<A research facility has a harmful explosion that cripples its power supply to the rest of the building. Scientists run and scream in panic as several Pokémon run away with them. More explosions destroy equipment and other vital machinery of the facility. Meanwhile, Zane and his friends walk down the dirt path and stop in a small town. Zane goes to the nearest Pokémart and calls Professor Brooks back in his hometown>

Zane: "Professor, how are you?"

Professor Brooks: "Oh, Zane. Hello there. It's nice to see you again."

Zane: "You too."

Professor Brooks: "Where are you right now?"

Zane: "I think in a place called Andria Town."

Professor Brooks: "Excellent timing. I was hoping that maybe you could do something for me while you're there..."

Zane: "Sure thing. What is it?"

Professor Brooks: "There's a critical research facility just outside of Andria Town that has some valuable data that I need you to pick up for me."

Zane: "I'd be happy to. What's the data for?"

Professor Brooks: "It's special data about Pokémon evolution that I've been meaning to send to another Professor in another region. I would go get it myself, but my research here is taking up all of my time lately."

Zane: "Don't worry, Professor. I'll get that data for you."

Professor Brooks: "Excellent. Thank you so much for this, Zane. I greatly appreciate this."

Zane: "It's no trouble at all. So, um, Professor...?"

Professor Brooks: "Yes, Zane?"

Zane: "Could I send you some of my Pokémon to look after while I'm traveling around?"

Professor Brooks: "Of course. I would love to see the Pokémon that you've caught while on your journey. Please send them right away."

Zane: "Okay."

<Zane sends all but five of his Pokémon to Professor Brooks. His sixth Pokémon is Axew. Professor Brooks collects his Pokémon into a special container and puts it off to the side of the holographic projection of himself>

Professor Brooks: "Excellent. Thank you, Zane. I'll collect my data on your Pokémon and take great care of them for you."

Zane: "That's great. Thanks, Professor."

Professor Brooks: *Nods and hangs up*

<Zane leaves the Pokémart and is rushed to the ground by a sprinting scientist. They crash to the ground with a hard impact. Axew runs up by Zane and pats his cheek with its small claw>

Axew: "Axew?" (Master?)

Zane: *Sitting up and rubbing Axew's head* "I'm alright, Axew. Don't worry about me." *Facing the scientist* "Um, hey, are you okay?"

Scientist: *Getting up* "No! I'm not okay! Everything's ruined now!"

Zane: *Getting up as Axew runs up his back and rests on his shoulder* "Ruined? Did I do something wrong?"

Scientist: "Huh? Oh, my apologies for yelling. It wasn't directed at you."

Zane: "Oh, okay. So, what's been ruined?"

Scientist: "The extensive research at the Andria Town Research Facility."

Zane: "Did you say research facility? Do you work there?"

Scientist: "Indeed. Why do you ask?"

Zane: "I was asked by Professor Brooks to retrieve some important Pokémon evolution data from that facility."

Scientist: "Brooks, huh? Yes. He has been needing to pick up that data that's been taking up valuable computer space. I would love you give it to you, but something terrible has happened at the research facility as of late."

Zane: "What happened?"

Scientist: "A strange explosion completely destroyed our power supply system. The entire facility is without any power, and everyone's left the area."

Zane: "A strange explosion?"

Scientist: "Yes. We were in the process of studying ancient Pokémon from millions of years ago. Halfway through the project to revive Pokémon fossils, a strange explosion destroyed the power supply and stopped all of our research."

Zane: "I'm sorry that your research was stopped. My friends and I would love to help you solve the problem."

Scientist: "Really?! Oh, yes!"

<Zane meets up with his friends at an outside table to eat a lunch from a nearby store. Axew jumps from his shoulder and lands on the table surface beside his right arm>

Amy: "Zane, everything alright?"

Zane: "I talked to Professor Brooks and he agreed to take my Pokémon to study and look after. Then, he gave me a task to retrieve some data from a research facility just outside of town."

Arthur: "What kind of data is it?"

Zane: "Something about Pokémon evolution I think."

