Zane: "Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

Arthur: "Escavalier, Iron Defense!"

<Axew fires a ball of energy from its mouth. A shiny coating spreads over Escavalier as the energy ball hit it. The explosion subsides and Escavalier appears completely unharmed>

Arthur: "Escavalier, Hidden Power!"

<Escavalier brings its two lance arms close to the center of its chest so that the sharp tips touch. A glowing ball forms. It grows in size until it fires it at Axew>

Zane: "Dodge it, Axew!"

<Axew dodges the ball last second and is damaged by the explosion effect. Axew shakes off the impact and stands up straight>

Arthur: "Axew's coming along quite well, I see."

Zane: "Thanks. Escavalier's got some good attacks on it."

Arthur: "Just so you know, I won't go easy on you. Escavalier, Double Edge!"

<Escavalier's two lance arms glow a bright white color. It charges Axew who wasn't expecting to charge at a high speed>

Zane: "You can do it, Axew! Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew charges up the energy ball just as Escavalier thrusts its lance arms at it. Axew flies back, lands on its feet further away, and fires the ball. Escavalier takes a direct hit from the attack and falls to the ground. It faints>

Zane: "Yeah! Way to go, Axew!"

Axew: "Axew-ew-ew!" (Yay I did it!)

Zane: *Picking up Axew and hugging it* "I'm so proud of you, Axew. You were great out there."

Arthur: *Thinking* He's a pretty strong trainer. That Axew of his is definitely one-of-a-kind.

<Arthur returns Escavalier to its Pokéball. Amy stands up from the ground and walks over to them>

Amy: "That was a great battle. Both of your Pokémon are really strong."

Arthur: "It was a great battle. Thanks again for agreeing to have it with me, Zane."

Zane: "Sure thing. Anytime, Arthur."

???: *Screaming in the distance* "Help! Someone please help me!"

Zane: *Looking in the direction of the screaming* "What was that?"

Arthur: "Sounded like someone screaming."

Amy: "Let's go see what's happening."

<Zane, Amy, and Arthur run through the forest together. They stop at the site of a young girl as she's being attacked by flying Pokémon>

Amy: "She's in trouble!"

Zane: *Using his Pokédex*

Zane's Pokédex: "Durant, the Iron Ant Pokémon. Durant build twisting tunnels in the mountains where they form their nests. They are covered with a steel armor for protection."

Arthur: "We'd better find a way to help her."

Zane: "I've got this. Cyndaquil, come out and use Ember!"

<Cyndaquil's Pokéball flies into the air and opens. Cyndaquil appears in the air and shoots small bursts of fire from its mouth. The Durants stumble around and run away. Cyndaquil lands and Zane returns it to its Pokéball>

Amy: *Walking up to the little girl as she cries* "Are you okay?"

???: "Mommy, daddy, where are you? I'm scared."

<Zane walks up and kneels in front of the girl. He reaches and wipes away a tear with his finger. She looks up at as he smiles back at her>

Zane: "You're okay now. Those Pokémon won't hurt you again."

???: *Sniffling* "Really?"

Zane: "Promise. Come with us and we'll keep you safe."

???: *Nods and stands up*

<The group walk through the forest together with the little girl piggybacking on Zane's back. She smiles and points at various Pokémon all around them>

Amy: "Do you have a name?"

???: "Diana."

Zane: "That's a pretty name. I'm Zane..."

Arthur: "I'm Arthur..."

Amy: "And I'm Amy. Nice to meet you."

Axew: *Popping up* "Axew!" (Hi!)

Zane: "Oh yeah. This is my best friend and battle partner, Axew."

Diana: "Whoa, look at that one! And that one! That one, too!"

Amy: "You must really love Bug-type Pokémon, right?"

Diana: "I sure do. My mommy and daddy own a big building where they watch them."

Arthur: "You mean like a bug observatory?"

Diana: "Yeah."

Amy: "We should go check it out. I'd love to see all of the Pokémon that are there."

Zane: *Excited* "Then let's get to it!"

<Zane runs ahead with Arthur and Amy trying to keep up. They stop at a large, dome-shaped building as Pokémon of all shapes and size crawl and fly around>

Zane: "I've never seen so many bug Pokémon in one place before."

???: "Diana!"

Diana: *Looking over at a woman running toward them from the front entrance to the building* "Mommy!"

