<Zane and Amy stand across from each other while Arthur and Holly get breakfast ready. Amy brings out Aggron as Zane brings out Electrike>

Electrike: *Growling*

Zane: "We'll use two Pokémon each! That okay?!"

Amy: "Sure! You can have the first move!"

Zane: "Thanks! Electrike, Electro Ball!"

<A sparking ball of electricity grows in front of Electrike's mouth. It fires the ball at Aggron>

Amy: "Aggron, use Protect! Then use Flamethrower!"

<A field stops the Electro Ball attack. It explodes, then clears away as Aggron launches a stream of fire at Electrike>

Zane: "Electrike, dodge it and get up close to Aggron!"

<Electrike slides under the Flamethrower, then recovers its run as it heads for Aggron>

Amy: "Aggron, Focus Blast!"

Zane: "Electrike, use Thunderbolt!"

<Aggron fires a glowing orb of blue energy at Electrike. Electrike dodges it and jumps onto Aggron's face. It sparks Aggron with Thunderbolt>

Amy: "Hang in there, Aggron! Throw Electrike off!"

<Aggron reaches up and grabs hold of Electrike. Aggron bashes its head against Electrike's and sends it hurtling into the ground by Zane>

Zane: "Electrike, you okay?!"

<A bright, glowing light emits from the dust cloud created by Electrike's impact with the ground. The light fades and a new Pokémon emerges from the smoke>

???: *Growling*

Zane's Pokédex: "Manectric, the Discharge Pokémon. Manectric has the ability to gather local electrical energy in its mane, and then discharge it, creating thunder clouds."

Zane: "Awesome! Manectric, let's see what you can do!"

<Manectric charges at Aggron with faster speeds than Electrike did. It jumps up, biting Aggron on one of its two horns, and shocks it>

Aggron: "Aggron!" (Ouch!)

Zane: "That was Thunder Fang!"

<Manectric jumps off of Aggron and lands back by Zane again. Aggron roars at them and begins to charge>

Amy: "Go for it, Aggron! Use Outrage!"

<Manectric stands still as Aggron charges right for it. Suddenly, several copies of Manectric appear all around Aggron. Aggron charges through a copy and causes it to disappear. Aggron now looks around in a state of confusion>

Zane: "Manectric, Wild Charge!"

<Manectric shrouds itself in electricity as it charges at Aggron. Aggron faces in the attack's direction and blocks it with its armored forearms. The attack came from a copy which disappears after being blocked. Another runs at Aggron, using the same move as the first. Aggron blocks it again, but the attack was from another copy. The rest of the copies all use Wild Charge and smash into Aggron simultaneously. Aggron's knocked back and goes to its knees>

Amy: "Aggron!"

<Aggron stands again and delivers a massive roar that shatters some stray rocks around it to pebbles>

Zane: "Manectric, Wild Charge, one more time!"

<Manectric charges at Aggron as electricity begins to build up on its body>

Amy: "Aggron! Use Outrage at full power! You can do it!"

Aggron: "AGGRON!!!" (CHARGE!!!)

<Aggron charges at a full sprint toward Manectric as rushing energy begins to cover around its armored body>

Zane: "Go, Manectric!"

Amy: "Aggron, you can do this!"

<Their attacks collide, creating a massive explosion that demolishes everything within fifty feet of the impact source. After the dust clears, Manectric has fainted with Aggron barely standing on its own two legs>

Amy: "Aggron, you won!"

Zane: *Taking out a Pokéball* "You did your very best, Manectric. You deserve that nice long rest."

<Amy runs to Aggron and hugs it. Aggron smiles and hugs her back as Zane returns Manectric to its Pokéball. Everyone later sits down to a breakfast cooked by Arthur and Holly>

Zane: "This is amazing!"

Amy: "Yeah. You're the best chef ever, Arthur."

Arthur: "Thanks. I do have to give Holly some credit for helping."

Holly: "I just helped cut down on the preparation time, really."

Zane: "Still. This is really good. I think I'm gonna hit the next Pokémart that we come across and send some of my Pokémon back to Professor Brooks to study on."

Amy: "Are you sure?"

