Setting: Now the final few rounds of the Senior Tournament World Championship are coming to a close. The final battle will ultimately decide who will win and become rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams. Only time will tell who will win.

<The four attacks all collide simultaneously and erupt into the biggest explosion of the entire battle. All four Pokemon are caught in the explosion and smash into the ground. The explosion sends strong winds that push both Aiden and Jessica back several feet. They cover their eyes to avoid the rubble and speeding rocks scattering across the field. All four Pokemon faint>.

Referee: "Deoxys, Suicune, Palkia, and Rayquaza are all unable to battle! The round is a draw!"

Aiden: *Returns Rayquaza and Suicune and brings out Mewtwo and Metagross*

Jessica: *Returns Deoxys and Palkia and brings out Darkrai and Diancie* "Let's do this!"

Referee: "Begin the round!"

Aiden: "Mewtwo, use Swift! Metagross, use Earthquake!"

Jessica: "Darkrai, use Shadow Ball! Diancie, use Diamond Storm!"

<Shadow Ball impacts with Swift and both explode while Diamond Storm passes through and hits Metagross. Metagross shakes it off and smashes into the ground with its armored legs. The ground ruptures and splits in half. Rocks jet up from the ground and hit Diancie and Darkrai. They both recover>.

Jessica: "Darkrai, Dark Pulse!"

<Mewtwo charges to attack Darkrai just as Darkrai launched dark energy at it. Mewtwo's thrown back and smashes to the ground. Mewtwo faints>.

Aiden: "Mewtwo! That was really quick. Metagross, use Stone Edge!"

<Metagross launches several sharp rock projectiles and hits Diancie and Darkrai. Diancie faints and falls to the ground. Darkrai flies higher into the air>.

Aiden: "Metagross, use Body Slam!"

<Metagross jumps into the air and appears above Darkrai. Metagross slams down on top of Darkrai and crashes Darkrai between the ground and its heavy body. Metagross stands up and walks away as Darkrai faints>.

Aiden: *Returns Mewtwo and throws out another Pokeball. Emboar appears now*

Jessica: *Returns Diancie and Darkrai and throws out Druddigon and Typhlosion* "Typhlosion, use Flamethrower! Druddigon, attack with Dragon Pulse!"

Aiden: "Metagross, use Protect!"

<Metagross stops Flamethrower and Dragon Pulse with a protective barrier in front of both of them. Emboar ignites the fire in its nose and stomps the ground>.

Jessica: "Typhlosion, use Bite! Druddigon, attack with Dragon Claw!"

<Typhlosion jumps at Metagross and bites down on its flat head. Metagross stomps around and tries to shake Typhlosion off of it. Druddigon flies at Emboar and brings out giant energy claws>.

Aiden: "Emboar, stop it with Hammer Arm!"

<Emboar blocks Dragon Claw with its giant arms and throws Druddigon backward. Druddigon shakes the impact and roars at Emboar fiercely. Metagross throws Typhlosion and knocks it away>.

Jessica: "Typhlosion, use Fire Spin on Metagross!"

<Typhlosion lands on all fours and blasts fire from its mouth that swirls and engulfs around Metagross. Metagross looks around to find and escape, but gets burned at every turn>.

Aiden: "Emboar, help Metagross by putting that fire out with Mud Shot!"

<Emboar leaps into the air and spits mud balls at the fire, effectively putting it out for Metagross. Emboar lands beside Metagross and both smile at each other to thank them. Druddigon suddenly appears and smashes into Metagross, launching it across the field and into the wall. Metagross faints and falls to the ground>.

Aiden: "Metagross! Emboar, end this with Self Destruct!"

Jessica: "Emboar knows Self Destruct?! Why would you have Emboar know Self Destruct?!"

Aiden: "Just in case Emboar was ever outmatched and I couldn't find a way to win the round. Do it!"

<Emboar suddenly erupts with large quantities of fire from its mouth, neck, and nose. The fire becomes stronger and builds and builds until Emboar completely explodes; taking Druddigon and Typhlosion along with it. Emboar, Typhlosion, and Druddigon faint together on the ground>.

Referee: "Druddigon, Emboar, Metagross, and Typhlosion are all unable to battle! The round is a draw!"

Aiden: *Throws out Xerneas and Tornadus*

Jessica: *Throws out Landorus and Delphox*

Referee: "Begin the round now!"

Aiden: "Xerneas, use Weather Ball! Tornadus, use Gust!"

