<Zane arrives at the peak of a tall mountain and watches as Flying-type Pokémon fly by, soaring over the massive expanse of valleys and adjacent mountains>

Zane: "Wow. It's amazing."

???: "Zane!"

<He looks over his shoulder as Arthur, Amy, and Holly soon catch up to him from behind. They collapse in exhaustion as they try to catch their breath again>

Arthur: "Geez, Zane, slow down next time."

Amy: "Why are you in such a hurry lately?"

Zane: "Sorry, guys. I'm just so excited to get to the next Gym. I wanna get there as soon as possible."

Arthur: "The Gym isn't going anywhere, Zane. We have time to relax, you know."

<They set up camp and their sleeping bags. Arthur gets lunch started as Zane and Amy start a Pokemon battle. They face each other and each hold a Pokéball in their hands>

Zane: *Throwing the Pokéball* "Go, Cyndaquil!"

Amy: *Throwing the Pokéball* "Minccino, let's show them a stellar performance!"

<Minccino and Cyndaquil both materialize. Holly stands on the sidelines of the battle and acts as the Referee>

Holly: "Let the battle begin!"

Zane: "Flamethrower, Cyndaquil!"

<Cyndaquil ignites and launches a massive stream of fire at Minccino>

Amy: "Dodge it and use Iron Tail!"

<Minccino slides out of the Flamethrower's path and runs at Cyndaquil while coating its fluffy tail in a shiny, metallic coating. It whips its tail at Cyndaquil, hitting it and sliding it back toward Zane. Cyndaquil stops itself and shakes off the attack>

Zane: "You alright, Cyndaquil?"

Cyndaquil: "Cyndaquil!" (Yeah!)

Zane: "Great! Flame Charge, let's go!"

<Cyndaquil charges Minccino as fire engulfs its body. It launches at Minccino as a massive fire stream>

Amy: "Minccino!"

<Minccino frantically looks around as Cyndaquil continues to charge right at it. It quickly rolls its ears inward, takes a deep inhale, and exhales, sending out massive bursts of sounds waves. Cyndaquil losses its concentration and disengages its Flame Charge. It falls to the ground and tires to cover its ears. Zane, Arthur, Amy, and Holly all cover their ears as well. Minccino stops and settles down>

Zane: *Uncovering his ears* "Woah. What was that move?"

Arthur: "That was Minccino's Hyper Voice."

Zane: "That was really strong. You knocked Cyndaquil out with one shot." *Taking out a Pokéball* "Cyndaquil, return."

<Cyndaquil returns to its Pokéball just as lunch is served. They all eat at a table as their Pokémon eat and play all around. Zane's Axew and Amy's Minccino walk around and play together. Axew slips and tumbles down the mountain, falling into a small hole and disappearing completely>

Minccino: *Scared* "Minccino! Cino, cino, cino!" (Axew! No, no, no!)

<Minccino returns to some of Zane's Pokémon while he's not paying attention. They don't notice as they're eating>

Minccino: "Minccino!" (Everyone!)

All: *Looks up at Minccino*

Minccino: "Minccino! Min! Minccino, cino!" (There's trouble! Axew! Disappeared, in the mountain!)

<Everyone stops eating and they all follow Minccino as they travel down the mountain. Minccino stops on the edge of the hole that Axew fell through. Minccino looks down the hole as the rest of the Pokemon slide to it>

Minccino: "Min! Minccino!" (Axew! We're coming!)

<Swadloon shoots its String Shot down into the hole and its hits the ground of the cave. The Pokémon climb down and look around for any sight of Axew>

All: *Yelling, calling*

Minccino: "Minccino! Minccino!" (Axew! Axew!)

<Their calls echo throughout the cave as no reply from Axew is heard. They begin wandering through the dark cave. Cyndaquil lights the pathway with the fires on its back. The group of Pokémon slowly walk through the eerie darkness until they stop at an intersection between two caves>

Swadloon: "Swad. Swadloon?" (Minccino. Which way?)

