Setting: The calm forest is shined upon by the glowing sunlight above. The Pokemon of the region run all around and enjoy their freedom of home. Meanwhile, Aiden is faced with a familiar face from Brownstone City.

<He continues his walk through the forest and thinks about his training in the process. His mind races with the thoughts of his first battle and how Litorse's confusion startled him at the moment>.

Aiden: How could a Fire-type like Litorse not know Flamethrower? I just don't understand it...

<He stops and looks over his shoulder, sensing someone was following him along the pathway. They hid from him for reasons that he was not sure about exactly>.

Aiden: "You can come out. I'm not going to hurt you."

???: "Plooov vaby!" ("Hiiiiii there!")

Aiden: "What Pokémon are you supposed to be?"

Brianna: "Plovaby, the Tiny Plover Pokemon. It has a gutsy personality, it will peck any intruders who invade its territory, they are very territorial and will swoop at foes who try to attack its children."

???: "Plovaby, so that's where you've run off to!"

???: "Blob!" ("Yeah!")

Aiden: "Xavier?"

Xavier: "It's been a while, Aiden. Zomblob was looking for Plovaby since it ran off."

Aiden: "Zomblob, huh?"

Brianna: "Zomblob, the Zombie Pokemon. It lived in graveyards for many generations ago, its body is made of slime and carcasses from people who have passed away."

Aiden: "Interesting. So, you've caught more Pokémon since we first met, huh?"

Xavier: "Here's my starter Pokemon, or it used to be!"

<Xavier sends out a Pokemon that looks like Rabble, only its different than it was>.

Jacklain: "Jack Klain!" ("Hi there!")

Brianna: "Jacklain, the Kicker Pokemon and the evolved form of Rabble. Jacklain enjoy spending their time with their own kind and will build their homes inside ponds, lakes, and other water bodies."

Aiden: "Impressive. So, you up for a battle between our Pokémon? It'll be a three Pokémon battle."

Xavier: "Sure, Zomblob, ready to go?"

<Zomblob nods in agreement>.

Zomblob: "Blob blob." ("You betcha.")

Aiden: "Great. Let's start then."

<Aiden stands a the opposite end of the dirt pathway and grabs a Pokeball from his belt. He pushes the center button and activates it>.

Aiden: *Tossing the Pokeball* "Litorse, let's show them how strong you really are!"

<Litorse appears in a plume of fire that erupts from the ground and stomps its hooves on the ground to show its energy toward winning the battle>.

Aiden: "I'll let you have the first move."

Xavier: "Okay! Zomblob, start off with Drain Punch!"

<Zomblob obeys with a nod, it's hand glows in a yellow orb, and unleashes with a powerful force and it heads for Litorse>.

Aiden: "Litorse, jump up and attack Zomblob with Impact!"

<Litorse jumps up and dodges Drain Punch with enough time to face Zomblob from the air and come back down with fire blazing from around its hooves. Its speed increases as it crashes back down from above>.

Xavier: "Quick, dodge it"

<Zomblob barely dodges Impact with a huge leap>.

Xavier: "Now get close and use Dark Pulse!"

<Zomblob zooms in a very close range and unleashes Dark Pulse with amazing power>.

Aiden: "Use Flare Helix!"

<Litorse stomps its right hoof into the ground and creates a massive tornado of fire from around its body. The fire grows stronger and acts as a barrier to block any incoming attack>.

Xavier: "Moan Noise, Zomblob!"

<Zomblob emits a moaning screech which sounds like a zombie's groan and emitting supersonic wave at Litorse>.

Aiden: "That noise..."

<The waves hit Litorse and knock it backwards. Litorse stops itself several feet away and tries to stop the irritating noise from hitting its ears>.

Aiden: "Litorse, ignore those waves and use Impact again!"

<Litorse charges at Zomblob as fire ignites around its four hooves. Litorse jumps into the air and comes back down from the air with the fire growing brighter and larger>.

Xavier: "Use Drain Punch with all your might!"

<Zomblob unleashes Drain Punch with all its might, as the two attacks collide with an explosion, both Zomblob and Litorse get blown back, Litorse is standing strong, as Zomblob skidded to the ground, then collapses with swirls for eyes>.

Xavier: "No, Zomblob!"

Referee: "Zomblob is unable to battle, Litorse wins!"

Aiden: "One down, two to go."

Litorse: "Torse..." ("Whatever...")

<Xavier recalls Zomblob back to its ball, and smiles softly>.

Xavier: "Thanks for your hard work, Zomblob. You deserve a nice long rest"

<Xavier pulls out Plovaby's ball>.

