<Zane and his partner Holly stand on a field behind the massive building with two other Trainers. The referee arrives and stands at the sidelines>

Referee: "The match between Team Green: Zane and Holly, and Team Orange: Michael and Paul is about to begin! Are the two teams ready?!"

All: "Ready!"

Referee: "Please bring out your first Pokémon!"

Zane: "Axew, let's do this!"

<Axew jumps down from his shoulder and lands on the field in front of him. Holly takes out a Pokéball and tosses it onto the battlefield. It opens up and a never-before-seen Pokémon materializes>

Zane: "Woah. I've never seen that Pokémon before."

Zane's Pokédex: "Carnivine, the Bug Catcher Pokémon. Carnivine latches onto tress in marshes and lures its prey with its sweet-smelling saliva."

Michael: *Tossing a Pokéball* "Torterra, let's go!"

Paul: *Tossing a Pokéball* "Slaking, I need you!"

<Both materialize on the battlefield>

Slaking: "Slaking!" (Win!)

Torterra: *Roaring*

Zane's Pokédex: "Slaking, the Lazy Pokémon. Slaking lives most of its life asleep, eating only grasses that grow within its reach."

Zane's Pokédex #2: "Torterra, the Continent Pokémon. Torterra is the final evolved form of Turtwig. Sometimes small Pokémon will gather to make their nests on Torterra's back."

Zane: "Those are some big Pokémon."

Holly: "Don't worry about getting trampled on."

Zane: *Looking at Axew. Thinking* It's not me that I'm worried about getting trampled on.

Referee: "Let the match...begin!"

Michael: "Torterra, Earthquake!"

<Torterra smashes its large feet on the ground, cracking the ground and violently shaking everything around>

Holly: "Carnivine, root yourself into the ground and hang on!"

<Carnivine injects its root feet into the ground and wobbles around while Axew topples over on the ground>

Zane: "Axew, you can do it! Get up and use Dragon Rush!"

<Axew struggles to stand up on its feet again. After regaining its balance, Axew jumps into the air and surrounds itself in a powerful energy. Axew launches at Torterra from above>

Paul: "Slaking, block Axew and use Focus Punch!"

<Slaking gets up from its laid back position and blocks Axew's Dragon Rush with its left hand and charges up a strong energy into its right fist. Slaking thrusts its right fist into Axew, sending it back and crashing into the ground>

Zane: "Axew!"

Holly: "That was a direct hit from a powerful move. I don't think Axew's getting up."

Zane: "Axew, don't give up! I know you can do it! I believe in you!"

<Axew hops out of the crater created by its impact and shakes off the damage like it was nothing>

Paul: "How is that possible? Axew took a direct hit from Slaking's Focus Punch."

Holly: "How did Axew..." *Looking over at Zane. Thinking* Who is this guy?

Zane: "Nice work, Axew. Go up close and give Slaking a Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew charges at Slaking in a full sprint>

Paul: "Slaking, Fire Punch!"

Michael: "Torterra, Razor Leaf!"

<Torterra launches a barrage of razor sharp leaves at Axew while Slaking's right fist catches fire. Axew weaves through the Razor Leaf and jumps up to match Slaking's eye level. Slaking throws its flaming fist at Axew>

Paul: "It's over!"

Zane: "Not so fast! Axew, dodge it and get right into Slaking's face!"

<Axew twists its body away from Slaking's Fire Punch and runs on the length of the arm until hooking onto Slaking's face. A ball of energy collects in Axew's mouth. It fires at Slaking's face, knocking Slaking back and outside the ring. Axew lands back on Zane's side of the battlefield>

Referee: "Slaking is unable to battle!"

<Slaking is returned to battle and Paul brings out another Pokéball. He tosses it and brings out another Pokémon>

Referee: "Paul has selected Rhydon as his second Pokémon! Let the match continue!"

Paul: "Rhydon, use your Horn Attack!"

Zane's Pokédex: "Rhydon, the evolved form of Rhyhorn. It is known as the Drill Pokémon. Its large horn gives it formidable attack power."

<Rhydon charges at Axew and rams its large horn into Axew's chest. Axew flies back, smashes to the ground, and faints. The Referee raises an orange flag>

Referee: "Axew is unable to battle! Please bring out your next Pokémon!"

<Zane retrieves Axew and lets it rest on his jacket. He takes a Pokéball from his sash and tosses it out. It opens, bringing out another Pokémon>

Referee: "Trainer Zane has chosen to send out Electrike! Resume the match!"

Michael: "Your Carnivine's going down! Torterra, bite that pesky plant!"

<Torterra runs at Carnivine and opens its large mouth>

Holly: *Smiles* "Big mistake, Michael. You should know that Carnivine has a much bigger mouth."

<She snaps her fingers and Carnivine opens its massive mouth, clamping down on Torterra's head. Torterra thrashes around and tries to shake Carnivine off>

Holly: "Torterra can try to shake Carnivine off, but it'll just tucker itself out. Once Carnivine's got a grip, it doesn't let go. Now, Carnivine, bring Torterra down with a Solar Beam!"