Minccino: "Minccino. Minccino, cino." (Okay. Half of us go right, the other go left.)

<Half of the Pokémon walk down the left cave, and the other half go down the right cave. In the left group, Electrike uses its bright electricity to light the way as Cyndaquil uses its fires to light the way for the right group>

Cherubi (Right group): "Cherubi. Rubi..." (Axew. Please...)

<After some time of looking, the right group stumbles upon a large cave with stalagmites and stalactites sticking out of the ground and the ceiling>

Minccino (Right group): "Minccino. Minccino, cino." (Let's hurry. We'll search, here.)

<The Pokémon spread out and look all around for any sign of Axew in the darkness. Cyndaquil stops when it hits its head against something hard. Cyndaquil falls back and falls on its back. It shifts around until it manages to stand up on its feet again>

Cyndaquil: "Quil?" (What?)

<Cyndaquil walks up to the object and taps on it with its foot. It rubles around then settles down again. Cyndaquil uses its Ember to knock the object away. It roars and stands up. Cyndaquil backs up as the silhouette of a giant monster with two large horns stands up and turns to face it>

Cyndaquil: "Cyndaquil!" (Help me!)

<Meanwhile, the left group of Pokémon searches through a long passageway leading up to an exit. They walk to the exit and find themselves back at the camp sight, with Zane and everyone else completely unaware that they had left>

All: *Sigh*

<Rapid screaming and chattering is heard from back down in the passageway behind them. They look back down as Cyndaquil runs out of the hole, with all of the other Pokémon running out right after. They look down again and see a monster charging at them. They scream and run out of the hole, back onto the surface. The hole explodes and the monster appears. It roars, catching Zane and his friends' attention>

Zane: *Racing over to his Pokémon* "What's going on here?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Aggron, the Iron Armor Pokémon. Aggron's steel horns can destroy the firmest of bedrock and it digs tunnels as it looks for iron to eat."

Aggron: "Aggron!" (Get away!)

<A powerful stream of fire leaves its mouth and travels toward them. They all duck, dodging it>

Zane: *Standing up* "This Aggron must be really angry! What happened to you all?!"

All: *Frantic shouting*

???: "Axew?" (What?)

<They all look at Axew and become dumbfounded as to where Axew went and how it got back up to Zane and the others>

Minccino: "Minccino!" (Axew!)

<Aggron uses its Flamethrower attack again>

Zane: "Dewott, Water Gun!"

<Dewott fires a stream of water at the fire, hitting it and converting it to steam. It quickly clears as Aggron charges at them. An extremely strong surge of rushing energy surrounds Aggron's body>

Arthur: "That's Aggron's Outrage attack!"

Zane: "Rampardos, block it with Zen Headbutt! Espeon, use Shadow Ball on Aggron from behind!"

<Rampardos charges at Aggron and smashes its glowing head against Aggron's Outrage attack. They push against each other with extreme fury. Espeon runs at them and jumps over, landing behind Aggron and firing a dark ball of energy at its back. It explodes, enraging Aggron even more. It picks Rampardos up and tosses it at them>

Zane: "Rampardos!"

<Rampardos smashes to the ground and faints. Zane returns Rampardos to its Pokéball and clips it to his sash>

Zane: "Swadloon, use String Shot to wrap Aggron up!"

<Swadloon fires its String Shot strings at Aggron. They wrap around Aggron, but it rips them apart in an instant>

Aggron: *Roaring*

Zane: "Espeon, Psybeam!"

<Espeon fires its Psybeam at Aggron. Aggron blocks it and shakes off the damage. It launches a stream of fire at Espeon, hitting it directly and causing it to faint instantly>

Zane: "Espeon!"

Aggron: "Aggron!" (Go away!)

<A powerful orb of energy fires from its mouth and flies at Zane. He ducks and looks over his shoulder as the orb hits a mountain, exploding and taking a large chunk of rock with it>

Arthur: "That was Focus Blast!"

Zane: "Everyone, return to your Pokéballs! You'll be safe there!"