Arthur: "My dad's been working with another brilliant Professor in another region about Pokémon evolution."

Holly: "So, what's the problem?"

Zane: "One of the facility's scientists ran into me and told me about an explosion that happened in the facility. Everyone had to evacuate the facility without figuring out what happened."

Arthur: "Sounds like a malfunction with some equipment, maybe." *Standing up* "Well, let's go check it out. I'm interested in finding out what happened."

<Everyone arrives just outside the facility with the scientist that Zane bumped into earlier. They enter the facility as lights spark and crackle with no power running to anything>

Amy: "Wow. This place looks awful."

Holly: "That explosion must have been a serious one to do this kind of damage."

Zane: "Yeah. I hope nothing else got destroyed this bad."

<They walk through the hallway ahead of them and stop in the main lobby where a large, "C-shaped" desk sits at the center of the room. Arthur steps behind the desk and tries to activate the holographic screens. Nothing happens as sparks come up again>

Arthur: "I can't get anything online without power. The damage of the explosion tore through some of the systems, too."

Holly: "I can solve the power problem." *Faces the scientist* "Is there a generator nearby?"

Scientist: "There's a small one nearby. It's just through that door and down a couple flights of steps."

Holly: "Great." *Taking out a Pokéball and tossing it* "Flaaffy, let's get to work!"

<A two-legged sheep Pokémon comes out and jumps around in excitement as small sparks of electricity appear on its fluffy white fur>

Zane: "Woah. That's a new Pokémon."

Zane's Pokédex: "Flaaffy, the Wool Pokémon. Flaaffy builds up electricity in its thick coat of fur, but is unaffected by it thanks to its rubber-like skin."

Holly: "I use Flaaffy here to help power up my generator whenever I'm out traveling."

Flaaffy: "Flaaffy!" (Hello!)

Holly: "Flaaffy, let's get to the generator and see if we can't bring some power back to this facility."

<Holly and Flaaffy go to the door, open it, and disappear behind it. Downstairs, Holly and Flaaffy make it to the dull, inactive generator. Holly reaches into the control panel on the side and brings out two unconnected wires. She has Flaaffy hold them in its hands>

Holly: "You ready, Flaaffy?"

Flaaffy: "Flaaffy!" (Yeah!)

Holly: "Alright. We'll start slow to make sure the generator can still work. Use Discharge."

<Electricity sparks from Flaaffy's fluffy coat and begins to bring the lights back on. In the main lobby, the holographic screens begin to flicker and spark back to life>

Arthur: "It's working. We'll need a little more power than this, though."

Holly: "Alright, Flaaffy, give it more juice with Thunderbolt."

<More electricity begins to spark from Flaaffy's body now. The generator and everything that uses power begins to come back online completely. The holographic screens fully restore themselves in front of Arthur>

Arthur: "Primary systems are back online." *Tapping on the screens* "Now let's see how much damage was really caused by that explosion."

Scientist: "Check the research laboratory. That's where the most damage was taken."

<Arthur scrolls through the several surveillance cameras until finding the one with the watch over the laboratory. Some of the lights have managed to come back, but most of the footage still remains hidden>

Arthur: "Looks like most of the damage taken there was concentrated on a single point. Some kind of device."

<He takes a closer look as the machine begins to crackle and start up again>

Arthur: "Um, do you happen to know what that machine is?"

Scientist: *Looking over the image* "No. I work in Development and Medicine. That's the research wing for ancient Pokémon and multidimensional pathway studies."

Zane: "Multidimensional?"

Scientist: "I wish I knew more, but that's not my field of research."

Arthur: "Whatever that machine is, it's starting up."

Scientist: "That's impossible. The ones working on it said that they could never get it to activate. Are you sure?"

Arthur: "Yeah. It started up right when the power came back on. Where is this room?"

Scientist: "That's on the other side of the building."

<Suddenly, from the machine's center, a glowing portal forms and strange Pokémon begin exiting from it by the thousands. They swarm the room and knock out the camera feed>

Arthur: "This is bad."

Zane: "What happened?"

