Watch as Black, goes on a dangerous adventure to stop Team Plasma while teaming up with Liam. This mixes a story and RP's elements.

Black's TeamEdit

Mike the Boldore(Level 26)

Frosty the Vanillite (Level 26)

Quinn the Quilava (Level 27)

Buddy the Palpitoad (Level 27)

Sparky the Pikachu (Level 26)

King the Throh (Level 26)


Teddy the Teddiursa (Level 24)


Leon the Oshawott(Level 5-13)

Sun the Lillipup(Level 2-10)

Akira II the Seel(Level 1-6)

Calvin the Staraptor (Level 1-39)

Elesa the Blitzle (Level 6-9)

Luke the Pansear (Level 10-18)

Liam's TeamEdit

Taddo the Seismitoad(Male) (Level 44)

Sparkles the Shiny Emboar(Female) (Level 46)

Taylor the Leavanny(Female) (Level 44)

Steve the Krookodile(Male) (Level 44)

Pebbles the Vullaby(Female) (Level 44)

Nodoka the Shiny Gardevoir(Female) (Level 44)


Toad II the Shiny Foongus(Male) (Level 33)

Scooby-Doo the Stoutland(Male) (Level 33)

Rocky the Pupitar(Female) (Level 33)

Yue the Noctowl(Female) (Level 33)

Cyber the Porygon2(Genderless) (Level 33)

Jackie the Sawk(Male) (Level 34)

Annie II the Unfezant(Female) (Level 40)

Geary the Klang(Genderless) (Level 44)


Scouty The Patrat(Level 2-5) (mentioned, died to a Lillipup)

Kenny the Kricketot(Level 1-9) (died to a Purrloin's critical-hit Scratch)

Toad the Foongus(Level 1-14) (died to Cress's Panpour using Bite, and sacrificed himself to save Sparkles)

Annie the Unfezant(Level 9-34) (died to a random Roggenrola's Explosion)

Elvis the Simisage (Level 10-45) (died to the damage from poison)

Chapter 1 - Starting Off The Nuzlocke JourneyEdit

(skipping Juniper being pointless)

Cheren: Black!

Black: I'm right next to you, you don't need to yell.

Cheren: Sorry, but I'm so excited! Today is the day we get our new Pokemon!

Black: New?

Cheren: I mean first. What's keeping Bianca?

Bianca: *walks in* I'm sorry! So so sorry!

Cheren: You are always late! Even on this glorious day! What's wrong with you?

Bianca: A lot of things- but I'm sorry!

Cheren: *sign* Whatever. Black, you can pick your Pokemon first.

Black: *looks at choices* Hmm, what to pick. What to pick?

Oshawott: *pops out of Poke Ball* ME! WE CAN BE STAR BUDDIES!

Leon the Oshawott

Calm Nature (a lie)

Can be quick tempered.

Torrent Ability


Bianca: Now that that's settled, I CALL TEPIG!

Cheren: **** now I'm stuck with Smugleaf- erm, Snivy!

Bianca: Trolololol. Anyways, Black prepare to battle!

Black: WAIT, WE'RE INSIDE MY HOUSE- *Leon and Tepig start fighting* >.>

Bianca: Tail Whip! TAIL WHIP EVERY TURN!

Leon: *just tackling until Tepig faints* Did I do good, star buddy?


Cheren: Guys, look around.

Black & Bianca: O_O

Bianca: W-woah! What happened!

Cheren: Your presence. Anyways *heals both of their Pokemon* I'm ready for a fight, since this room couldn't get any messier.

Black: Alright, I guess.........

Cheren: I AM NOW TRULY A TRAINER *fights but fails within a minute* :(


Black: ...........What?

Cheren & Bianca: Let's go apologize for your room, Black- STOP REPEATING WHAT I SAY! NO I SAID THIS FIRST! SHUT UP!

Black: I find it creepy when you do stuff like that.

(The three go downstairs)

Cheren: I'm very sorry about the trouble ma'am......

Bianca: Cheren will clean up......

Cheren: HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black's Mom: Oh, it's alright, I'll clean later. Go on and meet the Professor.

(Cheren and Bianca leave, while Black's Mom gives Black the Xtransceiver and a quick slap)

Black: Ow!

Black's Mom: ^-^

(Black leaves, while Bianca just gets back from her family issues)

Bianca: *holding gun* QUICK, I THINK MY DAD JUST CALLED 911!

Cheren: Why are you holding a gun- nevermind.

Juniper: *hands Pokedexes* COLLECT DATA FOR ME! *Hands Poke Balls* Here's some Poke Balls! *Hands over a trainer* HERE'S LIAM! NOW GET OUT!

