<The energy balls smashes against the field that appeared in front of Rhyperior. The field disappears and the smoke clears with its body completely untouched>

Vanessa: "Rhyperior, Focus Punch!"

<Rhyperior charges at Axew in a full sprint as its right fist glows a bright white colors. It roars at Axew>

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Rush!"

<Axew charges up rushing energy and charges at Rhyperior as well. Axew jumps off the ground as Rhyperior throws its fist forward>

Axew: "Axew!" (Go!)

Rhyperior: *Roaring*

<Their attacks collide in a massive explosion that scatters dust and debris across the entire battlefield. The strong winds blow everything back around the room>

Zane: "Axew!"

Vanessa: "Rhyperior!"

Zane: *Thinking and looking into the smoke cloud* I can't see who's still standing. Axew, please, please be okay.

<The dust cloud begins to disappear. After a couple minutes of uneasy tension, Rhyperior is seen on the ground. It faints a split second before Axew does>

Referee: "Rhyperior has fainted! The winner is Axew, and that means that the winner of the battle is the challenger, Zane!"

Zane: "We won! Alright!" *Runs to Axew and picks it up from the ground* "Axew, Axew wake up! You did it! You won!"

<About an hour later, Axew and the rest of the injured Pokémon have been rested and feel much more energetic. Zane stands in front of Vanessa as she takes a decorative box from the Referee. She opens it and takes out a shiny moon-shaped badge>

Vanessa: "Zane, for your unwavering determination and powerful skills in training your Pokémon, I'd like to present you with the Full Moon Badge."

Zane: *Taking the badge* "Alright! I got the Full Moon Badge!"

<The Moon festival continues in full swing as Zane stops by the Pokémon Center to get his Pokémon checked up. Meanwhile, he goes to a holographic communicator and phones back to his hometown. A holographic image of Professor Brooks stands in front of him>

Zane: "Professor Brooks, hi! It's me, Zane!"

Professor Brooks: "Zane? My, my, how you've changed. Where are you?"

Zane: "I'm in Crescent City." *Shows him the badge* "Check it out. I earned my second Gym Badge."

Professor Brooks: "That's wonderful. Have you met any new friends while on your journey?"

<Arthur, Amy, and Holly crowd around Zane and wave to him>

All: "Hello!"

Professor Brooks: "Well, I guess that's a yes."

Zane: *Pushing them away to make room* "Yeah. That's my friend Arthur..."

Arthur: "Nice to meet you, Professor."

Zane: "That's Amy..."

Amy: "Hi there. Very nice to meet you."

Zane: "And that's my newest friend..."

Holly: "Hi there. I'm Holly. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Professor Brooks: "Likewise. It's very nice to see that you've made so many new friends, Zane."

Zane: "Sure has. We've traveled a long way, and I've earned my second badge, too."

Professor Brooks: "So, I've noticed that I haven't gotten any Pokémon from you lately. Everything alright?"

Zane: "Yeah. I got a Pokésash to carry all of my Pokémon with me. I can carry plenty of Pokémon with me, Professor."

Professor Brooks: "Ah, I see. Well, I have some more research to do here at the lab, but do make sure that you at least send me some of your newest Pokémon. I'd really like to collect some data on them."

Zane: "Sure thing, Professor. Stay safe."

<The hologram projection disappears as a nurse brings out all of his Pokémon from the checkup room>

Nurse: "You'll be happy to know that all of your Pokémon are doing very well. Their health is in peak performance, and they're habits are as normal as can be."

Zane: *Walking up to his Pokémon* "That's great. Thank you."

<Afterward, they head back outside as crowd's of people gather in the streets. Above them, fireworks of all shapes and colors burst beautifully in the air. A special Pokémon ascends into the air and stops in front of the glowing full moon behind it. Its body reflects the moonlight off of it>

Zane: "Woah. Never seen that Pokémon before."

