Preview: Vullaby is having trouble flying, and she can't seem to do it properly. To make matters worse, she runs off crying. So Liam, Zane, Altaria and Tranquill decide to find Vullaby. Along the way Zane encounters a Rufflet who is having the same problem, but can only fly a little. When a group of thieves arrive which they call themselves Team Genesis, Liam's Swampert mega evolves and it's up to Vullaby to fight back, but in doing so, she begins to glow a bright aura of light blue.......

Narrator: "After Zane's victory against Paula and earning the Torch Badge, our heroes and their Pokemon are training inside the forest, but little do they know what will happen to Vullaby's pride."

Liam: "Keep trying Vullaby!"

<Vullaby tries to fly high again but fails and falls over>.

Vullaby: "VULLABY BY BY!!" ("I CAN'T SEEM TO FLY!!")

<Zane's Altaria helped Vullaby to get back up>.

Altaria: *Nuzzles Vullaby and smiles*

Vullaby: "Vulla Vulla By....By" ("Thanks, Altaria....but..")

Altaria: *Nods*

Vullaby: *Sadly has her head down, starts to sob* "Vu-u-u-ulla B-b-b-by....Vulla.....VULLAAAAA" ("Its just that I-I-I-I-I'm not that good at *sniff* f-f-f-f-f-flying.....I'm sorry.........BWAAAAAAHH!!")

<Vullaby begins to cry uncontrollably, and runs off, Altaria tries to stop her>.

Altaria: "Taria, Altaria!" ("Vullaby, come back!")

<Altaria has her head down in disappointment, she rushes over to Liam and Zane>

Altaria: "Tari, Altar, Altaria Altari" ("Zane, Liam, This is terrible!")

Zane: "Altaria, what's wrong?"

Liam: "Yeah, what's the matter?"

Altaria: "Altaria, tari!" (Vullaby, ran off!)

Liam: "You're saying that Vullaby has run away crying because she can't fly properly, and you need our help?"

<Altaria hungs her head down sadly, then nods>.

Altaria: "Taria!" ("Yes!")

Liam: "What should we do, Zane? I have no idea where Vullaby has disappeared to?"

Zane: "Since Vullaby can't fly very well, Vullaby couldn't have gotten very far on its own two feet. Still, the forest has a lot of dangerous Pokemon living in it. Altaria, head into the sky and see if you can spot anything unusal. Liam, you and I can head off in the direction that Vullaby went. But Altaria's gonna need some help to search the sky up above."

Liam: "I have an idea, Tranquill, come on out!"

<Liam sends out his Tranquill>.

Tranquill: "Tranquill?" ("You called?")

Zane: "Tranquill, huh? Cool."

<Zane brings out his Pokedex and points it at Tranquill>.

Zane Pokedex: "Tranquill, the Wild Pigeon Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pidove. Tranquill is always able to return to its Trainer no matter how far the distance between them."

Zane: "Perfect. Tranquill can definitely help Altaria in the skies to look for Vullaby."

Liam: "Yup, my Pidove has evolved! Tranquill, go with Altaria and find Vullaby, she's run off."

Tranquill: "Tran!" ("Right!")

<Tranquill and Altaria fly over to the air, and look around to search>.

Liam: "Why would Vullaby run off?"

<The two Flying-types are searching>.

Tranquill: "Tran quill quill?" ("Is that Vullaby?")

<Tranquill's POV zooms in to reveal a Rufflet>.

Altaria: "Altaria, tari, Altaria." (No, it's not, but maybe he can tell us where Vullaby went.)

<Altaria flies down and folds its wings away>.

Rufflet: "Let! Rufflet!" (Hey! Back off!)

Tranquill: "Tran Tran quill quill quill tranquill?" ("So you can fly a little, huh?")

Rufflet: "Ruff! Rufflet, let!" (Yeah! I can fly, whatever!)

Tranquill: "Tranquill quill quill tranquill?" ("Did you see Vullaby running past you?")

Rufflet: "Rufflet." (Yeah.)

