<The setting changes from Zane and his friends to a large facility surrounded by tall, concrete walls. Guards walk the perimeter as trucks carrying the fire symbol drive around the loading docks. Inside the main research room, three scientists stand in front of Team Amber's leader>

Wolf: "What do you have to demonstrate? Be quick. I have other meetings to attend to."

Amber Scientist: "Terribly sorry, sir. We promise that this invention will surely result in Team Amber's goal to take over the world."

<A large machine rests behind them. Several large wires and tubes connect to the machine as a large, hollow chamber sits at the very center of it>

Amber Scientist #2: "We give you the PokéDNA Replicator."

Wolf: "Hmm. You have my full attention."

Amber Scientist: "Sir, with this machine, we can replicate any Pokémon's DNA sequence and make an exact copy of that Pokémon. These copies will only follow orders give by designated Amber Trainers, sir."

Wolf: "How sure are you that it will work?"

Amber Scientist: "Bring in the first test subject!"

<Amber wranglers stab electric robs at a giant Pokémon, forcing it into the room. Large collars are clamped to its head and four feet>

Wolf: "You decided to use a Venusaur?"

Amber Scientist #3: "Yes, sir. Venusaur is a massive Pokémon, allowing the replicator the perfect chance to copy a large Pokémon's DNA sequence."

<The wranglers force the Venusaur into the hollow chamber of the machine. The glass covering slides over the chamber, locking Venusaur inside perfectly. The scientists walk over to a series of holographic console screens and displays and begin typing on them. Loud whirring and sparking appears from the machine>

Amber Scientist: "Begin replication sequence."

<A powerful beam of light emits from the top of the hollow chamber, engulfing Venusaur inside it>

Venusaur: *Painful screeching*

Amber Scientist #2: "Increase fluctuation power to nine, please."

<The beam grows larger as the screams become more frequent. After a couple minutes, the beam dies down and completely disappears, leaving a knocked out Venusaur behind>

Amber Scientist: "Excellent. Transfer all DNA data to the coder."

<Another large machine with only a large hollow chamber receives the data, and begins to build a copy of Venusaur exactly. The chamber becomes foggy before it opens, letting it all out into the main room. Everyone waits anxiously as a black-colored Venusaur with the flame symbol imprinted on the side of its face steps out of the chamber>

Amber Scientist #3: "Sir, I present you with Dark Venusaur."

Wolf: *Walking up to it and patting its head* "Dark Venusaur. Excellent. This project has gained some headway since its starting two years ago. I am very pleased with the results."

Amber Scientist: "Thank you, sir. We're working on mobile replicator rifles that can copy the DNA sequence and make the copy in the field all within a few seconds. But, the portable versions are becoming stubborn in their ability to handle large quantities of DNA data."

Wolf: "I will improve Project Amber's budget, then. So long as this research comes to world domination, it doesn't matter how much money goes into it. Keep up the good work and your usefulness won't succeed in expiring."

All: *Bowing as he walks by them* "Yes, sir. We'll get right to work."

<The setting returns with Zane and his friends as they start a battle with Zane and Holly. Holly brings out Tyranitar as Zane uses Axew to battle with>

Arthur: "It's obvious that there is quite a power difference. But, stranger things have happened."

Holly: "You ready over there, Zane?!"

Zane: "Ready!" *Looking down at Axew* "You ready, Axew?"

Axew: "Axew!" (Yeah!)

Holly: "Let's win this, Tyranitar! Flamethrower!"

Zane: "Axew, dodge it and use Dragon Pulse!"

<Tyranitar fires a stream of fire at Axew who jumps into the air, dodging it. A ball of pulsating energy launches from Axew's mouth and hits Tyranitar directly. Tyranitar slides back, then recovers>

Holly: "Wow. Axew's really strong. Tyranitar, Brick Break!"

Zane: "Dragon Claw, Axew! Go!"

<Both Tyranitar's and Axew's attacks hit, but Brick Break completely overwhelms Dragon Claw, forcing Axew to smash into the ground with great force>

Zane: "Axew!"

Holly: "Maybe this match-up wasn't the best, Zane."

Zane: "No way! Axew, get up! I believe in your strength! I know you can win this!"

<Axew steadily rises from the crater that was made by its impact. It shakes off some of its injuries>

Zane: "Alright! Way to go, Axew!"

Holly: "Well, I'm shocked. I didn't expect Axew's small frame to be able to manage such a powerful attack. You've definitely raised Axew well."

Zane: "Thanks. Axew, use your Dragon Rush!"

Holly: "Mega Punch, Tyranitar!"

<Axew charges at Tyranitar as its small body soon becomes surrounded by powerful, pulsating energy. Tyranitar's right fist glows a bright white color. It thrusts its fist forward, clashing against Axew's Dragon Rush. Axew's attack disables and its once again smashed into the ground. Axew faints on the ground>

Arthur: "Axew lost. Tyranitar and Holly are the winners."