Zane's Pokédex: "Lunatone, the Meteorite Pokémon. Lunatone is believed by some people to have come from outer space. It moves around most actively during full moons and its powerful red eyes instill fear into anyone who beholds them."

<Lunatone's eyes begin to glow a bright blue color as thick clouds begin to form over the skyscrapers. The clouds pour rain down on the city. Everyone cheers and applauds Lunatone>

Zane: "Why is everyone clapping if it's raining?"

Arthur: "That's what the festival does. Lunatone comes out and delivers the cities biggest amount of rain using Rain Dance. The people consider it a purifying event that cleans their city every year; to start over again."

Zane: "Wow. That's amazing."

<The Rain Dance finishes and Lunatone starts to fly away from the city. The crowds of people cheer for Lunatone again as the festival begins to clean up. Zane and his friends change back into the normal clothes and start through the city streets again>

Amy: "The Moon Festival was so much fun! We have to come back here next year!"

Zane: "Definitely. So, where are we heading for my next Gym Badge?"

<Arthur takes out his Pokédex and uses the holographic map function. A detail and colored map of the entire region appears in front of them>

Arthur: "The next Gym isn't for a little while. It's in Phoria City. We'll have to go to the Phoria Port and take a ship to get there."

Zane: "Great. Let's get going right away."

<They start off out of the city. Before Zane leaves, he feels something watching him. He looks over his shoulder at a silhouette of a Pokémon watching him from the ledge of a overlooking skyscraper>

Zane: "What's that Pokémon?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Unregistered. Please get closer."

Zane: "It can't register? That's weird."

Arthur: *From a distance* "Zane, you coming or what?!"

Zane: "Yeah! I'm coming!"

<He turns and runs to meet up with his friends. The Pokémon from the building disappears without a single trace of its whereabouts anywhere>

Zane: *Thinking* That Pokémon. It looked like it was watching me. But, question is, why was it watching me? It must've been a really powerful Pokémon to not be registered by the Pokédex from that distance. I really wanna catch it now.

Arthur: "Zane, you alright? Why are you spacing out so much?"

Zane: *Looking up* "Huh? Oh, sorry. I'm just thinking about who the next Gym Leader's gonna be."

Amy: "I've heard stories that he deals with Water-type Pokémon. I think his name's Kaleb."

Zane: "Kaleb, huh? Well, I'm gonna beat him for sure."

<As they continue down the path away from the city, a strange Pokémon jumps down from the sky and lands in front of them. Its appearance still can't be detailed, but its eyes are seen glowing an ominous blue color>

Amy: "What the?"

Holly: "Is that a Pokémon?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Unregistered."

Zane: "Unregistered? That means that this Pokémon must be a completely new Pokémon! Awesome! Axew, let's catch it! Use Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew fires an energy ball at the strange Pokémon. A field appears in front of it and blocks the explosion of the Dragon Pulse completely. A dark ball of energy flies back and hits Axew, exploding and instantly causing Axew to faint>

Zane: "Axew!"

<Axew flies back and lands in Zane's arms>

Amy: "Axew fainted from just that one Shadow Ball?"

Holly: "That's one strong Pokémon."

<The Pokémon's eyes still glow the bright blue coloration as it suddenly jumps off through the air, disappearing from view in the forest nearby>

Zane: "What was that Pokémon?"

<The following day, Zane and his friends awaken in a small field about a mile from Crescent City. From above, suddenly Lunatone appears and floats in front of Zane>

Zane: "Lunatone? What are you doing out here in the daytime?"

Arthur: "Woah. That's never happened before. Lunatone usually sleep during the daylight hours."

Zane: *Standing up and petting it* "Seems very friendly."

Arthur: "Wait, what's that resting in Lunatone's body?"

<Zane notices a shiny stone and reaches to take it out of Lunatone. He grabs it and looks at his reflection in its polished surface. Lunatone cheers and gestures the stone to his resting Eevee who's still sleeping beside Zane's sleeping bag>

Zane: "What are you trying to tell me?"