Liam: *pushed out with Foongus* Ow!

Black: Pushy.....literally.

Liam: *runs to a Pokemon Center* SHE DOES STUFF TO POKEMON! MY POOR FOONGUS!

Black: O_O

Cheren: Let's go catch Pokemon..............HOW ABOUT A CONTEST?


Black: I'm nuzlocking- no catching contests for me.

Cheren: THE SHAME!

B-Mom: Here. *hands them town maps* NOW GO ON YOUR JOURNEY! *Drops tear and leaves*

Black: Um...........what's wrong with my life?

(The three quickly leave and separate for a little on Route 1 to catch a Pokemon)


Lillipup: *wags tail*

Black: He looks so cute!

Sun the Lillipup



Vital Spirit Ability


Sun: *steals cookie from a cookie jar*

Black: I think I'm finally ready..........for my journey.

Chapter 2 - The Injured ToadEdit

Sparkles(Shiny Tepig): Is Toad gonna be okay?

Liam: He's fine, he needs a good long rest, then he'll feel better, I asked Nurse Joy to heal him!

Sparkles the Shiny Tepig

Jolly nature

Female ( Level 7)

Blaze ability

Alert to sounds.

Liam: I nearly lost my second member which was Toad, Black! I lost my first member a while back before i joined you!

Black: Wait, how did I get here? Anyways, you gotta be more careful, you never know when psychos appear.

N: Hello.

Black: O_O

Liam: O_O

Sparkles: O_O

Toad: O_O

N: Both of your Pokemon, they're saying something........

Sparkles: *to N* We can talk, moron! Liam's my loyal friend & partner

N: My Purrloin refuses to go against this pottymouth! I WILL FREE POKEMON FROM YOU! *leaves*


Toad, Leon & Sun: YEAH!

Liam: Wow, i had no idea that you cussed at N like that, Sparkles!

Purrloin then lets loose a Scratch, Kricketot pops out and takes the hit & is dead

Liam: O,O

Toad: .............

Leon: Oh My God! They've killed Kenny!

Sparkles: You Ba****ds!

Black: Language.........sheesh.

Liam: ...*sigh*

Leon: There, there. *pats Liam's head, standing on Liam's shoulders*


Kenny the Kricketot

Level 1-6

  • Time Skip*

Girl: *giving Black and Liam a Pansear and Pansage respectively*

Black: Thanks!

Girl: No problem, I hated them. PANPOUR FOR THE WIN!

Black: Liam, you train around here I'm gonna go challenge the gym. Right guys?

Luke: My name is Luke and right!

Black: Hey Luke, nice to have ya on the team.

Luke: *breaks down in tears* IT FEELS SO GOOD TO HEAR SOMEONE SAY THAT!

Black: Alright let's go. *leaves with Luke, Leon, and Sun*

Cilan: Alright, let's get started! Sorry for events that may happen.

Black: Don't worry nothing will happen, GO LEON!

Cilan: Good luck............go Lillipup!

Black: You can go first.

Cilan: Alright, Lillipup, Work Up!

Black: Leon, WATER GUN!

Lillipup is hit but lives

Cilan: Lillipup, bite!

It hits and does a little less than half damage

Black: Whatever, TACKLE GO!

Cilan: Bite!

Tackle almost knocks out Lillipup, then Lillipup bites Leon............for a critical hit, killing Leon*

Black: Leon? LEON NO! SPEAK TO ME! *Liam comes in*

Liam: OH NO!! LEON'S DEAD!!!

Sparkles: STUPID LEON!! *mourns Leon*


Leon the Oshawott

Level 5-13

Cilan: I warned you...........I'm so sorry.........*drops a tear*

Black: *adjusts hat so eyes can't be seen* THAT'S IT! GO SUN!

Sun: *Comes out and sees Leon dead* LEON! *Gets angry and bites Lillipup to death*

Lillipup falls to the ground dead.

Cilan: .........Pansage, go!


Cilan: Work Up...........

Sun bites Pansage and almost gets Pansage down to half health*

Cilan: Vine Whip.

Black: BITE!

Pansage uses vine whip, weakening Sun to half health, Sun gets Pansage to one HP before red health, then Pansage uses vine whip again causing Sun to die.

Black: SUN! NO!


Sun the Lillipup

Level 3-12

Liam: ................

