<Zane and Amy stop at a small rest spot in the forest. Sewaddle, Axew, Oshawott, and Cacnea run around the rest stop and play. Zane relaxes on a bench while Amy unpacks her travel pack. She takes out some food and holds one out to him>

Amy: "Here you go, Zane."

Zane: *Looking over at the food in her hand* "For me?"

Amy: "Yeah. You don't wanna starve, do you?"

Zane: "Guess you've got a point."

<Zane takes the food and bites into it. Oshawott, meanwhile, stops playing and looks around like it heard something. The others stop and look at Oshawott. Zane and Amy finish eating and walk over to them>

Zane: "Oshawott, something wrong?"

Oshawott: "Osha...wott?" (What was...that?)

Zane: "Oshawott?"

<In the distance they hear a Pokémon scream in pain. They pack up everything and return their Pokémon to their Pokéballs. After a few minutes of running, they stop near a group of injured Pokémon who cry and topple over in pain>

Amy: "It's a pack of Cyndaquil."

Zane: "*Pulling out his Pokedex* "Cyndaquil?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Cyndaquil, the Fire Mouse Pokémon. Normally mild and even tempered, Cyndaquil will shoot a scorching flame out of its back when upset."

<Amy walks up to the pack of Cyndaquil. One of the hurt Cyndaquil shoots fire at her. She dodges the blast and runs back>

Amy: "What's the matter with them?! I'm only trying to help!"

Zane: *Putting away his Pokédex and slowly walking up to the pack* "They must be terrified. They're not gonna trust humans just like that. Something...or someone probably hurt them. Who or what is the question."

Amy: "Why would anyone want to hurt a pack of baby Cyndaquil?"

Zane: "I don't know. Is there any kind of town nearby?"

Amy: "The only place nearby is Baker's Point. It's up on those mountains."

Zane: *Looking up at the mountains then back at the pack* "We can't really get close enough to them to help, so we'll have to come back for them later. Let's go see what's up at Baker's Point."

Amy: "Okay."

<Amy and Zane trudge up the steep mountainside until arriving at a flat stretch of ground. They look around, but find nothing unusual anywhere>

Zane: "Anything?"

Amy: "No. Nothing."

<Out of nowhere, a shrieking sound hits their ears. They look down the rocky path as a new Pokémon runs straight for them. They scream and roll out of its way. Amy lands on the opposite side of Zane. He pulls up his Pokédex>

Zane: "What's this Pokémon's deal?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Cranidos, the Head Butt Pokémon. Cranidos lived in the deep woods about one-hundred million years ago, and its cranium is as hard as steel."

Amy: "Zane, look out! It's charging again!"

<Zane looks from his Pokédex screen as the Cranidos charges for him. He stands up and throws out Oshawott's Pokéball. Oshawott materializes and dodges Cranidos's Headbutt attack>

Zane: "Oshawott, Water Pulse!"

<Oshawott jumps up into the air and throws down a speeding ball of water. Cranidos hits the ball with its tough head and shakes off the impact. Cranidos lets out a small growl before jumping into the air after Oshawott. It floats above Oshawott and smashes its head from above. Oshawott crashes into the ground and faints>

Zane: "Oshawott! Return, Oshawott!"

<Zane pulls out Oshawott's Pokéball and sends a red beam at Oshawott. Oshawott turns to energy and goes back into the Pokéball. He puts it away and looks at Axew>

Zane: "Axew, it looks like you'll have to battle Cranidos."

<Axew nods and jumps down from his shoulder. Axew runs at Cranidos as it charges it>

Zane: "You're not the only one that can give a good headbutt! Axew, Headbutt now!"

<Axew and Cranidos smash heads together and struggle to push the other back>

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Pulse the ground!"

Axew: "Axew!" (Okay!)

<Axew charges a ball of energy and fires it into the ground between them. They are thrown back in opposite directions>

Zane: "Dragon Claw, Axew!"

<Axew's right claw glows purple. Axew runs at Cranidos through the dense smoke and slashes it to the ground. Cranidos quickly recovers and the top of its head glows a blue color. It smashes Axew in the chest and sends a wave of energy that throws Axew into a boulder>

Amy: "That was Cranidos's Zen Headbutt attack!"

<Axew tries to stand, but it flinches and collapses to the ground. It faints. Zane runs to Axew and picks him up from the ground>

Zane: "Axew, Axew are you okay?! Axew!"

<Zane looks at Cranidos as it readies to charge again. Cranidos pushes off of the ground and runs straight for him. He holds Axew close to his chest. A Cyndaquil jumps down from above and shoots a large stream of fire from its mouth. It burns Cranidos and causes it to cancel its charge>

Zane: "Cyndaquil? You saved me?"

Cyndaquil: "Quil! Cyndaquil!" (Yes! I wanna help!)

Zane: "Okay. Then let's win this." *Gently places Axew on the ground and stands up* "Cyndaquil, Flamethrower!"

<The flames on Cyndaquil's back explode out. It stands on its four legs and shoots a massive stream of fire from its mouth. Cranidos slides out of Flamethrower's path and charges Cyndaquil>

Zane: "Cyndaquil, Ember!"

<Cyndaquil jumps above Cranidos and spits fire at it from above. Cranidos tries to dodge it, but it catches its tail on fire. It runs around as Cyndaquil lands by Zane again>

Zane: "Cyndaquil, Flame Charge!"

<Cyndaquil envelopes itself in fire and charges the running Cranidos. Cyndaquil smashes into Cranidos and an explosion of fire scatters rocks and dust around. The dust clears and Cranidos fainted upon the impact. Zane throws a Pokéball at Cranidos and brings it inside the ball. It lands on the ground and rocks around. The rocking stops and he picks the Pokéball up>

Zane: "I caught Cranidos!"

Amy: *Walking up to him* "That was one tough Pokémon. I'm glad you finally caught it, Zane."

Zane: *Kneeling down in front of Cyndaquil* "Thank you for helping me, Cyndaquil. If it wasn't for you, who knows what would have happened. Cyndaquil, did that Cranidos cause those other Cyndaquil to move into the forest?"

Cyndaquil: *Nodding* "Cyndaquil." (Yes.)

<Zane, Amy, and Cyndaquil return to the pack. Zane brings out Cranidos. The pack of Cyndaquil become frightened and huddle into a tighter group. They all start to shake in fear>

Amy: "This was the Cranidos that caused their injuries."

Zane: *Kneeling beside Cranidos* "Cranidos, did you really hurt these Cyndaquil?"

Cranidos: *Whimpering*

Zane: "It's okay. Just go and apologize and they should accept you again. Go ahead."

<Cranidos walks over to the pack. They continue to shake in fear as it talks with them. After a minute, Cranidos stops talking and waits in silence. The pack smile and cuddle around Cranidos>

Amy: "I guess they aren't afraid of Cranidos anymore."

Zane: "Yeah."

<The pack of Cyndaquil return to Baker's Peak. Cranidos plays around with the Cyndaquil as Zane and Amy stand in front of the single Cyndaquil that saved them>

Zane: "Cyndaquil, I'd really like to have you as my Pokemon. You're really strong and I know that we could be great partners."

Cyndaquil: *Nods* "Cyndaquil!" (I'd love to!)

<He places an empty Pokéball down in front of Cyndaquil. It walks up to it and taps the Pokéball with its head. It opens and brings Cyndaquil inside it. It rocks around before stopping. He picks it up>

Zane: "Alright, I caught Cyndaquil!"

<The sun begins to set as Zane and Amy leave Baker's Peak and head down the dirt path through the forest again>