then uses them to freeze opponents."

Zane: "Wow. That's amazing."

Zane's Pokedex: "Feraligatr, the Big Jaw Pokémon and the evolved form of Croconaw. Once a Feraligatr has clamped its powerful jaws around an opponent, it won't let go until the opponent is defeated."

Liam's Vanillish: "Van Vanillish vanill?" (Ready to do this, Feraligatr?)

Feraligatr: *Growls to agree*

Liam: "Alright Vanillish, use Hidden Power!"

<Vanillish nods, then fires a barrage of orbs and it hits two Houndoom, knocking them out with one hit>

Liam: "That's a bullseye, Vanillish!"

Liam's Vanillish: "Van Nillish" (A direct hit)

<Feraligatr is really impressed with Vanillish's strength>

Feraligatr: "Gator, Gator!" (Impressive, Vanillish!)

Liam's Vanillish: "Van Vanillish, Lish" (Try out your new move, Feraligatr!)

Feraligatr: *Looks confused at Vanillish*

<One of the Houndoom is about to strike Feraligatr with Crunch, another one used Dark Pulse at Vanillish>

Zane: "Feraligatr, stop Houndoom with Ice Beam!"

<Feraligatr opens its enormous mouth and shoots a beam of blue-colored lightning; it hits the Houndoom, freezing its body solid inside a large block of ice>

Liam: "Quick! Dodge it, Vanillish"

<Vanillish barely dodges Dark Pulse by levitating to the left in quick speed>

Liam's Vanillish: "Van! Van Nillish Lish." (Whoa! That was too close.)

Zane: "Guys, take Uxie and get somewhere safe! Liam and I will hold off the rest of these Houndoom!"

Arthur: "Are you sure?"

Holly: "Let us try to help."

Zane: "It's too dangerous. Hurry and take Uxie and get back to the rest site!"

<Arthur, Amy, and Holly all come to an agreement and decide to take the injured Uxie back to the resting site from before. The remaining pack of Houndoom take positions to attack Feraligatr and Vanillish>

Zane: "Looks like those Houndoom aren't very happy with us..."

<Liam looks at his Pokedex on Feraligatr's moves>

Liam: "Zane! According to my Pokedex, Feraligatr knows Dragon Claw after evolving!"

Zane: "Really?"

<One of the Houndoom goes behind Vanillish>

Feraligatr: *Roars*


<Feraligatr uses Dragon Claw and stops the Houndoom in its tracks. Feraligatr knocks the Houndoom back into the forest again>

Liam's Vanillish: "Van Vanillish Lish Lish" (Thanks for doing that, Feraligatr)

Feraligatr: "Gatr." (Sure thing.)

Zane: "They're coming back!"

Liam: "I got it! Vanillish, distract the remaining Houndoom by using Hidden Power"

<Vanillish fires a barrage of Hidden Power and blasts in front of Houndoom, as Feraligatr strikes the last Houndoom using Dragon Claw knocking the last of them out>

Houndoom: "Heeerllll Heeerllll" (Let's get out of here!)

<The six Houndoom rush off in fear>

Liam: "Let's go and see the others!"

Zane: "Right."

<Liam, Zane, Liam's Vanillish and Zane's Feraligatr head over to the group, as Amy was treating Uxie's injuries>

Uxie: "" ( I?)

Amy: "Uxie looks really hurt."

Liam: "How's Uxie?"

Amy: "Doing better, but Uxie suffered a lot of damage from those Houndoom."

Liam: "Come out everyone!"

Amy: "Zane, everything alright?"

Zane: "Yeah. I'm just worried for Uxie is all. Those Houndoom sure took their time to hurt Uxie a lot."

Holly: "Don't worry. I'm sure Uxie will make a full recovery soon enough."

Arthur: "Does anyone else wonder why Uxie, a Legendary Pokemon, was out in the middle of the forest for no reason?"

<Liam summons Whismur, Tranquill, Vullaby, Azelf, Fennekin. The rest of the Pokemon are summoned, then they all turn and stare at Vanillish and Feraligatr, confused>

Feraligatr: "Ferall?" (What's wrong?)

Liam's Vanillish: "Vanill?" (What?)

Liam: Um, everyone, this is Vanillish, she evolved from my Vanillite!

Zane: "And that's Croconaw, just, well, evolved to Feraligatr."

<Vanillite floats toward them and smiles. The rest of the Pokemon look in awe of their friends new changes and appearances>

Zane's Vanillite: "Vanillite, Van, Vanill!" (Wow, Vanillish, you evolved!)

Liam's Vanillish: "Vanill lish! Van Van Nillish lish Vanillish." (Aw thanks Vanillite, being evolved made me stronger.)

<Uxie starts to float above the ground. They try to keep Uxie on the ground, but it floats back up again. Zane goes to Uxie and pets its head>

Zane: "How do you feel?"

Uxie: "Uxie?" (Me?)

Zane: "I'm really glad that you're alright. I can't stand seeing Pokemon hurt, especially by other Pokemon."

<Uxie smiles and quickly moves into Zane's arms, hugging him. He hugs Uxie back>

Amy: "I think Uxie wants to join Zane's team."