Black: *drops a tear*

Pansear gets boiling mad after losing two of his friends


Luke: LEON! SUN! My first two Pokemon friends other than my brothers! YOU! *looks at Pansage, then incinerates him to ash*

Pansage as ash blows away thanks to the wind

Cilan: *Drops a tear* Is this what my brothers wanted? To murder Pokemon and have their loved Pokemon killed in front of their eyes? I'm so sorry challenger *hands trio badge* And if you excuse me.....*runs out and cries*

Liam: Black, look at the Eggs, they're glowing!

Sudden flashback to when Liam gave him the Pokemon Eggs

Black: Huh? *a Starly and Seel hatch from the eggs*

Akira II: Hey I hatched! *looks at Black* Is he okay?

Calvin: I don't think something wrong?

Sparkles: Leon & Sun died!

Calvin: *looks confused*

Taddo: Leon was an Oshawott & Sun was a Lillipup

Taddo the Tympole

Serious nature

Ability: Hydration

Male (Level 13)

Alert to sounds.

Chapter 3 - Tragedy Strikes.......Edit

Cress: Well now, apologies for our brother. He doesn't want to be a gym leader but he can't leave for some reason. Anyways, Liam, assuming you're here to challenge the gym, I will be your opponent for this battle.

Liam: I accept your challenge!

Cress: Very well, get ready.

Taddo: Let me battle!

Liam: Okay!

Cress: Alright, Lillipup go! As the challenger you may go first.

Liam: With pleasure Taddo, Supersonic!

Taddo uses Supersonic which confuses Lilipup, Lillipup starts attacking itself

Liam: Wrap it up with Bubble

Taddo scores a critical hit with Bubble, KO'ing Lillipup

Cress: Alright, good job. *claps*'s time for the main course! Panpour, you're up!

Sparkles growls at Panpour

Liam: *worried* Sparkles, you're a fire-type. You're in a huge disadvantage!

Cress: Well, if she's willing to take the gamble, maybe you should allow her to battle?

Sparkles: Now ya talking!

Cress: Panpour, Water Gun!

Liam: Intercept it with Ember

Ember & Water Gun collide

Water Gun ends up overpowering Ember and aims straight for Sparkles, luckily she dodges it

Cress: Panpour, Bite!

Toad: SPARKLES!!! WATCH OUT!!!! *tackles sparkles out of the way taking the bite instead*

Liam: TOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toad collapses with blood spilling in its head, but panpour gets paralyzed

Toad: ........I'm sorry.......Liam...but......this is it........for me........Goodbye........pal....*dies*


Toad the Foongus

Level 1-14

Calvin: *watches from afar and drops tear, while Black is at the Dreamyard burying Sun and Leon* I can't die for my trainer. Not now or ever. *flies over to Black*

Black: Calvin, what are you doing here?

Calvin: I'm going to train. For you. I don't want to die and abandon you..........also Toad died.

Black: Oh. Poor Liam, he loved the Foongus.


Liam: *cringes with a tear* Thank you Toad, you fought hard, rest in peace! Elvis, time to pay him back! VINE WHIP!

Elvis does an incredible devastating Vine Whip which smacks Panpour which slams it into a wall, the smoke clears, Panpour has swirls for eyes

Cress: Very well, you win. Your badge. *hands badge to Liam*

Liam: Thank you very.....Huh?

Sparkles starts to glow

Akira II: .......

Liam: It's.......evolving!!!

Tepig grows bigger and grows arms and its tail changes too, as a Shiny Pignite stood its place

Sparkles(Pignite): Hey, What's the.....!

Chili: Your Pokemon evolved, good job.

Liam & Sparkles rushes over & spots Black with Luke, Elesa & Mike by his side

Black:  *holding up Akira II's dead body* will pay.


Akira II the Seel

Level 1-6

Liam: I'm about to unlesh my rage!

Black notices Liam's Sparkles the Pignite

Black: Hmm........I'm guessing Sparkles evolved?

Liam: *proudly* Yup! And I caught a new member along the way!

Black: Who?

Liam: You can come out now, Annie!

Annie hops oveto Liam's shoulder, it looks like a dove, it looks like it has a molecule around its eye, it coos chirply.

Annie: Pleased to make you acqauitance, my name's Annie!

Annie the Pidove

Relaxed nature

Ability: Super Luck

Female (Level 17)

Somewhat vain.

Black: Nice to meet ya Annie. Hey Liam, I caught two new Pokemon too before Akira II's death.

Mike: Hey! I'm Mike the Roggenrola!

Mike the Roggenrola

Hasty Nature

Sturdy Ability


Loves to eat

Elesa: Hi there!

Elesa the Blitzle

Gentle Nature

Motor Drive Ability

A little quick tempered

Black: So, sorry about Toad's death, Liam.