<Zane puts Diana down and she runs and hugs her mom>

Mom: "Oh Diana, don't ever scare mommy like that again. I was so worried about you."

Diana: "I'm sorry, mommy."

Mom: *Looking up at them* "Thank you for bringing Diana home. How can we repay you?"

Zane: "We're just happy that nothing happened to her."

Mom: "There must be someway that I can repay you. How would you all like a full tour of the observatory?"

Amy: "That would be great."

<Inside, a variety of Pokémon walk around the vast expanse of plants that sprout up all around them. Zane pulls out his Pokédex and points it at each new Pokémon>

Zane's Pokédex: "Spinarak, the String Spit Pokémon. Spinarak can climb any surface easily, and shoot a strong web from both the front and back of its body. Its prey is caught and held tight in its web."

Zane's Pokédex #2: "Paras, the Mushroom Pokémon. Rare mushrooms grow on its back.Paras has qualities of both Bug and Grass Pokémon."

Amy: "Wow. They're are so many Pokémon here."

Mom: "My husband and I built this observatory so we could study them in their natural environment. Our love of Bug-type Pokémon is what brought us together."

Arthur: "Why are there so many inside rather than out in the wild?"

Mom: "Some of the Pokémon here have become so dependent on humans that they can't go back to the wild. But, someday we'd like to return them to their homes."

Zane: "Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you, huh?"

Mom: "Mostly definitely."

<They walk into a connecting part of the observatory that is shaped like a smaller circle. Scientists study various plants and Pokémon on long tables that span the entire circumference of the building>

Amy: "What goes on in this building?"

Mom: "This is where we experiment with new plants and how they react to certain Pokémon. A lot of the research goes to creating new medicines for Pokémon and people alike."

Zane: "So, do any of the Pokémon get hurt with these experiments going on?"

Mom: "Of course not. We make sure to introduce the plants to the Pokémon is calm environments. If they react negatively to the plant, then we know never to allow those types of plants near that Pokémon again."

Arthur: "I can't believe that you've dedicated your life to all this. It's truly amazing."

Mom: "I've always been fond of Pokémon. My love for them brings me to want to do great things to help them. One day, I hope to make a medicine that will cure every ailment that hurts both Pokémon and people. Until that day, making every new batch of medicine that helps someone out there satisfies my dreams."

<A few miles North of the observatory building, five transport vans speed down the roadway. From the side of each van, an emblem of fire shows up. Two people talk in the leading van>

Driver: "We're approaching the observatory now."

Passenger: "Good. Once we're inside, we can begin rounding up all of those precious Pokémon and their genuinely cooperative scientists."

Passenger #2: *Speaking from the back* "I can't wait to grab those Pokémon."

Passenger #3: "Team Amber's gonna get a hefty payout for all of that valuable research in there."

Passenger #4: "Hey, Archer, you ready?"

Archer: *Silent*

Passenger #2: "Earth to Archer..."

Archer: *Silent*

Passenger: "Leave him alone, guys. Archer's just a little mad cause he got his butt whooped by a kid and his Pokémon."

All (except Archer): *Laughing*

<Back inside the main observatory building, Zane, Amy, and Arthur walk around and admire the Pokémon and exotic plants. Zane throws out Sewaddle's Pokéball>

Zane: *Looking down at Sewaddle as it looks up at him* "Go have some fun, Sewaddle. I'll come find you when it's time to go."

<Sewaddle jumps for joy and runs off into the deep forestry that surrounds them. Meanwhile, the five vans are about a mile from the facility>

Driver (Van 1): "Okay, Team A, you'll cause a distraction in the forest sections nearby. Team B, you'll raid the main facility and take everything of value. Understand?"

All: *Cheering*

<Three of the five vans pull off the road and skid to a stop in a large clearing. The sides of the vans open and five to seven people step out as they throw several Pokéballs around. All Fire-type Pokémon come out and begin scorching everything in sight. Back in the control room, alarms and buzzers sound, workers run rampant, and monitors begin to beep "warning" signs>

Zane: *Running up with Amy and Arthur close behind* "What's going on?"

Mom: "I don't know. There's a disruption in Quadrant 32-I."

Operator: "Ma'am, a massive fire just started in 32-I!"

Mom: "What?!"

<Outside, the remaining two vans screech to a stop and open the side doors. Again, more people come out and throw more Pokéballs. A camel Pokémon comes out. Its trainer points at the wall in front of them>

Amber Trainer: "Numel, Flamethrower!"

