<Deep space reveals a strange object as it heads towards the Pokémon-thriving planet. It breaks through the atmosphere and smashes into a desert, scattering mountains of sand all around. A sandstorm starts and covers the strange object under the scattered sand. Meanwhile, Zane and his friends relax in the Phoria Port connection to Phoria City>

Zane: *Sitting up from the grassy field* "The air is fresh, and I'm ready for my next battle for sure."

Holly: "Guess so. Zane, have you thought about what Pokémon you should use in this battle? I believe Kaleb uses Water-type Pokémon. His Gym is designed to give his Pokémon the advantage."

Zane: "I'll figure it out soon enough. Right now, I just wanna think about all of the Pokémon I could catch here at this port city."

<Arthur and Amy return with the purchased supplies for dinner. Their Pokémon scatter around the field and play together. At that moment, a strange amount of dark clouds begins to cover the sky>

Amy: "That's weird. I wasn't expecting any clouds to appear today."

Zane: "Yeah. Wasn't it clear just a minute ago?"

Holly: "Don't worry about the rain. It shouldn't be too much of a problem."

Arthur: "Let's hope so. I'll get dinner started."

<Miles away from the shoreline, several sinkholes in the water begin swirling and gulping up massive amounts of water. Lightning strikes the water as Pokémon in the ocean begin to swim away. Two eyes glow in the endless darkness of the depths of the water. Across a vast distance, a volcano explodes in a violent display of pure power. A hand of a Pokémon reaches out of the inside and grips the edge of it. A loud roar is heard before the view returns to Zane and his friends>

Zane: "Looks like the ocean's getting worse out there."

Amy: "Yeah. I hope the Pokémon in the ocean get to a safe place soon."

<After their meal ends, a torrential downpour begins and completely drowns the entire field. They pack everything and bolt into the nearest Pokémon Center with several other Trainers>

Nurse: "Oh dear. The rain came so suddenly. I hope nothing happens to the power in the city."

Zane: "*Looking around* "Looks like a lot of Trainers from other towns nearby."

Arthur: "Many people use the Phoria Port connection because of its convenient location."

<Zane looks around and spots a boy and a girl from his hometown. He smiles and runs toward them>

Zane: "Blake! Melanie!"

Blake: *Looking over* "Zane!"

<They both run to him and hug each other tightly>

Zane: "It's so good to see you again. How are you?"

Blake: "We're great. How has your journey been so far?"

Zane: "Great. I got lots of new Pokémon, and I met some great friends."

<Zane's friends walk over and stand around him>

Arthur: "Nice to meet you. I'm Arthur..."

Amy: "I'm Amy. Hi there."

Holly: "And I'm Holly. Good to meet a friend of Zane's."

Blake: "Likewise. I'm Blake, and this is my sister Melanie."

Melanie: "Hi there."

Zane: "What are you guys doing here?"

Blake: "We're going to Phoria City to challenge Kaleb."

Zane: "Me too. Guess we'll be seeing each other there, then."

Blake: "Sure will. But I'll be battling and beating him first."

Zane: "You seem so sure of that."

Blake: "Sure am. I don't need anything else to fall back on other than that one fact."

<They both smash their heads against each other and grind their teeth to show their competitive rivalry history>

Amy: "Um, are they okay?"

Melanie: "Yeah. Back home, those two would always be seen battling each other in just about any way you could imagine. Any type of event where they could compete against each other was their way of bonding."

Holly: "Wow. They really seem fired up. I've never seen Zane so energetic about a competitor before."

Melanie: "That's Blake and Zane for you."

Zane: "How about we settle this with a good Pokémon battle? Unless you're too scared of losing?"

Blake: "Me? Lose? Not a chance. Let's do it. I'm game for beating you any day."

Amy: "Uh, Zane, Blake, the rain's still going on outside. I don't think you'll be able to battle in that kind of downpour."

<They both droop their heads in disappointment and comically start to cry never-ending streams of tears>

Zane: "Why is the world so cruel?!"

Blake: "It's just so unforgiving!"

All: *Unsettled chuckling*

<In the sky, several Team Amber transport helicopters mobilize and scan across the sky as lightning nearly strikes a few of them down. Inside one of the helicopters, members begin setting up and powering on strange orbs. The orbs flash and beep in sync with each other>

Amber Trainer: "We have batches fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen ready for deployment."

Helicopter #2: "Excellent. Get those scanner bots into the air right away."

Amber Trainer: "Understood."

<The backs of each helicopter open and several hundred beeping spheres float off into the ragging and thunderous storm clouds that cover the entire sky>

Zane: "This rain just doesn't seem to end. I'm starting to get nervous about this."