Liam: *sighs sadly* He sacrificed himself to save Sparkles!

Chapter 4 - So Many Deaths, So Little Time!Edit

They feel a tremor and begin to panick

Black: What's going on?

Liam: Let's investagate!

Annie&Sparkles: Right!

Chili: *comes from Striaton City* Guys! There's a huge earthquake going on! *Earthquake gets stronger and flings the group and Chili into a wall*

Liam: Is everyone alright?

Annie: I'm okay!

Sparkles: I'm fine, thanks for the concern

Drayden: *rushes through only for Dreamyard and Striaton City to be separated by a huge crack* Oh no! Team Plasma's earthquake worked! Now the Dreamyard is separated from Striaton and we're stuck here!


Black: O_O

Grunt 1: I shall defeat you in a battle! Go Patrat!


Liam: Annie, go!

Annie gets into the battle

Annie: Is that Grunt 2 being a Derp using magikarp!

Drayden: Wait, Liam who are you battling?

Liam: one of the grunts & i'm using Annie, my pidove!

Drayden: Oh okay.

Annie the Pidove uses Air Cutter & KO's Patrat, she starts to glow, evolving into Tranquill

Meanwhile with Grunt 2 and Black

Black: Hmph, this should be easy, ELESA QUICK ATTACK!

Magikarp: I swear to God when I evolve I'm going to kill you all.

Magikarp is hit and looks like it may be out- WAIT IT'S GLOWING, MAGIKARP IS EVOLVING

Liam: Oh no, it evolved into Gyarados!

Gyarados uses thrash and aims for Annie

Liam: Annie, watch out!

Annie: Huh?

Gyarados at the same time bites Elesa's head off, killing her

Black: ELESA!


Elesa the Blizle

Level 6-9

Annie is horrified why Elesa took the blow for her

Gyarados aims for Elvis but......accidentally hits and kills Luke.


Luke the Pansear

Level 10-18

Gyarados then aims for Elvis again.......yet.......


Gyarados sends Calvin flying into a wall who falls down with blood all over, dead. Gyarados then aims for Annie


Calvin the Staravia

Level 1-19

Elvis is angered by what Gyarados has done, learns Seed Bomb, snatches a Leaf Stone and glows, evolves into Simisage, KO's Gyarados by learning Giga Impact, who before impact shoots a hyper beam at Annie as a final attack.

Annie is somehow saved by a small little ice-cream who used ice beam to freeze the hyper beam

???: All done! You alright?

Annie: *opens her eyes and sees the Pokemon who looks like an ice-cream* Who....who are you!?

Frosty: I'm Frosty!

Frosty the Vanillite

Hasty nature

Male (Level 13)

Sturdy body.

Chapter 5 - A Near Death ExperienceEdit

Liam: I want you to meet Taylor, My Swadloon! Say hi to the gang!

Taylor: Hello, my name's Taylor

Black: *in a corner mourning about almost everyone's deaths*

then a Cyndaquil & a teddiursa appear in front of black

Cyndaquil: Why are you sad?

Black: I've lost almost all my friends..........again.

Mike: Well you still have me. I lived. And I have the triforce of courage.

Teddiursa: Not everything is going bad. Hey, what do you say if me and Quinn- the Cyndaquil- join you?

Quinn: Yeah, me and Teddy would love to.

Black:  I have to warn you, you may die.

Teddy: We don't care, we just want to go with you.

Black: Alright *catches them by tapping their heads with Poke Balls*

Black's Egg which was given by Liam starts to glow

Black: Huh?

Annie: *flies over to black* It's hatching!

Black: What?

Egg shines brightly and forms into a tiny mouse pokemon, Pichu!

Pichu: Pichu!

Liam: Wow, a Pichu!

Pichu: Pichu!

Annie: What's your name, Pichu?

Pichu: Sparky!

Sparky the Pichu

Jolly nature

Male (Level 5)

Somewhat vain.

Static ability

Black: Welcome to the team, Sparky!

Steve: Hey, mates!

Steve the Sandile

Naughty nature

Male (Level 22)

Likes to fight.

Moxie ability

Liam: Guys, this is Steve, my Sandile! Say Hello!

Quinn: Hi!

Steve: Hey, um....what's wrong with Black?

Black: What do you mean?

Steve: I've heard you lost many friends, is that true?

Black: Yeah.........

A beam heads for the gang & everyone avoids it!

Steve: Crikey! What was that?

Teddy: I don't know.

They hear evil laughs

Liam: *glares angrilly* TEAM PLASMA!

Black: Oh boy......