Arthur: "That'll be his second legendary Pokemon. Congrats, Zane."

<They hear an earthquake rumble, Liam and Zane hear it>

Liam: "What's this? Tremors, someone's coming?"

Uxie: "Uxie." (They're bad people.)

Liam: "What do you mean by bad, Uxie"

Uxie: *Shakes its head and hides behind Zane*

<A Trainer with a Mega Houndoom and a Pyroar appear from a plume of lava>

Liam: "Is that a Pyroar?"

<Liam checks it in his Pokedex>

Liam's Pokedex: "Pyroar, the Royal Pokemon and the evolved form of Litleo. With a fiery breath over 6,000 degrees Celsius, it viciously threaten any opponents. Female Pyroar protect the pride’s cubs while male Pyroar's with the largest mane of fire is the leader of the pride."

Arthur: "I don't like this. Who are you?!"

???: "Devina's my name, and these two being Pyorar and my Mega Houndoom want to battle."

Liam: "Flareon, come on out and assist Uxie!"

<Liam summons Flareon>

Flareon: "Flare!" (Okay!)

Zane: "Mega Evolution? What's that?"

Holly: "I've never heard of it before."

Arthur: "Me neither."

Amy: "Nope. I got nothing on it."

Zane: "Well, regardless of that, I will defeat you! Uxie, you okay to battle?"

Uxie: *Smiles and nods*

Zane: "Okay then. Uxie, use Water Pulse on Pyroar!"

Devina: "Pyroar use Flamethrower, and Houndoom use Dark Pulse"

Liam: "Flareon, protect Uxie by absorbing Flamethrower"

<Flareon jumps in front of Uxie, and blocks Flamethrower and glows orange in the process>

Zane: "Flareon didn't take damage?"

Liam: "You see, Zane? My Flareon has the ability called Flash Fire."

Arthur: "It's an ability that absorbs the damage of other Fire-type moves. It's quite effective when needing to use a shield from fire in the sorts."

Amy: "Wow. That can come in handy."

Uxie: "Uxie!" (Thank you!)

Flareon: "Flareon Flare, Flar! Flareon on Flareon on on Flareon Flare" (You're most welcome, Uxie! My Flash Fire ability is a big help)

Zane: "Alright. Uxie, use Water Pulse again!"

<Uxie fires a ball of water at Mega Houndoom who jumps out of the way>

Liam: "Flareon, use Dig on Pyroar!"

<Flareon dives and digs a hole, and smacks Pyroar with incredible force, Pyroar is sent flying and slams to the ground with swirls for eyes, Holly who was the referee made the call>

Holly: "Pyroar's unable to battle!"

Devina: "Oh no, Pyroar!"

Liam: "Flareon, assist Uxie with Helping Hand."

<Flareon's body glows golden and shares its energy with Uxie, giving it a power boost making it stronger than normal>

Liam: "Now's your chance, Zane!"

Zane: "Right. Thanks for the help. Uxie, attack Houndoom with Psychic!"

<Uxie's eyes glow a bright blue color as Houndoom's suddenly lifted into the air. Uxie slams Houndoom into the ground with a hard impact and causes Houndoom to faint while turning back to its original form>

Holly: "And Houndoom's also unable to battle! The winners are Liam and Zane!"

<Flareon and Uxie hi-five each other in excellent teamwork>

Zane: "Nice work!"

<Uxie returns to Zane's side and his friends sheer for them>

Liam: "We nailed it! You were incredible, Flareon!"

<Flareon leaps happily into Liam's arms, hugging him in the process, as Devina recalls the two Pokemon, she growls a bit>

Devina: "I'll remember this, Mark my words"

<Devina storms off in anger, and had a "C" on her back, Liam notices this and looks suspicious>

Liam: *Angered* "I knew it, Devina was a part of Team Genesis, a bunch of crooks."

Flareon: *Growls at Devina* "Flareon! Flare flar flar flareon on!" (Those crooks! I thought something was fishy about her!)

Zane: "Team Genesis? Who are they?"

Liam: "They're really bad guys who want to take over the world and steal Pokemon just like Team Rocket does, Uxie must've feared that Devina was from Team Genesis."

Amy: "Aren't they just like Team Amber?"

Holly: "Yeah. Team Amber steal Pokemon too."

Liam: "Holly has a point!"

Zane: "Wonder what Team Cosmic might want with us?"

Uxie: *Floats closer to him*

<Looks over at Uxie and smiles>

Zane: "Oh, right, you wanted to come along. Okay then."

<Touches a Pokeball to Uxie's forehead and catches Uxie inside. He clips it to his belt>

Liam: "That's awesome that you caught Uxie."

Zane: "Thanks. I know that we'll be great friends."

<He remembers his journey to obtain his next badge and sees a town not too far away from them. He takes off toward the town by the dirt path>

Zane: "There's my next Gym! Yeah!"

Narrator: "After a long journey to Sunset City, Zane and his friends are now about to experience another Gym Battle; where hopefully Zane will be able to earn his fourth badge."