Amy: "I think it gave you that stone so you could evolve Eevee."

Arthur: "Why would Lunatone be interested in wanting Zane's Eevee to evolve?"

Zane: "I think it wants to battle Eevee's evolved form."

Amy: "But which one? Eevee's got so many evolution forms that it can evolve to."

Arthur: "That's a Dusk stone that it gave you. If Eevee touches it, it'll evolve into Espeon."

Zane: "Espeon?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Espeon, the Sun Pokémon. It uses the fine hairs that cover its body to sense air currents and predict an opponent's movement."

Zane: "That sounds cool, but, I wasn't really planning on having Eevee evolve."

Arthur: "Try asking Eevee if it'd like to evolve. A Pokémon can only reach a certain limit before it has to evolve to get any stronger."

<Zane walks to Eevee and kneels in front of it>

Zane: "Eevee?"

Eevee: *Yawning and standing up*

Zane: *Holding out the Dusk Stone* "Lunatone gave me this to help you evolve in Espeon. It's up to you if you want to evolve."

<Eevee walks up to the Dusk Stone and touches its head to it. The stone becomes absorbed into an energy and Eevee's body emits a powerful light. The light fades away and Espeon appears in its place>

Espeon: *Purring*

<Espeon runs its soft head against his cheek. He pets Espeon and stands up again>

Arthur: "I guess Eevee was ready to evolve after all."

Zane: *Facing Lunatone* "So, you up for that battle?"

Lunatone: *Nodding*

Zane: "Great. Let's go."

<Espeon and Zane stand on the opposite side of the grassy field as Lunatone floats a couple feet about the grass>

Zane: "We'll let you have the first move, Lunatone! Go for it!"

<A dark ball of energy appears in front of Lunatone's face. It launches it at Espeon>

Zane: "Espeon, dodge it and use Tackle!"

<Espeon shifts its body to the side of the energy ball as it explodes behind it. It runs at Lunatone and launches from the ground. A mirror appears in front of Lunatone, blocking Espeon's Tackle. Espeon jumps back and lands by Zane again>

Zane: "What was that?"

Arthur: "Lunatone's Light Screen. It blocks and redirects the attack back at the source. Since Tackle isn't a ranged attack, there's nothing to redirect it at."

Zane: "Alright, Espeon, use Psybeam!"

<Espeon shoots a powerful beam from its forehead gem at Lunatone. Lunatone dodges it and sends several sharp rocks at Espeon. Espeon dodges it and runs at Lunatone>

Zane: "Nice work, Espeon! Use Quick Attack!"

<A shining outline of Espeon's body causes it to run much faster. It smashes into Lunatone from the front and sends it flying back. Lunatone shakes it off and launches glowing ball of energy>

Zane: "Look out, Espeon!"

<Espeon dodges it and smashes into Lunatone again. Lunatone hits the ground and struggles to regain its floating into the air>

Zane: "We've got Lunatone on the ropes! Espeon, wrap it up with Shadow Ball!"

<Espeon lands facing Lunatone and opens its mouth, creating a swirling ball of dark energy. Espeon fires the ball, hitting Lunatone directly and exploding into a thick dust cloud. It clears and Lunatone's knocked out entirely>

Arthur: "Espeon wins."

Zane: "Alright! Way to go, Espeon!"

Espeon: *Purring*

<Lunatone's recovered and it floats in front of Zane and his friends>

Zane: "Goodbye, Lunatone. Thanks for that awesome battle with Eevee--I mean, Espeon. I really appreciate you giving that Dusk Stone to me to help Eevee evolve."

<Lunatone nods and floats away from them. It heads back in the direction of Crescent City as they all wave goodbye to it>

Zane: "Goodbye, Lunatone!"

Amy: "Have a safe trip back home!"

Holly: "Be safe!"

Arthur: "Goodbye!"