Tranquill: "Tran quill?" ("You did?")

Rufflet: "Let." (Yeah.)

<Rufflet points the direction with his wing where Vullaby had ran off>.

Tranquill: "Tran! Tran Tranquill, Quill Quill Tranquill! Tranquill tran quill!" ("Altaria! Go let Zane and Liam know that a willd Rufflet knows where Vullaby went! I'll go after Vullaby!")

Altaria: *Nods and soars back into the air; heading back toward Zane and Liam*

<Zane stops and looks around at some bushes in search of Liam's missing Vullaby>.

Liam: "Zane, your Altaria has returned!"

Zane: "Altaria!  Over here!"

Altaria: "Taria!" (Zane there's a problem!)

Liam: "A problem? What do you mean by that, Altaria?"

Altaria: "Taria! Altaria, Altari!" (There's a Rufflet! It appears, to have the same problem!)

Liam: "You're saying that a Rufflet is having the same problem?"

Zane: "Rufflet? I've never heard of that Pokemon before."

<Zane looks through his Pokedex data entries for any sign of Rufflet. He stops at the entry and looks over it>.

Zane's Pokedex: "Rufflet, the Eaglet Pokémon. Rufflet's talons are powerful. Able to crack open even the toughest Berries. It often challenges stronger opponents to battle."

<Vullaby is surrounded by Genesis Grunt's pokemons>

Vullaby: "Vulla By" ("Help me")

<Suddenly, a large blue pokemon appears in front of Vullaby>

???: "Swam Pert Swampert?" ("Are you okay, Vullaby?")

Vullaby: "Vulla, Vulla By Vullaby" ("Swampert, thank Arceus you're here")

Liam: "Looks like we made it in time!"

Zane: "Is everyone alright?!"

Amy: "Why would anyone hurt Vullaby like that?!"

<Vullaby gets beat up bad by multiple attacks by the grunts Pokemon>

Vullaby: "Vull...VullaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

<Vullaby shrieks by the top of her voice, then suddenly starts to glow in a blue aura light, pushing back the Grunt's Weavile>

Zane: "Vullaby..."

Amy: "That's..."

Liam: "Vullaby's evolving!!"

<Vullaby grew taller, it's head grew and a beak appear, and a bone appeared on its head, its diaper changed completely, as the glow shatters in shards, it revealed a Mandibuzz, which stood Vullaby's place>.

Zane: "Woah. A new Pokemon. Better check the Pokedex."

Zane's Pokedex: "Mandibuzz, the Bone Vulture Pokémon and the evolved form of Vullaby. Mandibuzz swoops down from the sky, attacking weakened Pokémon. It builds its nest out of bones it collects."

<Mandibuzz flaps her wings and flies up high>

Swamppert: "Swamp pert pert?" ("Ready to go?")

Mandibuzz: "Buzz!" ("Yeah!")

Zane: ""

Zane's Pokedex: "Swampert, the Mud Fish Pokémon and Mudkip's final evolved form. It is able to easily drag large stone weighing over 1 ton. It is also able to see through cloudy waters and detect approaching storms with its fin."

Liam: "Swampert, lets show how strong the bond you and I have, MEGA EVOLVE!"

<Swampert mega evolves into Mega Swampert>

Mega Swampert: "SWAMPERT!!!" ("LET's DO THIS!!")

<Mandibuzz pulls out its bone and whacks Weavile left and right>

Liam: "What's that move?"

Zane: "Bone Rush. It's a physical move to inflict close damage. It's very effective depending on the Pokémon's physical strength."

<Mandibuzz is engulfed in a blue aura and charges Weavile with all her might, damaging it, she starts to feel pain from that hit>

Liam: "That's Brave Bird, Now Swampert, Hammer Arm, shoot it down!"

Mega Swampert: "SWAM...PERT!!!" ("HAMMER....ARM!!")

<Mega Swampert pummels Weavile to the ground, knocking it out, suddenly an Aerial Ace strikes Bisharp, it revealed to be Rufflet>.


Liam: "What's it doing here?"