<Zane and his friends watch as Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon are all taken away by the massive pack of helicopters. The sky begins to clear up as the ocean waves settle down to their calm state again>

Holly: "Looks like the rain stopped."

Amy: "Yeah. But, what happened to the Pokémon?"

Arthur: "Team Amber..."

Zane: "Team Amber?!"

Arthur: "I bet this was their plan from the very beginning. They wanted Kyogre and Groudon to battle because they knew that someone would go to wake up Rayquaza to stop them. They wanted all three Legendary Pokémon together so they could capture them."

???: That's right, runt."

<They turn around and see Brandon standing behind them with a smile across his face>

Zane: "Brandon?"

Brandon: "Oh come on. Like I hadn't been planning to lure a few stupid kids into summoning Rayquaza for Team Amber. Thanks for that."

Amy: "How could you?!"

Brandon: "It was very easy. Well, I'd love to stick around and chat some more, but I've got places to be. See you all later."

Zane: "Axew, use Dragon Pulse before he gets away!"

<Axew fires a ball of energy at Brandon as a large amount of smoke appeared. He disappears as the Dragon Pulse attack impacted the ground. The smoke clears and he's vanished>

Holly: "So, what should we do now?"

Zane: "We've gotta go after Rayquaza and the other Pokémon."

Amy: "Zane, that's really dangerous. We can't fight against all of Team Amber."

Blake: "Well, I'm with Zane every step of the way. Besides, I never got to have a closer look at Rayquaza."

Melanie: "I'm coming too. I wanna help get those Pokémon back."

Zane: "Arthur, Amy, Holly, what about you guys?"

All: *Looking at each other then at him again* "Let's do it!"

<The group head out of Phoria Port and travel down the path in the direction of the helicopters from before>

Zane: "We've gotta figure out where those helicopters took Rayquaza and the others."

Arthur: "Shouldn't be too hard. Before we lost our hold on Rayquaza, I attached a tracking device that my dad had lent me. I was saving it for something important, but this is more important than anything else I could think up."

Holly: "Great thinking, Arthur."

<Arthur activates his Pokédex and turns on the function that tracks the device. A blinking yellow dot appears far off near some mountains ahead>

Arthur: "Looks like Rayquaza's somewhere in those mountains up ahead. It'll be awhile before we get there."

Zane: "Then we should start running. Come on!"

<He takes off down the path>

Blake: "Bet you I'll be the first one there!"

<Blake takes off down the path after Zane. Everyone else follows up behind them as they make great time toward the mountains. Later into the night, they rest on a ledge overlooking a massive clearing of any mountains. Several buildings marked by Team Amber's signature fire symbol appear as trucks also drive up to the site. Zane peeks out from behind a rock>

Zane: "That's a lot of them. I can't even see where one group ends and where another begins."

Amy: "Looks like we've got our work cut out for us, right?"

Holly: "Looks that way."

Blake: "We'll have to charge straight in if we're gonna get to the bottom of this."

Arthur: "Alright. We'll have to be careful with how this goes down. There's likely lots of really strong Pokémon defending the entire facility."

Zane: "I've got an idea. I can use Mismagius's ability to turn people invisible and sneak my way in."

Blake: "I'm coming with you, Zane."

Holly: "Me too."

Arthur: "Alright. Zane, Holly, Blake, you'll sneak your way inside and try to give us a safe route inside. Meanwhile, Amy, Melanie, you'll be with me while we try to find where they're holding Rayquaza. Sound good?"

All: "Yeah."

<Zane, Blake, and Holly sneak toward the buildings with help from Mismagius. They pass by several guards and Pokémon without being noticed at all. Arthur, Amy, and Melanie move off of the rock ledge and stop in a small pit off to the side of the facility>

Arthur: "Okay. I see a building not too far away from us. We can run there."

Amy: "Okay."

<They exit the pit at the same time and run to the side of the building. Arthur opens it and enters last. The door closes and the entire building appears pitch black>

Arthur: "I can't see a thing."

Melanie: "Don't worry about that." *Takes a Pokéball out and tosses it* "Lampent, I choose you!"

<A lamp Pokémon comes out and shines a bright light through the darkness of the building. They walk through until stopping at a door that is supposed to lead to the back of the building. Arthur opens it and sees several flights of stairs leading further and further down into the ground>

Arthur: "There's more stairs?"

Amy: "We should wait for Zane and everyone else."

Melanie: "That's a great idea."

<After some time, Zane, Blake, and Holly suddenly appear in front of their other friends. Zane returns Mismagius to its Pokéball and clips it to his belt>

Zane: "Sorry for keeping you waiting. Did you find anything?"

Arthur: "Yeah. There are stairs leading down below the facility."

Holly: "Looks like a place to start looking for Rayquaza."

Zane: "Let's get going, then."