Arthur: "A lot of strange Pokémon exited the portal and are swarming throughout the room. It's only a matter of time until they overflow that room and spread throughout the facility."

Zane: "I'll go get Holly. We've gotta get out of here."

Amy: "I'll try to stop the Pokémon from leaving the room for as long as I can."

<Zane, Arthur, and the scientist head downstairs to get Holly and Flaaffy while Amy goes to the door where the pounding's been coming from. The door begins to bend and snap from its placement. She tosses out Aggron's Pokéball and Aggron appears>

Aggron: *Roaring*

Amy: "Aggron, we have to hold that door closed over there."

<Both Aggron and Amy push themselves against the door as more and more pounding hits against it. The door begins to bend more and more until the top bends outward, creating a gap where a strange Pokémon with an eye comes out. It floats in from of them>

Amy's Pokédex: "Unown, the Symbol Pokémon. Unown use telepathy to communicate with each other. Many different shapes of Unown have been discovered."

Amy: "That's an ancient Pokémon!"

<A ball of energy appears in front of its one large eye. It fires it at them, but Aggron gets in front of Amy and protects her. It explodes with a direct hit on Aggron>

Amy: "Aggron!"

<The door breaks off of its placement and Unown of all shapes begin to pour from the room by the thousands. A few group up with the first one and begin to arrange themselves into words by their shapes resembling the alphabet>

Amy: "What are they..."

<They arrange themselves into spelling "GET OUT". More energy balls form in front of their bodies as they shoot them at Aggron and Amy. Aggron grabs Amy and covers her completely in its thick, armored body>

Amy: "Aggron..."

???: "Spoink, use Shadow Ball!"

<A dark ball of energy crashes into the Unown from the front, sending them back against a nearby wall. Arthur runs up and offers her a hand while returning his Spoink to its Pokéball>

Arthur: "You alright?"

Amy: *Taking his hand* "Yeah. Thanks."

Arthur: "We've gotta get back to Zane and Holly. They're holding out in the main lobby with the Scientist."

Amy: "Right."

<Meanwhile, in the main lobby of the facility, Zane and Holly hold out behind the desk as Unown swarm into the room and circle around the desk like a tornado. They begin using Hidden Power over and over again>

Zane: *Ducking behind cover as an energy ball hits the edge of the counter* "Totodile, use Water Gun!"

Holly: "Flaaffy, Thunderbolt!"

<Totodile sprays at several of the circling Unown with Water Gun, knocking out a few at the same time Flaaffy fires Thunderbolt at more of them. The gaps are instantly filled by more Unown again. Several Hidden Power energy balls are fired and a few hit Flaaffy and Totodile. They both faint on the floor behind the desk>

Zane: "Totodile!"

Holly: "Flaaffy!"

<Zane and Holly return Totodile and Flaaffy to their Pokéballs as more Unown fire more Hidden Power attacks at the desk. Parts of the desk begin to break away as a barrage of energy balls smashes against the desk>

Zane: "Holly!"

???: "Aggron, Flamethrower!"

??? #2: "Escavalier, Hidden Power!"

<A stream of fire and a large energy balls hits several of the Unown and causes a large explosion, making a hole in their "wall". Arthur and Amy run through, hopping over to the other side of the desk and returning Aggron and Escavalier to their Pokéballs. The gap fills in again and more Unown begin firing Hidden Power energy balls again>

Zane: "Why are they angry at us?"

Scientist: "They might be angry at the research that was being conducted in that sector!"

Arthur: "What kind of research was it?!"

Scientist: "From what I overheard, it was a machine that could tunnel pathways to other dimensions! The effects that were caused by it were too great, so the project was about to be scrapped! But now all of these Unown are coming through, the research has likely disturbed their dimension!"

Zane: "Isn't there a way to close that machine?!"

Scientist: "The researchers used a series of Klinks, Klangs, and Klinklngs!"

Amy: "Are those Pokémon?!'

Zane's Pokédex: "Klink, the Gear Pokémon. In order for Klink to survive, it produces energy by spinning its twin, interlocking bodies."