???: "This event has happened before. Long ago as a matter of fact."

Zane: "Looking over at the man* "Um, what did you say, sir?"

???: "Sorry. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Brandon. I've been a resident of this port for my entire life. In that life, I've witnessed this type of storm happen one other time."

Zane: "What do you mean?"

Brandon: "There are two Pokémon, each with unimaginable power. They've been battling since Pokémon first came to this world. Their names: Kyogre and Groudon. Each has hated the other since the beginning of time itself."

Zane: "Woah. There are really Pokémon that powerful?"

Brandon: "Yes. There are known as Legendary Pokémon. They are full of power that exceeds any other Pokémon's."

Amy: "Are you saying that Kyogre and Groudon are here and that's what's causing the storm outside?"

Brandon: "Yes. They are about to engage in a battle that will surely cause quite the ruckus for the rest of us."

Zane: "What kind of ruckus is that?"

Brandon: "The entire port could be drowned in the ocean as a result of this battle."

Zane: "What?! Drowned away?!"

<Lightning strikes the ocean and a massive tsunami rises from the depths of the ocean. Two eyes glow from the tsunami before the full body of Kyogre is fully revealed>

Zane: "It's...Kyogre!"

Zane's Pokédex: "Unable to register."

Zane: "Why can't the Pokédex register Kyogre's data entry?"

Brandon: "Ha! Those things couldn't read the power of a Legendary Pokémon such as Kyogre. Kyogre is too powerful to be read on some machine."

<The volcano miles away erupts and Groudon emerges from the explosion of scorching lava and clouds of ash. It roars as it steps out of the volcano and starts to walk down to the base of the volcano. Each step leaves behind an imprint on the side of the volcano's cone. It reaches the base and starts to walk toward the port city. Meanwhile, Kyogre floats above the surface of the water and lets out a loud roar. Groudon soon appears and crushes a building under its foot. A powerful ball forms in its mouth. The ball explodes out into a massive energy beam, hitting Kyogre and knocking it back. The attack shatters through four buildings as it reached Kyogre>

Zane: "That's Groudon?! It's huge!"

Holly: "We've gotta do something to stop them! They'll destroy the entire city without even realizing it!"

Arthur: "There's no Pokémon that can go against them! None of ours can come close to comparing to their power!"

Brandon: "There is one Pokémon that could ease their battle. But, it will be difficult to summon to our aid."

Zane: "Which one?!"

Brandon: "...Rayquaza..."

All: "...Rayquaza...?"

Brandon: "The guardian of the "Sky World" up above. It can be summoned through a special ritual. However, Rayquaza has a short temper with those who summon it."

Zane: "We've gotta do something."

Arthur: "Holly, Amy, you should stay here and do anything to stop Kyogre and Groudon. Zane, we'll go summon Rayquaza."

Zane: "Right."

<Outside, a giant orb of water leaves Kyogre and smashes against Groudon. Groudon uses its beam attack and hits Kyogre directly. Zane and Arthur run outside and dodge a thrown car that came at them. Groudon fires a beam again, rocking the street below its feet>

Zane: "What is that?!"

Arthur: "Must be Groudon's Hyper Beam!"

Zane: "How is it that powerful?!"

<Blake, Melanie, Amy and Holly run outside the Pokemon Center and throw out their strongest Pokémon. All of the Pokéballs open at the same time, materializing several Pokémon in front of them>

Blake: "Magmortar, Flamethrower! Full power!"

Melanie: "Golurk, use Hyper Beam!"

Amy: "Aggron, Focus Blast!"

Holly: "Metagross, Hyper Beam!"

<Their attacks combine and create a massive explosion on Groudon. After the smoke clears, Groudon appears completely unharmed by the attack>

Blake: "Our attacks didn't do a thing!"

<Groudon smashes its foot into the ground and creates a deep crack within the road. The crack heads toward them>

Holly: "Metagross, quickly!"

<Metagross smashes its front two legs into the ground and stops the crack heading toward them. The surface of the street ruptures and knocks Metagross back. Groudon sends an enormous stream of fire at them>

Holly: "Metagross, use Protect!"

Melanie: "You too, Golurk!"

<Both Metagross and Golurk stand in front of everyone and raise a giant field that blocks the fire stream. It pierces through the shield and hits Metagross and Golurk at the same time. They fall to the ground and faint>

Holly: "Metagross!"

Melanie: "Golurk, no!"

<They return both Pokémon to their Pokéballs and watch as Groudon continues to attack Kyogre>

Holly: *Thinking* Zane, Arthur, please hurry.

<In the far distance, Zane and Arthur run up several flights of cracked and broken down stairs as they spiral up the tallest mountain>

Zane: "We're almost there!"