<Xerneas launches several glowing orbs of energy at Delphox and Landorus. They impact and explode as Tornadus flies into the air and unleashes strong currents of destructive wind. Both Delphox and Landorus are pushed back several feet from where they appeared in the beginning>.

Jessica: "Landorus, use Rock Smash!"

<Landorus summons giant boulders from the ground and sends them at Tornadus. Tornadus is hit and flies back into the ground, struggling back to take flight again>.

Jessica: "Delphox, Mystical Fire!"

<A ring of fire appears in front of Delphox as it whips its large tree stick from its tail and ignites a large stream of fire that hits Xerneas directly>.

Aiden: "Xerneas, use Recover!"

<Xerneas draws life energy from around it and heals its injuries completely>.

Aiden: "Attack with Hidden Power! Tornadus, use Air Cutter!"

<Spinning blades appear around Tornadus and launch at both Delphox and Landorus; Xerneas also launches several energy orbs at both Pokemon as well. They take the hits and both faint at the same time>.

Referee: "Both Pokemon are unable to battle! Tornadus and Xerneas win the round!"

Jessica: *Returns Landorus and Delphox and calls out Zoroark*

Aiden: "Is that your last Pokemon?"

Jessica: "Just about. I have one more after Zoroark."

Aiden: "Wow. I can't believe how far we've come since the very beginning with Sceptile and Blaziken. Guess it all comes down to this, huh?"

Jessica: "It sure does. I'll save my last Pokemon for the final round though. I wouldn't want it to be too easy."

Aiden: Is she planning something? I should know what that Pokemon of hers is, but, for some reason, I can't remember. She knows that Charizard is my final Pokemon for the final round, but, what's hers?

Jessica: "You ready to get to the final fight?"

Aiden: "Sure am. Let's finish this for good! Xerneas, Weather Ball! Tornadus, Air Cutter!"

Jessica: *Smiles* "Use Guillotine."

Aiden: "What?!"

<Zoroark jets past Weather Ball and Air Cutter and slices through Xerneas. Tornadus dodges and flies into the air. Xerneas falls over onto its side and faints in one hit>.

Aiden: "Zoroark knocked Xerneas out in one move?!"

Jessica: "That's the power of the move Guillotine. I'm actually surprised that it actually hit. Normally that move misses and hits on rare occasion."

Aiden: *Returns Xerneas* "That's one powerful move. Alright then. Tornadus, use Tornado!"

Jessica: "Shadow Claw, Zoroark!"

<Tornadus summons a giant tornado that spins rapidly around and decimates the entire field. Zoroark speeds into the tornado and jumps to slice Tornadus with dark energy claws>.

Aiden: "Use Hidden Power!"

<Tornadus quickly launches a ball of energy just as Zoroark swiped at it. Their attacks collide and explode inside the tornado and result in both of them fainting as they slam into the ground>.

Referee: "All Pokemon are unable to battle! It's a draw!"

Aiden: *Returns Tornadus and clips the Pokeball to his belt*

Jessica: "Guess we're down to our final few Pokemon."

Aiden: "Hm, sure are. I've been looking forward to this battle since the very beginning of this tournament. I never pictured that it would end like this. Still, I have three Pokemon, while you're down to your last one."

Jessica: "Looks like the odds are not in my favor today. We'll just have to see who will come out on top."

Aiden: "A two against one fight just doesn't seem very fair, though."

Jessica: "Don't worry. My final Pokemon can handle himself just fine against two Pokemon."

Aiden: "If you're sure." *Throws out Giratina and Dialga. Both roar at Jessica*

Jessica: "The masters of space and the Reverse World. Impressive."

Aiden: "Thanks. I was saving them for just such an occasion like this. So, let's see your final Pokemon."

Jessica: "Gladly." *Grips the Pokeball firmly and throws it* "Go, Arceas!"

<Arceas appears and floats just off of the ground. Its eyes glow an ominous red color as they glare at Giratina and Dialga. Both Pokemon look somewhat scared now>.

Aiden: Dialga and Giratina both look scared of Arceas. Still, I can't let her win this. "Giratina, use Dragon Breath! Dialga, use Roar of Time!"

<Giratina launches blue fire from it mouth as Dialga unleashes a roar of energy that travels toward Arceas. A field appears in front of Arceas and negates both attacks away>.

Aiden: "What?!"

Jessica: "Gotcha, Aiden. Arceas, use Draco Meteor!"

<Arceas fires energy into the air that bursts into several flaming protectiles that fall from the sky and hit Dialga and Giratina directly. They both recover and stand again>.

