Setting: The crowd roars in awaited anticipation as the finalists for the Senior Championship Tournament enter from opposite gates in the massive arena. The male Trainer stands on the platform and faces the female Trainer as she steps onto the platform as well.

Aiden: "Jessica, its been awhile."

Jessica: *Smiles to Aiden* "It sure has. Its been like seven years, right?"

Aiden: "Yeah. So, you made it this far, huh?"

Jessica: "Well, I hate losing. I see you made it this far too. I'm glad. I wouldn't want to beat anyone else for the championship title unless I was beating you."

Aiden: *Chuckles to himself* "Likewise. It really is nice seeing you after all these years."

Jessica: "You too. I really missed you while I was traveling the world."

Arena Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have finally come down to our two final competitors! Their unwavering determination to beat the rest has shown to be true! Now this final showdown will decide who is the greatest Trainer in the world! Let the first match begin!

Aiden: "Time to prove that I'm the best! *Arcs back and throws a Pokeball with incredible force. It opens and Sceptile appears onto the battlefield* "I won't hold back on you, Jessica!"

Jessica: *Throwing a Pokeball as well* "I won't either! Show me just how strong you really are!" *Pokeball bounces off of the ground and opens. Blaziken comes out and roars with passionate rivalry*

<Both Sceptile and Blaziken lock eyes with each other and growl furiously. Each of them become ignited by a burning passion for victory and await their first command>.

Aiden: "Sceptile, Leaf Blade!"

Jessica: "Blaziken, Blaze Kick!"

<Both Sceptile and Blaziken rocket toward each other with blinding speed. As they pushed from the ground, the ground ruptured and cracked. Sceptile grows a giant blade of green energy on both its arms as Blaziken ignites bright bursts of fire on its feet. Sceptile and Blaziken swing their attacks into each other and collide, creating a seismic rupture that splits the entire field in two. They back off and jump away from each other. They again attack and collide attacks, resulting in more destruction of the ground. Blaziken manages to see a window and pivots on its right foot, delivering a blow from its left foot to Sceptile's face. Sceptile's thrown against the wall of the arena and creates a massive crater within the thick, stone wall>.

Aiden: "Sceptile, you okay?!"

<Sceptile recovers from the impact and lands back on the field; disabling its Leaf Blade attack>.

Jessica: "Sceptile's stronger than I thought."

Aiden: "You bet Sceptile's strong! Sceptile, Leaf Blade again!"

Jessica: "Blaziken, dodge and use Mega Punch!"

<Sceptile grows the green blades again and slashes at Blaziken repeatably before Blaziken jumps back and drives its glowing left fist into Sceptile's chest. A secondary explosion comes from the impact and throws Sceptile back once again. Sceptile becomes weakened and falls to its knees>.

Aiden: How? How can Sceptile not land a single hit on Blaziken? No, I can't doubt myself. I trained with my Pokemon for seven years. I won't give in to her strength. "Sceptile, stand up! You're far from defeated!"

<Sceptile opens its closed eyes and ignites its heart with pure energy to fight again. It stands and roars, shattering several glass objects within the arena>.

Jessica: "Sceptile?"

Aiden: "Go, Sceptile! Quick Attack!"

<Sceptile pushes off the ground and increases its speed to become faster than anyone can see. Sceptile disappears from sight of everyone. Blaziken looks around confused>.

Jessica: "Blaziken, be careful!"

<Sceptile appears in Blaziken's face and smashes its hard head against Blaziken's. Blaziken slides back several feet and becomes confused from the impact to its skull>.

Jessica: "Blaziken! Get back up! You're stronger than this!"

<Blaziken stands and shakes its head to regain itself from the impact. Blaziken throws its arms out and ignites jets of fire from them, showing its intent to achieve victory>.

Aiden: "Giga Impact! Full strength!"

Jessica: "Flame Charge!"

<Energy surrounds both Pokemon as they charge each other like speeding trains. Their bodies become engulfed inside energy and fire. Their attacks collide and sends jets of energy and fire skyrocketing through the glass dome of the arena. The dome shatters to fragments and speeding clouds of dust and debris sweep across the field. Aiden and Jessica cover their mouths to avoid breathing it in. The two attacks stop and both Pokemon appear completely exhausted from their attacks>.

Jessica: "Our two Pokemon are evenly matched, I guess."

Aiden: "Guess so. But you forget that Sceptile and I have a special bond that allows me to help it evolve even further!"

Jessica: "I haven't forgotten. I developed this bond with Blaziken too!"

Aiden: "Then let's see its full power! Sceptile, time to show them your Mega Evolved form!"

Jessica: "I won't let you get ahead of me! Time to show you who's the strongest!"