Aggron: *Roaring*

<Everyone's Pokémon returns except for Zane's Dewott, Amy's Cacnea, Holly's Tyranitar, and Arthur's Escavalier. Axew stays out and stands with Dewott as well>

Arthur: "Guess some of our Pokémon are too stubborn to go to their Pokéballs."

Zane: "Then we'll fight off Aggron with them! Dewott, Aqua Jet! Axew, Dragon Claw!"

Arthur: "Escavalier, Hidden Power!"

Holly: "Tyranitar, Flamethrower!"

Amy: "Cacnea, Pin Missile!"

<Dewott and Axew both charge at Aggron while Escavalier fires a powerful energy ball; Tyranitar launches a fire stream; and Cacnea fires spiky projectiles all at Aggron. All of their attacks impact Aggron simultaneously and create a massive explosion of dust and debris. They wait for the debris to clear. From the dark cloud, both Dewott and Axew are knocked out of it and crash into the ground. Aggron emerges from the dark cloud with several scratches and bruises on its armor. It begins to breath harder as it lets out another loud roar>

Zane: "Axew! Dewott!"

<Aggron charges at them as strong rushing bands of energy swirl around its body>

Arthur: "It's using Outrage again! Escavalier, hold it off with X Slice!"

<Escavalier rams its glowing lance arms against Aggron's Outrage. They both push each other back and forth to try and gain the upper hand>

Holly: "Tyranitar, run in to help Escavalier with Focus Punch!"

Amy: "Cacnea, use Pin Missile again!"

<Tyranitar charges straight for Aggron with its right fist glowing a bright white color. Escavalier backs off just as Tyranitar rams its fist into Aggron's stomach, pushing it back. Cacnea jumps over Tyranitar and fires several spiked projectiles at Aggron. They explode on Aggron, knocking it down to its knees>

Arthur: "Amy, you should try catching Aggron."

Amy: "Really?"

Zane: "Yeah. Go for it."

Amy: *Activating a Pokéball* "Okay then." *Throwing the Pokéball* "Pokéball, let's go!"

<The Pokéball flies at Aggron, bounces off of its head, opens, and brings it inside it. It falls to the ground and begins to wobble around>

Arthur: "Get ready. Aggron might try to break out of the Pokéball."

<The Pokéball stops on the ground after a few more shakes. Amy runs to it and picks it up from the ground>

Amy: "Yay! I caught an Aggron!"

Zane: "That's awesome, Amy. You should bring Aggron back out to say hello."

Amy: "Great idea." *Tossing the Pokéball* "Aggron, come back out!"

<The Pokéball opens and Aggron materializes. It gives off a loud roar before settling down. It looks at Amy with its sharpened eyes>

Amy: "Hi, Aggron. I'm Amy. I'm your new Trainer." *Walks up to it and rubs its face gently* "It's very nice to meet you."

<Aggron smiles and rubs its head against her in delight. She hugs Aggron and it hugs her back. Her friends smile as they return their Pokémon to their Pokéballs>

Arthur: "Looks like you and Aggron make for a great combo."

Amy: "I know that we'll win lots of competitions together."

<That night, Amy lies awake on her sleeping bag. She takes out Aggron's Pokéball and activates it, making it expand to the size of a large orange>

Amy: "Welcome to the team, Aggron."

<She gets up from her sleeping bag and sits on the barren rock. After some time passes, Zane walks over to her>

Zane: "Everything alright, Amy?"

Amy: "Oh, Zane. Yeah. I'm just thinking about how strong Aggron fought against all of us."

Zane: "Yeah. Even after it was hit by so many attacks, it still fought back. Aggron's really strong. You deserve to train it."

Amy: "Thanks. I just hope I can give Aggron the training that it needs."

Zane: "Tell you what. Anytime you need someone to train with, let me know. My Pokémon are always happy to battle."

Amy: "Thanks for that, Zane. I'll keep that offer in mind. Well, I'm heading back to bed. Night."

Zane: "Night, Amy."

<Both Zane and Amy return to their sleeping bags and fall asleep>