Jessica: "Hyper Beam!"

<Arceas fires a beam of energy and hits Giratina and Dialga again. They recover and stand once more>.

Aiden: Why can't I say anything? Is Arceas scaring me into not calling attack commands?

Jessica: "Flamethrower!"

<Arceas blasts both Dialga and Giratina with fire and causes both of them to slam to the floor. They both faint and Arceas returns to its calmed state>.

Referee: "Both Giratina and Dialga are unable to battle! Arceas wins the round!"

Aiden: *Returns Dialga and Giratina and takes his final Pokeball out* I can't believe that she destroyed my two Pokemon lead on her with just Arceas. How can Arceas be that powerful? Is it really going to be all over for me?

Jessica: "Aiden, are you okay?"

Aiden: *Chuckles* "I really thought I had you, but you came right back and turned the tables for sure. How did you become such an amazing Trainer, Jessica?"

Jessica: *Blushes red on cheeks* "Aiden, I..."

Aiden: "We each wanted more than anything to win, I can understand that. I wanted the determination and drive to win this thing even if it meant beating my best friend in the whole world."

Jessica: "Aiden, remember that promise from a long time ago?"

Aiden: "Hm, of course. We both promised to meet again and battle; giving it everything that we had, right?"

Jessica: "Yeah. Thank you for keeping that promise up until now. It's made me very happy."

Aiden: "That's all I ever want to do is try to make you happy again. Now, it's time to show you the true bond between Trainer and Pokemon." *Grips the Pokeball tightly and launches it into the air* "GO, CHARIZARD!!!"

<Charizard appears and roars fire through its mouth that shakes the foundation of the entire arena to its very core. The crowd stirs into an uproar of applause and overly excited cheering>.

Aiden: "You ready to finish this?"

Jessica: "Sure am."

Referee: "Let the final round...BEGIN!!!"

Aiden: "No holding back this time, Charizard! Use Mega Punch!"

<Charizard roars as it slams its glowing fist into a barrier protecting Arceas. Arceas growls as the barrier tosses Charizard back and slams it into the ground. Charizard emerges from the ground and roars again>.

Jessica: "It's all over for you! Arceas, Flamethrower!"

Aiden: "Use Flamethrower too!"

<Both Arceas and Charizard blast each other with streams of fire that collide center field and push against each other. Arceas gains the upper hand and engulfs Charizard's Flamethrower with its own. The fire hits Charizard and rockets Charizard into the wall before Charizard shatters it and goes through the arena to the outside>.

Aiden: "Charizard! Charizard stand back up!"

<Charizard struggles to its feet and growls angrily as Arceas calmly flies out of the top of the arena and hovers in front of Charizard>.

Jessica: "Time to end this! Hyper Beam!"

<Arceas blasts Charizard with an enormous energy beam that hits Charizard and explodes, destroying most of the outside courtyard in the process>.

Aiden: "Charizard! No!"

<Arceas floats overhead as Charizard lies face down inside a giant crater from Hyper Beam. The Referee waits to see if Charizard faints>.

Jessica: "Charizard held on. Stubborn as usual."

Aiden: *Stares at the ground* "It's true. Charizard is stubborn. Just like me. I raised Charizard from when it was just a Charmander. We went on countless adventures and Charizard even helped me to capture many of my Legendary Pokemon that I used. Without Charizard, I wouldn't be the Trainer that I am today. I'll never give up on Charizard, and I know that Charizard won't give up on me! We've relied on each other and grew together as friends and battle partners. The mistrust and deception that we felt toward each other is permanently gone! We believe in each other and hold each other up, never giving in to any challenger that might be too tough for us to beat! Charizard's stronger than that, and I know that Charizard will win this battle! Charizard, stand up! I won't give up on you, so don't give up on me! Believe in our friendship and the bond that we both hold dear to each other!"

<Charizard's eyes burst open and the entire ground begins to shake. The dense smoke suddenly blows away as Charizard roars a massive plume of fire from its mouth. Its wings flap harder and rocket it into the sky. Charizard breaks the sound barrier and speeds toward Arceas from a far, far distance>.

Jessica: "I've never seen Charizard like this. Arceas, Draco Meteor!"

<Acreas flies to match Charizard's flight path and sends energy that breaks off into flaming projectiles. Charizard dodges them with ease and continues to gain speed while heading toward Arceas head-on>.

Aiden: "Don't give up, Charizard! Use Dragon Claw!"

