Arthur's Escavalier

Arthur's Escavalier is a loyal and protective partner to him. Their history of how they came to be partners is still unclear as he has not revealed anything about it.

Background Edit

Most of Arthur's and Escavalier's history and partnership together are unclear, but, Arthur has mentioned that he evolved Escavalier from a Karrablast a few weeks before meeting Zane and Amy. They work as a strong team and are coordinated as any good Pokémon and Trainer should be.

Attacks Edit

  • X Slice
  • Iron Defense
  • Hidden Power
  • Double Edge

First Appearance Edit

Trainer Arthur
Escavalier's Trainer
Vital statistics
Title Pokémon Trainer
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction N/A
Health Healthy
Level Beginner
Status Training
Location Traveling

Escavalier appeared first in:

Episode Two: Night in Shimmering Armor!