<Zane relaxes near a riverbank as his Pokémon play. Meanwhile, Amy plays with her Cacnea in the calm river just downstream. Arthur cooks up some fresh meals with supplies that they got from a small town prior to their arrival at the river>

Zane: *Yawning* "Now this is how to relax. I'm loving today so much."

<Amy walks out of the river with Cacnea and sits by Zane. She looks at the egg as it sits beside him>

Amy: "Zane?"

Zane: *Looking over at her* "Yeah, Amy?"

Amy: "Do you wonder what kind of Pokémon could hatch from that egg?"

Zane: "The only thing I know is that it'll be a bug Pokémon. Since they had it in the observatory, only a bug Pokémon could've laid it."

Amy: "I guess that makes sense. So, why are you taking this journey?"

Zane: "To become the greatest Pokémon Master of course. There isn't really anything else. What about you?"

Amy: "I wanna be the world's greatest Pokémon Entertainer. Winning pageants will definitely give me some reputation to help advertise."

Arthur: *Ringing a bell in the distance* "Time to eat!"

<Zane jumps up and runs toward the food table. Amy looks back at the egg that he left behind>

Amy: "Zane, aren't you forgetting something?!"

Zane: *In the distance* "Oh, right!"

<He runs back and quickly recovers his egg. They all sit together on a blanket and enjoy their cooked food from Arthur. Their Pokémon enjoy their own food>

Amy: "Wow, Arthur, this is amazing."

Arthur: "Thank you. I make my own recipes."

Zane: *Looking around at all of their Pokémon* "Sure looks like they all like it, too."

???: *Loud wailing*

Zane: *Standing up and looking around* "Did you hear that?"

Amy: "Yeah. What was that?"

Zane: *Taking off in the direction of the wailing* "Axew, come on!"

Axew: *Running after him* "Axew!" (Coming!)

<Axew jumps on his shoulder as he runs over a small hill. He spots a small Pokémon with a large, fluffy tail as it tries to run away from a Trainer with a whip>

Trainer: "Get back here, Eevee!"

Whip: *Crack!*

Zane: "Axew, use Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew jumps off from his shoulder and fires an energy ball at the Trainer. It explodes, sending the Trainer flying to the ground. Zane runs down and picks up the Eevee. Axew runs back up to his shoulder as the Trainer stands up>

Trainer: "What do you think you're doing?!"

Zane: "How could you whip a baby Pokémon like that?!"

Trainer: "That's none of your business. Eevee, come!"

<Eevee struggles its way out of his arms and limps its way back over to its Trainer>

Zane: "You're not going anywhere until I get an explanation!"

Trainer: "Fine. You want an explanation? Here you go. The name's Jasmine, and I'm an Eevee Evolution Specialist."

Zane: "Eevee Evolution Specialist?"

Jasmine: "Yes. I train and help other trainers' Eevee evolve into whatever evolution form that they want their Eevee to be."

Zane: "What is an Eevee, anyway?"

Jasmine: "You seriously don't know?! Check your Pokédex, genius!"

Zane: *Pulling out his Pokédex*

Zane's Pokédex: "Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. Eevee is a unique Pokémon that can adapt to its environment by changing its form and abilities when evolving."

Jasmine: "That's right. Eevee are special because they can evolve into many different forms."

Zane: *Putting away his Pokédex* "That's still doesn't explain why you were whipping it!"

Jasmine: "This Eevee, no matter how many times I try to introduce it to a stone to help it evolve, doesn't evolve."

Zane: "Eevee evolves by using stones?"

Jasmine: "Do you know nothing about Eevee?!"

Zane: "Jeez, calm down. No. I'm sorry."

Jasmine: *Sighs* "You're hopeless."

Zane: "I may not know what an Eevee really is, but what I do know is that you don't go around cracking a whip at it! Pokemon need to be treated with care and kindness! They won't evolve the way you're training them!"

<Amy and Arthur run up to Zane from behind with everything packed up. Amy's eyes sparkle at seeing Eevee>

Amy: "That is the most adorable Eevee that I've ever seen!"

Jasmine: "Looks like your friend knows who Eevee is."

Arthur: "Zane, what's going on?"

Zane: "Eevee was being whipped by her. I stopped her."

Amy: "What?! You were whipping Eevee?!"

Jasmine: "It is the most effective method to training it. Trainers put their utmost trust into my skills to train their Pokémon. I cannot allow one little Eevee that's being stubborn and won't evolve to tarnish my reputation. I have never missed a deadline."

Zane: "You won't help Pokémon to evolve by treating them like that. Pokémon respond better to love and kindness. Not brutal whippings."

Jasmine: "Are you saying that you know how to train Pokémon better than I do?"

Zane: "Yeah. I am saying that."