<Charizard roars and summons energy in the form of giant claws around its hands. Charizard spins around and points its claws forward, turning itself into a drill that smashes into the barrier protecting Arceas with enough force that it creates a sound blast that shatters every window within two miles of the collision>.

Jessica: "Arceas, hang on!"

<The field suddenly cracks and Charizard drills through, slicing into Arceas and causing it to explode into a cloud of black smoke and fire. Charizard flies out and Arceas appears with small cuts and bruises on its body. The field shrivels away and vanishes>.

Jessica: "Charizard got through Arceas' Type Barrier?! But, nothing can get through that barrier!"

Aiden: "With enough force, you can get through just about anything."

Jessica: "You actually managed to damage Arceas. I'm very impressed with that move you used. Now this is the final battle that I've always wanted to have with you."

Aiden: "Then let's do this! Fire Blast!"

Jessica: "Hyper Beam!"

<Both the attacks collide and explode. Charizard flies through and attacks Arceas, but Arceas knocks Charizard away. Arceas uses Flamethrower and tries to hit Charizard, but it flies its way around the attacks. Charizard slashes Arceas with Dragon Claw again and causes more damage. Arceas uses Draco Meteor and hits Charizard several times. Charizard's thrown into a street intersection and looks up as Arceas blasts at it with flames. Charizard soars into the air just in time to dodge the Flamethrower>.

Aiden: "Charizard, time to up your power! Mega Evolve!"

<The two stones react and Charizard changes into its ultimate form. Blue fire erupts from the sides of its mouth and Charizard's eyes glow a red color>.

Jessica: "Use Future Sight!"

<Orbs are sent through portals and disappear. The field grows quiet again>.

Aiden: "Future Sight is a move that damages the opponent when two turns occur, right?"

Jessica: "Sure is. A little surprise for you."

Aiden: "Guess we'll have to be faster than Future Sight then! Fire Blast!"

<Charizard launches Fire Blast just as Arceas protected itself with its armor. It takes some damage and glares at Charizard with absolute fury and rage in its eyes>.

Aiden: "One move left before Future Sight strikes. Let's make it count! Mega Punch!"

<Charizard roars and flies at Arceas with a glowing fist. Charizard punches, hitting Arceas in the face. Arceas is thrown back and Future Sight appears and sends the orbs at Charizard. Charizard dodges the Future Sight and flies into the air. The orbs follow Charizard closely>.

Jessica: "Arceas, we won't let them beat us so easily! Finish Charizard once and for all with your strongest Hyper Beam attack!"

Aiden: "Charizard, use all of your power and put it into one final Dragon Claw attack!"

<Charizard flies straight at Arceas from the furthest end of the city. Skyscrapers fly by Charizard on both sides as the orbs close in from behind. Arceas flies at Charizard as Hyper Beam charges inside its mouth. Both Pokemon close in on each other>.

Jessica: "No matter what happens, Aiden, we'll always remain best friends, right?"

Aiden: *Smiles* "Always, Jessica. Forever until the end of time."

<Both Charizard and Arceas collide above the streets and create an explosion with the sheer force power to shatter every building's windows in the city, rip the ground apart, toss cars, and annihilate everything of the arena. The strong wind currents spin around and toss everything in all directions. Both Aiden and Jessica fall to their knees to avoid being thrown around by the typhoon-like winds>.​

Aiden: "Charizard!"

Jessica: "Arceas!"

<The crowd waits in anticipation as the dense smoke of the collision begins to fade away. Aiden and Jessica watch the giant monitor and look for signs of their Pokemon. Everyone remains silent as Charizard and Arceas both remain standing on the ground. Each of them is covered from top to bottom in cuts, bruises, and other injuries>.

Referee: "Both Pokemon remain standing!"​

Aiden: "Yeah. But, neither of them look like they'll be standing for much longer. Come on, Charizard. Hold on for just a little while longer."

Jessica: "Arceas, I believe in you."

Arena Announcer: "This is it, folks! Whichever Pokemon can manage to stay standing will be declared the winner of the Senior World Tournament! Will it be Charizard, or Arceas?!"

Aiden: "Charizard..."

Jessica: "Arceas..."

<Charizard wobbles around before finally falling on its stomach and fainting. Arceas manages to remain standing, but falls to its knees. Charizard changes back to its original form before Mega Evolving>.