Xavier: "Plovaby, its your turn!"

<Plovaby is summoned from Xavier's PokeBall, and makes a battle stance, spreading her wing and letting out shrill cry>.

Plovaby: "Ploooooov" ("Yeaaah!")

Aiden: "Interesting. I like its fighting spirit."

Xavier: "You see, Plovaby is a Normal and Flying type, don't underestimate her."

Plovaby "Plov Aby, Plov Plov." ("He's right, you know.")

Xavier: "Okay, Plovaby. It's time for Swoop Strike!"

<Plovaby tucks its wings and swoops high in the air, and strikes down towards Litorse>.

Aiden: "Litorse, use Flare Helix on Plovaby!"

<Litorse smashes its front right hoof into the ground and creates a spiraling fire tornado around its body. Wind kicks up and spins rocks and dust around it. The tornado becomes larger and grows stronger, sucking in anything around it>.

Aiden: "Let's see you get past this!"

<Plovaby is helpless against Flare Helix, and charges through it, trying to break through the tornado>.


<Plovaby was flinching with its eyes closed shut, it hears Xavier's call and desperately opens one eye, it lets out a shrill cry of determination, breaks free from the Flare Helix and starts to glow light blue, clear lines start to surround it>.

Litorse: "Li?" ("What?")

Aiden: "It's..."

Xavier: "Plovaby must be evolving!"

<Plovaby starts to grow larger, its beak gets sharpened and its wings grew bigger, its talons grow as well, as the glow fades, it revealed a new Pokémon>.

Swooplover: "Swooooooooooooooooo!" ("Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!")

Aiden: "That's new."

Xavier: "Now it's a Swooplover!"

Aiden: "Swooplover, huh? A new Pokémon."

Brianna: "Swooplover, the Plover Pokemon and the evolved form of Plovaby. It will try to threaten intruders by swooping, if attacked, it uses its talons and claws to capture its prey until the opponent gives up."

Aiden: "No matter how fierce and strong it is. We'll still beat it! Litorse, Impact full strength!"

Litorse: "Litorse! Li, Litorse!" ("Okay! Actually, I'm having fun!")

<Litorse charges at Swooplover with flaming hooves smashing into the ground and kicking sand and dirt into the air. Litorse jumps high into the air and comes crashing down like a flaming meteor>.

<Xavier smugly smiles>.

Xavier: "Dodge it, and use your new move, use Flying Press."

Aiden: "Flying Press?"

<Swooplover glows orange, and strikes down with incredible force, Litorse is struck by incredible power, and sprawls to the ground>.

Aiden: "Litorse!"

<Litorse tries to get up, but it collapses once again with swirls for eyes>.

Referee: "Litorse is unable to battle, Swooplover wins!"

Aiden: *Returns Litorse to its assigned Pokeball and deactivates it. He activates a second Pokeball and throws it out to the field* "Go, Redcary!"

<Redcary flaps its small wings and perches itself on his right shoulder. Redcary picks at the underside of its left wing with its sharp beak. Redcary then flies down to the ground>.

Aiden: "We'll go first. Redcary, use Wing Salvo!"

<Redcary flies into the air and flaps its wings faster and faster. Feathers launch from its wings and quickly speed toward Swooplover. Wind whistles from behind the feathers>.

Xavier: "Intercept with Aerial Ace"

<The two attacks collide with a vengance, Swooplover hears a voice>

Xavier: "Swooplover, if you can hear me, use Flying Press and slam it to the ground for a landing"

<Swooplover obeys with a nod, it glows orange and slams its wing to the ground for a safe landing>.

Aiden: "Impressive use of Flying Press to lessen the damage Redcary's Wing Salvo did to it."

Xavier: "Thanks for the compliment, but I think we should wrap this up with a maximum powered Aerial Ace!"

<Swooplover's body glows and unleashes a powerful Aerial Ace>.

Aiden: "Very well! Redcary, use Blitz Drive!"

Redcary: "Cary!" ("Right!")

<Both Redcary and Swooplover unleash their attacks and collide once again with full force, sparks come from the two birds, both flinching from the damage, then it explodes with a vengence, blowing away Swooplover and Redcary. Swooplover slams into a wall, Redcary in another side of a wall>.

Xavier: "Oh no, Swooplover!"

Aiden: "Redcary, are you okay?!"

<The smoke clears and reveals both Redcary and Swooplover are knocked out with swirls for eyes>.

Referee: "Swooplover and Redcary are both unable to battle!"

Xavier: "Swooplover, return!"

Aiden: "Come back, Redcary!"