Jasmine: "Alright then. Tell you what. Let's make a little wager. If you can train this Eevee to beat another of my trained forms in three days at a Pokémon battle, I'll stop treating the Pokémon that way. If not, you'll have to admit that I'm a better Trainer than you."

Zane: "Fine by me. I can do it."

Jasmine: "Fine then. Eevee, you'll be listening to this guy for a little while."

<Eevee jumps down from her arms and runs to Zane's side. Eevee rubs against his leg and purrs>

Jasmine: "See you in three days."

Zane: "Sounds like a plan."

<Zane, Amy, and Arthur return to their camping spot. Their Pokémon play off to the sidelines as Eevee is given some food. Eevee acts scared around the bowl of food>

Zane: *Kneeling beside Eevee and petting it* "It's okay, Eevee. This food won't hurt you. Good ahead and try some. It'll make you feel better."

<Eevee carefully takes a few steps forward and bites down on a food pellet. It smiles and starts eating more>

Zane: "There you go. Enjoy as much as you want."

Amy: "Zane, do you even know where to begin with Eevee? I mean, you only have three days."

Zane: "Of course I do. I know that Eevee can beat any of Jasmine's Pokémon. Eevee doesn't need to evolve just to get stronger." *Stands up and takes out the Pokédex* "Okay, let's see what kind of moves Eevee knows."

Zane's Pokédex: "Eevee knows the following moves: Tackle, Take Down, and growl. No new moves acquired."

Zane: *Putting away his Pokédex and scoffing Jasmine* "All she taught Eevee was that? Some Trainer she is. I know Eevee can learn more than that. Okay, Eevee, you ready to get started?"

<Eevee stops eating and turns to Zane with a smile. It jumps into the air with joy. Moments later, Amy's Cacnea and Eevee stand in opposite ends of the green field>

Amy: "You ready, Zane?!"

Zane: "Ready!"

Amy: "Alright. Cacnea, let's start with a Needle Arm!"

Zane: "Eevee, Tackle!"

<Cacnea's right arm glows a bright green color as it runs at Eevee. Eevee, at the same time, runs at Cacnea. Cacnea's Needle Arm hits Eevee and causes it to hit the ground. Eevee slides back to Zane's side>

Zane: "Eevee, are you okay?!"

<Eevee struggles to stand up again. Cacnea lands back in front of Amy on her side>

Amy: "Maybe Eevee isn't ready, Zane!"

Zane: *Thinking* I know that Eevee's ready. I can do this. "Eevee, don't give up! I know you can do it! I believe in you!"

<Eevee stands up again and strikes a fighting pose>

Zane: "Nice job! Let's win this, Eevee! Use Take Down!"

Amy: "Pin Missile, Cacnea!"

<Eevee runs at Cacnea as the spikes on its body glow a green color. Its spikes shoot out from its body and head straight for Eevee. Eevee manages to dodge the projectiles, reach Cacnea, and hit it into the air. Eevee jumps up and smashes Cacnea down to the ground with a big explosion. Eevee emerges from the dust and smiles>

Zane: "Way to go, Eevee!"

Amy: *Smiling* "Not so fast. Cacnea, Focus Punch!"

<Cacnea leaps from the dust cloud and smashes its glowing fist down on Eevee from above. Eevee faints in the crater created from the impact>

Zane: "Eevee!"

<Zane runs and picks Eevee out of the crater. He cradles Eevee in his arms>

Zane: "You did your best out there, Eevee. We'll have more time to train once you get some rest."

<That night, everyone is asleep. Eevee, who's resting under Zane's arm, shakes its way out and walks off. Eevee looks back at Zane and drops its head. It continues to walk off into the darkness. The sun rises and Zane is the first to wake up>

Zane: *Yawning and stretching his arms* "Morning, Eevee. How did you-" *Looks down by his side* "Eevee?"

<Zane stands up and looks around the campsite for Eevee, but Eevee's nowhere to be found>

Zane: "Eevee?! Eevee, where are you?!"

Amy: *Yawning and sitting up from her sleeping bag* "Zane, could you please keep it down? I'm trying to sleep."

Zane: "Amy, Eevee's gone!"

Amy: *Springing awake and standing up* "What?!"

Arthur: *Sitting up from his sleeping bag* "Hey, what's going on?"

Amy: "Eevee's gone, Arthur!"

Arthur: *Standing up from his bed* "Eevee's gone?!"

Zane: "Eevee must've run away because it thought it wouldn't be good enough!"

Amy: "Eevee?!"

Arthur: "Eevee, where are you?!"

Zane: "Eevee, come back! Eevee!"

<In the forests nearby, Eevee wanders through the dense stretch of trees. It stops at a small river running through it and sips at some water. Eevee's ears perk up and turn to face behind it. Eevee turns around and sees a man's legs in its view. A sack whips Eevee off and the mysterious figure disappears. Meanwhile, Zane, Amy, and Arthur packed away their things and walked into the forest to search for Eevee>

Zane: "Eevee! Eevee, where are you?!"