Zane: "Yeah. I love all of my Pokémon, but Professor Brooks has an entire facility donated specifically to researching Pokémon. He's even installed a room for any Pokémon that I send to him."

<From the corner of his eye, he spots a wandering Pokémon as it walks by their table>

Zane: "A Pokémon?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokémon. Totodile has a habit of using its highly developed jaws to chomp on anything in sight, so Trainers beware."

Zane: *Standing up from the table with Axew on his shoulder* "Let's catch it! Axew, Dragon Claw!"

<Axew jumps down from his shoulder and runs at Totodile with purple glowing claws. Totodile fires a huge amount of water from its mouth, spraying both Axew and Zane to the ground>

Zane: "What was that?"

Arthur: "Looks like Hydro Pump."

<Totodile runs off into one of the caves that spans throughout the mountain. Zane stands up, grabs a single Pokéball, leaves the rest of his Pokémon, and runs into the cave with Axew>

Arthur: "Zane, where are you going?!"

Zane: *Distant* "I'll be back in a little while! Don't worry about me!"

<Inside the cave, Totodile runs through the darkness as its eyes glow from their brightness. A strange light appears in front of Totodile and causes it to disappear. Zane arrives in the same location after a couple minutes. He and Axew look around>

Zane: "Totodile?!"

Axew: "Axew?!" (Totodile?!)

<A few hours pass with no return from the caves for Zane. His friends pack everything up and look back at the cave entrance for Zane. Zane does not appear from the entrance>

Amy: "I'm starting to get a little worried."

Arthur: "He hasn't come out of there for some time now."

Holly: "We should go look for him. We only have a few more hours of daylight before the sun starts going down."

Arthur: "Right." *Looks at Amy* "Amy, you and I are going in there to look for Zane. Holly, can you wait out here if anyone else comes around?"

Holly: "Sure thing. Please be careful."

<Both Arthur and Holly enter the cave and look around. Meanwhile, Zane walks with Axew into a large underground cave. He sees a strange light off in the distance and steadily walks towards it>

Zane: "What's that light shining?"

<Zane stops at the edge of the light and peaks around the corner. Inside, he spots two vans belonging to Team Amber. A member grabs a cage with Totodile inside it>

Zane: "*Whispering* "That's the Totodile from before. Team Amber, huh?"

<The carrier of the cage opens the side of the van facing Zane and he sees several other Pokémon locked inside cages. He slides the door closed and goes to grab another cage>

Zane: "Those Pokémon. Axew, we've gotta help them."

Axew: "Axew." (Okay.)

<Zane wait for the perfect time to sneak over to the vans. He slides the door open and looks at all of the Pokémon trapped in cages. They all look back at him with gleaming eyes>

Zane: "Don't worry. We're here to help you."

???: "Hey! Stop right there!"

<Zane turns around as a third member of the team arrives carrying a box of supplies. He drops the box and calls the other two over to him. They each pull out a Pokéball>

Amber Trapper: "Get away from there, kid!"

Zane: "No way! I won't let you take away these Pokémon!"

Amber Trapper #2: "Well then, we'll make you leave!" *Tosses the Pokéball* "Golem, get out here!"

Amber Trapper #3: *Throwing a Pokéball* "Growlithe, let's get rid of this trash!"

Amber Trapper: *Tossing the Pokéball* "Machamp, use Brick Break on that little brat!"

<Their Pokémon appear from the Pokéballs. The Pokémon with four arms rush at Zane and brings its flattened hand down on him to chop him. Zane dodges the hit and throws some dirt from the ground into Machamp's eyes. Machamp stumbles back and rubs its irritated eyes>

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew fires the ball of energy at Machamp and gets a direct hit on its chest. Machamp flies back, crashing into the rock wall behind them>

Amber Trapper #2: "Golem, Steamroller!"

Amber Trapper #3: "Growlithe, Flamethrower!"

<Golem retracts inside its rock shell and begins to spin faster and faster in one place. Meanwhile, Growlithe unleashes a stream of fire at Axew. Axew jumps out of the way just as Golem launched itself at it. Axew's hit straight-on and crashes against the side of the van. Axew faints as it hits the ground>

Zane: "Axew!"