Michael: "A Solar Beam?!"

<An enormous amount of light energy collects into an orb inside Carnivine's mouth. The ball turns into a bright beam of light that hits Torterra in the face. Torterra flies back and smashes into the ground, fainting afterward. The Referee raises a green flag>

Referee: "Torterra is unable to battle! Please bring out your next Pokémon!"

<The battle continues on, with Zane at one last Pokémon; Holly at two; Michael and Paul on their final Pokémon>

Holly: "Zane, we've almost got them. We can do this."

Zane: *Holding the selected Pokéball in his hand and looking at it. Thinking* All I have left is Rampardos. If Rampardos loses, then I lose all of my newest Pokémon. I don't want that to happen. I've barely had a chance to meet them myself. Please Rampardos, I need you at your strongest right now. No holding back.

<Zane tosses out his Pokéball and brings out Rampardos. Rampardos materializes and roars at Paul and Michael>

Referee: "Trainer Zane has chosen Rampardos as his final Pokémon! Trainer Holly has chosen Buneary as her second Pokémon! Trainers Paul and Michael, please select your final Pokémon!"

Michael: *Tossing a Pokéball* "Exploud, let's go!"

Paul: *Tossing a Pokéball* "Steelix, I need your strength out here!"

<Both Pokémon materialize>

Referee: "Trainers Michael and Paul have chosen Exploud and Steelix as their final Pokémon. Resume the match!"

Michael: "Exploud, Boomburst!"

Holly: "Buneary, use Bounce!"

<Exploud opens its mouth and sends waves of sound at Buneary. Buneary uses its ears to launch itself into the air, dodging the waves>

Holly: "Buneary, Double Slap!"

<Buneary lands on top of Exploud and uses its ears to smack it in the face. Exploud reaches to grab Buneary, but it bounces off and smacks it again with its long ears. It lands in front of it, looking up at Exploud's face>

Holly: "Buneary, Jump Kick!"

<Exploud reaches to grab Buneary, but Buneary jumps up and uses it powerful feet to kick Exploud in the face>

Paul: "Steelix, Iron Head!"

Zane: "Rampardos, Zen Headbutt!"

<Steelix and Rampardos both charge at each other as their heads glow a different color. Their attacks clash as they try to push the other back. Rampardos begins to lose the battle against Steelix's size and weight>

Paul: "It's over! Rampardos can't match Steelix's size and strength!"

Zane: "Rampardos, I know you've got untapped strength inside you somewhere! Bring it out! I believe in you! You can do this!"

<Rampardos's eyes begin to ignite with an enraged fire from within. Rampardos roars and begins to push back against Steelix>

Paul: "No, that can't be possible!"

Rampardos: *Roaring*

<Rampardos knocks Steelix back and charges it now. It smashes its glowing head against Steelix, knocking it further back. Steelix collapses to the ground>

Paul: "Steelix, no! Get up! You can't lose to them!"

Michael: "Exploud, Power-Up Punch!"

Holly: "Buneary, dodge it and use Jump Kick again!"

<Exploud rushes Buneary and throws a punch at it. Buneary slides out of its way and jumps into the air. Buneary spin-kicks Exploud in the face, knocking it into the ground. Both Exploud and Steelix faint>

Referee: "Both Steelix and Exploud are unable to battle. The winners are Trainers Zane and Holly of Green Team."

Both: *Cheering*

Zane: "We did it!"

Holly: "I knew we could do it!" *Kisses his cheek*

<That afternoon, only two teams left in the entire competition remain. Zane and Holly stand across Arthur and another Trainer on a battlefield>

Arthur: "I knew it would be no surprise that you'd make it to the finals, Zane. You're the strongest Trainer that I know."

Zane: "Same goes to you, too, Arthur."

<Mr. Lucas stands at the center of the battlefield and opens his arms out wide to both teams>

Mr. Lucas: "It is with great pleasure that I welcome the final two teams of the Pokémon Catching Competition. Trainers Zane and Holly of Green Team, and Arthur and Vicky of Violet Team. The final battle shall be fought on this field; for all to watch of course. Each member of the team shall face another in a one-on-one match using a single Pokémon; no substitutions will be permitted. The losing team will lose all of their captured Pokémon to the winning team. Good luck to all of you and may the best team win."

Holly: "I think you should go first, Zane."

Zane: "Me?"

Holly: "Yeah. I wanna see more of how you command your Pokémon in a battle."

<Both Zane and Arthur step up to the ends of the field and take out a Pokéball>

Zane: "You ready to lose, Arthur?"

Arthur: "Only if you think you can beat me."

Both: *Tossing their Pokéballs* "Let's finish this!"

<On their sides of the field, Escavalier and another new Pokémon of Zane's appears>

Referee: "Trainer Zane has chose a Shinx as his Pokémon to battle with! Trainer Arthur has chosen Escavalier as his Pokémon of choice!"

<The buzzer sounds and both Pokémon charge at each other>

Arthur: "Escavalier, X Slice!"

Zane: "Shinx, dodge it and use Thunderbolt!"