Arena Announcer: "That's it! Arceas wins, and the winner of the Senior World Championship Tournament is Jessica!"​

<The crowd roars in cheer as streamers, confetti, and other celebration decorations go off all throughout the arena. People run from the stands to the field and crowd around her>.

Aiden: *Smiles* "Guess she beat me again. She deserved to win, though. I always had faith, but she had more heart in her fighting than I did." *Charizard walks up from behind and growls sadly at him* "Hey, what's the matter?"

Charizard: *Growls again in same tone*

Aiden: "You think I'm disappointed in you because you lost? Charizard, I could never be disappointed in you. You showed as much strength and power as you possibly could. I can only ever ask of you to do your best in battle with me. You definitely showed your best." *Gently pets his face* "Guess we weren't ready to win just yet. Jessica was rightfully going to win anyway. It's alright, though. We'll win next time. Come on. Let's go home."

<Jessica looks around and smiles as she's presented with a large medal and other awards for winning. She waves to the massive crowd before spotting Charizard and Aiden in the far back walking out of the arena>.

Jessica: "Aiden?"

<She runs through the crowds just as Aiden and Charizard take off into the sky together and head off in a different direction. A well dressed man walks up to her from behind>.

???: "Greetings, Ms. Jessica. My name is Gerald, and I'll be escorting you from now on."

Jessica: "It's very nice to meet you. Um, could you maybe take me somewhere?"

Gerald: "Of course, Ms. Jessica. Anywhere."

<Charizard lands in a small town and Aiden steps off from the back>.

Aiden: *Smiles and pulls out a Pokeball* "Thanks for the lift, buddy. Go ahead and take a long rest. You definitely earned it."

<Charizard returns to its Pokeball and Aiden clips it to his belt. He walks calmly down the street and heads to a large building just outside of town. The sun begins to set. He enters the building and stops in the center of the large room. Large, complicated machinery can be seen all around the room>.

Aiden: "Professor Maple?! Are you here?!"

<Some noise is heard from the side as a man in a white lab coat steps out and turns the lights in the room on. Aiden lets his eyes adjust and sees Professor Maple standing in front of him>.

Professor Maple: "Ah, Aiden, it's good to see you again."

Aiden: "You too."

Professor Maple: "My, my, it has been awhile, hasn't it? Seven years since you left with Charmander."

Aiden: "Sure has been some time. Charmander's evolved into Charizard now."

Professor Maple: "Wonderful! May I see?"

Aiden: "Sure." *Tosses the Pokeball and Charizard comes out*

Professor Maple: *Pets Charizard on the belly* "You have evolved. I'm so proud of you for becoming so much stronger now."

Aiden: "Professor..."

Professor Maple: "So, Aiden, did you win the Senior World Tournament? You talked up quite the storm about winning it and becoming the very best."

Aiden: "No. I didn't win. Jessica won."

Professor Maple: "Jessica, huh? You two are still friends, yes?"

Aiden: "Of course. Nothing will ever change that."

Professor Maple: "I'm terribly sorry about your loss, Aiden. You seemed very excited about winning, too."

Aiden: "It's alright. I wasn't quite sure if I was going to win either."

Professor Maple: "Well, what will you do now?"

Aiden: "I was going to head to a new region that was recently discovered. They say that there are hundreds of new species of Pokemon there."

Professor Maple: "New region? Ah, yes, the Opole Region."

Aiden: "Yeah. I wanted to ask if you could hold onto my Pokemon for me while I'm away."

Professor Maple: "Charizard too?"

Aiden: "No. Charizard's coming with me."

Professor Maple: "Of course. I'd be delighted to hold onto your Pokemon for you."

Aiden: "Thanks, Professor Maple."

<Some time passes and Jessica runs into Professor Maple's building. She spots him working on a large machine in the far corner of the building and goes to him>.

Jessica: "Professor Maple?"

Professor Maple: *Turns to her* "Ah, Jessica, hello. So nice to see you too."

Jessica: "Too? So, that means that Aiden came by here?"

Professor Maple: "Yes. He stopped by just about an hour ago."

Jessica: "Did he say where he was going?"

Professor Maple: "He was heading home to visit his parents before heading off to a newly discovered region."

Jessica: "New region?"

Professor Maple: "Indeed. The Opole Region I believe was the name."

Jessica: "I gotta go then. Thanks, Professor."

Professor Maple: "You're welcome. Stay safe and congratulations on your victory."

<Jessica runs to a house lined with other similar houses and knocks on the door. A woman with blue hair answers it with a large smile on her face>.

Jessica: "Hi, Jennet."