<They both touch the stones inside their bracelets on their wrists and watch as they react to the stones worn around their Pokemon. Sceptile's stone around its neck shoot tethers of powerful energy from it that connect to the energy tethers emitting from Aiden's stone. Blaziken's stone around its waist form and connect the same tethers to Jessica's stones. The two Pokemon become engulfed in blinding light as their bodies change significantly. The light shatters to fragments and their new forms become visible>.

Aiden: "Mega Sceptile, let's win this!"

Jessica: "Mega Blaziken and I won't lose this first fight! No matter what!"

<Both Pokemon roar with intense power and crack the very ground they stand on. They back away and jump to their Trainers>.

Sceptile: *Looks over shoulder at Aiden*

Aiden: *Nods* "We'll win this. Sceptile, Leaf Blade!"

Jessica: "Blaziken, Fire Punch!"

<Sceptile grows seven-foot long green blades from each of its arms as it charges Blaziken. Blaziken ignites its fists in scorching flames as it charges Sceptile. Sceptile swipes its right blade at Blaziken who ducks and drives a right fist into its chest. Sceptile ignores the impact of the Fire Punch and slashes Blaziken in the back with its left blade. Their attacks create a massive explosion that blinds everyone outside it from seeing what happens inside. Only bursts of red and green colors can be seen from within the black cloud. Sceptile jumps into the air and Blaziken follows close behind. They fight midair and slash and punch each other several times. Sceptile uppercuts Blaziken with both blades and throws Blaziken into a spin. Sceptile comes down from above with a double swipe and throws Blaziken into the ground with another explosion of dust>.

Arena Announcer: "I don't believe it! So much action is happening that the entire arena is being blackened out from the sheer force of Sceptile's and Blaziken's attacks! Amazing!"

Jessica: "Blaziken, where are you?!"

Aiden: "Sceptile!"

<Sceptile walks to where Blaziken impacted the ground only to be punched by a fire-engulfed fist. Sceptile rockets into the air and falls to the ground with a devastating impact. Sceptile stands up and sharpens its blades on each other. Blaziken ignites its fist with more power than before. They attack each other and clash fist to blade in a speedy fashion. The force knocks the black cloud away and makes the visible again. Blaziken lands a punch as Sceptile lands a swipe on it at the same time. They knock each other back and drop to their knees in exhaustion again>.

Aiden: Even in Mega Evolution form, Sceptile's still evenly matched with Blaziken.

Jessica: Aiden's Pokemon are stronger than I could have ever imagined. I wonder if he still remembers the note I left him when we were still in school.

Aiden: "Sceptile, you've gotta get back up!"

Jessica: "Come on, Blaziken! I know you can beat Sceptile!"

<Both Sceptile and Blaziken attempt to stand but fall to the ground and faint at the same time. The arena declares a draw for the first round between the Trainers. Sceptile and Blaziken return to their original forms>.

Aiden: *Returns Sceptile to its Pokeball* "You were strong out there, buddy. We'll just have to keep training harder."

Jessica: *Returns Blaziken to its Pokeball* "Take a rest. You definitely earned it."

Aiden: "Time to bring out our next match-up. You ready to lose this one?"

Jessica: "As if. I'm gonna crush you on this one."

Aiden: *Tosses his second Pokeball. It opens and Lucario emerges onto the battlefield*

Jessica: "Lucario, huh? Alright. I can beat that easily."

Aiden: "We'll just see about that."

Jessica: *Throws another Pokeball. It opens and Mienshao appears onto the field*

Arena Announcer: "And it looks like it's gonna be a battle between two Fighting-type Pokemon! I can only guess what they'll deliver to this second round!"

Referee: "BEGIN!!!"

Jessica: "High Jump Kick!"

<Mienshao jumps into the air and quickly comes back down, driving its knee toward Lucario>.

Aiden: "Block it with Bone Rush!"

<Lucario creates a glowing bone staff and blocks Mienshao's High Jump Kick. The impact creates a sound-wave blast that kicks up powerful winds and throws dirt and rocks all around. Lucario shakes slightly and pushes Mienshao away from it. The bone staff disappears>.

Aiden: "Close Combat!"

Jessica: "Power-Up Punch!"

<Lucario charges Mienshao and unleashes a barrage of punches and fast kicks at Mienshao. At the same time, Mienshao blocks each punch and kick with both of its glowing fists>.

Aiden: "Lucario, Aura Sphere!"

<Lucario jumps away just as Mienshao attempted to punch it. Lucario charges a ball of energy in its palms and fires it at Mienshao>.

Jessica: "Dodge and use Pound!"

<Mienshao jumps just as the sphere impacted the ground, exploding in vibrant colors. Mienshao appears above Lucario and smashes down on Lucario from above. Lucario's driven into the ground with devastating strength and power>.