<Both Aiden Xavier recall Swooplover and Redcary back to their balls, respectively. Both smile softly>.

Xavier: "Thanks for all your hard work, Swooplover. You deserve a nice long rest!"

Aiden: "Well done. I promise you that we'll get stronger s partners. For right now, take a rest. Conserve all of your strength for next time." *Place the device away and activates the final Pokeball*   "I'm afraid that this battle is already over. My final Pokemon has been with me since I was a young Trainer first starting on his journey through the region. I don't plan on holding back with him. You sure you don't want to back down now?"

Xavier: "Not a chance! I'm not backing down no matter what!"

Jacklain: "Jack Jack!" ("He's right!")

Xavier: "Jacklain, could you sit this one out please?"

Jacklain: "Jack klain." ("Sure thing.")

Aiden: "You're not using Jacklain?"

Xavier: "Nope, I'm not gonna use Jacklain, since he just evolved, he's a bit inexperienced."

Jacklain: "Jack klain klain jack!" ("Xavier's telling the truth!")

Xavier: "I think I should bring out my ace Pokemon who's been with me since the Hoenn region, but to tell you the truth, she's a little sensitive to her grace, so here's my final Pokemon. GO!"

<Xavier throws a Love Ball in the air, it opens and reveals a Pokemon with green hair, and a white dress, she has a Mega Stone on her neck as a bracelet>.

Gardevoir: "Voir!" ("Hello!")

Aiden: "Oh, it's Gardevoir. Interesting."

<Aiden stares at Gardevoir while holding the watch up to eye level with it. It scans the body and logs in the entry into the internal database of the device>.

Brianna: "Gardevoir, the Embrace Pokémon and an evolved form of Kirlia. Gardevoir will use all of its psychic energy to protect a trainer it has made a deep connection with."

Aiden: "As I thought. I have one back home as well. They're very loyal to their Trainer."

<Brianna disappears from sight and he grips the Pokeball firmly into his hand. He rears back and throws the device high into the air. It opens and the energy from it slams into the ground, materializing into Charizard>.

Charizard: *Roars and shakes the ground around them*

Xavier: "That's the Pokemon that Aiden told me about?"

<Xavier brings out his Pokedex and scans it on Charizard>.

Brianna: "Charizard, the Flame Pokémon. Charizard is a Flying and Fire type. When competing in intense battles, Charizard's flame becomes more intense as well."

Aiden: "This is my best friend and close partner, Charizard. Charizard and I have been together since the Kanto Region. We've traveled to the Sinnoh, Hoenn, Kalos, Johto, and the Unova Region together. Charizard and I even competed in the Pokemon Senior World Tournament and brought the legendary Arceus to its knees before we were defeated."

Xavier: "Just in case you're wondering, I have a Key Stone too, ready to do this, Gardevoir?"

Gardevoir: "Voir." ("You bet.")

<Xavier touches his Key Stone, activating it and glows which connects with the Gardevoirite which makes it glow>.

Xavier: "Gardevoir, Mega Evolve!!!"

<Aiden watches as the glowing light engulfs Gardevoir. The light shatters into fragments and a completely new appearance of Gardevoir is left in its place. Charizard growls and blows fire from its nostrils>.

Mega Gardevoir: "DEVOIR!!" ("I'm READY!!")

Aiden: "That's some power. Let's just see how powerful your Gardevoir really is. Charizard, Fire Blast!"

<Charizard opens its mouth wide and launches a massive fire in the shape of a symbol at Mega Gardevoir. The fires of the attack glow brightly and scorch the ground as it travels toward its target>.

Xavier: "Use Double Team!"

<Mega Gardevoir glows and makes copies of herself creating 20 of them>.

Aiden: "Flamethrower!"

<Charizard blasts the copies with a giant stream of fire that scorches everything around it, it shoots all of the copies until it hits the real one>.

Mega Gardevoir: "Gar" ("Guh..")

Xavier: "Stay stong, Gardevoir. Attract, quick!

<Mega Garevoir winks one eye and a flurry of hearts appear and heading for Charizard>.

​Aiden: "Like I'd let an attack like that effect Charizard! Charizard, Dragon Claw!"

<Giant claws made of energy form around Charizard's hands and he slashes the hearts to ribbons. Charizard roars and launches off the ground, soaring into the air and quickly approaching Gardevoir with the giant claws ready to slash her to the same effect as the hearts>.

Xavier: "Wait until Charizard gets close!"

Mega Gardevoir: "Voir!" ("Right!")

<Charizard strikes in close and swipes at Gardevoir with both its massive claws>.

Xavier: "Not yet....

<The claws come in fast and appear mere inches from striking their target>.