Taylor: I'll handle this!

Liam: Okay, Taylor!

One Grunt uses a Liepard while the other grunt uses a Krokorok

Liam: I'll tag team with you Black. Taylor, take care of that big croc!

Black: Alright, Liam.

Liam: Taylor use Razor Leaf!

Taylor uses Razor Leaf which hits Krokorok, then it retaliates with a Dig, Taylor slams into a wall and falls to the ground, has suffered bruises and cuts & is unconcious

Liam: Taylor, NO!! PLEASE DONT DIE!!!

Taylor still not moving

Liam: No..........TAYLOR!!!! I' *hugs taylor*

Suddenly Taylor weakly gets up, but barely, then it does something incredible, she starts to glow

Liam: *gasps in awe* No way!

Steve: *gasps in awe* Crikey!

Annie: *gasps in awe* It can't be!

Sparky: *nods*

Taylor starts to grow taller, its leaf-covered coat splits apart & becomes leaves for hands, its antaenna grows longer

Sparkles: Is Taylor what I think she's doing?

Sparky: *nods again* It's evolving!

The glow fades & Leavanny stood Taylor the Swadloon's place

Taylor: I'm alive?

Sparky: *nods a third time*

Taylor slices the Krokorok with a leaf blade

Sparky: *puts on shades and nods a fourth time*

Taylor & Liam puts the shades on, crossed their arms, and they say!

Liam&Taylor: DEAL WITH IT!!

Sparkles: That's right!

Team Plasma runs away in fear

Liam: Did you just train your Pokemon team a bit, cuz they look stronger to me?

Black: Yup, I did.

Chapter 6 - Adding More MembersEdit

Liam: All right team, are you ready to take on Lenora?

Liam's Team: Yeah!

Two wild Pokemon appear

???: Were you planning to battle Lenora?

Liam: Yes, why?

???: She uses Normal-tpye Pokemon, so i'd recommend using Fighting-type Pokemon! We shall be at your service!

Liam taps Sawk with a PokeBall an catches it successfully, while Black does the same with Throh

Liam: I got Sawk!

Jackie the Sawk


Brave nature

Sturdy ability

Proud of its power

King the Throh


Mild nature

Somewhat vain


Liam: Let's go to Nacrene City

Black: Alright.

Liam & Black arrive at the Nacrene Gym, where Lenora is waiting

Lenora: Who will battle first?

Black: Liam.

Jackie takes out Heardier & Watchog with double critical-hit Low Kick

Liam: *dumbfounded* That was quick!

Black defeats Lenora with just throh

Hawes: Team Plasma has stolen the Dragon Skull from the museum!

Lenora: This is bad!

Liam: Sparkles & Jackie, lets go!

Jackie&Sparkles: Right!

Liam: Black, you coming?

Chapter 7 - When There's A Cliffhanger, There's Always a MiracleEdit

A wild Roggenrola uses Explosion, Annie who has evolved into Unfezant watched in horror


Annie pushes Liam out of the way, as she takes the hit for him

Liam: ANNIE, NO!

Annie is unconscious, wakes up weakly

Liam: Annie, why? Why did you do that for me?

Annie: *weakly* Because, I didn't want you to die.....this may be it for me....but, lemme tell you something, I'm glad I got to meet you, thanks for everything you did for me, making me evolve.....I'm...sorry......

Liam: I'm so sorry...It's my fault for getting you involved in this

Annie: *rubs her wing on Liam's head* Don't be sorry...I've got no regrets....It wasn't your fault! It was mine for jumping in and saving you *has a tear in her eyes* But listen, I did leave out something before I die. A Pidove Egg, its by that corner near where Black is, raise the egg for me, promise me that?

Liam: *teary* It's a promise, Annie! I won't let you down no matter what it takes!

Annie: *smiles weakly* Thank you for everything, Liam! Goodbye Liam! *groans to the floor*

Finally Unfezant's eyes starts to close, finally they're fully down, she was dead. Liam sobs to the body of Unfezant. All of Liam's Pokemon mourn with him, even Black's Pokemon were mourning as well, including Black, they bury her with a grave which wrote:


Annie the Unfezant

Level 9-34

A Vullaby arrives.

Vullaby: I'm sorry about your loss!

Liam: Its okay!

Vullaby: I'm Pebbles, May I go with your journey?

Liam: ...........

Pebbles: ..........

Liam: ...Sure!

Pebbles the Vullaby


Level 34

Jolly nature

Alert to sounds.

Liam: You have decent attacks!

Pebbles puffs her chest proudly

Pebbles: I know!