<Eevee and Glaceon face off in a battle to determine who the better Pokémon Trainer is. Between beginner Zane and expert Jasmine. Both Pokémon stare each other down, not letting go of their stubbornness to achieve victory>

Jasmine: "Let's do this! Glaceon, Quick Attack!"

<Glaceon runs at Eevee with an incredible outline of white light outlining its body. It speeds up quickly and rushes at Eevee with no sign of slowing down>

Zane: "Eevee, use your Growl to weaken its attack, then use Tackle!"

<Eevee nods at Zane to acknowledge that it understood his orders. Eevee jumps off of its hind legs and dodges Glaceon's Quick Attack. Eevee lands behind Glaceon and sends a series of unsettling sound waves. The waves hit Glaceon and cause it to stumble and become weakened. Eevee runs at Glaceon from behind and slams into it. Glaceon hits the ground and skids to a halt. Eevee returns to Zane's side>

Jasmine: "Glaceon!" *Thinking* How can he train a Pokémon to fight a superior evolution form so well? Who is this guy? "Glaceon, get back up and use Ice Beam!"

Zane: "Run away, Eevee!"

<Glaceon recovers from the Tackle attack and jumps into the air. Blue sparks emit from its opened mouth. It fires a beam of blue lighting at Eevee as it runs away. The beam creates a trail of ice just behind Eevee>

Zane: *Thinking* I've gotta think of something quick. Eevee can't dodge that Ice Beam forever. "Eevee, find a spot to jump and use Take Down on Glaceon!"

<Eevee stops at a spot of ground and pushes off just as the Ice Beam reaches it. Glaceon stops the Ice Beam as Eevee soars into the air after it>

Jasmine: "Glaceon, use Iron Tail!"

<Glaceon's tail glows a shiny metallic color. Glaceon front flips and smashes its hardened tail on Eevee's head. Eevee smashes into the ground as Glaceon lands back by Jasmine>

Zane: "Eevee, Eevee are you okay?!"

Jasmine: "I guess that's it. Glaceon, return and-"

<Eevee sluggishly walks out of the dust cloud created from the impact into the ground. It shakes off the dust collected on its fur>

Zane: "Eevee, you're alright!"

Jasmine: "How could an Eevee recover from an impact like that? Hm, I've gotta give it to you, Zane; Eevee's a lot stronger than when I was training it!"

Zane: "Thanks! I know that Eevee can do this! Eevee, let's do this!"

Eevee: *Victory yelp*

Jasmine: "Glaceon, Water Pulse!"

<Glaceon charges a ball of water in its mouth. It jumps into the air and launches the ball at Eevee>

Zane: "Eevee, get out of there!"

<Eevee plants its paws firmly onto the ground. A ball of dark energy forms in its mouth. It launches the ball at the Water Pulse attack. Both attacks impact and cause a black and blue explosion cloud>

Jasmine: "What was..."

Amy: "Did Eevee just use...?"

Zane: "Eevee just used Shadow Ball! Alright!"

<Glaceon lands by Jasmine again>

Jasmine: "Your Eevee's impressing me more and more! I'm actually enjoying this fight!"

Zane: "You're in for a big surprise! Eevee, use Take Down!"

Jasmine: "Quick Attack, Glaceon!"

<Eevee runs at Glaceon as Glaceon runs at Eevee with the glowing white outline surrounding its body. It quickly picks up speed. Eevee, at the last second, pushes off of its back right leg, jumps over Glaceon's Quick Attack, grabs Glaceon by its sides with its front paws, and flips and smashes Glaceon into the ground. Eevee jumps back. Once the dust clears, Glaceon has fainted>

Zane: "Eevee, you did it!"

Jasmine: *Smiling* "Guess he does have what it takes to be the better Trainer. Glaceon, return."

<Jasmine returns Glaceon to its Pokéball and puts it away. She walks up to Zane as Eevee hops into his arms and licks his face>

Zane: *Laughing and holding Eevee in the air* "You did it, Eevee! I'm so proud of you!"

Jasmine: "Well, I guess you are the better Trainer. I'm sorry that I ever doubted you, Zane. Maybe force isn't the best method to training Pokémon. I'm gonna treat all of my new clients with better care from now on."

Zane: "That's great. So, I guess Eevee's going to have to go back to its Trainer now, right?"

Jasmine: "Nope. This Eevee doesn't have a Trainer. I lied about this Eevee belonging to someone because I didn't want to admit that I just train random and wandering Eevee. But you've shown me that every Eevee has its own strength. It doesn't have to evolve to become stronger. If you just work with Eevee, it'll get stronger."

Zane: "I'm glad that you see things my way now. So, can I keep Eevee?"

Jasmine: "Sounds to me like Eevee's in the best hands to train it. I think Eevee would love to go with you."

Zane: *Looking at Eevee* "How about it, Eevee? Would you like to be my partner?"

Eevee: *Nods and licks his face. Purrs and happily yelps with joy*

<Zane, Amy, and Arthur wave goodbye to Jasmine as they continue their walk through the countryside to reach Emerald City. Eevee runs next to Zane as they walk down the path>

Amy: "You're really collecting quite the team of Pokémon, Zane."