Xavier: "NOW! Hyper Beam!"

<Mega Gardevoir unleashes a devastating pink beam with incredible force, striking Charizard hard>.

Aiden: "Charizard!"

Xavier: "That happens to be Pixilate, Mega Gardevoir's ability; it allows all Normal-type attacks to become Fairy-type attacks. Pretty nifty, right?

Aiden: *Smiles* "It is an interesting ability. But you shouldn't underestimate my Charizard so easily. Remember that Charizard fought against Arceus and almost won. Charizard, teach Gardevoir a lesson!" *Touches the stone on his bracelet* "Mega Evolve!"

<Charizard's sealed inside blinding light from Hyper Beam and its evolution. Its appearance changes and the explosion from the light shatters Hyper Beam completely. Charizard appears with blue and black skin and fire erupting from the sides of its mouth. He lands and roars at Gardevoir, appearing completely unharmed by Hyper Beam>.

Aiden: "Flamethrower!"

<Charizard blasts a stream of fire from its mouth that grows three times the size of its normal Flamethrower. The fire engulfs the field and scorches everything in front of Charizard>.

Xavier: "Use Hyper Beam to protect yourself!"

<Mega Gardevoir spins and uses Hyper Beam and makes a shield of itself repelling the Flamethrower>.

Xavier: "I got Mega Gardevoir to use Hyper Beam for a Counter Shield. Pretty cool, right?"

Aiden: "An interesting method to blocking a Flamethrower attack as powerful as that one was. But Charizard is stronger than any Pokemon I've seen so far. Attack with double Mega Punch!"

<Charizard roars and soars into the air, disappearing into the dense clouds above. Charizard emerges from the dark clouds and flies straight down toward Mega Gardevoir. Sound explodes from behind Charizard and propels him forward at an even greater speed. Both of Charizard's claws glow bright white as he throws his right fist forward>.

Xavier: "Gardevoir, watch out!!"

Mega Gardevoir: "Voir?" ("Huh?")

<But she was too late, Gardevoir was struck hard by the double mega punch, and slams into a wall resulting in an explosion>.

Xavier: "GARDEVOIR!!!!"

<The smoke clears, and Gardevoir is still up but hurt>.

Xavier: "You're alright? Use Moonblast with all your might!"

<Mega Gardevoir was about to launch Moonblast, flinched, and then falls down to the ground, it reverts back to normal, Gardevoir tries to get up to battle, but it collapses one last time with swirls for eyes>.

Brianna: "Gardevoir has been incapacitated, Aiden. She is unable to battle any further."

Referee: "Gardevoir is unable to battle, Charizard wins, therefore the victory goesto Aiden."

​Aiden: "Then that's the end of it. Good work, Charizard." 

Charizard: *Growls in soft tone*

Aiden: *Pets Charizard on its snout before returning him to his Pokeball and clipping it to his belt* '"You did an excellent job of training your Pokemon, Xavier. I can tell that you have a great bond with all of them. Let's battle again, alright?"

Xavier: "Yes, but......Gardevoir is heartbroken right now; this is her first loss."

Aiden: "First loss, huh? Yeah, Charizard knows what it feels like to lose more than anyone. I lost an important battle a little while ago and its been very hard on both Charizard and me. But that's why I came to the Opole Region. I'm going to become the best here so I can finally beat the best of the best and take their place. My dream is to become the best at what I love doing the most. That's all. If your Pokemon ever feel sad, then make sure to talk to them and tell them that they did their best. That's all a Trainer can ask of his Pokemon, right?"

Gardevoir: *Sadly looks down* "De Voir....." ("I'm s-sorry...")

Xavier: "Gardevoir?"

Gardevoir: "VOOOOIR!!" ("WAAAAAAAHH!!") *She dashes off, crying*

Xavier: "Gardevoir, come back!"

Aiden: "Ugh, running away like a little child." *Throws Charizard's Pokeball out* '"Charizard, I need you to head to the sky and follow after Gardevoir. We'll be right behind you."

Charizard: *Growls*

<Charizard soars into the air and flies in the direction of where Gardevoir went. He looks back and forth over the canopy of the forest. Meanwhile, Aiden and Xavier run through the forest after Charizard in the sky>.

Xavier: "Gardevoir.....Hey, Gardevoir, where did you run off to?"

<Xavier stepped on a Shroomish, which angers it>.

Aiden: "A Shroomish? What is a Pokemon from the Hoenn Region doing in the Opole Region? This region is not even connected to the other regions."

Xavier: "Huh?" *Notices that he stepped on Shroomish, Xavier is startled* "Oh, I'm so sorry, Shroomish, I didn't know you were there."