Arthur: "Right! I'm right behind you!"

<They reach the top and stop at a shine dedicated to Rayquaza. They see a massive, detailed carving of Rayquaza showing its enormous size>

Zane: "Brandon said we had to summon Rayquaza with the winds of the Sky Kingdom."

Arthur: "I've got it." *Takes a Pokéball out and throws it* "Pidgey, I need your help here!"

<Pidgey materializes and flies around the shrine before landing on his right arm>

Pidgey: "Pidgey!" (Hello!)

Zane: "I see what you mean." *Throws a Pokéball* "Swablu, come on out!"

<Swablu comes out and perches itself on his right arm>

Zane: "Those pillars must need Pokémon that can summon the winds..."

Arthur: "Exactly. Pidgey, use Gust on the right pillar!"

Zane: "Then Swablu, you use Gust on the left one!"

<Swablu and Pidgey fly off of their Trainers' arms and float in the air. They flap their wings quickly and send strong currents of wind at the stone pillars next to Rayquaza's carving. The pillars slowly turn and, after a few minutes, they lock in place before sliding deeper into the ground. The eyes on the carving open and glow bright red. The stone begins to crack and pillars of light shine through as brightly as the sun. They both return their Pokémon and cover their eyes from the intense light>

Zane: "It's Rayquaza!"

Arthur: "We did it!"

<The stone of the carving explodes and shatters to fragments, shining more light than before. The light fades and the real Rayquaza appears bigger than before. It coils its body around before floating closer to Zane and Arthur. It roars at them>

Zane: "Rayquaza, please understand that we didn't mean to disturb your slumber! But, people need your help! Please!"

<Rayquaza stops roaring and looks at Zane in particular. It growls at him before coming closer>

Zane: *Placing a hand on its forehead* "Please help everyone. Only your power can save the innocent people and Pokémon."

<Rayquaza gives a low growl before nodding and lowering its head to gesture them to get on its back. They climb onto its back and it soars off into the air. Both Groudon and Kyogre look toward the sky at Rayquaza. Kyogre fires a massive stream of water as Groudon launches a massive stream of fire at Rayquaza. Rayquaza flies into their attacks and negates them using Protect. The field disappears and Rayquaza fires a power beam of energy at both of them. The explosion rips through the town as both Pokemon use their attacks to bring Rayquaza down>

Amy: "Look! It's Rayquaza with Zane and Arthur!"

Blake: "Guess Zane got to ride his first Legendary Pokémon after all. He always wanted to do that."

<In the sky, Rayquaza dodges several water and fire streams, giant rocks, ice shards, and other projectile attacks. A Flamethrower attack from Groudon finally hits Rayquaza in the chest, causing it to shake around. Zane falls off and plummets toward the ground>

Arthur: "Zane!"

<Rayquaza descends as fast as it possibly can. It rears up its body directly underneath Zane and catches him about twenty feet from street level>

Zane: "Thanks for that, Rayquaza."

<Groudon's body begins to glow bright red. It smashes its right foot into the ground and uplifts large amounts of land around it. Geysers of boiling lava erupt from the uplifted ground>

Zane: "What was that?!"

Arthur: "Groudon's Eruption!"

<Rayquaza flies toward Groudon while dodging the upcoming lava geysers. A ball of pulsating energy grows in its mouth. It fires it and it explodes on Groudon's chest. Groudon stumbles back before letting off a massive roar that shatters the ground and buildings around it. Rayquaza returns a roar before using Hyper Beam on Kyogre. Kyogre uses Protect and stops the blast completely>

Zane: "That must've been Dragon Pulse that Rayquaza used!"

Arthur: "Sure was!"

<In the sky, the helicopters begin to descend over the entire port city>

Transmitter: "Activate the containment spheres."

Amber Operator: "Understood, sir."

<Hundreds of the spheres comes down from above the storm clouds and begin traveling toward the Legendary Pokémon. They break apart into groups and begin flying in giant circles around them>

Zane: "What are these things?!"

Arthur: "Not sure!"

<The spheres begin emitting a painful pulse wave that only the Pokémon can hear. Axew covers its ears and falls down to his lap. Groudon and Kyogre begin to stumble around as Rayquaza starts shaking its body around in a frantic manner>

Zane: "What's happening?!"

<Rayquaza bucks both Zane and Arthur off of its back. They both hit the ground as beams of energy wrap around the Pokémon>

Zane: "Rayquaza!"

<The helicopters come down further and attach strange collars to each of the Pokémon. Giant claws reach down and grab each of them. The helicopters pick up altitude and fly away with the spheres floating after them>

Zane: "Rayquaza!"

To Be Continued...