<Escavalier slices at Shinx in an "X" style, but Shinx slides under Escavalier, turns, and launches a powerful stream of electricity at Escavalier>

Arthur: "Iron Defense!"

<Escavalier coats itself in a metallic shield and directly takes the Thunderbolt attack. It shakes it off and thrusts a lance arm at Shinx. Shinx dodges it and runs back to Zane's side of the field>

Arthur: "Impressive, Zane. Shinx is pretty quick. Using agility against Escavalier's size is a smart strategy."

Zane: "Thanks. Shinx, use Thunder!"

Arthur: "Hidden Power, Escavalier!"

<Shinx charges up electricity as Escavalier fires an energy ball at it. Shinx dodges it and fires a strong bolt of electricity at Escavalier. It's hit directly, causing it to stumble backward>

Zane: "Now's our chance! Shinx, Thunder Fang!"

<Shinx charges Escavalier as its teeth begin to spark with electricity. It bites down on Escavalier's right lance arm and shocks it. Escavalier falls to the ground and faints. The Referee raises a green flag>

Referee: "Escavalier is unable to battle! The winner is Trainer Zane!"

Zane: "We did it!" *Running to Shinx, picking it up, and hugging it* "We did it, Shinx!"

Shinx: "Shinx!" (Yay!)

Arthur: *Holding out a Pokéball* "Escavalier, you did a great job. Return for some rest."

<Escavalier returns to its Pokéball and he clips it to his belt. The Referee walks to him with a box. He places all of the Pokéballs of the Pokémon that he caught in it. Holly and Vicky step up to the battlefield and throw a single Pokéball out from each>

Holly: "Go, Tyranitar!"

Vicky: "Ursaring, let's win this!"

<Both Pokémon materialize and roar at each other>

Referee: "Trainers Holly and Vicky have chosen to use Tyranitar and Ursaring as their Pokémon! Let the battle...begin!"

Zane's Pokédex: "Tyranitar, the Armor Pokémon. Tyranitar has a heavily armored body that can withstand powerful attacks and is able to crush a mountain with one hand."

Zane's Pokédex #2: "Ursaring, the Hibernator Pokémon. Ursaring searches for honey in a forest daily. To reach its food, it often snaps trees with its forelegs rather than climbing."

Zane: "You can do it, Holly!"

Arthur: "Tyranitar and Ursaring against each other, huh? That's quite the combination."

Holly: "Tyranitar, Mega Punch!"

Vicky: "Fire Punch, Ursaring!"

<Ursaring's right fist ignites with fire as it charges Tyranitar. Tyranitar charges back with its right fist glowing a bright blue color. Their attacks clash, causing a large explosion of dust and debris. Inside the cloud of thick dust, Ursaring punches Tyranitar in the face at the same time Tyranitar punch it in the face. They both knock the other back and out of the cloud>

Holly: "Flamethrower, Tyranitar!"

Vicky: "Ice Beam!"

<Tyranitar launches a powerful stream of fire at Ursaring as it charges up an ice ball in its mouth. It fires a long beam of ice at the fire, causing it to turn both attacks into stream>

Holly: "Brick Break, go!"

Vicky: "Shadow Claw!"

<Ursaring charges Tyranitar as its right claw become surrounded by a dark energy that forms it a large claw. Tyranitar charges Ursaring and dodges the Shadow Claw. It smashes its fist on top of Ursaring's head, smashing it into the ground with a large explosion. Ursaring struggles back to its feet and roars>

Vicky: "Hyper Beam, now!"

Holly: "Double Team!"

<Tyranitar makes exact copies of itself and disappears from Ursaring's sight. The Hyper Beam charges and fires, but hits a copy. The real Tyranitar appears behind Ursaring>

Vicky: "No!"

Holly: "Oh yeah! Tyranitar, Focus Punch!"

<Tyranitar plants both feet firmly to the ground as its right fist glows a bright white color. It smashes its fist against Ursaring's stomach, launching it hurtling back and into the ground. Ursaring faints and the Referee raises a green flag>

Referee: "Ursaring is unable to battle! The winner is Holly, which means the winners of PCC are Trainers Zane and Holly of Green Team!"

All: *Cheering*

<The competition ends with a fireworks display. Zane, Amy, and Arthur walk down the path on the hill and head for the forest again>

???: "Hey, wait up!"

<They stop and Holly runs up to them from behind>

Zane: "Holly, what are you doing here?"

Holly: "I wanted to ask if I could join you all on your journey."

Amy: *Hugging her* "Yay! I finally have another girl to talk to!"

Zane: "I guess so. I don't see why not. You're a really powerful Trainer."

Holly: "Great. So, where are we heading?"

Arthur: "We're heading to Crescent City."

Holly: "You're going to the Moon Festival?"

Zane: "I'm going there for the Gym in Crescent City."

Holly: "Well, looks like we should get going. I hear Crescent City's got a massive series of water roads that connect all throughout the city."

Amy: "Wow. That's sounds so pretty."

Zane: *Looking over the canopy of the trees toward the horizon* "Crescent City, here I come!"