Aiden: "Brianna, please scan Shroomish."

<Brianna appears and scans Shroomish. A previous entry log appears on the watch as a hologram>.

Brianna: "Shroomish, the Mushroom Pokémon. Shroomish is mild tempered and inhabits piles of rotting leaves inside of forests."

<Shroomish launches seeds from its mouth, Xavier dodges them>.

Xavier: "Was that a Bullet Seed?"

<Aiden checks the Pokedex again>.

Brianna: "Shroomish are easily antagonized and will attack anyone that threatens their safety. They have poisions in their body that are extremely leathal to both Pokemon and people."

Aiden: "Alright. Xavier, go ahead and follow Charizard. I'll deal with this Shroomish." *Throws Redcary's Pokeball out onto the ground. Redcary appears* "Redcary, use Wing Salvo and hit the ground around Shroomish!"

<Redcary flies into the air and launches sharp feathers from its wings. They smash into the ground around Shroomish and kick up dirt that hits Shroomish as well. Shroomish hops away and Redcary perches on Aiden's left shoulder>.

Aiden: "Great work, Redcary. Let's get after Charizard."

Xavier: "Gardevoir? Hey! Where are you?" *Turns to Charizard* "What should I do, Charizard, I'm starting to give up hope."

Charizard: *Growls softly* ("Keep trying, Xavier, don't give up hope!")

Xavier: "Are you saying that I should keep trying and not to give up hope?"

Charizard: *Nods and looks off in another direction*

<Charizard spots ruffling in the nearby bushes and uses Flamethrower on it. An explosion launches several small Pokemon out and they scatter around the clearing in fear. Charizard looks around again and finds Gardevoir traveling through the trees away from them. He speeds off into the air and chases after her>.

Charizard: *Growls again* ("Gardevoir, come back! Stop running away!")

<He finds Gardevoir sitting by a lake feeling miserable and sorry to herself>.

Gardevoir: "Voir? gardevoir voir voir?" ("Why? What did I do wrong?")

<Charizard lands softly behind Gardevoir and walks up to her from behind. He taps her on the shoulder with his head>.

Charizard: *Growls* ("You ran off before I could congratulate you on a good fight. Why did you run off?")

Gardevoir: "Garde Garde voir voir gardevoir." ("I don't know, this is my first loss.")

Charizard: *Growls* (Stop acting like that. Xavier and my Trainer are running through the entire forest right now looking for you. Xavier's worried about you and what might have happened to you. I understand that losing is hard, especially when it's your first. I've lost my fair share of battles, but, they've made me stronger as a result. My Trainer's never once been disappointed of the way I battle. I've lost, sure, but he's always told me that I've done my best. That's all that our Trainers can ask of us, isn't it?) 

<Gardevoir thought about it for a moment, she closes her eyes, then reopens them with a small smile>

Gardevoir: "Gar De! Gardevoir voir gar gar gardevoir voir! VOIR VOIR! GARDEVOIR VOIR" ("You're right! All I have to do is keep trying and learn from this loss to get even stronger! THAT'S IT! THAT'S THE ANSWER)

Charizard: *Growls and nods to her*

???: There you are, Gardevoir!

Gardevoir: "Garde..." ("Xavier...")

Xavier: I was worried sick to death about you!

Gardevoir: "Gardevoir Garde, Gardevoir voir voir garde!" ("I'm sorry Xavier, I feel awful for running off like that!")

<She turns to Charizard, smiling, and shakes Charizard's hand like a good sport>

Gardevoir: "Garde voir! Gardevoir voir, gardevoir voir voir." ("And Charizard, i'm sorry to you as well, I'll admit it was a fun battle, and you were a formidable oppenent, consider me as a rival to you.")

Aiden: "Good job, Charizard. Let's not forget that every Pokemon is different. Thank you for clearing this up. I didn't really have time to deal with all this right now." *Turns to Xavier* "I have to get going, Xavier. I have a lot of important things to do in this new region, so please try to not get hurt out here. Charizard, it's time to go. Return for now."

<Aiden returns Charizard to his Pokeball, clips it to his belt, and starts to walk off down a connecting path to the original. Flying Pokemon can be seen from above>.

Aiden: "Guess a new start was exactly what I needed. Jessica, I will beat you. Someday."

Narrator: "The ever-lasting glory of a well-fought battle truly does bring new experiences to life! As Aiden continues his journey through the Opole Region, only time will tell when he manages to adapt to his new surroundings. How will he fair against a Gym Leader? Stick around to find the journey continues!"