Aiden: I have to beat her. I lost to her when we were kids, but I won't lose to her now! Not when everything rides on this victory! "Lucario, I refuse to let you lie down and accept defeat! I'll give you the strength you need to achieve victory!"

Jessica: "What are you..."

Aiden: *Changes the stones out from his bracelet. He touches it and ignites the tethers between Lucario's stone and his own. Lucario changes appearance and becomes stronger* "Mega Lucario, let's show them who's the strongest!"

Lucario: *Faces Mienshao and smashes its fist together, creating a small blast of sonic energy to rupture the ground around its feet*

Jessica: "Lucario can Mega Evolve too, huh?"

Aiden: "Now you'll see his true power! Lucario, Close Combat!"

<Lucario bursts off with intense speed that destroys the ground trailing behind his feet. He appears in front of Mienshao and drives a right hook into its face, sending it hurtling back. With incredible speed, Lucario appears to Mienshao from behind and drives a powerful kick to its side. Mienshao's thrown high into the air and Lucario jumps after it>.

Aiden: "Now use Focus Punch to finish Mienshao off!"

<Lucario flies past Mienshao and presses its feet against a part of the dome that remained intact. He launches off of it and crashes a glowing right fist into Mienshao's stomach. An explosion of energy throws Mienshao into the ground with great power that it creates a massive crater in the ground. Lucario lands in front of Aiden again and changes back to its regular form>.

Jessica: "Mienshao, are you alright?!"

Mienshao: *Appears fainted from the impact*

Referee: "The winner of the second round is Lucario!"

Audience: *Cheers and applauds loudly*

Aiden: "Yeah! We won!"

Jessica: *Returns Mienshao and grabs another Pokeball* "You have grown stronger since the last time we battled. I expected that."

Aiden: "Thanks. You ready to start the next round?"

Jessica: "More than ready." *Tosses the Pokeball. It opens and Yveltal emerges from it*

Aiden: *Gasps in shock* "That's...that's...Yveltal! But how did you manage to capture a legendary like Yveltal?!"

Jessica: "It just takes skill."

Aiden: Against a legendary like Yveltal, Lucario couldn't win. That fight from before has already drained Lucario of most of his strength. He won't last very long. Unless... *Smiles* "Lucario, get ready to Mega Evolve again!"

Jessica: Having Lucario Mega Evolve twice? But, that'll only put a greater strain on Lucario's ability to fight.

Aiden: *Touches the stone* "Mega Evolve, Lucario!"

<Lucario transforms its appearance into its Mega Evolved form. He roars with burning passion to win against Yveltal. His eyes glow a bright color of blue>.

Referee: "BEGIN!!!"

Aiden: "Bone Rush!"

<Lucario summons a large bone staff from its palms and charges Yveltal headstrong>.

Jessica: "Yveltal, Steel Wing!"

<Yveltal's massive wings turn metallic and it crashes them against Lucario's bone staff. The staff shatters and Lucario's thrown back. He slides on his feet and grinds to a halt. Lucario looks up just as Yveltal crashed a metallic wing into its chest and picked him up, soaring high into the air and smashing him into the glass dome. The dome cracks but doesn't break through entirely>.

Jessica: *Smiles* "Thought you could beat a legendary Pokemon, did you, Aiden?"

Aiden: "Lucario, please drive on!"

<Lucario hears Aiden's screams of encouragement and awakens with energy exploding from his body. He pushes off of the dome and shatters the spot where he was. He flies back down and crashes on top of Yveltal's back. Yveltal's smashed into the ground with a giant explosion of gravel and dirt being thrown all around>.

Jessica: "But, Lucario should've fainted by now! How can Lucario keep fighting?!"

Aiden: "Because my Pokemon don't give in until they've truly reached their limits!"

Jessica: "Yveltal, Oblivion Wing!"

<Yveltal soars into the air and closes its wings together. A ball of energy grows within its wings. The wings open again and the ball explodes into a beam of powerful energy. Lucario's hit directly by it and falls to his knees in agony>.

Aiden: "Lucario!"

Lucario: *Faints and changes back to original form*

Referee: "The winner is Yveltal!"

Aiden: *Returns Lucario and clips the deactivated Pokeball back to his belt. He grabs a new Pokeball and activates it before throwing it. Flygon appears* "Now we can take Yveltal in the air!"

Jessica: Does he keep forgetting that Yveltal's a legendary Pokemon or something? "You'll just put Flygon in the same position that Lucario was put in."

Aiden: "We'll just see about that. Flygon's a little stronger than you might think she is."

Jessica: "It's your choice. Yveltal, Steel Wing!"

Aiden: "Flygon, Dragon Rush!"

<Yveltal flies at Flygon with both its wings turning a shiny, metallic coloration. Flygon flies straight for Yveltal as swirling energy encases its body>.