<Melanie's Lampent leads the way through the darkness of the stairway. They stop several flights below the ground at a large steel door>

Zane: "I know Rayquaza's behind this door."

Arthur: *Nodding* "Let's go, then."

<Zane pushes the door open and enters a massive room with Rayquaza being held captive inside of a ring ball with several spinning rings revolving around a central ring. Electricity sparks from the rings and hurts Rayquaza severely>

Rayquaza: *Painful roaring*

Zane: "Rayquaza!"

<He runs toward Rayquaza when a beam of energy hits the ground in front of him, causing him to be thrown back. He lands on the ground as everyone else runs in and helps him up>

Arthur: "Zane, you alright?"

Zane: "Yeah. But, what was that blast?"

???: "My dear boy. What should I do with you?"

Zane: *Looking up* "Wolf!"

Wolf: *Stepping out on the heightened catwalk above* "Good to see all of you again. I'm glad that you all could be here to see Team Amber's newest invention. The Electra-Sphere Containment System."

Zane: "You won't get away with this!"

Wolf: "Then come up here and try to stop me."

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew fires a ball of energy at Wolf. He side-steps out of the way and it explodes on the ceiling space behind him. From his suit, he activates a Pokéball and tosses it. It opens and a giant Pokémon comes out>

Wolf: "I'd like you to meet the leader of my facility's security force."

Zane's Pokédex: "Garchomp, the Mach Pokémon. When it folds up its body and spreads its wings, it can fly like a jet plane at the speed of sound."

Arthur: *Tossing a Pokéball* "Escavalier, Hidden Power!"

<Escavalier appears and fires a ball of energy from its lance arms tips. It impacts Garchomp directly, but it recovers without a scratch on it. It roars and sharpens its bladed arms>

Arthur: "It wasn't affected..."

Wolf: "Of course not, dear boy. Garchomp has a tough exterior that protects from pathetic Pokémon like your Escavalier."

Arthur: "Don't call my Pokémon pathetic! Especially Escavalier!"

Wolf: "Then show me your Pokemon's true power. Garchomp, use Slash!"

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

<Garchomp charges at Axew with its glowing blades on its arms. Axew runs at Garchomp, dodging the first swing of the Slash attack, but getting hit by the second blade. Axew crashes to the ground by Zane>

Zane: *Picking up Axew* "Axew, no!"

Wolf: "You all bore me. Garchomp, please see to it that these bugs are exterminated. I don't want them meddling in our plans anymore."

Garchomp: *Roaring*

<A powerful stream of fire leaves Garchomp's mouth and heads for Zane and his friends. They all dodge but take hits from the stream. Zane rolls with Axew until he goes over the edge of the platform>

All: "ZANE!!!"

<Zane manages to grab onto the edge of the platform with Axew in one hand and the other holding on. He tries to pull himself up, but he doesn't have the strength to>

Wolf: "Dispose of that boy first, Garchomp."

<Garchomp walks over to Zane and towers over him. He looks up at Garchomp as the blades on its arms begin to glow again>

Amy: "Zane!"

Blake: "No!"

<Rayquaza explodes into a frantic rage as its uses Hyper Beam to demolish the cage. It speeds off and smashes its head into Garchomp, sending it soaring into the wall behind Zane. Zane loses his grip and falls several feet into the darkness. He holds Axew close to his chest as the plummet toward the seemingly endless abyss>

Zane: *Screaming*

<Rayquaza dives into the darkness and heads toward Zane. Rayquaza grabs Zane by his shirt with its mouth and flicks its head back, launching Zane up and onto its back>

Zane: "Rayquaza, you saved me..."

<Rayquaza flies back up and curls its body while floating in the air. Zane stands up on its back and has Axew rest on his shoulder>

Zane: "Let's see how you like it, Wolf. Rayquaza, Hyper Beam!"

<A massive beam of energy explodes from the growing ball of energy in Rayquaza's mouth. Wolf dives out of the way as it destroys part of the catwalk he was standing on. He gets up again and brushes off the dirt>

Wolf: "I was not expecting Rayquaza to come out like that. Impressive..."

Zane: "Rayquaza, Dragon Pulse!"

<Rayquaza fires a ball of energy at Wolf who vaults over the railing of the catwalk above. He lands as the Dragon Pulse ball explodes on the rest of the catwalk, sending it to metal shards and rubble falling down behind him. He smiles with delight>

Wolf: "Marvelous. Simply...marvelous."

Arthur: "We're not letting you get away this time, Wolf!"

Amy: "Yeah!"

Holly: "You're finished here!"

Wolf: "I don't believe I am. You see, I'm just getting started..."

<In the blink of an eye, the cages unlock on both Kyogre and Groudon. They walk out and stop beside Wolf from both sides. They snarl and roar at them as he chuckles>

Wolf: "It appears my "rehabilitation" methods finally kicked in. They were stubborn ones, but it was only a matter of time."