Numel: "Numel!" (Yes!)

<Numel shoots fire at the wall and causes an explosion that bursts into the research building. The monitors in the control room pull up the blueprints of the research building>

Mom: "What's happening now?!"

Operator #2: "An explosion just occurred in the research building!"

Mom: *Looking at a group of Pokémon workers standing off to the side* "Get the fire response Pokémon teams out in the field and stop that fire! Hurry!"

Workers: "Right!"

<The workers run out of the building with several Water-type Pokémon running behind. Zane runs back into the main building and looks around for Sewaddle>

Zane: "Sewaddle, Sewaddle where are you?!"

Sewaddle: "Waddle! Sewaddle!" (Master! I'm here!)

<Zane spots his Sewaddle as it crawls toward him. He runs, picks it up, and hugs it>

Zane: "I'm so happy that you're alright. You'll be safe back in your Pokéball."

<He returns Sewaddle to its Pokéball and runs back to the control room>

Mom: "Kids, would you mind going down to the research section and making sure that the Pokémon and the scientists are alright?"

Zane: "No problem. Come on."

<In the research building, scientists run in fear as streams of fire whirl past them. Team Amber members begin to grab everything in sight. Zane and Amy run to the building while Arthur went to help with the fire control. Archer, while grabbing a Pokémon, spots Zane. He drops the Pokémon and grinds his teeth together>

Archer: "You!"

Zane: "Archer, good to see you again. Stealing isn't right you know."

Archer: "Like a moral lesson is something that I need right now! I'm gonna beat you this time! Weavile, let's go!"

Weavile: *Coming out of its Pokéball and extending its sharp claws* "Weavile!" (I'm gonna win this time!)

Zane: "Not a chance! Axew, let's get them!"

<Axew jumps down from his shoulder and lands on the ground in front>

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

Archer: "Dodge it and use Double Slash, Weavile!"

<Axew's Dragon Pulse impacts the ground where Weavile was just a second ago. Weavile reappears behind Axew as its sharp claws glow a white color>

Zane: "Axew, look out!"

Weavile: *Bringing its claws down on Axew* "Weavile!" (Gotcha!)

<Axew dodges its attack and charges up a strong energy around it. It charges Weavile and hits it with the attack. Weavile flies back and smashes into the wall. It falls to the ground, weakened>

Zane: "What was that?!"

Zane's Pokédex: "Axew's Dragon Rush. A powerful Dragon-type move which allows a dragon Pokémon to unleash a charge of energy at its opponent. This attack drains some power from the user."

Zane: "Dragon Rush?"

Amy: "It's really powerful."

<In the field, Arthur works with the Pokémon and his Escavalier to stop the forest fire>

Arthur: "Escavalier, X Slice those trees to cut off the fire!"

<Escavalier cuts through several trees surrounding the fire in an "X" fashion. The trees fall and block the fire from advancing. Back in the observatory, fire continues to engulf several sections of the research building>

Amber Trainer #2: "Archer, let's go!"

Zane: "You're not going anywhere! Axew, use Dragon Rush again!"

<Axew engulfs itself in spiraling energy. It runs full sprint out through the wall and crashes against one of the vans. It explodes, causing a chain reaction that explodes the other vans>

Archer: "No!"

Amy: "I've got it from here! Cacnea, come out and use Pin Missile!"

<Cacnea comes out and fires numerous projectiles at Team Amber. They drop the materials and flee through the forest. A few hours have passed since defeating Team Amber's invasion and the fires have finally been put out. Zane, Amy, and Arthur stand in front of the mother and now the father has appeared>

Mom: "I can't thank you enough for saving the observatory."

Dad: "I wasn't even aware of the attack until I spotted the smoke a few miles away. Thank you for protecting my family and my work."

Zane: "No problem. We were happy to help."

Mom: "Zane, I'd like to give you something in particular."

Zane: "Really?"

Mom: *Taking an egg from a worker next to her. Hands it to him*

Zane: *Holding the egg in his hands* "An egg?"

Mom: "One of our Pokémon here laid it a few weeks ago. We don't know which, so we have no idea what could hatch. We've taken great care of it. We'd like you to have it now."

Zane: "Thank you. I'll take great care of it."

<Zane walks away with the egg held firmly in his hands. Amy and Arthur wave goodbye to everyone as they run to catch up with him again. The sun sets, covering the area in a soft, orange glow>