Holly: *Running and hugging Tyranitar* "We did it! Another victory!"

Zane: *Walking to Axew and picking it up* "You did a great job out there, Axew. I promise to help you get stronger. For now, take as long of a rest as you need."

<Holly returns Tyranitar to its Pokéball and walks over to him as he sets Axew comfortably on his jacket. He pets Axew's head before wrapping it up in the jacket>

Holly: "You and Axew have a fighting spirit that I don't normally see in a lot of other Trainers. They're usually so strict with their Pokémon that they forget that they're partners."

Zane: "I would never treat Axew just like another Pokémon in my team. Axew and I have been through thick and thin together. I would never treat any of the Pokémon that I catch like others would. All of my Pokémon mean the world to me."

Holly: "Just as I thought. You are really sweet when it comes to Pokémon. I had no doubts about it."

Zane: "Thanks. And you and Tyranitar are the best team to fight against for sure."

Holly: "Thanks."

Arthur: *Standing up* "Alright. What's say we get some dinner started?"

All: "Yeah!"

<They relax in the fields with a delicious meal cooked by Arthur. Zane finishes and sits his back on the grassy field>

Zane: "Ah, another great meal. You're a really great cook, Arthur."

Holly: "I have to admit, I've never tasted food like this before. It's really tasty."

Arthur: "Glad you like it."

<Several trucks pass by on the dirt path nearby. They watch as the trucks go by. Zane notices a fire symbol on each of the transport vans>

Holly: "Why are there so many travelers this far out?"

Zane: "I know that symbol from somewhere. Amy, Arthur, you remember seeing that fire symbol before?"

Amy: "Yeah. It's printed on all of Team Amber's stuff."

Holly: "Team Amber? Who are they?"

Zane: "They're a bunch of bad guys that try to steal Pokémon from their Trainers."

Amy: "Why would Team Amber be all the way out here?"

Zane: *Standing up* "I'm not sure, but I know that they're up to no good. We've gotta follow them and stop them before they do anything to hurt anymore Pokémon, and their Trainers."

All: *Standing up* "Right."

<The trucks pull into a large facility and park adjacent to each other. The drivers step out and begin helping the workers unloaded metal crates from the back. Zane and his friends sneak up and stop about fifty feet from the main gate>

Zane: "Those crates have some kind of weird technology in them."

Holly: "There's gotta be a way inside without getting noticed, right?"

Zane: "I'll get some help from the air." *Taking out a Pokéball and tossing it into the air* "Swablu, I need your help."

<Swablu materializes and lands down in front of them>

Zane: "Swablu, I need you to fly over that base and look around for that might be important."

<Swablu nods and flies off toward the base. It circles the base several times before returning to them>

Zane: "Anything important?"

Swablu: *Excited chirping*

Zane: *Sighs* "I should've remembered that Swablu doesn't speak English. I have no clue what it's saying."

Arthur: "Hey Zane, I think Swablu might be helpful in another way..."

Zane: "What do you mean?"

Arthur: "Every Pokédex comes with a live feed video camera that can be transmitted to other connected Pokédex's systems. If I tie my Pokédex onto Swablu, then link all of our Pokédex's to it, we can have a flying camera spy in the air."

Amy: "That's a great idea, Arthur."

<Arthur ties his Pokédex to the bottom of Swablu. Swablu flies off again as he takes Zane's Pokédex and connects it to his. Both display a live feed of the facility. He does the same for Amy's and Holly's Pokédex systems>

Arthur: "There. Now we can keep an eye on where they are without even being spotted."

Zane: "Perfect. So, how do we get inside to check out what was in those trucks?"

Amy: "Maybe some kind of distraction?"

Holly: "If it's a distraction that you're looking for, I can handle that."

<Holly takes off and tosses out Tyranitar's Pokéball>

Holly: "Okay Tyranitar, I want you to get through these gates and cause as much chaos as you can. Do whatever it takes."

Tyranitar: *Nods and growls*

<Tyranitar faces the gates and uses Flamethrower to burst them open. It charges in and starts scorching everything in sight. Alarms blare up as workers run toward Tyranitar>

Zane: "Great. Now we can get in while Tyranitar distracts the staff. Let's go."

<Zane, Amy, Arthur, and Holly run toward the tall walls that surround the perimeter of the facility. Zane and Arthur step down and hold out their hands to boost Holly and Amy over the wall. Arthur then boosts Zane up and he offers him and hand over the wall. They both drop in and marvel as Tyranitar holds off their entire base>

Zane: "That Tyranitar is really strong."

Arthur: "Sure is. Come on. I saw the feed of those workers carrying whatever was in those trucks to that warehouse over there."