Jennet: "Jessica. You're just in time. Aiden just came home."

Jessica: "Can I see him?"

Jennet: "Of course. He'd love to see you."

<She walks in and Jennet shows her to the backyard. She spots Aiden resting on a hammock strung up between two large trees. Jennet leaves and closes the sliding door leading back inside the house. She walks over to him>.

Jessica: "Aiden?"

Aiden: "Hey, Jessica. How are you?"

Jessica: "I'm okay. You left in such a hurry that I never got to say thank you for the great battles."

Aiden: "Yeah, sorry. I had some things to take care of after the battle was over."

Jessica: "Are you mad at me?"

Aiden: *Sits up from the hammock* "Mad? Why would I be mad? You won fair and square."

Jessica: "You just seemed angry."

Aiden: "Nah. It was a good battle in the end. Want to sit down?"

Jessica: "Sure."

<She sits on the hammock next to him. It gently rocks back and forth as the orange glow of the sun shines on their faces>.

Jessica: "So, you're really going to a whole new region?"

Aiden: "You heard from Professor Maple and my mom, didn't you?"

Jessica: "Yeah. Sorry for being noisy."

Aiden: "It's no trouble. Yeah. I want to explore more and catch more Pokemon. Then, someday, I'll be able to win the Senior World Tournament."

Jessica: "I always admired that determination of yours."

Aiden: "What about you? Where are you going?"

Jessica: "I'm going to travel the world and battle lots of Trainers. I get to explore new lands and enjoy meeting lots of new people."

Aiden: "Sounds like your rich and famous beyond your dreams, huh?"

Jessica: "I guess. But, none of it would be possible without you. Thank you for everything, Aiden."

Aiden: "You're welcome. Guess I should be going. A Hydroplane is going to be leaving for the Opole Region in a couple hours."

<He stands up from the hammock and starts for the gate leading to the side of the house. She stands up as he reaches for the gate lock arm>.

Jessica: "Aiden, wait!"

Aiden: "Jessica?"

Jessica: "I wanted to invite you to come with me. We can travel the world together. I don't want to share the wealth and fame with anyone but you."

Aiden: *Smiles and turns to her* "Thanks, but, I can't accept your offer. I'd just be a drag on your journey."

Jessica: "No you wouldn't. I promise."

Aiden: "If you're worried about me then don't be. I'll be okay."

Jessica: "I'm just sad that we won't be seeing each other for a long time."

Aiden: "I know. I'm sad too. But, we have to accept it. I can't let you try to throw away what you worked so hard to achieve. Please go into the world and become the greatest Trainer ever. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Prove them wrong, okay?"

Jessica: "Aiden..."

Aiden: "We'll see each other again someday. You'll be stopping by in the Opole Region eventually, right?"

Jessica: "Yeah..."

Aiden: "I'll be fine. I have Charizard to protect me. Please be safe while we're apart, alright?"

Jessica: "I will. Don't get in trouble while I'm gone too, okay?"

Aiden: "Hm, promise."

<Aiden steps out of a long limo car and walks to a large Hydroplane getting ready to takeoff from the port nearby. Jessica steps out and walks with him to the plane too>.

Aiden: "Thanks for giving me a ride to the port. I really am thankful to have you as a friend."

Jessica: "It was no trouble. If you ever need anything, just let me know."

Aiden: "I will."

<He stops at the steps leading into the passenger cabin and faces her. She walks to him and smiles>.

Jessica: "I'm really going to miss you."

Aiden: "I'll miss you too."

<Jessica leaps into Aiden's arms and wraps her arms around him, hugging him tightly. She cries into his black cloak as he holds her close to his chest>.

Aiden: "I promise that we will see each other again. No doubt about it."

Jessica: "Please just be okay by the time I get to the Opole Region, okay? Don't go and hurt yourself."

Aiden: "I won't. I have to go."

<Jessica nods and lets go of him. He walks up the steps and gets ready to enter the passenger cabin of the large plane>.

Jessica: "Aiden!"

<He stops and looks at her from the last step leading into the cabin>.

Jessica: "Don't change too much either!"

Aiden: *He smiles and waves goodbye to her as he steps inside the passenger cabin of the Hydroplane. He sits at a window seat and looks out; seeing her standing with Gerald on the port. The engines of the plane begin to power up and the plane starts gliding across the surface of the ocean ahead. They both wave goodbye to each other as the plane takes flight and lifts out of the ocean, flying off into the sunset over the expanding horizon*

                                     THE END