Amy: "Eevee?!"

Arthur: "Eevee, please come out!"

Axew: "Axew?!" (Eevee?!)

<Zane rests against a tree and puts Axew on the floor. He walks to a small river running through the forest and cups some water in his hands>

Axew: *Looking and excitingly pointing* "Axew! Axew-ew-ew-ew!" (Master! Over here, Master!)

Zane: *Splashing water on his face* "Not now, Axew."

Axew: *Tugging on his pants* "Axew-ew!" (But Master!)

Zane: *Standing up* "I said not now, Axew. We're supposed to be looking for Eevee." *Walking back to Amy and Arthur* "So, where should we look now?"

<Axew gets angry and headbutts Zane from behind. He turns around and looks angrily at Axew>

Zane: "Axew, what's up with you?!"

Axew: *Pointing at a footprint* "Ew-ew, Axew!" (Look here, Master!)

Arthur: *Kneeling down at the footprint* "It's a person's footprint. And there's a smaller set leading to the edge of the stream. The person's footprints followed the smaller set, then just went away."

Zane: "Someone took Eevee while it was drinking from the stream."

Amy: "That's terrible! Who would do such a thing?!"

Arthur: "There's only one group that could gain anything by stealing Pokémon..."

Zane: "Team Amber."

<The group follow the single trail of footsteps deeper into the trees. They stop at a treeline bordering a clearing. They peek from the foliage and spot about three Team Amber Trainers gathering up their equipment and placing it inside the back of a white van>

Zane: *Whispering* "I bet they have Eevee inside that van."

Arthur: "I'll create a distraction while you check."

Zane: "Okay. Be careful."

Arthur: "Right."

<Arthur runs beside the foliage to stay hidden. He stops behind a tree facing the back of the van. He takes out Escavalier's Pokéball and holds it firmly in his hand>

Arthur: *Thinking* Let's do this, buddy. Let's teach these guys not to steal Pokémon.

<He jumps out while throwing the Pokéball into the air. It opens and Escavalier materializes in front of him. The Pokéball falls back into his hand. One of the Team Amber Trainers notices him>

Amber Trainer: "Hey, who are you?!"

Arthur: "Stealing Pokémon isn't right! Let them go!"

Amber Trainer #2: "I'll handle this." *Taking out a Pokéball and throwing out forward* "Infernape, let's go!"

<A Pokémon resembling a large ape materializes. It blazes the fire coming from its head into a long trail and strikes a battling pose>

Arthur's Pokédex: "Infernape, the Flame Pokémon and the evolved form of Monferno. Infernape's fiery crown reflects its fiery nature, and its speed is unmatched."

Arthur: *Putting away his Pokédex* "We can beat it. Escavalier, X Slice!"

Amber Trainer: "Infernape, Flare Blitz! Go!"

<Infernape's entire body becomes engulfed in fire. It charges at Escavalier as its lance arms glow a white color. Escavalier charges at Infernape and performs an "X"-shaped cutting motion. Their attacks collide, but Infernape pushes harder and knocks Escavalier back to Arthur. Meanwhile, Amy and Zane sneak around the side of the van while the other two Team Amber members watch the battle. Zane slides the metal door open and hops inside the back. Amy stands by on lookout>

Amy: *Whispering* "Zane, can you find Eevee?"

Zane: "No. I can't find Eevee anywhere."

Amber Trainer #2: "Hey, what are you doing back there?!"

<Zane and Amy run away from the van and head back to Arthur. All three Team Amber members stand in a line and face them>

Amber Trainer #3: "What do you kids want?!"

Zane: "We want the Eevee that you kidnapped!"

Amber Trainer: "Eevee? What Eevee? We've been here the entire time."

Zane: "Like we'd believe you guys! Now give us Eevee!"

Amber Trainer #2: "We don't have your little Eevee!"

Zane: "Axew, let's teach them a lesson."

Axew: *Nods and jumps down from his shoulder. Strikes a fighting stance*

Amy: *Taking out a Pokéball and tossing it* "Cacnea, let's help out too!"

<Cacnea materializes and stands next to Axew and Escavalier. The other two Team Amber members take out Pokéballs and toss them out>

Amber Trainer #2: "Houndour, let's get them!"

Amber Trainer #3: "Litwick, shadow ball!"

Amy: "Cacnea, Needle Arm!"

Arthur: "Escavalier, Tackle!"

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Rush!"

Amber Trainer: "Infernape, use your Flare Charge!"

Amber Trainer #2: "Houndour, use Bite!"