<They run across the courtyard and meet up with Holly and Amy against the side of the target warehouse. They quietly open the side door and head inside. The lights flicker on and a large machine stands at the center of the massive space. They walk up to it>

Zane: "What do you think it is?"

Amy: "Looks like some kind of dangerous machine."

Arthur: "I remember this research from my dad's team back home. It's a completed PokéDNA Replication machine."

Zane: "A what?"

Arthur: "It's a machine that can replicate any Pokémon's DNA sequence, and make an exact copy of that Pokémon."

Zane: "Woah. That sounds pretty cool."

Arthur: "My dad back in Ardis City first constructed the idea and first working prototype of it. But, one day, his research was stolen. Now I know by who."

Amy: "What should we do with it?"

Arthur: "We have to destroy it."

Zane: "That thing is huge, though. How can we break it?"

Arthur: "I think there should be a service hatch that houses all of the primary controls inside it. All we'd need to do after that is fry its circuits from there."

Zane: "Right."

<They scan around the giant machine until finally finding the access hatch. Arthur turns the heavy metal handle and pulls the hatch opens. Several thick, multicolored wires overlap and create a unique style of artwork inside the machine>

Zane: "Wow. That all looks really complicated. Luckily, I've got my handyman right here." *Brings out a Pokéball*

<Oshawott materializes out of its Pokéball>

Oshawott: "Osha, Oshawott!" (Hi, hello master!)

Zane: "Oshawott, you think use could use Water Gun on these wires to short it out?"

Oshawott: *Looking at the wiring. Nods* "Wott." (Sure.)

<Oshawott sprays water into the wiring, short-circuiting it and disabling it. Oshawott returns to its Pokéball>

Zane: "Alright. We did it."

???: "Not so fast, children."

<The lights turn off then back on with a tall man in a black suit standing next to the machine>

Zane: "Who are you?"

???: *Smiles* "You can address me as Wolf for right now. I'm am the leader of Team Amber."

Amy: "The leader?"

Wolf: "Yes. I must say that you four are quite resourceful. Using a great distraction like a rampaging Tyranitar to distract the staff, allowing you access into the warehouse to disable this PokéDNA Replicator machine. Well done."

Zane: "Sorry to burst your bubble, but that machine's out of order for good."

Wolf: *Chuckling*

Zane: "What's so funny?"

Wolf: "My dear boy. You'd think that we would only have one of these machines with us? We've made a total of twenty of them, shipping them all across the globe to further the research."

Holly: "Just what are you planning to do with these machines?"

Wolf: "I doubt any of you would understand. For now, let's just say that world domination is within out grasp. I do hope you've enjoyed your stay in our facility, because now it's time for you all to leave."

Zane: "Leave? Make us."

Wolf: *Smiling* "Gladly." *Tosses a Pokéball* "Bronzong, remove these parasites from our facility, please."

<A floating bell Pokémon appears with several markings and drawings on it>

Zane's Pokédex: "Bronzong, the Bronze Bell Pokémon. One slept for over 2,000 years, until it was accidentally awakened at a construction site."

Zane: "Doesn't matter. Oshawott, Water Gun!"

<Oshawott fires water from its mouth straight for Bronzong>

Wolf: "Bronzong, use Protect."

<A field of strong energy appears in front of Bronzong just as the water reached it. The Water Gun disperses, completely fading away and leaving Bronzong undamaged>

Wolf: "Bronzong, use Psychic."

<Bronzong's body begins to glow a bright blue color in an outline of its body shape. The roof of the warehouse begins to cave inward, dropping heavy metal objects down from above>

Zane: "Oshawott, return!"

<Oshawott returns to its Pokéball just as a heavy steel beam crashed where it was before. They exit through the side door as the entire warehouse collapses. Holly grabs her Pokéball and returns Tyranitar to it. They leave the facility and run down the dirt path escaping from Team Amber. Inside the warehouse, a large pile of metal and rubble lifts up, revealing Wolf and Bronzong are unhurt. The rubble flies to the side as workers run over to check on them>

Amber Worker: "Sir, are you alright?"

Wolf: *Brushing his suit off* "Yes. Thanks to Bronzong, everything is on schedule. Those kids might pose a threat later on, but, for right now, they can be left alone."

<They stop in a field and sit down to rest>

Zane: "We made it out."

Arthur: "Yeah. That Bronzong is really strong."

Amy: "So, what do we do about those other machines?"

Arthur: "We don't have the means to travel across the world and shutdown each of the machines. For now, we'll just have to keep going until they decide on their next move. No matter how much that makes me angry."

Zane: *Standing up* "We can't let Team Amber get away with this plot of theirs. But Arthur's right. We can't run around the world and destroy the remaining machines. All we can do is head to Crescent City and continue on after that."

All: "Right!"


Major eventsEdit

  • Zane is revealed to have obtained a Swablu.