Aggron was caught by Amy after a struggle over its rage due to the Pokémon that interrupted its sleep inside its cave. Zane's Cyndaquil was responsible for causing Aggron's rage to spike.


Amy's Aggron

Background Edit

Aggron was sound asleep in its dark cave until a Cyndaquil used Ember and woke it up. After being rudely awoken from its slumber, Aggron became enraged and took after the intruding Pokémon. Aggron emerged from the caves and attacked the group of Pokémon Trainers. Aggron fought hard, but was brought to its knees after a barrage of attacks against it. Trainer Amy caught Aggron in its weakened state and now is a welcomed member of the group entirely.

Attacks Edit

  • Flamethrower
  • Outrage
  • Focus Blast
  • Hyper Beam

Mega Evolution (Mega Aggron) Edit

Mega Aggron anime

Amy's Aggron, as Mega Aggron

In the upcoming episode, on "Episode Thirty-seven: Unleashing the Mega Evolution!", The Mega Evolution Guru named Gurrkin gave Amy, Zane and Arthur a Key Stone each, it didn't take long to find Aggron's Mega Stone, after that, she gave Aggron the Aggronite and Mega evolved him for the first time, Mega Aggron was impressed on how powerful he'd become now.