Zane's Pokédex #2: "Klang, the Gear Pokémon, and the evolved form of Klink. By changing the direction in which it rotates, it communicates its feelings to others. When angry, it rotates faster."

Zane's Pokédex #3: "Klinklang, the Gear Pokémon and the final evolved form of Klink. Klinklang uses its spikes to fire charged energy into its environment, using its red core as an energy tank."

Scientist: "If even a single one of those Pokémon floats away, that machine was likely to collapse of completely fall apart to nothing but pieces! I guess one Klink got loose and that's what started the machine's activation!"

Zane: "If we can find that missing Klink, we can shut down the machine and hopefully get all of these Unown to go home!" *Tossing a Pokéball* "Dewott, let's start searching!"

Amy: *Tossing out a Pokéball* "Minccino, we're gonna help them look too!"

<Minccino and Dewott come out of their Pokéballs and quickly dodge several Hidden Power attacks>

Zane: "Dewott and I will check the South Wing of the facility!"

Amy: "Aggron, Minccino, and I will go to the West Wing!"

<Zane grabs Dewott and runs out from the cover of the desk. He sprints down a nearby hallway and disappears as Unown trail closely behind him>

Arthur: "Amy, Holly and I can keep the rest of the Unown here!"

Amy: "Okay. Be careful, though!"

Arthur: "Right! Now go!"

<Amy takes off with Minccino on her shoulder. Aggron runs up and trails behind her. Meanwhile, Zane stops and opens a room door, stepping inside and hiding as the Unown chasing him zoom by the rectangular-shaped window>

Zane: "I think we lost them." *Setting Dewott down and walking around the room* "Alright. We've gotta find that missing Klink."

<Arthur and Holly take out their own Pokéballs and throw them. They both open at the same time>

???: "Duck! Ducklett!" (Woah! Hello!)

??? #2: "Emolga?" (What?)

Arthur: "Ducklett, use Water Gun!"

Holly: "Emolga, Electro Ball!"

<Arthur's Ducklett fires a stream of water from its mouth, hitting the swirling Unown and knocking some of them away. Holly's Emolga launches a ball of sparking electricity at some Unown, but they block it with an overwhelming amount of Hidden Power attacks. Emolga's hit directly and crashes to the floor behind the desk>

Holly: "Emolga!"

Arthur: *Thinking* Please. Please hurry and find that forgotten Klink, guys.

<Zane and Dewott search through the room that they hid in. He checks the upper shelves and cabinet spaces as Dewott looks around the various machines and technical equipment. Dewott stops and spots something behind and machine sitting on the floor>

Dewott: "Dew! Dewott!" (Hey! Over here!)

Zane: *Walking over* "What did you find?"

<Zane peaks behind the large machine and spots the missing Klink that drifted away from the machine. He smiles wide and pets Dewott on its head>

Zane: "Great work, Dewott. That's the missing Klink that we need to shut down that machine. Here. Let's push this thing out of the way."

<Both Dewott and Zane push heavily on the machine, causing it screech and painfully slide against the tile paved floor of the room. Zane kneels down and sees that Klink is very weak for some reason. He picks Klink up>

Zane: "Klink doesn't look so good."

Dewott: "Dew?" (Why?)

Zane: "Come on. We'd better get back to the others in the main lobby. I hope Amy's heading back there now."

<They both walk to the door as a hard crash against it is heard coming from the other side. Zane opens it and Amy and Aggron, accompanied by Minccino, fall into the room. He shuts the door as a massive pack of Unown zoom by the room door>

Zane: "Amy?"

Amy: *Sitting up* "Yeah. It's me. Zane, I couldn't find that missing Klink anywhere. We were ambushed by hundreds of those Unown Pokémon."

Zane: "It's okay. Dewott managed to find the missing Klink behind a machine. But, it doesn't look to good. See?"

Amy: *Looking over Klink's condition* "You're right. Something definitely not right with this Klink. Zane, check your Pokédex again about Klink's data entry."

Zane: "Uh...okay."

Zane's Pokédex: "Klink, the Gear Pokémon. In order for Klink to survive, it produces energy by spinning its twin, interlocking bodies."