Zane: "I just know that I'll become the greatest Trainer that anyone has ever seen."

Arthur: "Hey, Zane, have you thought about training for the first Gym in Emerald City?"

Zane: "Gym? What's a Gym?"

Arthur: "What?! How can you expect to become the greatest Trainer if you don't even know what a Gym is?!"

Zane: "I was kinda winging it, really."

Arthur: *Comically falling to the ground. Stands up and brushes himself off* "A Gym is where the strongest Pokémon Trainers wait for challengers to battle them and prove their strengths. If you win, you get a badge from that Gym Leader, proving that you beat them fairly and also showing your skill."

Zane: "I guess I should start training then."

Amy: "We don't have a lot of time, though. Emerald City is just a couple miles away."

Zane: "Hey, Arthur, you think your Escavalier is up for another battle?"

Arthur: "Sure. Let's do it."

<Zane and Arthur stand across from each other. Arthur tosses out Escavalier>

Zane: "Axew, you're up buddy."

Axew: "Axew!" (Okay!)

<Axew jumps down from his shoulder. Amy stands on the sidelines and acts as referee for the battle>

Zane: "Axew, use Headbutt!"

Arthur: "Escavalier, Double Edge!"

<Escavalier charges at Axew as Axew also charges at it. Escavalier's lance arms glow a bright, white color as Axew pushes off the ground and smashes its head into Escavalier's chest. Escavalier stumbles back, but recovers quickly and rushes Axew again. It thrusts both of its lance arms at Axew, knocking it back. Axew slides to the ground, then recovers>

Arthur: "Hidden Power!"

Zane: "Dragon Pulse, Axew!"

<They charge up their attacks and launch them at the same time. Their attacks collide and push against each other. Axew's Dragon Pulse defeats Escavalier's Hidden Power and gets a direct hit against it>

Zane: "Alright! A direct hit!"

Arthur: "I wouldn't be so sure of it, Zane."

Zane: "What?"

<The smoke clears and Escavalier appears completely unscathed. Both Zane and Axew look completely confused>

Zane: "But, how did Escavalier come out of that hit without a scratch?!"

Arthur: "I had Escavalier use Iron Defense right before Axew's Dragon Pulse hit. Escavalier avoided all damage from the impact."

Zane: "Not bad. Alright, Axew, let's use your strongest attack! Dragon Rush!"

Arthur: "Escavalier, use your X Slice attack! Full strength!"

<Axew runs full sprint at Escavalier as powerful energy swirls around it. Escavalier makes its lance arms glow a white color again as it races straight for Axew. Axew pushes off the ground and sends itself hurtling into Escavalier. Last second, Escavalier crosses its arms in the shape of an "X" and blocks Axew's Dragon Rush. They push against each other>

Zane: "Don't give up, Axew!"

Arthur: "Keep pushing back, Escavalier! You can do it!"

<Escavalier gains the upper hand and throws its lance arms aside, tossing Axew back and disabling its Dragon Rush attack. Escavalier continues its X Slice attack and cuts across Axew's body in an "X"-shaped fashion. Axew hits the ground and faints>

Amy: "Axew can no longer battle! The winner is Arthur and Escavalier!"

Arthur: "Alright!" *Running and hugging Escavalier* "We did it, buddy!"

Escavalier: *Grunting excitingly*

Zane: *Picking up Axew* "You did great, Axew. Take a nice, long rest. You've earned it."

<Later into the evening, they set up for the night before heading out to Emerald City>

Arthur: "You and Axew seem to always get stronger with every match, Zane."

Zane: "Same for you and Escavalier. I know now that I've got a lot more work to do before I can compete against the Gym Leader in Emerald City. What's he like anyway?"

Arthur: "I think the Gym Leader's a girl."

Zane: *Blushes* "Oh, um, well...then what's she like?"

Arthur: "From what I've heard, she deals with mostly Grass-type Pokémon."

Amy: "Hey Zane, you should use your Cyndaquil against her Pokémon. Grass-types are really weak against Fire-types like Cyndaquil."

Zane: "Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already settled on my Pokémon."

Arthur: "I also heard that she likes to fight with two Pokémon at the same time."

Zane: "Perfect. Then I'll be using Axew and Eevee."

Amy: "Axew and Eevee? But, Axew's a Dragon-type, and Eevee's just a Normal-type. You should really consider matching Pokémon's weaknesses here, Zane. Especially for your first Gym."

Zane: "I don't rely off of what a Pokémon's weaknesses or strengths are. I rely off of that Pokémon's heart and willpower. Those are the only two things that I need to win. Heart and will power."

Arthur: "You're pretty crazy to trust that kind of stuff, Zane. But, nothing we say will change your mind, will it?"

Zane: *Settling into his sleeping bag and looking at the stars* "Nope. Night, everyone."

<They all quickly fall asleep and wait to awaken for their last stretch to reaching Emerald City>