<Litwick charges a dark ball of pulsating energy and launches it at Cacnea. Cacnea runs at the ball with its right arm glowing a light green color. Escavalier and Axew charge at Infernape and Houndour. Infernape and Houndour charge them as well and clash their attacks against each other. A massive explosion occurs as a result of the amount of energy released from the attacks colliding and all four of their Pokémon, simultaneously, faint. They return their Pokémon to their Pokéballs as Zane brings Axew back and holds it in his arms. He activates another Pokéball>

Zane: "Oshawott, use Aqua Jet!"

<Oshawott materializes and summons rushing water around it. It pushes off of the ground and launches at the two Team Amber members. They dodge Oshawott as it turns and goes back to Zane on his side. Meanwhile, Cacnea smashes its glowing arm against the ball of dark energy. It explodes, sending Cacnea soaring into the air>

Flare Trainer #3: "Litwick, fly up after Cacnea and use Shadow Ball again!"

<Litwick charges another ball of dark, pulsating energy as it flies up toward Cacnea>

Amy: "You can do it, Cacnea. Needle Arm, one more time!"

<Litwick reaches Cacnea and readies to launch the ball when Cacnea suddenly recovers and punches Litwick in the face with its glowing arm>

Amber Trainer #3: "No! Litwick!"

Amy: "Focus Punch!"

<Cacnea focuses its energy into its right fist, causing it to glow a white color. It thrusts its fist forward and smashes it against Litwick. Litwick flies back down at an incredible speed before crashing into the ground. Litwick's returned to its Pokéball as Cacnea lands in front of Amy again>

Amy: "You did it, Cacnea!"

Cacnea: *Cheering*

Amber Trainer: "This isn't over yet, brats!"

<He flips a switch on a remote that he had taken out seconds before and the van transforms into a large mechanical suit. They run inside it and activate the systems>

Amber Trainer #2: "You'll pay for getting in our way!"

Zane: "I don't think so! Oshawott, Aqua Jet again!"

Oshawott: "Oshawott!" (Okay!)

<Oshawott runs at the large suit as rushing water creates a jet around it. Oshawott pushes off of the ground and smashes against the center of the suit. The force explodes the suit, sending the Team Amber members soaring off into the sky. They completely disappear from sight. Later, they return to their campsite. Zane sits on the grass with a long face on him>

Amy: *Patting his shoulder* "It'll be okay, Zane. We'll find Eevee."

Zane: "I failed, Amy. I failed as a Trainer. I don't care if Eevee wins against Jasmine. All I want is to see Eevee come back safely."

<In the distance, Jasmine appears looking at Zane as he starts crying over Eevee. She looks at the sack with Eevee in it>

Jasmine: *Thinking* Zane really does care about Pokémon. Especially his own. I should've told him that you don't even have a Trainer, but, I was afraid that he'd make fun of me for that. Eevee should go to Zane. He's a great guy, and an even greater Trainer.

<Jasmine opens the bag and takes Eevee out. She places Eevee on the ground. Eevee looks at her as she kneels in front of it and pets its brown fur>

Jasmine: "Eevee, you need to find a Trainer, and I think Zane over there is the best that you'll find. He really cares about you and wants you to be the strongest. Go see him, Eevee."

<Eevee smiles and runs for Zane>

Eevee: *Squealing loudly*

<Zane looks up from the grass and sees Eevee running toward him. He stands up and runs at a sprint for Eevee. Eevee jumps up and goes into Zane's outstretched arms. He brings his arms back in and holds Eevee close to him>

Zane: "Eevee, I'm so happy that you're alright. Never run off like that. I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to you."

<Eevee rubs its soft, furry head against his cheek and purrs. Zane gently puts Eevee on the grass and pets it>

Zane: "Eevee, I know that you're a strong Pokémon. I know that you can beat Jasmine. I will always believe in you and the strength that you have."

<Their three days pass and the battle between Jasmine and Zane starts up. They stand in the grassy field on opposite sides. Eevee stands in front of Zane with a lot of energy to fight>

Amy: "Wow. Eevee's never been this excited about battling before."

Arthur: "That's because Eevee's never been inspired by a Trainer, like Zane, to get stronger."

Jasmine: "You ready to lose, Zane?!"

Zane: "We'll just wait and see who wins!"

Jasmine: *Activating a Pokéball* "Alright. Let's get this battle started!" *Tossing it* "Let's go, Glaceon!"

<The Pokéball opens and an ice-type form of Eevee's evolution materializes. Its frosty blue eyes stare at Eevee with an extreme sense of fierceness>

Zane's Pokédex: "Glaceon, the Fresh Snow Pokémon and the evolved form of Eevee. Glaceon can freeze the fur on its body, and make it stick out like sharp needles."

Zane: "We can beat it. Let's do this, Eevee!"

Eevee: *Letting out a triumphing yelp*

Arthur: "Let's hope Eevee can win this."

To Be Continued...