<Two people, female and male, are seen racing towards Professor Rowan's lab.>

Blaze: I can't wait to get my starter Pokemon!

Fern: What's your choice?

Blaze: I'm getting Turtwig!

Fern: Well, I'm getting Piplup!

<They arrive at Professor Rowan's lab and eagerly step in.>

Professor Rowan: Ah! Have you come to get your starter Pokemon?

Blaze and Fern: Yes, we are!

Professor Rowan: Then step right in!

<The curious children walk in and see many interesting items.>

Fern: Wow... I could spent a day checking out all of these!

Blaze: Can we just get our starter Pokemon now?

Professor Rowan: Okay, children.

<The professor walks around his lab and takes out three Pokeballs.>

Professor Rowan: Which one do you choose, children?

Fern: Piplup's my choice!

Professor Rowan: Piplup? Ah, a good choice. Here you go.

<The girl silently watched in excitement as Professor Rowan handed her a pokeball.>

Fern: I'll name you Pip!

<She opened the Pokeball and a Piplup sat in front of her.>

Pip: Pip pip piplup! (Hi there!)

Fern: We're going to be be best friends!

Pip: *smiling* Piplup! (Yeah!)

Professor Rowan: And what do you want, young man?

Blaze: Um, a Turtwig.

Professor Rowan: Coming right up.

<The professor took another Pokeball and handed it to Blaze.>

Professor Rowan: Be careful, however. This Turtwig is slightly stubborn!

<Ignoring him, Blaze excitedly opened up the Pokeball.>

Turtwig: Turt turtwig... (Why did you wake me up?)

Blaze: Oh! You're so cute... I'm going to name you Tree!

Tree: Turtwig! (That's a horrible name!)

Blaze: We'll be best friends, like Fern and Pip!

Tree: Turt! (Nope!)

<The Turtwig quickly used Tackle on Blaze, which surprised him.>

Blaze: T-tree? That's AWESOME! We can beat every Pokemon in our way!

Tree: Turtwig? (We can?)

Blaze: Yes, we can! We'll fight all the enemies!

Tree: Turt turt turtwig! (Great idea! Y'know what, let's be best friends!)

Professor Rowan: I'll give you five other Pokeballs to fill your team, and a Pokedex to classify Pokemon.

<Professor Rowan quietly gives five Pokeballs and a Pokedex to each child.>

Professor Rowan: Come back here if you need anything else. Catch wisely!

Blaze and Fern: Thank you!

<And so, the two children left Professor Rowan happily, with a new partner by their side.>

Keep watch for Episode Two: The Amazing Vaporeon!