<Growlithe uses Flamethrower again and aims for Zane. He rushes to Axew and cradles it in his arms. From inside, the Totodile from before bites its way out of the cage and lands in front of Zane. It sprays the Flamethrower out with Hydro Pump, and hits Growlithe with a direct hit>

Zane: "Totodile?"

Totodile: *Nods*

Amber Trapper #2: "Golem, crush that little Pokémon with Bulldoze!"

<Golem nods and retracts inside its rock shell again. It spins toward Totodile as its rocky shell glows a bright blue color. It launches into the air and and heads straight for Totodile>

Zane: "Totodile, use Hydro Pump again!"

<Totodile blasts its Hydro Pump attack at Golem in the air, knocking it back and hitting it into the ground. All of their Pokémon stand up again and ready themselves to attack. They all charge at Totodile>

Zane: "Go get them, Totodile!"

<Totodile runs at them and heads straight for Machamp first. Machamp punches at Totodile with all four of its arms. Totodile jumps over its arms and uses Water Gun in its face. Totodile lands and heads for Golem next. Golem rolls into its shell and heads for it. Using Hydro Pump, Totodile knocks Golem back and it smashes into the wall. Growlithe tries to bite Totodile, but it instead is bitten on its tail. Totodile spins around and launches Growlithe into the air>

Zane: "Way to go, Totodile! Finish it off!"

<A series of blue-colored lightning beams exits from a growing ball of energy in its mouth. They hit Growlithe and cause it to freeze solid. Growlithe hits the ground, shattering the ice shell over its body. All three Pokémon faint and their Trainers return them to their Pokéballs>

Amber Trapper: "This kid's gonna pay for getting in our way."

Zane: "Totodile, use your Hydro Pump one last time!"

<Totodile sprays the three Amber members with water, sending them flying out of the nearest cave, rocketing through the air and disappearing completely. Zane pets Totodile on its head>

Zane: "You did a really great job there, Totodile. You saved Axew and me. Thank you."

???: "Zane!"

<They look to another cave entrance as Arthur runs through with Escavalier following closely behind him>

Arthur: "Zane, are you alright?"

Zane: "Sure am. Thanks to this little guy."

Arthur: *Looking down at Totodile* "A Totodile saved you? From what?"

Zane: "Team Amber was trying to steal Pokémon that were traveling through the caves. Totodile stopped them and sent them out of the caves completely."

<Zane and Arthur emerged from the cave entrance; Holly and Amy running up to them and checking on their condition>

Holly: "Are you both alright?"

Zane: "Sure am. Totodile and I managed to stop an attempt by Team Amber to take Pokémon from their homes."

Amy: "Totodile?"

<Totodile steps out from the cave and waddles over by Zane's right leg. It smiles and jumps up and down excitingly>

Holly: "So that's Totodile, huh?"

Holly's Pokédex: "Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokémon. Its highly developed jaw is so powerful, it can crush practically anything. Trainers beware: this Pokémon loves to use its teeth."

Amy: *Kneeling down in front of it* "Aw. It's actually kinda cute."

Arthur: "Better be careful, Amy. Remember that the Pokédex said that it likes to use its teeth to bite things."

Amy: "Oh don't worry. It likes me, right?"

<Totodile raises its jaw out and bites down on the hand she was petting it with. She freaks out and runs around the area, shaking her hand to get Totodile off of her hand>

Zane: "Should've listened..."

Amy: "Get it off! Get it off, get it off!"

Zane: *Tossing a Pokéball* "Pokéball, let's go!"

<The Pokéball bounces off of Totodile's body and goes into the air. It opens and brings Totodile inside of it. It closes, falls to the ground, then wobbles around before stopping. He picks it up and looks at it with Axew resting on his shoulder, looking at it as well>

Zane: "Awesome. We got Totodile."

Arthur: "Congrats on another catch, Zane."

Zane: "Thanks. I think I should get some of my Pokémon to Professor Brooks. For safe keeping."

Arthur: "We can stop by on our way to Phoria City at its connecting port-side location. There are shops, Pokémon Centers, and lots of unique Water-type Pokémon there."

Zane: "Great. Let's get to their as soon as possible."