Zane: "What did you just do to them?!"

Wolf: "My boy, it was merely a time-saving trick to making strong Pokémon obey. Disrespect my orders, and you get shocked; but follow my orders and you are rewarded greatly. Both Kyogre and Groudon are happily under my control."

Amy: "You monster!"

Holly: "I won't let you do this to Pokémon!"

Wolf: "Calm yourselves, children. I have no intentions of harming these Pokémon whatsoever. I'm merely...borrowing their power for a short time. I would say that our little visit was enjoyable, but I cannot tell a lie to brats such as yourselves. Groudon, use Eruption please."

<Groudon roars and strikes the ground with its claws. The ground begins to split apart as geysers of molten lava surge up rapidly from the ground. Wolf disappears with both Pokémon beneath the safety of another entrance>

Amy: "We've gotta get out of here!"

Arthur: "The lava's gonna get us before we can even make a brake for the exit!"

Zane: "Everyone, get on Rayquaza! Hurry!"

<Any Pokémon that were brought out are now returned safely to their Pokéballs. Rayquaza soars through the cave entrance above it and quickly approaches a giant metal door>

Zane: "Rayquaza, use Hyper Beam!"

<The ball of energy growing in its mouth explodes out into a powerful beam that completely destroys the metal doors, letting in sunlight from outside. Rayquaza soars through the wide entrance and disappears through the clouds hanging overhead. After some time flying, Rayquaza lands back in Phoria Port. Everyone hops off from its back. Zane stands in front of Rayquaza and gently pets its forehead>

Zane: "Rayquaza, thank you for everything. You saved all of us."

Rayquaza: *Mellow growling*

Zane: "I'll never forget meeting you, Rayquaza."

<Rayquaza suddenly wraps its body in a coil around Zane. Its head gently rubs against Zane's cheek>

Zane: "Rayquaza? What's wrong?"

Arthur: "I think Rayquaza's taken a liking to you."

Blake: "Does Rayquaza seriously want to be caught? No way."

Zane: "Is that true, Rayquaza? You want me to catch you?"

Rayquaza: *Nodding*

???: "I never thought I'd see the day that a Legendary Pokémon would willingly let a Trainer catch it."

Arthur: *Looking over* "Ah, dad!"

<Arthur runs to him and wraps his arms around him>

Arthur: "Dad, what are you doing here?"

Dad: "I heard the strange occurrence from when Kyogre and Groudon emerged. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the Legendary Pokémon for myself. Zane, I want to give you a special device that will allow you to capture Rayquaza..."

<He takes out a different Pokéball and activates it>

Zane: "What is it?"

Dad: "It's known as a Master Ball. A strong Pokéball able to capture stronger Pokémon like Rayquaza. Go ahead. Give it a try."

Zane: *Taking the Master Ball* "A Master Ball, huh?"

<Zane steps a couple feet out in front of Rayquaza and clutches the Master Ball in his hand>

Zane: "Alright..." *Throwing the Master Ball* "Go, Master Ball!"

<The Master Ball bounces off of Rayquaza's head, opening, and bringing it inside. The device closes and goes to the ground, wobbling around a few times before stopping. Zane picks up the Master Ball and holds it firmly in his hand>

Zane: "I don't believe it! I actually caught Rayquaza!"

Blake: "Well, I guess beating Zane in a Pokémon battle just got a whole lot tougher, huh?"

Holly: "With Rayquaza, Zane can't lose."

Arthur: *Facing his father* "Dad, what are you really coming out here for?"

Dad: "I suppose you're too smart to not notice my bluff from earlier. We raised you well, Arthur. Alright, the truth is...something's coming. Something very big that will plunge the world into chaos if we don't stop it early."

Amy: "What's that?"

Dad: "Not sure. But, I do plan to find out. Well, I must head back to the laboratory. Zane, congratulations on your amazing catch, and Arthur, I'm so proud of you for going on this journey. Keep getting stronger and I know that you'll make an excellent Pokémon Trainer."

Arthur: *Smiles* "Thanks, dad."

<Zane and his friends stand behind a cruise ship that's docked in the partially destroyed port. Blake and Melanie stand across from them>

Blake: "You're already heading off to see Kaleb, Zane?"

Zane: "Yep. Gotta go for my third badge."

Melanie: "Well, stay safe on your way there. Take great care of Rayquaza, okay, Zane? Rayquaza's one-of-a-kind Pokémon."

Zane: "I sure will, Melanie."

<They board the ship as it leaves the port. Zane rests his arms crossed on the side of the ship as he looks out toward the island>

Zane: *Thinking* Here I come, Kaleb. I'll win and finally get my next badge from you. Get ready...

To Be Continued...