Zane: "I see what you mean. This Klink isn't turning its gear bodies at all."

Amy: "It must've been drained being inside that machine all the time. The scientists probably threw Klink away when it stopped performing to their standards. The strange explosion must have been from when Klink tried fighting back against the scientists."

Zane: "We've gotta help this Klink. And fast."

Amy: "Right."

<Back in the main lobby, Zane and Amy return safely behind the desk as all of their Pokémon return to their Pokéballs>

Zane: "We found the missing Klink to the machine. But, it stopped turning its gears."

Scientist: "Oh dear. That is very bad. Klink's must continually turn their bodies to produce the energy they need to survive. Without it...they..."

Zane: "Isn't there anyway to help Klink?"

Scientist: "There is only one way. We must get it back to the machine. If this Klink can connect with its friends inside the machine, it can begin turning its gears again."

Zane: "Great. Let's get going."

<Zane and his friends, accompanied by the Scientist, run through the droves of Unown swarming around them. They reach the room with the machine as more and more Unown explode from the glowing portal in the center of the machine. Zane pushes through and opens the side panel. Inside, he sees several Klink, Klang, and Klinklang as they spin around the machine faster and faster. He spots the spot where the Klink came from and tries to put it back. A pulse of energy knocks him back and smashes him against a steel desk>

Amy: "Zane!"

Arthur: *Taking out a Pokéball* "I'll stop those Unown from coming through! Help Zane!" *Tossing the Pokéball* "Bastiodon, ram against that machine and block those Unown! Hurry!"

<Bastiodon appears and rams its shield head against the open portal. The Unown begin piling up as they try to push past Bastiodon. Amy runs to Zane and helps him up>

Zane: "I'm alright. I've gotta get Klink back inside that machine."

Amy: "Zane, please be careful."

<Zane runs to the side of the machine again and puts Klink back inside the machine where it was before. Klink begins turning its gears again and starts cheering as the portal starts closing. The Unown sense the closing portal and swarm into the room, going through the portal to return back to their own dimension. The portal closes and the entire facility goes quiet>

Zane: "Is it over?"

Holly: "I think so."

Scientist: "Yes. Yes it is over."

All: *Sigh*

<Holly's Flaaffy restores the rest of the power to the facility's generator and all of the lights and holographic displays come up again>

Zane: "Great. Everything's back to normal again."

Scientist: "I can't thank you all enough for what you did here. Everyone that works here is forever in your debt."

Zane: "It's no trouble."

Amy: "Yeah. I'm just glad that those Unown went back home to their own dimension."

Holly: "I wonder why they wanted us to leave so badly."

Zane: "Yeah, I'd like to know why too."

Scientist: "Oh, Zane, I almost forgot why you came here to begin with."

<He takes out a small disk drive and gives it to him. Its surface shines in the ceiling lights>

Scientist: "It's the data that Professor Brooks needed."

Zane: "Thanks. I'll tell him that it's safe and sound."

<The facility is back in working condition as Zane and his friends spend the night resting at the Pokémon Center in town. Zane uses the holographic call device to message Professor Brooks>

Zane: "Professor, it's good to see you again."

Professor Brooks: "Oh, Zane. Good to see you again. How did it go getting that data?"

Zane: *Holding it up to view* "Got it right here. This was kinda hard getting, actually."

Professor Brooks: "Oh? What happened?"

Zane: "Oh, nothing. Everything's alright now."

<Zane sends the data through the holographic caller. Brooks receives it and puts it aside>

Professor Brooks: "Excellent. Thank you so much, Zane. Now I can get this to my partner."

Zane: "Partner? Oh, the other Professor in that different region?"

Professor Brooks: "Exactly. I should be going, but please call me whenever you can."

Zane: "I sure will. Stay safe, Professor."

Professor Brooks: *Waving*

<They hang up and Zane goes back to his bed. He lies awake and thinks about the Unown and their dimension that they came from>

Zane: "What kind of other Pokémon live with the Unown? I bet they're really cool."